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Dave Tontarski

The only marketing I do is putting my best effort into my inspections and my reports and I rely on referrals from my satisfied clients. See what my clients have to say about my services at the following links:

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ASHI Certified Inspector #244460 NYS License # 16000009710


In March of 2011 my premium home inspection reports averaged 68 pages with 37 photos. Compare this to any of my competitors. Contact me if you are looking for objectivity, value and ethics. I promise to look out for your best interest.


Dave was a consummate professional. He was very prompt and incredibly thorough both regarding the inspection itself as well as the report he provided. I would strongly recommend Dave to anyone looking for an inspector.
- D.W., July 2017
Dave did an amazing job, He knows everything! It was a pleasure working with him. You'll never do better than Dave, trust me!
- E.G., April 2017
Dave inspected both of the homes that we've purchased and we'd hire him again without question. Dave is very thorough. He spent about 4 hours onsite, and was available for any questions we had following the inspection. He took his time explaining all issues he'd found - large and small. He is passionate about about his work, home safety, and ensuring that his clients have the information needed to make informed decisions. We shared his report with the home professionals hired to address the issues Dave uncovered and every one was impressed with Dave's knowledge and thoroughness. Our agent also commented that he's the most thorough inspector she's met. He doesn't miss a thing.
- A.P., January 2017
Considerably more thorough than most inspectors. Has some great additional information that sellers and buyers can find useful. Very knowledgable.
- T.T., April 2016
Mr Tontarski is a very honest and knowable professional, I would abosolutely refer future home buyers to use his services.
- R.H., February 2016
Dave; Thank you for taking the time to travel to and inspect Lenny and Kelly's new home! It was greatly appreciated by me and them, as they now have an independent report on their investment to give them peace of mind that the overall condition has been carefully and professionally reviewed. Sincerely, Bill Tierney Nothnagle Realtors
- L.W., October 2015
Thank you so much for explaining everything to me and being so thorough in your report. Being a first time home buyer, you made me feel so much more comfortable with my new house! I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know looking for an inspection! Thank you!
- A.C., June 2015
He is the best inspector a BUYER could hope for. We learned lots from him!
- E.K., December 2014
In short, if you have Dave inspect your home, you won't be able to say "I didn't know", and the sellers won't be able to put anything over on you (our inspection went smoothly, thankfully!) I would not hesitate to recommend Dave to anyone, and I'd use him again if we were ever to buy another house.
- E.B., July 2014
I contracted with Dave as the owner/ seller to better prepare my home for sale. Dave performed a though and detailed inspection, which uncovered many items I, the home owner, was unaware of. Many of the items were minor in scope and esaily corrected. A few were more significant and required out side contractors. The report also provides the rstionale and/ or the building standard why certain items require change or repair. I used Dave's comments during the indpection and report as a guideline to improve my home from a safety and operstional basis. The inspection also gave me a "heads up" on what a buyer might expect when considering a purchase. I was very pleased with Dave's inspection and professional approach. I highly recommend his services either as a home owner/seller or a buyer.
- F.P., June 2014
Very thorough and knowledgeable and is great at explaining why certain things should be done vs have to be done. I highly recommend him
- D.M., December 2013
Awesome job. Very personable, complete and knowledgable.
- E.F., August 2013
Dave is the best in Rochester, bar none!
- D.R., August 2013
I would defiantly call Dave Tontarski again for a home inspection. I will be sure the recommend him to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and thorough home inspector.
- S.M., July 2013
Dave, You are everything that Mark Ryan promised! We have nothing but praise for your painstaking inspection of our likely future home, and the prompt delivery of a written report that exceeded even our heightened expectations. It was a pure pleasure becoming acquainted with you, and I'm quite sure we will renew our acquaintance in the future as the occasion arises. ---Maureen & Steve Chepiga
- S.C., June 2013
Outstanding inspector! Very knowledgeable, pleasure to work with, fast and professional communication.
- T.L., April 2013
You are great Dave! Please let us know if we can be a reference. You have been a great pen pal in answering all those questions we had. Your reports were through as was all the time you took during the inspection to teach us how our home worked. Thank you for giving us peace of mind as we selected our new home.
- W.J., April 2013
We are very pleased with Dave's level of professionalism. He explained terms in a way that lay persons could understand. Dave was very meticulous evaluating systems in the home. Dave had a common sense approach to problems he for issues he uncovered. Recommendations were supported by standards in both building code, equipment manufacturers and professional journals. Dave is a very intelligent and motivated by standards not often seen today.
- W.J., April 2013
Great job! I am very pleased with your inspection and the completeness of your report. I'll recommend you to others.
- E.H., April 2013
Dave, you are extremely thorough, and greatly exceeded our expectations. Thank you for a job well done. Fran and Katie Barber
- F.B., March 2013
Unreal, this report was so specific. Being a first time home buyer and not really knowing the in's and out's of purchasing a safe home, this report gave a great amount of detail and knowledge. This man knows what he is doing and I am so glad that he inspected our home. I feel safer already. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job. Many thanks!
- V.B., August 2012
Dave, we love working with you!
- J.M., June 2012
Thanks for your service Dave. Please come visit our BNI group. Thursdays 12-1:30 Valley Manor 1570 East Ave.
- T.D., June 2012
Fantastic job as usual Dave- cannot thank you enough for your tremendous thoroughness, professionalism and timely delivery of information!
- M.G., May 2012
I found Dave's inspection to be thorough and well-reasoned. My spouse and I appreciated his professionalism and cordial demeanor. I would not hesitate to hire him again, if the need arose.
- C.L., April 2012
Excellent - very thorough with many pictures and explanations. Many reports are only 1 or a couple of pages. Dave's covered 70 pages or so with detail after useful detail. Even included the serial no of my furnace.
- D.L., October 2011
Dave was very thorough and very communicative about what he was seeing while my fiance and I watched over his shoulder. We were very pleased with the quality of his report and would recommend him to all of our home-buying friends.
- M.K., March 2011
Dave was very professional and personable. He was extremely thorough and answered all of our questions. He also gave us great suggestions for ways to make our house more energy efficient in the future. The report was well written and am sure will be a guide for us as we work to maintain and continually improve our house.
- V.P., March 2011
Thank you Dave. You did a remarkable job. You are very thorough and I can see why you are so highly recommended. I would definetly recommend you to any of my friends or family.
- F.M., December 2010
You were very patient with us with the questions we were asking. It was a very good expierence. Thank you again! Lynn and Joe DiBenedetto
- L.D., November 2010
Dave is very professional and knowledgable. He was is a pleasure to work with and We would recommend his services to other people.
- B.N., September 2010
Great job Dave! You were extremely thorough, having gone above and beyond my expectations. I was pleased that you allowed me to walk through the home with you while you pointed out all of your findings to me. I am confident that you have provided me with the information I will need upon moving into my home. I trust that there will be no surprises waiting, as you left no stone unturned. Thanks!
- P.W., August 2010
Dave - Thanks so much for your thoroughness in inspecting our new home at 4300 East Ave. The time you took to inspect our new home coupled with the detailed report you compiled, allowed us to feel completely assured and confident in our purchase. We will definitely be recommending you to family and friends in the future! Barry and Karen Fingar
- B.F., July 2010
Very thorough, prompt and professional. I would definitely recommend you to anyone needing a house inspection. All of the information from the inspection is included in the Report with details, photos, explanations, and links to further information on topics. The only thing that I see that could be done differently would be to make the 'summary report' a simple 1-2 page check list or table of items inspected, with only the code next to them (IN, NI, NP or RR) would be nice to have. But then again, it's probably there and I haven't found it yet! Thank you, Mary
- M.H., July 2010
Awesome job! Very through inspection, very impressive!
- P.O., June 2010
Dave is thorough, knows his business, and personable. I was impressed! Lisa Farrell
- L.F., May 2010
Dave is extremely thorough and was a pleasure to work with!
- M.H., May 2010
Dave thank you so much for you thorough report. You pointed out a lot of things I missed. You will definitely be recommend to my friends.
- V.S., October 2009
It was a pleasure having you inspect the home we are purchasing. You are very knowledgeable and informative! We appreciated all the great advice. Thank you again!
- J.M., July 2009
Dave, It was a pleasure working with you and great to see you again. Thank you for your prompt attention to my inspection report. Enjoy your vacation! Mark
- M.E., June 2009