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Ed Newman

Over the past 3 decades, we have inspected and evaluated over 15 million square feet of property worth over 2 billion dollars in UT, ID, WY, CO, NM, CA, MI, AZ, WV and KY. We are Utah's Original Infrared inspection and evaluation company.

We also perform Infrared Surveys and Process Inspection for the Electric Utilities, Power Generation and Railroad Industry.


Licensed, Certified, Bonded, Insured, 30 years of experience, References, Professional Infrared Thermographer


Over the past 3 decades, we have inspected and evaluated over 15 million sq ft of property worth over 2 billion dollars in UT, ID, WY, CO, NM, CA, MI, AZ, WV ,KY and WV. We are Utah's Original Infrared inspection and evaluation company.


Ed was very thorough and honest with our inspection. We would definitely recommend him.
- T.C., January 2018
Ed Newman is professional and top notch! I always refer him to my clients. He is worth it! Best home inspector ever.
- B.H., April 2016
He was so friendly, helpful, and was patient with all of our questions. He was a pleasure to work with!
- J.F., July 2015
My favorite inspector! Super thorough and gives clear and concise explanations.
- S.C., May 2015
Ed was fantastic! Very thorough, honest and straightforward. He is clearly very experienced and knowledgeable in his craft. He took the time to walk through the entire house with us and explain everything in terms that we could relate to. He provided us with all the issues and even presented possible solutions. He helped us prioritize the problems and compared our results to other similarly aged houses in the area. The final report is detailed and easy to understand including color photos to remember all the problem ares. The only problem is the "Honey-Do" list I'm now left with. ;)
- R.P., April 2015
Ed was professional, thorough, honest and very knowledgeable. I feel like I know exactly what to expect in my new home as well as how to proceed throughout the home buying process. Thanks for all of your hard work and trusted help!
- A.K., November 2014
Very polite and honest individual. Took his time explaining things and made sure I understood what his concerns were. He did a thorough job and would highly recommend him!
- G.B., August 2014
Thanks again Ed!
- R.F., August 2014
Ed was thorough, personable, friendly, etc. I liked his insight and recommendations and thought he did a great job. Would definitely recommend Ed for future inspections.
- R.O., April 2014
thank you. you did a amazing job. i will reccomend you
- J.M., March 2014
He does a detailed inspection and leaves nothing unchecked.
- M.F., October 2013
Ed was very thorough and informative. I really appreciated his attention to detail and taking the time to explain everything to me during the walk through. I am a first time home buyer, so this was my first home inspection and I was a bit nervous. Ed was very kind and professional and answered every question that I had. I will definitely have Ed perform any future inspections and recommend his services to everyone I know.
- S.G., October 2013
Thank you for your help and being so thorough Ed! I would highly recommend.
- B.E., October 2013
Ed Thank you so much for coming down way south and doing our inspection on our home. Your report and recommendations were excellent. Lunch is on me!
- J.B., September 2013
Very personable yet very professional and very thorough
- E.H., July 2013
Another awesome inspection. The Infrared Video Camera really shows the drain lines actually leaking. In fact all of your tools and equipment is beyond anything we have ever seen. We can't imagine any home buyer not using your services. Kaslo Realty
- K.N., March 2013
Ed came by recommendation and I fully understand why. He is very professional and did a very thorough inspection of our new home. He has all the new technology and well worth the cost! We would highly recommend Ed to anyone looking for inspection services! Thanks from the Hall family Brian Hall
- B.H., January 2013
Thanks Ed for a great job. Mike & Fran
- M.B., December 2012
Ed was great! He explained everything to us so that we understood what we need to have done. As first-time home buyers I now feel like I know every inch of my home. Well worth the money, can't imagine having done it any other way.
- D.C., December 2012
Great job, love the video snake cameras
- K.N., November 2012
NICE JOB ED! I appreciate the time you take with my clients explaining the report.
- R.F., July 2012
Thanks again for a job well done.
- M.F., May 2012
As I drove back to Salt Lake after the inspection in Idaho Falls, I felt relieved that you brought forward everything that I needed to know about the home. I am amazed at all of the things you saw that were not disclosed. I was extremely grateful for your service realizing that I could have made a disastrous choice. I feel that hiring your serrvice was the best investment I have made in a long time.
- L.B., July 2011
Absolutely incredible inspection. I checked 5 inspectors and 4 were sub par. Thamks for Gerry for recommending Ed. He found hidden issues that were invisible. Thanks for coming up to Idaho for this inspection. Willie
- W.H., July 2011
- K.S., July 2011
Ed, Appreciate the audit and especially the time taken to explain everything in detail. I will be recommending your services to my colleagues and friends. Regards, Kent
- K.A., July 2011
Ed, thanks very much for the thorough inspection and your walkthrough with us. It was eye-opening and very educational. Kind Regards, Edgar and Esther Honing
- E.H., May 2011
Ed, it was a pleasure working with you. I can't thank you enough for answering all my questions and providing us with such a detailed report.
- B.D., May 2011
Professional and in depth inspection. In addition, the inspector took the time to walk through the house and explain and show his findings. He also verbally added possible solutions and recommendations which were welcomed. Thank you. Alfredo Chandia
- A.C., March 2011
Thanks for the extraordinary service!
- R.F., January 2011
Ed has been prompt, efficient and thorough. Other general contractors would do well to learn his skills of service delivery
- B.D., December 2010
Very thorough job and explained things well. Very knowledgeable and personable. Thanks again!!
- D.F., December 2010
I have no doubt now about the quality of the home we are purchasing. Ed did an extremely thorough job inspecting every inch of our house! My sister recommended him to me and I will do the same when someone needs a home inspector/
- J.D., November 2010
Amazing Ed, Thanks
- G.R., October 2010
thanks again! you did a great job!
- A.S., October 2010
Ed was very professional, friendly and explained all the results in greeat detail. My peace of mind is worth what he provides - great service!
- C.W., September 2010
I am very appreciative for an excellent inspection. He was thorough and didn't leave anything uninspected. His ability to see moisture inside walls was critical. Well worth the money!
- G.R., August 2010
I would not use anyone else after working with Ed. He is very thorough and answered all my questions.
- R.B., August 2010
Great job,very complete inspection, being able to see potenial problems inside of the wall is of great value.
- C.H., August 2010
Ed was extremely professional and personable. I felt he did a thorough job and was very up front regarding anything he noticed with the property. I would reccommend his services to anyone seeking a excellent home inspector with reasonable rates.
- E.H., May 2010
After working with several energy auditors and people who claim to know the industry it was a pleasure to have a real professional on the job that took everything to the next step. further than all the other auditors and by far knowledgeable enough to deal with more than I was needing. Thanks Ed Kevin Pearson President ProActive Energy
- P.E., May 2010
Hey i liked your honesty and your ability to be a human as well as a businesman. Very nice and knowedgeable! Best money i ever spent!!!
- D.T., April 2010
Absolutely positively perfect, thorough, and LOVED the infrared that showed the inside of the pipes, showing no clogs, etc...showing where wet walls were, etc. VERY cool. VERY great!
- K.B., March 2010
I would absolutely recommend Ed to a friend. It was probably the most advanced and complete home inspection that I have ever seen.
- D.R., September 2009
Ed is great!!!
- J.H., August 2009
Ed was very thorough and professional. He is a nice guy that you can trust.
- B.L., July 2009