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Charles Bradley

My goal is my cleints beat interest, hence the name YBI. I have been working on houses since I was 12 years old where I have dug footings, poured and finished concrete, framed houses, shingled roofs. Installed: hardwood & tile floors, cabinets, doors, trim and moldings. Hung and finished drywall and even painted. I have Associates in Applied Sience Electronic Technologies which helped me in my job at Intel where I mantained and repaired multimillion dollar pieces of semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
My style is down to earth, hands on, attention to detail, and training. I will inspect your home as if it were my own in order to educate on its current visible condition. Remember that some items may not be accessible during the inspection.

Most of your inspection will be maintenance recommendations, life expectancies and minor imperfections. These are nice to know about. However, the issues that really matter will fall into four categories:
1. Major defects. An example of this would be a significant structural failure.
2. Things that may lead to major defects. A small water leak coming from a piece of roof flashing, for example.
3. Things that may hinder your ability to finance, legally occupy, or insure the home. Structural damage caused by termite infestation, for example.
4. Safety hazards. Such as a lack of GFCI-protection.
Anything in these categories should be corrected. Often a serious problem can be corrected inexpensively to protect both life and property.

I hope to have the privilege to inspect your home and help remove some of the stress by completing a through inspection that gives you the education and peace of mind when entering the final negotiations of your home purchase.  

Termite inspection are included in the buyer inspections only, but if I see evidence in my other inspections it will be noted and recommended that you get inspected. 
I offer several different inspections, so please visit my website at


ASHI certified. Member of InterNACHI . Arizona BTR #63803


I have been working on houses since I was twelve years old, and I am experienced in all aspects of home building (concrete to finish carpentry) My 13+ years working in the industry + my Intel Equipment Maintenance gives me an eye for detail


Chuck did a great job. The inspection was done in a timely matter, very thorough and kept me informed. He really did save me A LOT of money and a huge headache. Definitely lived up to the name ?Your best Interest? Home Inspection. I will be doing all my home Inspections with Chuck. Thank you!
- K.B., August 2018
Chuck gave me the quickest schedule that fix my timeline; was considerably cheaper since he included termite inspection in the package; walked me through the process; and provided the report same day! Keep up the good work!!!
- R.F., July 2017
Thank you for your service. You were professional and courteous, timely and thorough. I will recommend you when given the opportunity. Thank you, Debbie ??
- D.S., Florence AZ, June 2017