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Austin McFeeley

Transparent Inspections, LLC is a local small business that is owned and operated by Austin McFeeley, a licensed home inspector.  We specialize in providing a complete, honest, and clear report of the home so that you can be comfortable and educated during this very important step.  In addition to owning Transparent Inspections, LLC, Austin is also a licensed real estate broker in the state of Washington.  This unique combination provides a major convenience to both the buyer and the buyers agent.

When he is not inspecting houses for our clients, Austin is busy raising  two young children with his wife, Jillian.  Austin has lived in the Puget Sound area for 11 years. He enjoys all sports, especially the Seattle Sounders FC.
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WA Inspectors License #1102


We provide complete, honest, and clear reports of the home so you can be comfortable and educated. Also, Austin is a licensed real estate broker in the state of Washington. This combo provides a convenience to buyer and buyers agent.


Super helpful and friendly. Austin is very easy to work with and is super responsive to buyers needs and requests. He is also very thorough and complete in his inspections.
- C.K., March 2018
Austin did a terrific job as he was able to inspect our house quickly on such short notice. He was very thorough in his inspection and was able to give us our report at the end of the same day as well. His report was easy to understand complete with pictures, a summary of the issues at hand, and a solution on how to take care of them. I would highly recommend Austin.
- S.K., July 2017
Thank you for the very thorough, detailed and informational home inspection. I couldn't have asked for better!
- J.G., May 2017
Austin was recommended to us by our real estate agent. Our agent was able to get him to do an inspection on a house we were considering quickly. He sat down with us after the inspection and explained the problems he found so that we were reassured to quickly put in an offer. We ended up not winning that house, but we were impressed with him, so we had him do the full inspection on the house we bought. I am a first time home owner, so he did not mind that I tagged along during the inspection. He pointed out and explained many features and minor problems to me. He was able to tell me approximate prices to have things fixed or replaced which really helped. He was careful to point out which minor things which left unfixed would lead to costly repairs in the future. He is quick with doing the final written report which he emailed to me later that night. I had a question after he emailed the report and he was very quick to answer my question. Overall, I would highly recommend Austin for your home inspection! He is very professional, thorough, and patient.
- H.L., February 2017
Very Thorough. Loved the cookie baking idea to test oven. Would use again!! I hope to refer him to all my customers!!
- M.T., January 2017
Thank you. Jenny said you were very thorough and loved that you checked the oven by baking cookies!
- W.B., October 2016
very thorough i would confidently recommend Austin for any inspection job
- J.P., August 2016
Thank you for the inspection and answering any questions I had.
- B.J., Stanwood WA, March 2016
Austin was very timely and informative and provided us with great steps to care for our home.
- C.I., January 2016
Austin was very timely and informative and provided us with great steps to care for our home.
- C.I., January 2016
As always, great job.
- J.S., January 2015
Very quick, thorough, and friendly. I'm very confident in his work and will be sure to recommend him in the future.
- L.M., December 2014
Austin, you only received a 9 as I will never rate a 10, this means perfection, you were close. I appreciate the inspection you performed at the home we are hoping to close on very soon. you work was very complete and detailed. When making a home purchase sometimes things can get clouded when you are looking, walking through the inspection with you and having things pointed out and explained helped keep things clear. The report was detailed and complete and I will be making a recommendation of your services to anyone I come in contact with that is looking to make a home purchase or is need of your services.
- P.O., October 2014
Thanks Austin. I appreciate your fast and accurate work. Brian
- B.S., May 2014