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Mark Wodrich

Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call Accurate Home Inspections of Rochester. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Work Phone: (507) 398-9837

About Accurate Home Inspections of Rochester

We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

We are located in Rochester and serve all surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you!


Licensed contractor with fifteen years experience in the residential construction industry.


I make the home inspection experience easy and transparent for all home buyers. I believe that when purchasing a home, a solid home inspection is an essential first step to a satisfying buying experience.


Mark was thorough. He invited my input, questions and concerns. He involved me in the inspection process, which I much appreciated!
- L.O., January 2019
Incredibly thorough and willing to answer endless questions. 10/10 would use for any future inspections.
- C.J., October 2018
Mark was phenomenal, he was extremely thorough in his inspection and answered any and all questions asked of him. He made sure that I understood everything and was extremely friendly. He allowed me to shadow him throughout the entire process. I would recommend Mark to anyone.
- W.P., January 2018
I felt Mark did a wonderful job. Very insightful and shared many ideas and findings with me as I shadowed him during the inspection. I'd hire him again, absolutely. The inspection report was outstanding with pictures of each flaw and a detailed description of the issue. Mark also provided me many ideas on how to fix certain flaws. Thank you for an outstanding inspection of this home.
- T.H., April 2017
I think he was very accurate I would definitely recommend anybody buying or selling a home two hire him I think he did a great job?
- C.B., April 2017
Mark is very knowledgeable and thorough, yet not an alarmist.
- B.A., February 2017
Detailed, explained the issues clearly and honestly. Very pleased.
- M.C., January 2017
Mark was thorough, took time to answer questions and tolerated me following him around during the inspection. Very helpful!
- C.S., April 2016
Mark's inspection took about 2 hours. He started out by asking if I had any concerns with the house, and we addressed those first. His inspection was very thorough and detailed. As we were going he stated that he would tell me a number of things: major issues, minor issues, safety issues, and some items regarding general upkeep. He asked if I was a first time home buyer, and when i told him yes, he talked a bit about the upkeep that owning a house comes with. Overall, Mark was very knowledgeable and personable. His inspection and resulting document was very detailed. You could tell that Mark is committed to making sure home buyers are aware of any issues that are present in the house, and very safety minded.
- S.G., April 2016
Very efficient, knowledgeable, thorough, friendly.
- P.C., March 2016
Not only is Mark Wodrich the inspector I have chosen for my own personal property, but along with a solid inspection Mark takes the time to teach the homeowner about the preventive upkeep of their property. He also encourages clients to contact him with questions/concerns. Clients find this most helpful.
- G.T., January 2016
Thanks for all your help and educating me on everything!
- T.M., January 2016
Mark is very knowledgeable and thorough! He took the time to explain all of his concerns/findings in detail and in layman's terms that were easy to understand! A great investment!
- K.C., September 2015
Mark takes his responsibility seriously and his customer service is outstanding. He meets the customer where they are at by being willing to explain in more detail. It's obvious that Mark is an expert in his industry which is exactly why I chose him for my home inspection. Mark is thorough including details, pictures and explanations in his report. He is patient and wants to makes sure the customer is comfortable. I highly recommend Mark for any of your home inspection needs, you will not be disappointed!
- S.J., September 2015
Mark was great! Very thorough, pleasant and knowledgeable. I have very high expectations and his customer service was outstanding....Will certainly recommend!
- N.G., August 2015
Mark did an awesome job. Very informative and always asked us if we had any questions or concerns. Thorough and competent.
- M.P., June 2015
Excellent work and thank you
- G.T., February 2015
Mark was awesome. He was very professional. We appreciaed the time he took to explain things to us. Would definitely work with him again.
- D.P., February 2015
Excellent, shown the customer great info..knowledgeable inspector..
- V.W., December 2014
Mark took his time to perform the inspection. He does a very thorough job and is extremely professional and knowledgable. A pleasure to deal with!
- S.T., October 2014
Thanks Mark. Really appreciated your patience and efforts to explain everything.
- K.K., July 2014
Mark was very knowlegeable and professional
- D.C., June 2014
Thorough, excellent inspection. Thanks a lot!
- A.A., May 2014
Very thorough! Had a lot of great recommendations! Would definitely recommend to family/friends in the future.
- G.A., April 2014
excellent home inspector with construction background and the ability to find problem areas
- T.S., March 2014
We can't thank Mark enough for his time/help. He was very thorough throughout this process, gave great recommendations, and kept everything very simple for us. Took great care in taking us step by step through everything in the home and listened to our concerns. This is our first time going through this process and it felt great to work with someone who we know has honesty, integrity, and who was very "down to earth". We knew he was looking out for us and included us in the process of understanding our new home! Thanks again Mark!
- J.S., February 2014
Mark was very friendly, knowledgeable and thorough. He took the time to explain to us the inspection process as well as his findings. Discussed options for fixing the problems found. Also, he made suggestions on how to prioritize our efforts addressing issues, such as items that may be a safety concern versus those that are more of an aesthetic nature. The report was complete and makes a great reference during the home buying process and afterwards. Would recommend to others!
- K.M., November 2013
Thank you for your through work at the house this morning and for taking the time to go back over everything for me to see. Your tips and suggestions for solving the home's problems are valued.
- A.L., November 2013
I received Mark's name from a colleague of mine; he came highly recommended. I now understand why! Mark was very friendly and was prompt with responding to emails. He was very thorough with the inspection and took extra time to explain things to me that I didn't understand. I liked the detailed report with pictures, which nicely highlighted areas that need attention. Radon test also came back quickly. Overall, pleasant experience and would be happy to recommend.
- J.M., August 2013
Mark was really friendly and pointed out all issues. He even gave us options and ideas for fixing problem areas. I would reccomend Mark anyday!
- J.P., August 2013
I would recommend Mark to anyone looking for a Home Inspector. He was very thorough and friendly.
- A.C., August 2013
Mark was extremely throrough and did a fantastic job explaining the process and the inspection results. As a first-time homebuyer Mark went above and beyond to ensure I understood what he was talking about and provided great recommendations.
- B.V., July 2013
very thorough and explained everything very well
- J.F., June 2013
Thanks Mark for the great job that you do both in inspecting the property, but also explaining to our clients in a way they can understand! Appreciate your good work. Realtors, Frank & Mert Armstrong Team Coldwell Banker Burnet Rochester, MN
- F.A., May 2013
Mark, we were very impressed with the home inspection you did for us and will definetly recommend you to anyone that is looking to have an inspection done. We learned alot thru the walk thru and you were very informative of what you should be looking for during inspection when buying a house and appreciate you taking the time explaining everything to us. Mark strives to achieve high customer satisfaction. Thanks Curt and Lori
- C.K., May 2013
Mark did a fantastic job! He had all the appropriate tools to tackle each task at hand, and one-upped a separate inspector the home owners had hired recently. I would certainly recommend Mark to those looking for a knowledgable inspector.
- F.L., May 2013
Thank you! You made everything easy to understand and really took the time to find out the most you could. I would hire Mark again and tell any person I know buying a house that this is the man you want on your side.
- T.S., May 2013
you are super duper daddy-to-be!! Congrats to you both.
- S.T., December 2012
Mark was a great asset to the purchase of our house. He was willing to go the extra mile and be a representative for us. He is very knowledgable and I would definitely recommend him for an in depth inspection.
- T.H., October 2012
Mark did an excellent job inspecting our home! He took his time, was diligent and professional. We appreciated his time and service! We recommend Mark without any hesitation.
- J.A., September 2012
You explained things thorougly and we would definately work with you again. Thank you!
- R.H., August 2012
Very helpful, took his time and was thorough in the inspection. Explained everything. Highly recommended!
- E.P., July 2012
Very good job of answering any questions i had as well as being very informative on all aspects of his inspection.
- J.B., June 2012
I think Mark is very thorough and professional. He is great to work with and very friendly. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a home inspector. Thanks
- M.R., May 2012
Thanks for the helpful comments on the inspection report Mark!
- D.B., August 2011
I have used Mark several times in recent months. I find him to be very thorough and to be good at explaining the inspection results to the client, without scaring them to death. Bill Towey.
- B.T., Rochester MN, July 2011
Mark was extremely thorough and went over all of the details with me. I was very pleased.
- A.P., May 2011
Excellent inspector and very knowledgeable
- R.P., May 2011
Such a pleasure to work with. Explained everything in great detail, gave professional opinion on upgrades, walked through ensuring I understood every aspect of his inspection. Offered to answer any questions I may have in the future!
- K.H., April 2011
Great job mark and thanks for your patience with my daughter.
- J.G., April 2011
Thanks so much for your thorough inspection!
- S.W., April 2011
Mark does a really nice job of explaining the home inspectors role & providing tips/advice for ways to improve the house. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection.
- J.K., March 2011
Nice job Mark. Inspection very thurough and understandable. Some of the things found have already been repaired and more will be next week. Phil Goplen
- P.G., March 2011
Thanks for accomodating my clients schedule Mark - it is much appreciated by my clients (and myself!) Thank you for being so thorough and pointing out the most minor issues with the house - you understand why people are paying you to do the inspection and that is great! Keep up the great work.
- M.H., February 2011
Mark, Thank you so very much for doing our home inspection on our new townhome that we purchased. You did a excellent job and were so helpful in explaining everything to me, as well as answering questions that I had for you that did not pretain to the inspection. I was so glad to meet you and will turn to you if I have any questions knowing how helpful and courtious you are. Thanks so much, Dennis Larson
- D.L., November 2010
Mark, I appreciated your willingness and patience when reviewing your findings with my clients. At such an important time in their lives they need to hear from you as they did, how to care for their new homes.
- J.T., November 2010
Thanks Mark! It was nice meeting you and I appreciated all the useful tips and information. Bruce
- B.B., October 2010
He did a thorough job. Very professional report.
- U.O., October 2010
I would absolutely recommend Mark Wodrich. Mark was very professional, knowledgeable, and goes the extra mile to make sure the client is satisfied. 24 years of military service has taught me attention to detail, Mark is very detailed in his inspection and uses the state of the art thermal imaging. If you want a detailed and accurate home inspection schedule an appointment with Mark.
- T.D., September 2010
you did a great job. we feel very satisfied.
- G.S., July 2010
We found Mark to be very thorough and honest with us and helpful in pointing out ways we could better maintain our new home.
- L.W., June 2010
Thanks Mark.. you did great!!
- T.T., May 2010
I have dealt with approximately 1,000,007 home inspectors. If I had to pick just one, it would clearly be this guy.
- C.B., May 2010
I appreciated the thouroughness of the inspection and the ease of the process. Thanks for all the suggestions.
- E.S., April 2010
Mark Wodrich did an exemplary job inspecting my house. He really paid very fine attention to every detail. I felt very comfortable with his honesty, courteousness, and professionalisms. He went above and beyond his duties when he gave me his number to contact him. He was very friendly on the phone and also very thorough. He basically walked me through the inspection, along with his detailed pictures that illustrated the potential problems. He was also brilliant at looking forward to potential problems. He offered his experience and knowledge about prevention. I feel he did an unbelievable job! What really struck me as him being an exception inspector was the fact that he gave me his phone number to call him at anytime if I have any questions further down the road! I have and will continue to refer him to my friends and colleagues who are looking for an inspector with the aptitude, knowledge, and professional attitude that you can trust and be comfortable with!
- C.D., April 2010
You were most helpful and prompt.
- J.M., April 2010
Thank you for the timely inspection. I have forwarded to our realtor and will let you know if we have any q's. At this point it looks like things are in order. Thanks again.
- D.C., April 2010
Very helpful would recommend him to anyone! He is very thorough and will answer all your questions.
- K.H., March 2010
Very helpful. He has a great background so he is able to give you a realistic picture as far as prices and timelines on when everything needs to be fixed. Great knowledge on all construction products including siding, roofing, plumbing, and electrical.
- S.K., March 2010
I've owned 2 homes proir to this one and this by far was the most in depth and thorough inspection I've ever seen! I appreciate that the time was taken to ensure that we would be buying a home that is in good condition! Thanks Mark!
- C.O., February 2010
Mark did a awesome job performing a thoro home inspection. With his cool gadgets even in this cold winter he was able to inspect most parts of the house. I would recommend Mark in a blink to anyone for ther home inspection needs. Thanks
- N.P., January 2010
Great Job! I am very impressed with the report and the detailed options given on the report and website.
- J.R., October 2009
Mark was very thourough and explained everything VERY well. He answered all our questions and took his time to be sure we understood everything! He was great!
- S.S., September 2009
People should have an inspection done on any home their buying if for no other reason that to know what the real condition of the asset their buying is in. We are buying a foreclosure home and the inspection was even more important to us. Mark did a very thorough job. He looked at and made recommendations on things that most people wouldn't have thought of. Hearing what he had to say in his report for us made me more confident in our purchase and made me feel like there weren't going to be any surprises for us after the closing. Thank you Mark for a job well done!
- D.C., June 2009