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Jeffrey Gibson

When you are making possibly the largest investment of your life, you need to know the condition of the home. I do a very thorough, yet reasonably priced inspection. Call me to find the problems and pass along maintenance tips to help save you money. Call 859-621-0504 or email at

Jeffrey Gibson Ky HI3141
Owner / Inspector
All Homes Inspection LLC


Ky Lic# 102682/HI 3141, member InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector, KREIA, CMI, Certified in Radon Measurement


All Homes Inspection has been inspecting houses and commercial properties for over 20 yrs. A member of InterNACHI, a Certified Professional Inspector; KREIA.. Certified in Mold Inspection/Sampling, and Certified in Radon. Please Call

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Jeffery was absolutely fantastic. He scoured the house from bottom to top. Left no stone unturned. We knew there were a couple things that he would find, but the depth that we went, was fantastic! He brought so many things to our attention not just for the homes sake, but for first time home buyers as well. He took his time, explained things to us in a way we could understand. 10/10 would recommend!!
- M.W., January 2021
I think he did a fantastic job and it seemed to be pretty thourough. 2 Thumbs Up.
- L.B., November 2020
Excellent inspection--thorough helpful and professional
- J.L., October 2020
I would recommend Jeffrey Gibson to friends and family, without hesitation. He was very thorough and took the time to explain problems and recommend solutions to my problems. He was very knowledgeable and professional. I will use this inspector again when I decide to buy a new home.
- D.B., June 2020
Everything was explained to me in detail. Excellent photos. My report was easy to understand. He is very friendly and answered all my questions. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection.
- D.P., June 2020
Very thorough in his inspection. Found alot of evidence and saved me alot of time and money. Would recommend him to anyone buying a house. Very professional! Thank for doing an excellent job!
- J.B., April 2020
Jeffrey was very knowledgeable..his report is detailed and easy to read and understand. Also Jeffrey in meeting and talking to us when the home inspection was completed, I felt he was very thorough and easy to understand when explaining what he had found and he also made suggestions on maintaining the home.
- B.M., April 2020
Very professional, explains everything to you and shows you everything even down to the smallest potential so you are fully aware, will recommend to friends or family, shows up on time, very friendly and trustworthy.
- A.G., May 2019
You did a great job thank you
- J.S., November 2018
Jeff was very thorough and professional. Completed in a timely manner and is very affordable. I would recommend him first.
- J.H., August 2018
Jeff is extremely thorough, his reports are excellent and clear, and he communicates well with my customers. As a realtor, I prepare my customers for a very thorough report so that much of the detail serves as a recommended maintenance document. If I were buying a house, Jeff would be my choice to do the inspection. Btw, his rate is very reasonable especially for the overall quality of service.
- A.S., Nicholasville KY, February 2018
Jeff was prompt, polite and did the testing at a reasonable price. If I have the need, I will call him again.
- D.C., October 2017
very professional, very fast, high quality service
- Z.M., September 2017
Jeff, it was a pleasure to work with you. Thank you not only for your professional service, but also for all the little bits of information that you gave us to help us out. It is greatly appreciated and we look forward to working with you again. Devin and Colleen Otte
- D.O., September 2017
Very thorough and prompt. Would recommend to anyone. Great guy, great service.
- R.B., August 2017
Jeff Gibson's broad knowledge and attention to detail far surpasses my expectations with each inspection. Ken Pate
- W., June 2017
Very thorough left nothing to chance what he could not get to was the only things he could not check. Highly recommend.
- M.M., June 2017
Jeff was extremely thorough and took time to review all the photos he took and walk me through what he found after 3+hours of inspecting the house. The written report he provided within 1 working day of his inspection was detailed, documented with photos and easy to read and understand. I was impressed with the detail he provided and feel I have a way to prioritize work that needs to be done on the house.
- D.K., May 2017
Jeff was knowledgeable and very thorough. He took the time to explain issues so that we could understand them, which really eased our minds.
- R.J., May 2017
Jeff is Amazing!
- T.W., April 2017
Jeff was simply the best. Took his time and went over the house with a fine tooth comb. Will definitely recommend him to all my friends
- L.P., Lexington KY, March 2017
Was very pleased with my home inspection! Spent the time to be very thorough and at the completion took time to go over the things that were found. Will recommend Jeff to anyone looking for a professional home inspection!
- N.T., February 2017
Jeff was great and very detailed! I appreciated that he took the time to point out small things that others would normally look over.
- A.H., February 2017
Jeff was amazing! Extremely knowledgeable, explained everything in depth, and the report was very granular as well. Highly recommended!
- J.B., January 2017
very good inspector. Thank you so much! Good price too!
- J.M., December 2016
Did a great job. Very thorough. Would definitely recommend to others.
- A.M., December 2016
Thanks Jeff!
- T.M., November 2016
Mr. Gibson was very accomodating on date and time from the start. We appreciated his professional yet friendly attitude. Very thorough--we love the homegauge website's ease of use. Mr. Gibson even got us the report the same day as the inspection, per our realtor's request. We will definitely recommend Mr. Gibson to friends and family.
- K.M., October 2016
Jeffrey is very thorough in his inspections. His final report is very detailed with photographic documentation. The property he inspected for us would have cost us a considerable amount to repair without Jeff's report. We refused to buy the property based on Jeff's report and were released from our offer. Thank you Jeffery. John and Pam
- J.B., September 2016
Jeff, was very thorough and knowledgeable. We were very pleased with his attention to detail and explanations. We will highly recommend Jeff to anyone needing a home inspection. The Reed Family
- P.R., September 2016
Very thorough and professional!
- M.S., August 2016
All Homes Inspection is very thorough and detailed. He goes over your report with you and his written report is very ready to understand. He is very quick and polite. We have used him three different times and have always been satisfied.
- J.P., Lexington KY, July 2016
Very helpful, courteous and professional. Really appreciated Jeff's thoroughness and guidance in his report.
- C.H., July 2016
Jeffrey was a very thorough inspector he was very knowledgeable in all areas of the house.
- N.M., Wilmore KY, July 2016
Jeff was recommended to me by several coworkers and they mentioned how thorough he was. I agree, the inspection and report were comprehensive and gave me a much better overview of the property I was purchasing. He took the time to go over every issue and had plenty of photos to document each one. He was professional and seems to have a great knowledge of his job.
- B.E., July 2016
You did a great job. Thank you.. Clayton
- C.R., June 2016
Very pleased with Jeff's inspection. He literally checked every nook and cranny!! If I ever buy another house I will have him inspect it first! A+++++++ job!!
- K.G., June 2016
Great flexibility, fast response, thorough report, fair pricing.
- T.W., Lexington KY, June 2016
I was well pleased with the in depth inspection and the way Jeff explained his findings to me.
- T.H., June 2016
Very thorough, very knowledgable, did a great job for us
- S.S., Winchester KY, May 2016
He was very knowledgeable and thorough. This is my first home purchase, and I was happy to have someone care about everything as much as I did. He answered all of my questions, and was very helpful with answering. I would definitely recommend him to future friends and family purchasing homes.
- M.S., Lexington KY, May 2016
Mr. Gibson was professional, funny, and competent. He came to inspect my house on Day 2 of closing, with me having called him at the end of the business day. I would reccomend him to anyone needing an inspection because he provides a high level of detail, and photos about any issues he finds around the house.
- H.B., May 2016
Jeff was fantastic. He was very thorough and clearly walked me through his findings. I would recommend him to anyone! Great Job!
- C.S., May 2016
It was a pleasure working with you on our inspection. Thank you for the thorough inspection and explaining everything so clearly. It was nice to meet you!
- M.C., April 2016
Jeffrey was more thorough than I thought anyone could be. The pictures of items I would have completely overlooked were amazing. I really had no idea how detailed he was going to be, and i thank him for that. Even simple fixes were pointed out. I would recommend Mr Gibson to anyone who is seriously looking at a property to buy.
- P.S., April 2016
Jeff did a great job with our inspection! He was very thorough and noted any necessary repairs and/or maintenance no matter how big or small.
- R.H., Lexington KY, April 2016
I thought you were extremely thorough, and I like that you say you are open for more questions.
- K.G., Lexington KY, April 2016
I chose Jeffery after asking a friend who recommended him highly. He answered my call on the phone even though he was on vacation in Florida, and we coordinated for the following week. He explained over the phone that he is very thorough and will report everything he sees whether its a 5 dollar fix or a 5000 dollar fix. At the inspection, Jeffery was very professional and went over all aspects of the inspection with me while swiping through pictures he had taken of the house. The framing around my attic access had come loose during the inspection, and to right that he gave me 50 bucks cash! I would highly recommend Jeffery Gibson as a home inspector as he does a thorough and quality job and does not overlook anything. I'll be giving his card to other friends buying homes.
- B.F., Lexington KY, April 2016
Jeff does a great job and is very thorough and detailed. I am a licensed real estate agent and have worked with a number of inspectors; Jeff is the first person I called when I needed an inspection for my personal home.
- J.C., March 2016
Very good and thorough job
- J.M., Lexington KY, March 2016
Did a thorough job, very well documented with pictures, and took the time to walk through everything in incredible detail. Provided lots of advice and recommendations for a first-time homebuyer, I would definitely recommend your services to a friend.
- J.M., Lexington KY, March 2016
Jeff was very thorough in both his inspection and his review of findings. We were very pleased with how detailed his report was. We would absolutely re on mend him to anyone needing an inspection.
- T.H., Lexington KY, March 2016
Very professional, he's inspections are very detailed, would recommend to anyone needing an inspection.
- T.A., February 2016
Very professional, thorough, and polite. Couldn't ask for better.
- J.P., Lexington KY, January 2016
i would strongly recommend anyone to use this company for an inspection service.
- G.P., Henderson NV, January 2016
Jeff did a fantastic job of our home inspection. He did a very thorough job top to bottom, outside and in. I would certainly recommend him for your home inspection needs!
- N.T., January 2016
Thank you for being responsive and very thorough in doing the inspection, and in going over it with us so carefully!
- L.B., Lexington KY, November 2015
Thank you for all the time you took to complete a thorough examination of Elmhurst Ct so I can ready it for placing it on the market. Your report was very explicit and thorough. Thank you for your full attention to details so they can be appropriately fixed.
- M.P., Lexington KY, October 2015
Thank you very much for the thorough inspection.
- B.T., Lexington KY, October 2015
Jeffrey was on time, very thorough and professional in every way. Report was received in a very timely manner. Liked all the photos.
- M.W., Lexington KY, October 2015
Excellent job on inspecting our potential new home. Would highly recommend your business to others. Thank you so much.
- C.B., August 2015
This is the third times I have used Jeff Gibson for testing and inspection services. I find him to be very professional and absolutely meticulous in going over a structure. He also produces a report in a timely fashion.
- P.H., Lexington KY, July 2015
Jeff was thorough and took the time to explain concerns with me.
- P.B., Lexington KY, July 2015
Very competent and does a complete job. He didn't rush any part of the inspection. I highly reccommend him and will use him for future inspections.
- R.W., Florence KY, June 2015
Did a great job. Very detailed, knowledgeable personable and open to questions. Give pictures and explanations of what he found. Thorough and well organized in his inspection and presentation of it to his customers. I would recommend his services.
- S.I., Lexington KY, June 2015
I like that he did a very good job of telling me all that he saw and what I can do to fix it.
- J.B., Clay City KY, June 2015
Jeff was true to his word about being very thorough and that is exactly what I wanted in a home inspector. I would definitely recommend him.
- B.I., Lexington KY, May 2015
Very professional, knowledgeable, and flexible. He answered all the questions and concerns in an easy way to understand and the report was very detailed and through.
- N.O., Lexington KY, May 2015
Jeff was very nice through and prompt in getting to my house and doing the inspection. I feel very confident in his findings and suggestions. I thank him very much.
- S.T., Lexington KY, April 2015
Jeff was very nice through and prompt in getting to my house and doing the inspection. I feel very confident in his findings and suggestions. I thank him very much.
- S.T., Lexington KY, April 2015
thank you and may all things good happen for you for being honest and not allowing others to interfere with your work... thank you!
- M.H., Frankfort KY, April 2015
I wish all professionals provided service in the way Mr. Gibson does. He returns calls promptly, completes inspections quickly yet very thoroughly, and offers an in-depth report; again, on a timely basis. He was so patient and agreeable with our particular requests. We have used Mr. Gibson before and will again. I can see why my realtor recommends him, and we are happy to do so as well.
- M.M., March 2015
Jeffrey was very thorough and our structural engineer friend thought the inspection report was the most detailed report he had ever read.
- B.H., March 2015
Overall, I was very, very, pleased with Jeff's service. From the first contact, he was an excellent communicator, and was very flexible about scheduling, and weather delays. When the time came for the inspection, He was uncrushed, extremely thorough, (more so than i could have imagined) he left no stone unturned. Then immediately after finishing, went thru all the photos with me, explaining everything in detail, answered all my questions, and we walked thru the house together as he pointed things out to me. Will definitely recommend Jeff's service to other homebuyers.
- L.U., Lexington KY, March 2015
Jeffrey was referred to me by a close friend who said that he was the best. I agree. The inspection was conducted in less than ideal weather conditions. Yet he went from chimney to basement and took the time to go over every detail.
- J.B., Burgin KY, March 2015
Mr. Gibson was very thorough in his work. He took the time to explain things I didn't understand. He also gave suggestions on potential cost savings. I would definitely recommend him to others.
- T.W., Lexington KY, March 2015
It was a pleasure working with you!
- K.R., Lancaster KY, February 2015
Jeff, thank you for doing my inspection. I really appreciate the detailed description with pictures. I will recommend you to anyone that is needing a home inspection. You done a wonderful job!!!
- L.C., Harrodsburg KY, February 2015
You did a fine job Jeff and we would highly recommend you to anyone else! Thanks for your help. Nelson & Sharon Hill
- N.H., Sturgis MI, February 2015
Jeff did a great job from top to bottom with pictures of anything and everything needed to stop further deterioration of property, and restore it to proper status to protect the house. He also is getting additional pictures to me for my punch list to prepare what all is needed and what to focus on first! Want to thank him for his time and knowledge for both me and my family to advise us on what is needed to restore this property. He basically said he recommended the house after looking at it. Hands down, he is a detailed individual with the client in mind on home purchasing help to make a decision based on his reports to basically buy or not! Thanks again Jeff for all your help. Look forward to receiving other pics not in the report also, thanks in advance!
- N.H., Sturgis MI, February 2015
I continually utilize Jeff and his mold testing services for my clients. He is always responsive, professional and consistent. I highly recommend All Homes Inspection. Clay - Green Home Solutions
- C.N., January 2015
Mr. Gibson was very thorough with every aspect of the home inspection. He provided me with high quality photos, an in depth review of his findings, and answered every question I had to my satisfaction. Most home inspectors spend a maximum of 20 minutes with reviewing their findings, but Mr. Gibson actually spent close to an hour answering all of my questions and offered maintenance suggestions as well. If I ever need home inspection services in the future, I'll definitely be using AllHomesInspection!
- C.B., Lexington KY, January 2015
Excellent, thorough, clear, couldn't have asked for a more conscientious inspector. Will strongly recommend him to others.
- M.C., December 2014
Mr. Gibson was very polite and friendly, which made me feel very comfortable to ask questions. He was very detailed and knowledgeable about inspecting both properties that I've had inspected. I would and will highly recommend him to others and will continue to use him to keep our new home up to grade.
- D.G., Lexington KY, November 2014
Jeff was very thorough and very detailed in his descriptions of all aspects in the home. It left us with a sense of security knowing the house is ready to live in! Thank you Jeff
- S.C., Lexington KY, October 2014
I was very pleased with the inspection. Answered all my questions and was very helpful on how I should fix things.
- A.H., Versailles KY, October 2014
A very professional report with great detail and specific explanations and locations of the report photographs.The information was well packaged and extremely easy for the buyer to have enormous confidence in both the inspection report and the inspector.
- D.H., July 2014
Did a very thorough job. Informative of the recommendations and offered suggestions to extend the life of the home and was very safety minded. Would highly recommend to friends and family and will definitely call his company again.
- S.K., Lancaster KY, June 2014
Thank you for being prompt and the excellent communication
- W.P., May 2014
Very professional and trustworthy.
- M.T., Versailles KY, April 2014
My wife and I just bought our first home and we had Jeffrey Gibson inspect it for us. It has been about 4 months so far and we have had no surprises. Furthermore, we really enjoyed meeting with him at the inspection and he was extremely kind and helpful, happily answering all of our questions. His report was meticulously detailed, noting even minor defects and advising us how and with what to fix them ourselves. This is exactly what a home buyer wants in an inspector. He even made a trip to a home improvement store and sent me pictures of the product he recommended to do the job. So when he tells you that you can call him any time after the inspection, he is sincere. I recently recommended him to a neighbor who also has nothing but good things to say about Jeff. This guy is awesome.
- J.W., April 2014
Mr. Gibson was Very prompt, efficient and explained what he was doing very well. I felt I could trust him because of his professionalism and knowledge.
- N.H., April 2014
Jeffery was great. He went over everything with me and showed me all the pictures and explained them to me as he went thru.
- N.S., Lexington KY, December 2013
Great Job!!
- B.M., September 2013
He did a very thorough inspection, was very helpful, and he was a very positive person.
- J.F., Lexington KY, March 2013
You are so very thorough. If the opportunity presents itself, I will recommend your services.
- E.C., February 2013
excellent customer service
- B.M., Lexington KY, November 2012
Jeffrey Gibson of All Homes Inspection performed a thorough walk-through, making sure to point out things that I, as a first-time homebuyer, would need to know in addition to highlighting the issues found. I feel much more comfortable knowing what repairs need to be made as well as what items need to be maintained. Thank you Jeffrey. I'll definitely refer you to anyone that needs an inspector.
- D.M., May 2012
Great job, very professional and thorough. Good people skills, and very diplomatic demeanor. Would use and recommend him in the future. -Alan R. Dorton Versailles, KY
- A.D., July 2011
George your a GREAT home inspector!!! You help us out so much!!! You took your time in inspecting everything and gave out your advice. Thank you for what you did!!! Thanks Jim and Melissa Marsh
- J.M., March 2011