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Peter Rojas

Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call Cal-West Property Services. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Work Phone: (323) 228-8006 Fax Number: (323) 771-2310

About Cal-West Property Services

We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

We are located in Downey and serve all surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you!


CREIA MEMBER(CCI), ITA Graduate, General Contractor since 1985 Serving Los Angeles and surrounding Communities!


Over 30 years of construction experience as a tradesman and contractor,and our contiuous training has helped us achieve our goal which will exceed your expectations. Fully insured and bonded. Bilingual Spanish /English

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Thank you Peter for your time and your professional work. We apreciate your honest insite on this property. For anyone reading this Peter is very punctual and knolodgable.
- J.C., July 2016
Thank you for being so thorough! Great attention to detail!
- H.W., June 2016
Thanks Peter, I appreciate the detail of work you put into your job and report. It will absolutely help me better my future home.
- A.D., June 2016
Very professional, friendly, and how detailed he is with the inspection
- R.C., May 2016
Really professional, on time, and absolutely details-oriented. Did my inspection on Friday and report was ready on Monday. I am glad Peter did my inspection and provided me with a great report on the property I intend to buy.
- J.H., May 2016
Peter is a very knowledgeable and professional home inspector. I work for a local school district and work with contractors on a daily basis and Peter knows the ins and outs of( in my case) residential codes, ordinances, and safety compliance. Absolutely would recommend.
- R.S., May 2016
Great job really honest and very efficient
- D.M., March 2016
Peter was courteous and answered many questions that we had. We were quite happy with his professional and personal service.
- Y.J., February 2016
Very professional and takes a lot of pride in doing his job
- J.Q., January 2016
Incredible inspection- now wondering if should go through with purchase but the information provided will definitely help with that decision.
- S.G., October 2015
Very professional detailed inspection and report !
- J.C., August 2015
I was very impressed with Peter's services, his report was very detailed and very good, not only that, he explained some of the issues in person, also, he was very honest on his findings. I will definitely recommend Peter Rojas with friends and co-workers to utilize him for their home inspection. Thank you. Humberto J Cordova
- H.C., August 2015
Peter is an awesome inspector!
- F.G., City of Industry CA, August 2015
Few years ago you did my first inspection, impressed with your thoroughness and clarification; did not rush through I trust his knowledge. A pleasant professional that I knew right off that I'd be contacting for my current inspection and will use again and refer to others.
- A.H., June 2015
You are very cordial and professional. I would be very happy to refer you to others.
- T.F., May 2015
Very professional. He pays close attention to detail. Will definitely recommend. Very happy with the report.
- E.M., March 2015
Excellent work, Very detailed this is the 3rd property he has done and he will notify you right away if you are walking into a mess I love his work ethics.
- G.E., February 2015
It's such an advantage to have an inspector who was also a contractor for so many years. Peter did a thorough job and spent substantial time explaining all the details to me. I am so grateful for his effort.
- D.F., November 2014
Pete goes above and beyond I believe. Goes into great detail, recommends whats needs to be attended too. Put my mind at peace. to make the correct choice to purchase or not.
- A.Z., October 2014
This is my 5th property i am buying and my last. I will be retiring in this last home. It was very important for me to have a inspection done to make sure i was not buy a lemon. I was so impressed with the detailed inspection, care and passion that he put in his job. When i saw the report i was relieved that the house was a good decision. I also was very appreciative of the time he took explaining everything to me. Mr Rojas is a gem i will for ever great full to him and can sleep knowing i made a good choice on this house
- L.B., June 2014
Peter did a great job and made sure to cover all areas of the house The report I received contained both comments and pictures to help show any problem areas that need to be corrected. I very much appreciate all the time and energy that went into my home inspection
- K.F., August 2013
Thanks Peter for your help and the lessons!
- D.M., August 2013
Great attitude and very helpful.
- A.M., April 2013
Thank you for doing such an efficient job!
- D.V., January 2013
Thank You for your Services.
- S.T., August 2012
Peter, thank you for scheduling so late in the day. Very much appreciated. I left a good review on Angie's List (your first one, so they need to take time to review and post it). Thank you for taking the time to answer all my questions, especially about the water damage in the kitchen, and enhancing the analysis with your inspection of the leak's effects on the unit below ours.
- M.S., May 2012
Peter, THANKS AGAIN for the thorough and detailed report. It helped us to get the seller to complete the "new roof, new HVAC system and fixing the leaks. we would not have known without your help Precy and Ronn McFatridge
- R.M., December 2011
Mr. Rojas is an amazingly thorough home inspector. His attention to detail is superb. He took the time to really get into every part of the house... underneath, attic and roof too. At one point he was recommending to lower the temperature on the attic fan, to which the home owner (who was present at the time) said, "I didn't know we had one of those. The guy that inspected our house before didn't even go into the attic." Peter Rojas is a great inspector and I will gladly pass his name forward to perspective home buyers.
- M.B., August 2011
I had been working with peter for over 3 years now after trying at least 5 different companies. He is professional, always on time to start the inspections, take his time during the inspection and very patience explaining the report to clients. He always goes above and beyond for his clients. The best home inspector in southern California by far.
- R.C., August 2011
I am a real estate broker with over 10 years of experience! I began using Peter Rojas for my home inspections years ago and have never looked back. He is passionate about his job, knowlegdeable, and very professional. Peter has many years of experience and his reports are amazing!
- L.L., Los Angeles (Los Feliz) CA, June 2011
Very professional, good communication.
- L.A., April 2011
What a wonderful experience!!! My husband and I were very hesitant about ordering this inspection; I am very thankful we did. The report that Peter Rojas provided was very well organized and effective. We now have a better understanding about the house we are buying. We have to thank Peter for his availability and profesionalism and we also have to add the pleasant personality. Thank you very much!
- E.Z., April 2011
Very nice and helpful.. Mr.Rojas is was very helpful in the inspection process.
- C.S., March 2011
Thank you for your excellent service. your explanation of your findings were very clear to both of us. I definitively will use your services again and recommend you to my fellow agents.
- J.R., Pico Rivera CA, March 2011
To Peter Rojas (and To Whom It May Concern), please note that I was extremely IMPRESSED with you first from my initial email inquiring of your services. You not only responded promptly, but I could tell you were professional from that email response and was confirmed when I spoke to you the following day. The reason you have my highest mark of satisfaction is when I spoke to you on the phone you were more concerned that I made sure I chose an inspector who provided a copy of their insurance and you feel clients should be fully protected. I was shaking my head over the phone thinking, your honesty, care for the client, was above average. I knew right then and I told you, you would be my inspector. You lived up to my impression when you did my inspection taking seeminly extra time inspecting and keeping my agent and I abreast on what you were doing. I actually felt and wanted to pay you more and think your fee is worth it and worth more! I will voluntarily refer you to anyone.
- A.H., March 2011
Peter was great and thorough, we would highly recommend!
- I.T., March 2011
The service was done very professionally and he clearly stated the most important corrections needed, such as the electrical wiring problems, leaking, etc. We appreciated his professionalism and we are happy that they take responsibility for a job well done.
- I.S., September 2010
There are many people in the service of inspections, but few do it as well as Peter Rojas! He's really great at what he does.
- M.A., July 2010
Great Response time, and extremelty professional
- O.M., July 2010
Report was very thorough and accurate, Mr. Rojas definitely knew what he was doing and made sure that every inch of the house was inspected. Very good Inspector, highly recommend.
- B.S., May 2010
Peter very professional and very thorough. I will definitely recommend him to my friends.
- N.C., May 2010
Very nice guy
- M.G., May 2010
Peter, Your inspection was very detailed and the report was easy to follow. Thank you for your professionalism and making yourself available for questions or concerns.
- L.O., April 2010
You are an excellent inspector,keep up the good job!
- C.L., March 2010
Awesome Job!!!
- J.R., Downey CA, January 2010
He explains what you asked very clearly, he is patient, he is really professional
- C.H., November 2009
- G.H., August 2009