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DeAnna Caron

Throughout the State of California, there have been thousands of construction-related accessibility claims filed against businesses and property owners.  Senate Bill 1608 (amended by Senate Bill 1186) is a California State statute established to allow business and property owners protection from lawsuits while in the process of removing architectural barriers as required by the 1991/2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design. To be afforded these protections, a CASp must perform an accessibility evaluation that complies with the requirements of the statute.  Through this process a business/property owner can achieve the status of a "qualified defendent" and subject to the protections afforded by the law. 

The best defense from lawsuits is to identify and remove barriers that prevent those with disabilities from taking advantage of the goods, facilities and services offered by your business. I believe that given my commitment to this area of expertise, I can be of great service.  Please call me today for a quote.


Certified Access Specialist- CASp#165 Certified Interior Designer- CCIDC #6127


I am a Certified Access Specialist by the Division of the State Architect and have been providing accessibility evaluations for public accommodations and commercial facilities since January of 2010.