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Blaine Wiley

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Florida License # HI328, National President of InterNACHI 2004-2009


I have been providing professional home inspections for over 20 years on everything from new construction to 250 year old homes. Our services include home inspections, wind mitigation reports, 4 point inspections and roof certifications.


Blaine- it was a pleasure to meet you. Thankyou for your knowledge/expertise! Mike Wilhelm
- M.W., February 2019
great job Blaine, thank you so much. love the website showing information for homeowners...merry christmas
- J.D., November 2018
Bill took his time and explained the inspection process. He answered all our questions. Definitely would recommend!
- M.S., September 2018
Blaine was great to work with, tons of knowledge!
- R.H., May 2018
Very thorough job. Took time to explain items to customers. Great pictures. Professional
- P.S., March 2018
Blaine did a very thorough and excellent job on my inspection. Highly recommend his services.
- L.W., March 2018
Blaine gave me many good insights into home maintenance issues along with a very well documented inspection report of 13 deficiencies in my new home construction. Performing “due dilligence” by getting an qualified home inspector was well worth the cost in my instance.
- J.T., January 2018
We were quite impressed with yr knowledge . Great to have met you!
- J.G., July 2017
Inspection was thorough and complete. Will highly recommend him>
- L.D., March 2017
I am so happy I saved your card from when you inspected my home three years ago. You did a very thorough job with my mother's inspection. We are pleased with your service, your pleasant personality and would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone that might be in need of your services. Ours thanks to you and to your wife who was also very pleasant and helpful during our telephone conversations in setting up the appointment.
- J.M., March 2017
I have used Blaine Wiley as a home inspector for 15 years, still very prompt, thorough, informative and professional. Customer friendly and gets the job done to everyone's satisfaction.
- L.P., Cape Haze FL, February 2016
On time great info and plenty of pictures. A-1 inspector. Would highly recommend him to anyone.
- J.J., Sevierville TN, January 2016
As always Blaine, I appreciate your expertise and attention to detail. I look forward to working with you again soon. Steve
- S.V., Englewood FL, January 2016
Answered all out questions and gave great advice. Given that we are new to Florida and had very little knowledge of the builders in this area, Blaine was full of knowledge and willing to enlighten us.
- C.M., November 2015
Great job ... as always! That's why I won't use anyone else!
- T.K., September 2015
Blaine I would recommend you to anyone! You have done a fabulous job for us. Hopefully this is the one.
- D.C., May 2015
Blaine, Great job. Thanks for all the details explanations and for the thorough inspection today. All the best, Jim Palmere
- J.P., April 2015
Very thorough, polite, truthful, I can't say enough good about the job he has done for us.
- D.C., March 2015
thank you very much job well done as usual.
- T.T., Englewood FL, February 2015
Very through great job
- D.B., February 2015
Great attention to detail and very prompt turnarouund time. Thanks so much.
- T.K., January 2015
He was on time, knowledgeable and timely with report. Thanks, Lorraine
- L.B., October 2014
thank you for the thorough inspection that you did.greatly appreciated.
- R.P., August 2014
Appreciate your professionalism! Thank you!
- J.G., August 2014
Blaine is the easiest guy to do business with. he is thorough with his inspections and fair with his price. I highly recommend him if you want a quality home inspection done.
- T.T., Englewood FL, July 2014
Blaine was very professional, thorough and knowledgeable. He took the time to explain and go through everything even though it would later be in report. I had an issue where the water wasn't turned on but Blaine was very flexible and was able to go back to the property at a later time to finish inspection without any complaint.
- A.W., July 2014
No one but Blaine Wiley will ever do my home inspections. He's that good! Peter Bieneman Coldwell Banker Sunstar Schmidt
- P.B., May 2014
Thank you so much for your professionalism and advice on our home!! Greg Wones
- G.W., May 2014
Blaine was took his time to review all facets of our new home to assure us what was and was not in good working order and gave excellent suggestions for corrective actions that could be taken on items needing maintenance.
- S.D., April 2014
Excellent Job and very helpful
- P.M., February 2014
As always, punctual, polite, professional and my buyer says very personable. Will continue using Blaine Wiley for all my home inspections. Linda Pacinelli, Realtor
- L.P., Cape Haze FL, January 2014
The inspection was thoroughly and professionally conducted. Blaine Wiley was a pleasure to work with. Will recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection.
- J.B., January 2014
Blaine, thank you for always doing such a wonderful job !
- M.H., November 2013
Mr. Wiley was very accurate on his survey! Highly recommend !!!
- H.C., November 2013
Thank you for doing such a thorough job and taking the time to explain your findings to us.
- R.C., October 2013
Personable, knowledgeable, and thorough!
- G.J., October 2013
Very knowledgeable and prompt.
- D.A., October 2013
excellent and thorough inspection and will absolutly use and recommend you to other people.
- K.B., September 2013
Very pleased with the through job done.
- D.M., June 2013
Blaine works in a very professional manner. Arrives on time and I always have my reports when promised. I have used Blaine as my home inspector since 2003 and will continue to call him for my real estate services.
- L.P., Cape Haze FL, June 2013
Mr Wiley arrived in a timely manner and conducted a thorough inspection. He explained his findings and conducted himself in a professional manner. Thank you.
- S.P., April 2013
I think he did a very thorough job when doing the inspection. I'm very pleased the way he explained everything in detail. I would definitely refer him in the future.
- P.O., April 2013
I was completely satisfied with the home inspection performed by Blaine Wiley QHI. The price was reasonable and was easy to pay using PayPal, the online access is super, and the report is very professional and detailed yet easy to understand. Items that were suggested to be corrected were accompanied with pictures with indicating arrows or a video. Thank you.
- C.L., March 2013
Dealing with Blaine Wiley was a pleasant experience. He arrived on time and was very open and straight forward on all of my questions regarding my home inspection. I would highly recommend him.
- D.M., November 2012
Blaine was thorough and knowledgeable. He looked at every part of the house and patiently explained everything we needed to know to make necessary repairs and general maintenance. We highly recommend him for house inspections!
- T.M., November 2012
Blaine It was a pleasure working with you and I apprecaited the things that you pointed out. I would certainly use you again if I needed an inspection. Ed Smith
- E.S., August 2012
Blaine, Than you for an exelant and profesional home inspection! Don Liptak
- D.L., July 2012
Nice layout to the report. Easy to read and understand. Great photos of our home. Work done on time
- L.C., July 2012
I appreciate you taking the time to be thorough and remembering that each inspection, although not a new thing for you, is a new thing for your clients, and it's important to them. Thank you for taking the time to walk through your findings and answer all the questions that follow.
- S.L., December 2011
Blaine has excellent communication skills and is knowledgeable about the home inspection process. His reports are detailed and he makes himself available after the inspection for questions and comments.
- S.O., November 2011
- R.S., April 2011
Professional Thorough Personable Would definitely recommend
- P.L., April 2011
Thanks Blaine! You did an excellent job! Very pleased with the report.
- J.P., April 2011
- T.C., March 2011
You are the best. Thank you so much. Talk to you soon. Tony
- T.C., March 2011
Thanks so much! very thorough inspection. Providing valuable information for purchase and future reference.
- T.M., February 2011
Efficent, experienced, personable, prompt!!! 10 years and still would recommend Blaine...Quality Home Inspection is who I use and recommend.
- L.P., Cape Haze FL, February 2011
Really enjoyed going through the inspection with you. Learned alot and felt very comfortable asking any question that came to mind.
- B.C., February 2011
Excellent report. Timely and complete.
- J.K., February 2011
Blain u are a true pro!Your report was very helpful. I strongly recommend using Blain if u want your home inspected by a true professional ,he is very knowledgeable in all phases of home construction,Thank you very much!!
- T.K., January 2011
Blaine, as always, my people are truly satisfied with your inspection and appreciate your honesty, thoroughness and customer relations.
- L.M., December 2010
Thank You for such a thorough inspection. .really informative, helpful and friendly!
- D.W., December 2010
Thorough, efficient, clear and concise, a pleasure to deal with
- B.O., December 2010
Blaine, hey man, you did a very thorough inspection explaining everything as you went along. I would recommend you to anyone. "Thanks" for the great job!
- R.D., December 2010
Very thorough and precise. Excellent work!
- C.W., October 2010
You were very helpful in answering my questions, and we feel comfortable with the inspection that was done...Thanks again.
- T.D., May 2010
You are Prompt and seem through in your evaluations...not necessarly the bearer of good news BUT honest news, at least. Fair in your pricing. Thank you.
- A.S., May 2010
Very thorough and informative. Would highly recommend you for inspections to my friends. Enjoyed talking with you. Take care, Tom & Dodie Pavy
- T.P., March 2010
Your report was excellent. You included the details discussed during the examination. No surprises!I like the added repair need section at the end;it puts everything together for me. You were also friendly and down to earth person. I enjoyed talking to you and you will definately get the reccommend status from me. Thank You for your services. I especially am thankful for the termite inspection company you reccommended(Hughes). I will certainly let people know what good service we received. Thank You and God Bless. Liz Burke
- E.B., March 2010
great work,
- L.V., Port Charlotte FL, March 2010
It was a pleasure to meet Blaine and work with him. He was very happy to explain any problems in a manner that was easily understood.
- J.S., March 2010
Don't change a thing you were great
- G.R., March 2010
As stated before, we are realtors from Canada and we wish we had inspectors this qualified. If you want to work for the summer in Canada, we would enjoy your services.
- C.M., February 2010
Blaine you do such great work! It's always a pleasure to have you show up t ome my customers as they ask you many questions and follow you around (except in the attic)as you inspect every aspect of their potential home. They and I are so glad you are extremely thorough. My customers and I may not always like what you find but you can be cetain that we are glad YOU found it and not them later. Keep up the great work and I'll see you at my next inspection. Warren Watters Tarpon Real Estate Inc.
- W.W., February 2010
You always do a outstanding inspection. You are very honest and always helpful.
- T.H., February 2010
Very professional and thorough inspection. Without hesitation, we would recommend Blaine to others needing home inspection services.
- T.H., January 2010
Thank you Blaine for doing such a good job on my home inspection. You were very helpful in pointing out a few things to me . Thank You again Louanne Fox
- L.F., December 2009
Thank you Blaine for your professional service. Good job as always. Wanda
- W.V., November 2009
Thanks for the great help / service Blaine. Hopefully, you're agreeable to my contacting you in the future with any follow up questions... Regards, George Madl
- G.M., October 2009
Top notch! A True Proffesional! Honest, through, knowledgable, and attention to detail. Best Bet for Me!
- H.A., Englewood FL, October 2009
already did. :-)
- J.O., June 2009
Blaine, Thanks for the thorough and professional inspection. We really appreciate the time you took to explain what you did and your explaining answers to all our questions. Hope to see you on the golf course. Walt and Lynn Clark
- W.C., June 2009