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Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call Dunsing Inspections. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Work Phone: (847) 367-0782 Mobile Phone: (708) 732-2315

About Dunsing Inspections

We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

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Great job detailing the areas and providing a sketch of what the design is supposed to be!
- T.M., Kankakee IL, June 2019
Ben was on time, friendly, very detail oriented, and quick. He went to work and then explained everything he found so we understood what we were getting into. He really helped us get an idea of what would be involved to resolve things he found, making everything understandable for first time house buyers. Also he's a local, so he knows the houses in the area, which I felt was an added bonus.
- S. ., Chicago IL, May 2019
Ben was thorough yet expeditious -- an enormous undertaking, Ben was able to evaluate the property effectively and efficiently. His assessment will certainly help us make the most informed decision possible! Thanks Ben for your service.
- D.E., May 2019
Ben did a great job of protecting us from buying a money pit! Without his knowledge of the area, we may have ended up with trouble on our hands. -N.D. April 2019
- C.D., April 2019
Ben, you did a great job and were informative throughout the process as well as had a thorough report. Thank you!
- L.H., Libertyville IL, April 2019
Ben was terrific. He went right to work and completed a VERY thorough inspection. His summary to me at the end of the inspection was excellent, explaining what and why he had concerns. He demonstrated the specfic tasks I can perform going forward as part of routine home maintenance. Ben is personable as well as extremely competent. It was a pleasure working with him.
- V.B., April 2019
Ben was friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. He explained the entire process before he started and he answered any questions I had along the way. We?d definitely hire Ben again!
- S.K., March 2019
My husband and I are first-time home buyers and were nervous coming into the inspection. Ben put our minds at ease. He started by asking if we had any specific concerns about the home and then made sure he checked all of them. He was very thorough; our real estate agent said he was much more thorough than many other inspectors she's seen over the years. At the end of the inspection, he walked us through the home and pointed out every issue, both major and minor, he thought we should know about and explained the maintenance requirements and schedules for the various components like the water heater and HVAC. He was patient and answered all of our (many!) questions. The written report was easy to understand (with pictures that helped explain the issues) and ready the next day. We would absolutely use Ben again and recommend him to others.
- J.D., March 2019
Ben was fantastic, friendly, thorough. I'd say my only recommendation would be to pull me aside and show me more as he's going through items. We have loved Dunsing's work overall!
- M.R., Lincolnwood IL, February 2019
This is my first time working with Dunsing Inspections and the process has been great. From the initial sales inquiry/scheduling, to the inspection, and quick report turnaround. Specifically, we worked with Ben Schwartz who could not have been more helpful and professional. Ben also pointed out a serious mold issue in the attic of the home which was missed by myself, both brokers, and a contractor. I am happy to have found my new go to inspector.
- N.B., Chicago IL, February 2019
Thanks Ben for all your help. It was an education to say the least!
- C.M., Chicago IL, December 2018
Ben and his team were great to work with. I had a challenge with scheduling and the office staff was able to accommodate. Ben brought another colleague to help with training and the two of them were able to do a very detailed, effective inspection in a timely manner as well as provide two sources of experience.
- K.M., October 2018
Ben & Jamie from Dunsing did an inspection for me last week and it was more than I could've asked for. Ben is extremely professional, polite and an expert in his craft. He got right down to business and made sure that I understood everything as he went step by step. I would highly recommend him to anyone and feel more comfortable with the property now that he has gone through it.
- T.C., October 2018
Ben was very thorough. He checked items I was particularly worried about like the fireplaces with extra care. He explained every step of the inspection which made me feel more confident in my purchase. I would definitely recommend him to anyone else who is looking for a complete home evaluation.
- L.G., October 2018
Very thorough inspection and good recommendations for first time homebuyers.
- P.S., October 2018
Very thorough and informative. Excellent job.
- K.V., September 2018
I was very impressed with Ben. He was knowledgeable and thorough, just as I hoped our inspector would be. He began by asking if we had any initial concerns, which I also appreciated. Would definitely recommend him to friends!
- K.B., September 2018
I thought he was very straightforward and honest, which is exactly what I wanted from an inspector. He answered all my weird and ridiculous questions about the space and was very attentive to any issues that we brought up.
- K.B., September 2018
Thank you Ben for the good work!
- R.U., August 2018
Thanks for the detailed report - it was very thorough and informative
- V.W., August 2018
Ben was fantastic! I would 100% recommend him to anyone!
- L.M., July 2018
Ben did an excellent job on our home inspection. Here are a few adjectives that come immediately to mind that describe Ben and the work he did for us: prompt, friendly, personable, knowledgeable, thorough. We would definitely use the services of Dunsing Home Inspections and would request Ben.
- G.K., Schaumburg IL, June 2018
Thank you Ben. Thought you did an awesome job. Very very thorough. My husband said you were too thorough. LOL you?re very nice explain things very happy with the Inspection.
- M.B., June 2018
Ben found a lot of easy to overlook problems in the apartment we plan to purchase. His report was easy to understand and thorough. I would be delighted to use him on future inspections.
- A.P., Chicago IL, June 2018
We were truly impressed with Ben's thoroughness and efficiency with the inspection of our potential new home. He hustled and took the time to explain his findings and recommendations/suggestions. We had the detailed report less than 24 hours after the inspection took place. Ben is a true gem!
- G.M., chicago IL, June 2018
Ben is the ultimate inspector. If we could rate him higher than a "10," we would. He is so professional, thorough, and competent. Hands down, the best inspector we've ever used! He is also personable and he explained things along the way, if we asked. He is a great representative of your company, and just amazing to deal with.
- J.K., June 2018
Wonderful guy ... hard working and highly knowledgeable. Really thorough and really nice to work with !
- D.E., June 2018
It has been a pleasure to work with Dunsing Inspections! Ben was punctual, knowledgeable and very thorough in his inspection. The report turnaround time was less than 24 hours. As first time home buyers, you have to put a lot of trust in the village it takes to buy a home. We will definitely use Dunsing again in the future and recommend to friends!
- A.H., May 2018
Ben was very thorough and inspired confidence during the inspection process. He took the time to explain each step and I left with a strong understanding of issues he highlighted.
- B.K., May 2018
Ben was fantastic. Thorough, helpful in explaining what he was looking at/for, and friendly throughout. I would highly recommend him to others.
- O.M., May 2018
Very thorough! He checked in with us several times throughout the inspection and explained things clearly. Happy with his work!
- P.M., May 2018
Ben was thorough and informative and timely. He was very patient too with our novice understanding of inspection concerns and clearly explained his observations. I would highly recommend Ben and will refer others to work with him and his company.
- R.R., May 2018
Ben went up into the attic, didn’t just look into it. Because he went up into the attic he was able to find existing mold and water stains. Mold requires expensive remediation. I was so glad he found it.
- P.G., April 2018
Ben is a true professional! Not only did he perform a thorough inspection, he provided a detailed report of findings the following day!
- S.C., April 2018
Ben did a great job. He was very thorough in his inspection and was sure to explain everything to me. There were even points where he made sure to come get me from another room to explain something that's important to me.
- D.C., March 2018
Ben provided thorough top notch service and was happy to answer all questions throughout the process. Highly recommended!
- M.K., March 2018
Ben is a great guy!! He was very knowledgeable & professional. He answer all of my questions & gave me suggestions about different things. I would hire him again in a heartbeat. Thanks!!
- J.B., March 2018
I am very happy that Ben Schatz did the inspection at our place. He was very knowledgeable about the issues with the split face brick and discovered major moisture issues inside the building. I would use him in any future inspections that we will have.
- J.S., Chicago IL, February 2018
Ben did a phenomenal job and was very professional and transparent in his breakdown of every part of the inspection. He articulates the situation better than anyone I've ever worked with - we will be referring him to all of our colleagues moving forward!
- J.C., Glenview IL, February 2018
Ben is knowledgeable and nice. We are first time home buyers with lots of questions and he answered them all.
- J.B., January 2018
Once we took possession of the home we were very disappointed to find things that were either not mentioned in the report or that were incorrect. One glaring example is the cold water valve on the upstairs laundry washer. It was rusted and turned off. I only realized this when I attempted to wash a load in cold water and found there wasn't any flowing. When I turned the valve on it made loud noises and vibrated due to a faulty safety valve. This was in plain sight at the time of inspection. One other notable error was that we were told the gas fireplace was inoperable. We had someone out today to do a repair and found none was needed. We still had to pay for a service call.
- V.D., November 2017
Very good and professional
- J.S., November 2017
I was very happy with Ben. He did a great job and answering questions and explaning what he was doing. I would highly recomend him.
- A.B., October 2017
Ben is very thorough and has done a wonderful job on each of the projects he has worked for me. He makes my job easy when it come time to evaluate if a property is worth pursuing.
- W.A., Elmhurst IL, October 2017
Ben was awesome and extremely thorough. I'd happily recommend him, to friends/family!
- N.D., Morton grove IL, August 2017
Ben was great to work with and I recommend him highly. He arrived on time, and was very thorough! I appreciated that he took the time to answer any questions I had. He was very professional, personable, and helpful. This whole experience was stress-free and streamlined. Thank you Ben!
- E.J., Glencoe IL, August 2017
Great job !
- R.K., August 2017
Ben did a wonderful job. He took the time to explain the process to us along with his findings.
- M.B., July 2017
Ben did a great job and was very thorough. He happily answered our questions and provided good information for how we should maintain the property.
- B.F., June 2017
Ben was very knowledgeable and took the time to thoroughly explain several issues that he noticed. Definitely very helpful for a first time home buyer.
- C.E., Morton Grove IL, June 2017
Thank you!
- T.D., June 2017
Ben was fantastic. We had a number of questions about systems within our new home and he answer them all patiently and thoughtfully. He was proactive and never condescending. Thank you!
- T.R., June 2017
Ben did a thorough inspection. Excellent service and communication (before, during and after the inspection).
- G.R., Winnetka IL, May 2017
Ben did a great job--no complaints. Very professional--explained his findings nicely and was able to answer questions about items of interest around the house.
- J.T., Libertyville IL, May 2017
There is a reason I keep using Dunsing Inspections. The inspections are done efficiently. Also, the reports provide quantitative evidence of issues, as well as useful advice on how those issues should be addressed.
- J.M., May 2017
Recommended him to additional buyers for the area.
- M.C., May 2017
Ben was great! He really put our mind at ease about the home we are are buying. Also, Dunsing Inspections was great to work with. Jamie and the whole team are great. I would definately recommend them!
- P.B., April 2017
Thank you so much for your guidance and insight. This is a confusing and stressful process, that has been made much more bearable with your inclusion on the team.
- V.S., Mundelein IL, April 2017
Ben did an excellent job working with us and explaining what he recommended to fix and what was more cosmetic. He was on time and did his work quickly and thoroughly.
- K.H., April 2017
Ben was extremely personable, professional, and thorough. Ben was very detailed in his inspection the house and looked at ALL areas throughout the house. He took the time at the beginning of his inspection to address any concerns that I might have had had with the property he was inspecting and explained everything that he found, both good and bad, during his assessment and at the completion of the inspection he reviewed everything with me in detail and answered any questions that I had. Ben's completed Inspection report is as thorough as his inspection process. The report is easy to follow and he follows up his comments with photos of the areas inspected within his report as reference. I will definitely use Ben again for any future inspection needs, and I would absolutely recommend Ben to friends. and family.
- E.S., April 2017
I believe Ben did an excellent job! As a new home owner I found myself unfamiliar with many aspects of the home inspection process, but Ben took the time to clearly explain everything to me and made sure I understood every aspect of the inspection the inspection's findings before moving on.
- P.S., Mundelein IL, March 2017
Ben was great! Easy to work with. He answered all my questions and never made me feel dumb for not knowing the basics. He was also wiling to hop up on the roof when they typically do not for condo's. He gave us a great price as well.
- K.C., March 2017
Did a great job, very detailed, and made sure I understood anything that I had questions on. Thanks Ben and Dunsing team!
- M.S., carpentersville IL, February 2017
I absolutely adored Ben. In fact, I thought he did such an incredible job I recommended him to the person who is buying my co-op in Evanston. (I may regret that!) Ben took the time to do a very thorough inspection. He didn't cut any corners. He also took the time to explain to me what he was doing and why it was important. He gave a summary of his findings at the end. He was personable and had a great sense of humor, which I fear you probably need in this business. He was clearly well informed. I will use him for the sale of my home in Kenilworth to find the weak spots that need fixing before we go on the market. I can't say enough good things about Ben.
- C.L., Kenilworth IL, February 2017
Ben was extremely helpful and professional. He did a very thorough job of inspecting our future unit and explaining to us the deficiencies and recommendations. I would highly recommend Ben!
- J.B., February 2017
Ben was super helpful. He was very thorough, documented all of the issues he found with photos and resolutions, and walked me through how the plumbing/ electric systems were set up so I could properly maintain them. 10 stars all the way!
- S.P., February 2017
On time, thorough and very efficient. Explained things in a way we could understand making the process seamless. Also, was available afterward for additional questions and help, which was much appreciated. Would definitely recommend Ben to someone needing an inspection.
- R.R., January 2017
Great work, very thorough. Good customer service/communication.
- N.M., January 2017
Very helpful and knowledgeable!
- M.M., January 2017
Great guy! Diligent and honest.
- Z.W., January 2017
Very friendly and flexible team. Did a great job providing a timely and detailed inspection report! Thank you.
- K.P., December 2016
Ben was very personable, professional, thorough and engaging, an outstanding representative of his company and I highly recommend him.
- G.L., November 2016
Ben was very professional and very thorough. I will definitely use him on future projects and will highly recommend him to friends and family.
- N.D., November 2016
Ben was very friendly. He was quite knowledgeable and detailed in his inspection. I would recommend him to anyone for their home inspection
- M.T., October 2016
Thanks again for the thorough inspection!
- E.P., October 2016
Ben did a great job. He took the time to walk me through key issues and concerns, laid out potential solutions, and made recommendations. He answered all of my questions and showed me exactly what to look out for. He was friendly and professional. I would highly recommend him in the future.
- M.K., Highland Park IL, August 2016
Ben was professional and helped talk us through several parts of the inspection. He also showed us how to operate the gas lighting fireplace. His inspection report was very thorough and he got it back to us the same day as the inspection.
- E.B., Chicago IL, August 2016
Ben did a great job and was very thorough. He took the time to explain things to me and also provided valuable insight into various features of the home. He turned around the report in 12 hours and it was detailed and accurate. I would definitely recommend Ben.
- J.D., August 2016
Ben was great to work with on my home inspection. Very knowledgeable, taught me a lot, and communicated well. Would highly recommend.
- J.L., August 2016
Ben was thorough and professional, went about his work and brought us to any issues or concerns he uncovered. His report was comprehensive and we enjoyed working with him.
- J.J., Chicago IL, August 2016
Ben, thank you for your thorough inspection of the condo at 401 Bay Tree Ct, VH. Appreciate your prompt arrival & showing us the areas of concern you had. You were courteous and helpful with your responses to the few questions we had.
- K.D., June 2016
Ben was very thorough and professional. He explained everything clearly and answered all of our questions.
- J.K., June 2016
Ben was friendly and efficient. He explained things clearly, and offered advice about how to evaluate his findings.
- D.D., June 2016
Ben was very thorough and professional. He was also very patient with all of my questions - and there were A LOT! I feel comfortable with his work and suggestions. I would definitely recommend.
- S.Q., May 2016
Ben was punctual, knowledgable, honest, and friendly. I will absolutely recommend Ben and use him for future home inspections.
- M.Z., May 2016
Ben was extremely detailed in checking out every uncomfortable nook in the house. I was very impressed with his attention to each element of the house and the systems. He was honest in what to prioritize and how to proceed with the purchase.
- K.M., Aurora IL, May 2016
Ben was professional and respectful, yet friendly and trusted. Well done.
- J.M., Half Moon Bay CA, May 2016
Ben was awesome. He was on time, very knowledgeable, friendly and patient with our questions. A pleasure.
- J.M., April 2016
Ben did a great job on our home inspection and was very thorough.
- D.L., Elmhurst IL, April 2016
Ben is an absolute professional that is very knowledgable and trust worthy. Highly recommend!
- T.C., April 2016
Great Thorough job. Very accommodating and answers all questions. We really liked him and his work.
- B.B., April 2016
Very informative and attentitive to detail. Would absolutely recommend!
- W.D., April 2016
Everything was great! Report was thorough, timely and he inspected everything we asked. Setting up the inpsectkon was also easy and we were able to get the timeframe needed to meet our deadlines. Overall, very friendly and professional staff. I would highly recommend.
- A.B., April 2016
Ben did a great job on our inspection. He was very thorough inspecting everything and gave us great materials to use in negotiating inspection item compensation. I would highly recommend Ben for any inspection project.
- T.S., March 2016
Ben was very polite and thorough. He explained everything that needed addressing. I would absolutely recommend him. Thanks Ben!!
- S.D., March 2016
Ben was outstanding in every aspect of the inspection process!!
- S.D., Park Ridge IL, March 2016
Very thorough and very easy to talk and work with. I'd use him again with no hesitation.
- B.B., February 2016
Ben is very thorough and answered all of my concerns and questions during the inspection. He took the time to fully explain the inspection findings. He is very professional and pleasant.
- J.D., February 2016
Very thorough and informative. Excellent job.
- T.P., February 2016
Terrific job. Very thorough! Give him a raise!
- E.G., February 2016