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Russell Boltin

The property buying process doesn't need to be stressful and complicated. Choosing a qualified, honest, and experienced real estate inspector can give you the knowledge and confidence you need to make sound real estate purchasing decisions. At Cardinal Home Inspections, our comprehensive inspections and commitment to honesty and accuracy bring peace of mind to every client.

At Cardinal Home Inspections, we take the time to do the job right. We spend time with you, clearly explaining our findings, giving you real answers that can help you make the right decision. We understand how important a real estate purchase is to you. Once our thorough inspection is complete. We don't consider a job to be complete until all of your questions are answered. At Cardinal, we don't answer to anyone but you. We do not have any personal relationships with real estate agencies, mortgage brokers, or anyone involved in the real estate industry. We are completely independent. This is how we can honestly say that we operate with Integrity. To us it's a way of life.

Our inspectors are not only experienced construction, appliance, plumbing, and electrical inspectors, they are great communicators. Our professional inspectors are friendly, approachable, and well-spoken. Call us today and experience the difference for yourself. (843) 832-5740.


SC License# 1223, ASHI Member# 243769, NACHI, NHIE, AND CTAR. Licensed Electrician & Certified Mold Inspector


Let us at Cardinal help you to become familiar with your new home and answer any questions or concerns that you may have. Our mission is to surpass any expectations that you have about your home inspection and report. Call Rodney today.

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Russell is extremely detail oriented and very pleasant to work with. We absolutely recommend him for your inspection needs.
- E.R., April 2017
Russell is a dream inspector. Not only is he energetic and very knowledgeable but he always has a smile and goes beyond to be helpful.
- D.M., April 2017
Russell is very knowledgeable and personable. He explained the process and his findings.
- B.H., April 2017
Arrived on time and did a very thorough check of the property and explained everything he found and all questions we had. We received the report within a couple hours after the inspection - sooner than expected! Highly recommend Russell!
- C.K., April 2017
Very thorough,checked more than i thought. As a do it yourself i hold my standards high and i appreciated the way you conducted the inspection as this is a large financial decision to make using your opinions to help with that. The technical info was appreciated as most do not understand i do. Thanks for listening to my agent as to the type of individual i am and to what i expect. Jeff Ducote'
- J.D., SUMMERVILLE SC, April 2017
Very thorough,checked more than i thought. As a do it yourself i hold my standards high and i appreciated the way you conducted the inspection as this is a large financial decision to make using your opinions to help with that. The technical info was appreciated as most do not understand i do. Thanks for listening to my agent as to the type of individual i am and to what i expect. Jeff Ducote'
- J.D., SUMMERVILLE SC, April 2017
His report was thorough and identified key areas that needed to be addressed. When I called to get clarification and/or education or key areas, my inspector was very helpful and explained things in an informative manner that I could clearly understand. I would definitely recommend.
- C.G., March 2017
Russ was very professional and thorough. He is very helpful at explaining issues yet practical about what is important versus normal house wear. Good at understanding computerized house systems. Very energetic and completed our review in 2 1/2 hours. Report was complete a few hours later!
- D.M., March 2017
Very honest and thorough work! Thanks Russell!
- R.L., March 2017
Appreciated all the time Russell inspected the home and the report was very detailed and understandable. Would definitely recommend him to all our friends. Larry and Marianne Tharp
- L.T., March 2017
Russell was very professional and very thorough in every area. we were very satisfied
- S.C., March 2017
Russ is a fantastic and detailed inspector that performs a very through inspection and delivers a quality factual document. Russ's explanation and pictures explained to even the novice the issues located. I will re-engage Russ for the followup inspection. I am across the country and feel fortunate to have Russ as the inspector.
- P.L., LITTLETON CO, February 2017
Russ was great! very friendly, and thoroughly explained everything he noted. He made sure that I understood what he was speaking to and even let me borrow some of his tools for my own visual understanding.
- A.H., February 2017
You did a fantastic job! The service was flawless and detailed. I was shocked at how fast the report was generated...not even a full day! I will definitely recommend your services to others in the future. Thank you so much!
- K.C., Charleston SC, February 2017
Great job Russell!! Great attention to detail and never made me feel like my questions were a problem!! TS
- T.S., Hanahan SC, February 2017
Very thorough and comprehensive report. Thank you.
- J.H., February 2017
Thank you, much appreciated
- S.W., Hanahan SC, January 2017
Completely professional. He was kind and took time to explain to me, a senior, just what he looked at. Very impressed with the report, especially the pictures which showed clearly what needed to be attended to. Good guy.
- K.L., January 2017
thank you for taking your time and inspecting our hopefully new home the way i would have checked it out. If we ever need another inspector yall will be top of the list. thank you again
- S.C., January 2017
Very detailed, you saw a lot of things that I missed. Thank you!
- J.M., January 2017
Fantastic job and very thorough! We were given Russell's name by Justin Goble at the SCFCU and glad that we were able to have him perform the job. We appreciate you taking the time to show us all of the pictures at the house and point out items of concern. It has been very helpful in this home buying process. It's great to see someone that takes pride in their job. It's hard to find. Thanks so much.
- J.C., North Charleston SC, December 2016
Excellent job and explained the problems and also the functions of different items in and around my home.
- L.C., December 2016
Thank you Russell for being so through. We appreciate the care that you took with looking and documenting during the inspection.
- L.C., December 2016
Very Satisfied! We've used Cardinal on multiple occasions both with satisfied results and service. Russ inspected a residential prop for us and took the time to review the report item by item. Reports are easy to read and understand for the savvy home owner and new owner as well. Thx Cardinal!
- J.Y., November 2016
Very proffessional. The after home inspection report was easy to understand and review.
- , November 2016
This was my first home inspection and I was doing it remotely. Russell's professionalism and experience really shown through, even over 5000 miles away. He was thorough and explained everything simply so that a novice could understand. I have confidence in his advice.
- I.M., November 2016
Russell, You did a suburb job on our recent home inspection in Hanahan. I am very happy with your promptness and thoroughness in completing the inspection. I will definitely use you again when possible and will recommend you to others. Thanks again!
- R.B., November 2016
Very thorough, professional, and friendly. Responded in a timely manner and had the inspection report done quickly. Great job!
- T.H., November 2016
Thank you so much for your work! You were very professional and amiable. It was a pleasure to work with you!
- R.C., October 2016
Russell offered a thorough inspection and was more than willing to take the time to answer any questions that I had. The contract on my first potential home purchase fell through, but when I found a second home I had no hesitation in having Russell come do the inspection on that property as well. Highly recommended.
- T.M., October 2016
Very proffessional. The after home inspection report was easy to understand and review.
- J.S., October 2016
Very proffessional. The after home inspection report was easy to understand and review.
- J.S., October 2016
Russell did a wonderful job. Very thorough, and patiently answered all of our questions and went over the report with us onsite to help us understand everything. Thank you for everything!
- K.S., Summerville SC, October 2016
Russell did a great job! This is the second time we've used Russell and we were very pleased both times.
- L.D., October 2016
Russ was great, went through with a fine tooth comb. Even the smallest items were reported, with explanations. THANKS RUSS GREAT JOB.
- J.M., north charleston SC, October 2016
Russell was GREAT! Very professional and prompt. He pointed out EVERY possible issue, but also didn't make me feel like my house was condemned like some inspectors do. He was very honest if he didn't think it was a MAJOR issue and rather something that could be addressed at my leisure.
- E.W., Charleston SC, September 2016
Very professional and on time. Was very helpful with explaining everything that was found. Would definitely use their service again and highly recommend mr. Boltin!!!!!
- A.C., September 2016
Awesome, fast and knowledgeable
- K.T., September 2016
This was the best inspection report I have ever seen! Very thorough!
- C.P., September 2016
Russell is very knowledgeable. He was very thorough in his inspection of the property. His report included excellent pictures and explanations.
- F.W., September 2016
Very informative and thorough. Explanations and pics were great, good attitude and very friendly.
- C.S., August 2016
I wasn't there but I certainly feel I was in good hands with Russell. Report is easy to read, pictures really help. Thank you!
- H.F., August 2016
This is my 3rd time using Russell and he has always done a excellent job! I would highly recommend Russell!
- C.K., August 2016
Thanks Russell. I enjoyed working with you are very thorough. Margaret
- M.B., August 2016
Pros: I feel Russell did a good job. We were not at the home on the day of inspection, and this was our first time having to get a home inspected (new construction) so I really didn't know what to expect especially because of the disclosures you sign before hand, which tells you everything they do not check for. But, too my surprise, the inspection was good and Russel was able to point out a several areas which needed attention before closing. I was happy to see all the detailed pictures of where he went into the attic and tested both the A/C and heat, he even walked the entire attic and found an uncovered pipe above the master which could drip condensation if not insulated. Great Catch! I was happy that he FYI'd our shut off valves and areas that need touch-up paint. Cons: I am displeased that he did not walk the roof. The report noted that due to the height, he was unable to walk it. We built a standard 2-story home and our roofers walk it with no problem, so I feel as though part of the inspection is to walk the roof, to ensure there are no weak spots, etc. *He must have brought a ladder and at least looked at the roof because he did note a rusted nail/construction debris that needs to be removed. Overall: I am very satisfied and would use this company again, but I would make it a point to be there for the entire inspection.
- W.J., Goose Creek SC, July 2016
AWESOME job always!
- A.W., Charleston SC, July 2016
Excellent attention to Detail, Very thorough and professional.
- D.M., July 2016
Absolutely fabulous job and wonderful report!!! Very nice online interactive reporting system too!
- J.B., Charleston SC, July 2016
Very thorough, polite, and knowledgeable.
- L.M., July 2016
Very thorough, polite, and knowledgeable.
- L.M., July 2016
Russell did a great job. We enjoyed working with him. Look forward to working with him in the future.
- B.M., Summerville SC, July 2016
Very thorough, lots of photos and inspection report was very fast! Also answered questions I had , thank you for your time!!
- A.S., Summerville SC, June 2016
Russell was amazing! He did an incredibly thorough inspection. We were very impressed with his work and report.
- L.S., June 2016
Russell did a thorough job inspecting and pointing out potential issues in the house. He was careful to not mislead me also. He pointed out what things were "for my information" and not actual problems.
- D.B., Summerville SC, June 2016
Thank you for a thorough inspection with speedy report delivery. My father and father-in-law, both of whom have contractor experience, were present for the inspection and thought that you did a great job!
- C.J., June 2016
Russell Boltin does an excellent job on every inspection, is always prompt and usually has the complete inspection report uploaded by the evening of his inspection. As a Real Estate Agent, I have come to rely on Russell for every Home Inspection.
- L.P., June 2016
Great job on the inspection. Everything was step by step and the walk through was very helpful.
- D.B., Summerville SC, June 2016
Russell did a very thorough inspection in a timely manner. Establishes good rapport. We are pleased with the job done!
- L.A., June 2016
Professional and extremely through inspection. I am complete satisfied with my home inspection report. I find the descriptions, photographs, and comments on each aspect of the property to be very useful. I felt as if no stone was left unturned during the inspection resulting in no uncertainties about the overall condition of the home. Thanks!!
- D.S., May 2016
Great Service and professionalism.
- R.M., May 2016
We have used Russell 3 times in the past, he always provides a informative/detailed report. He is knowledgeable, friendly and has a great attitude. Yes we will use him again, and yes we have and will recommend him in the future. Thanks again, Ricky
- R.D., May 2016
Fantastic job
- V.R., May 2016
Russell did an extremely thorough inspection and answered all my questions and concerns that I could think about on-site. The report that Russell wrote up was very detailed. I will definitely use Cardinal Home Inspections again!
- Q.H., May 2016
Great to work with. Very knowledgeable and will use again and refer to friends.
- B.R., May 2016
Thank you such quick delivery of the inspection report. Builder has already begun fixing some of the things noted in the report.
- B.H., May 2016
Very professional and friendly.
- S.W., May 2016
Very thorough, the photos came out clear which greatly helped. The inspection report was very neat and defined, detailed and easy to read and understand. Even the smallest things were noted. I will highly recommend.
- C.H., May 2016
My husband and I were impressed with Mr. Boltin's professionalism and helpful assistance. He arrived promptly, conducted the inspection thoroughly, and was overall very helpful! We strongly recommend Cardinal Inspections!
- , May 2016
Russell demonstrated professionalism. He explained details of his work, cause and effects thoroughly. His work is an example of his knowledge.
- M.V., April 2016
Russell was a god sent. I can't thank him enough. He was very good. He found thing I would never knew to look for. I bought a brand new house and there were many things that need the builder to come back and fix. I would recommend Russell highly.
- L.R., April 2016
Outstanding effort. Extremely thorough and well organized. As an out-of-town buyer not familiar with South Carolina, I especially appreciated the time Russell spent in the post-inspection results review, answering all of my questions. The numerous photos also made it much easier to visualize the issues for out of the way spots that I could not easily see on my own. I would strongly recommend Russell to anyone needing a house survey.
- R.R., April 2016
Russell was very detailed and explained everything in terms I could understand. Highly recommended!
- W.E., April 2016
Russell was extremely thorough and very helpful walking us through anything that was an area of concern. We have a new construction home, so it was great to see a different perspective from our previous inspections over the years. Thank you Russell!
- C.R., April 2016
Very in depth and precise took great notes and pictures since we were unable to be on location at the time of the inspection. Thank you for the good work.
- A.H., April 2016
Professional, friendly, and informative. Very thorough.
- S.S., April 2016
Russell did the most fantastic and thorough job during our inspection. If a part moved, turned, or opened, Russell made sure that he made note of it. He covered every square inch of the home on the roof, in the attic, in the main floor, and in the crawl space. I feel that I now have a thorough understanding about the entire home and am prepared to address what needs to make it liveable.
- D.R., April 2016
Hey Russ, Thank you again for a great very through job!! I will call you for the next one! Chris
- C.K., April 2016
He was awesome and very patient with whole process and our questions.
- K.A., April 2016
very thorough.
- B.B., March 2016
He was very thourough and took time to go over everything he saw, big and little. With this being my first home, it was reassuring knowing all that was going on! He explained and answered all questions and concerns I had.
- E.S., February 2016
Russell was very thorough, and friendly, he took his time to do the job right, his pictures were very detailed, and the descriptions/recommendations for each issue were very helpful, I would recommend Russell to anyone who needs a home inspection done right!
- C.W., February 2016
Great job, very professional.
- P.P., February 2016
Russell and his co-worker did a very detailed inspection of our new-construction home. He went over everything in detail following the inspection, showing me photos as he talked or pointing out things in the house. I received the written report within 24 hours. I forwarded this to our builder's representative, and we used this as part of the basis for the builder's punch list. I was very happy with the inspection.
- J.H., February 2016
Thank you for your thorough work and explanation!
- S.K., February 2016
Russell was very thorough and helpful in our home inspection process. He was also polite and professional and encouraged us to call him in the future if we have any questions about our new home. I highly recommend him!
- C.C., February 2016
Russell was very polite and professional in his duties. He explained all the issues we had with the home and recommended the use of licensed contractors for the structural issues, etc. He was patient with our questions. He was on time and worked through the house as expected. Very good job!
- C.D., Summerville GA, February 2016
Outstanding service! Great communication and very professional! Open to any questions and answered with detailed info. Report was very inclusive, easy to navigate, and sorted concerns allowing us to quickly identify those we would want to add to our repair addendum. Outstanding all around!
- E.V., January 2016
Great guy. Very knowledgeable and informative, also courteous and and patient. The man knows his job and is good at explaining his finding to you.
- D.D., January 2016
Great job with the inspection. Very thorough. When the word mold is mentioned I would suggest to put it on the report. Otherwise everything was fantastic.
- M.N., January 2016
Great job! Love all the pictures that were taken and recommendations for repairs were accurate and detailed. Would definitely use again.
- J.M., January 2016
Russell Boltin was very thorough. I felt very comfortable knowing that he was checking everything in my new house. When I received the inspection report it was even more comprehensive than I originally expected with excellent photo documentation. I was so pleased with not only his professional work but also his ability to explain things to me-someone not in the industry. He listened to the concerns I had and made sure I was comfortable with everything before he left the home site. I would absolutely recommend him.
- M.T., Charleston SC, January 2016
Although I never met Mr. Boltin; he was recommended to me by Bershire Hathaway, Jana Bantz, the report I recieved for his services went beyond any inspection I have had done from other inspectors in the past. The report left nothing to wonder about. Because I am from out of town, I took the report to a from a friend who is one of the primier G/C in Western New England. His additional comments were, "I truly wish we had an inspection as complete and through as this. I only wish we had this in our area." If and when I need an inspection again, I WILL use again.
- F.S., Russell MA, December 2015
Very thorough home inspection. Took the time to explain everything he found at the end of the inspection and explained all of the photos. Now we're going into this home with no surprises
- T.S., Summerville SC, December 2015
As a first time home buyer the process can be over whelming at times. Russell and Matt made the inspection process easy and comforting. They completed a thorough inspection of our home and reviewed each item with us in great detail and let us know which things we should be concerned with in an easy to understand way. I would highly recommend Russell and Matt to anyone looking to do a home inspection!
- M.B., December 2015
Russell and his assistant were very friendly and pleasant. Both guys went to work quickly double-teaming to tackle both the interior and exterior simultaneously. Both were very professional and thorough. After the inspection was completed, Russell immediately went thru all of the photos to give an initial explanation of everything documented, both acceptable things to highlight the positives, and things that needed attention along with general suggestions on how to address these. Russell is very knowledgeable about foundation, crawlspaces, roofing, HVAC, plumbing, all issues that are concerns for a home buyer. We received our report same day! Very detailed report with a recommendation for what type of action recommended to resolve. We are were very pleased with the detailed report, and the efficiency and professionalism of the team. Online payment option was also very convenient. Overall, a very good experience and we would recommend them.
- , December 2015
The inspection was very thorough, and being out of town, we appreciated all the pictures and the detailed description of all facets of the inspection. Thank you very much!
- J.A., December 2015
Very thorough. Extremely personable and knowledgeable in explaining issues. Approaches the inspection as if he was purchasing the property.
- D.L., December 2015
We were impressed w/your thoroughness, willingness to answer questions and just overall professionalism. Your warm demeanor was very welcoming. Excellent and thorough job!!!
- H.C., December 2015
Cardinal made the entire process easy, from setting the appointment to payment, to the next-day delivery of an extremely detailed report. Russell was prompt, friendly, patient with our questions, eager to explain, and offered to have us call any time with follow-up questions. He had been recommended to us by our realtor, and we plan to recommend that all our neighbors in this new neighborhood get an end-of-warranty inspection as we did. Russell pointed out several cosmetic issues we would have missed, as well as some small, but substantive issues we surely would have missed due to their location.
- e.t., Summerville SC, November 2015
Very detailed, Russell and Matt, answered all questions and covered the complete house roof, to fountain. Thank You Both Job very well done! Ed and Wanda
- E.W., November 2015