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Chad Brittingham

Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call Cardinal Home Inspections. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Work Phone: 843-832-5740 Mobile Phone:

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We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

We are located in North Charleston and serve all surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you!


Let us at Cardinal help you to become familiar with your new home and answer any questions or concerns that you may have. Our mission is to surpass any expectations that you have about your home inspection and report. Call Rodney today.


Very comprehensive, complete and timely report. Unquestionably helped me avoid a few potentially costly issues not visible with the "naked eye." Great job!
- T.B., April 2017
He was very detailed oriented. He took a lot of pictures that were very helpful. Then after he was done he through every picture and explained lt thoroughly. I am sure glad that I picked cardinal for my home inspection.
- B.T., April 2017
He was very detailed oriented. He took a lot of pictures that were very helpful. Then after he was done he through every picture and explained lt thoroughly. I am sure glad that I picked cardinal for my home inspection.
- B.T., April 2017
Having moved 5 times in the past 15 years, I have been through this process before. However I had not received the experience before that I received with Chad recently. Chad was prompt, courteous, thorough, knowledgeable, and all around the right inspector for the job. You could tell he knew what to look for and shared those findings with us, explaining what we should be concerned with (and not so concerned with), as well as answering any questions we had. The reports he provided were also extremely beneficial and helped put this buyer's mind at ease.
- D.G., Barnhart MO, April 2017
Chad was very punctual, thorough, and a pleasure to work with. After fully inspecting our house, he took time to review his findings and answer all our questions and concerns and give recommendations about repairs that need to be made. We received the official report early the next day and were pleased with the thoroughness.
- S.H., April 2017
Chad is just the man. Incredibly professional, incredibly knowledgeable, he cares about your (the homebuyer's) future home and he wants you to move into a home in great condition. He found things wrong with the home that blew my mind he found it; basically he finds things wrong that licensed contractors (who are licensed in one area) couldn't even find. Anytime I need a home inspection Chad will be who I call and recommend. Thanks, Chad.
- M.B., April 2017
Chad did an excellent job and was actually a referral from someone else! I am very happy with the detailed work that Chad did and with how quickly he got the inspection back to us. Thank you so much Chad!!
- K.H., March 2017
Wasn't expecting to see many things wrong with the home, since it's a new build. Incredibly glad we did the inspection and had you take such a good look at it. You even took the time to mark the cosmetic issues which is never expected on a home inspection. Really appreciate the effort and time that went into our inspection. Thank you!
- R.V., March 2017
great job both times - this house and Wellsley Circle earlier
- J.T., March 2017
The thoroughness of Chad's work was very impressive and made my wife and I feel much more comfortable about purchasing a 30 year old home. Also, the inspection report that we presented to me was well organized and made it very easy to understand what areas to focus on.
- C.J., March 2017
Chad was very knowledgeable and professional. He was able to answer all of our questions while continuing to complete the inspection. The inspection report was completed within 13 hours and was very detailed. I would not hesitate to recommend Chad or Cardinal to anyone needing their services. Also, thank you Chad for your service to our great country!! HOOAH
- S.C., Hanahan SC, March 2017
Very thorough, did everything you would expect of an inspection, including examining the wiring to the fusebox. Detailed documentation of everything including pictures. While on-site, Chad also took the time to explain his methodology, findings, and recommendations and made sure I understood. He was personable and accommodating when I had to interrupt our conversation to field calls from work. Report was completed less than a day later but was still thorough. Company was easy to work with, open communication and simple payment method.
- L.M., March 2017
Very detailed! Great inspector! Would definitely recommend! Very nice! Helpful! Explained things very easily!
- C.W., March 2017
You did an excellent inspection. Thanks
- P.M., March 2017
Chad was awesome. He was like a ninja moving around the house. Didn't take long either. Might be time for a new camera. That one is pretty dated, so maybe an upgrade to get better pictures. It was awesome that it got scheduled quickly, he was on time, it didn't take long, we were able to pay online with a credit card, and it was ready for us the next day!!!
- D.T., February 2017
Very thorough and impressive!
- J.H., February 2017
This is the second home inspection that Chad has done for me. Prompt, efficient, extremely thorough, highly knowledgeable and a consummate professional. No stone goes un-turned in the inspection and each issue is thoroughly documented and explained. The final report is completed extremely quick. Thanks Chad!!
- J.W., February 2017
Chad, thanks for the detailed inspection. Wasn't expecting photos, nice work!
- G.D., February 2017
Chad took his time and did this right. His eye for detail left us feeling like he'd really done a thorough job. He took the time to explain everything to us after the inspection. Stellar service and a professional job -- highly recommend.
- J.C., January 2017
Chad was 100% professional and talk about thorough. He walked me through each item listed on his report and addressed my question to the extent that I was satisfied I understood the issue, it's severity, and how it is best addressed. I feel very prepared in addressing all fixes needed with the seller to make this house my home. Thank you Chad!
- K.K., January 2017
Chad was knowledgeable, friendly, thorough, and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend him and I will certainly request him for my next home inspection. He was able to explain information very easily to me as a first time home buyer. Amazing job. His inspection report was crucial in making the final decision on our home. Great guy as well.
- J.F., January 2017
Chad was very knowledgable, very kind and very thorough, and he noticed a lot of things that I never would have. He was great at answering our questions. Would definitely recommend him!
- W.V., December 2016
Chad did such a good job, I learned so much about the home and how to keep things running smoothly. He answered all questions precisely and easy to understand. I feel very confident in his abilities as a housing inspector.
- H.C., November 2016
Very thorough and efficient. Chad made sure to explain each issue he found during the inspection. I would definitely use him again if ever needed!
- B.S., November 2016
Chad handled the inspection in a timely manner and was very efficient! Will be recommending him to others.
- N.P., November 2016
Chad, thanks so much for your expert approach to home inspection! Both Greg and I appreciate just how thorough and complete your process was! Thank you for providing us with the peace of mind to move into our new home!
- M.B., Charleston SC, October 2016
Chad was extremely thorough in his inspection and translated all his recommendations so that it was easy for me and my wife to understand even though we have minimal construction knowledge. I would highly recommend Chad to my family and friends for their home inspection needs.
- M.M., October 2016
Chad was thorough, knowledgeable, and best of all... patient with every question I had.
- M.P., October 2016
Great job. Thanks for all of your hard work.
- R.S., October 2016
You did an amazing job and found things that none of us clearly thought to look for. After reading over your inspection I do like that you added the arrows pointing directly at the issue each photo was meant to address, that would certainly help with future clarity if any issues were to crop up. Thank you for your help Chad!
- K.H., October 2016
Very thorough, detailed, and easy to understand inspection report! Thank you!
- K.S., Summerville SC, October 2016
It was great having you, Chad at my dad's home. Thank you for your thorough inspection and comments on what you found. The report is easy to read and well put together - makes it easy for us to organize the work to be done. DH
- T.R., October 2016
Thank you so much for being so thorough! We wouldn't have caught the floors or air without you! You were awesome and very professional!
- A.M., September 2016
I have had Chad on a number of inspections and he is a professional.
- R.M., September 2016
Not only was your inspection exactly what we needed, but you found a problem that could be important and gave us written directions on how to get it repaired (which we did the next day, thanks to your precise information and the accompanying photographs.) Thank you!
- J.M., September 2016
Best in the business! I highly recommend.
- B.D., September 2016
He was very professional and kind and took the time to show me the pictures and explain each detail of the report. I was very happy with this performance and truly appreciated his expertise. Thank you Chad
- L.P., Mount Pleasant SC, August 2016
Thank you! You saved us a lot of money in repairs!
- K.F., Summerville SC, August 2016
Chad was very knowledgeable and informative during the home inspection. I would not hesitate to recommend him again! Marilyn Edge
- M.E., Charleston SC, August 2016
Always does a fantastic job!!!!
- D.M., Daniel Island SC, August 2016
Chad is my number one guy for inspections!
- D.W., August 2016
Chad did a very thorough job of the inspection and presented the facts in a concise report. I would definitely use his services again should the need arise.
- H.T., August 2016
Absolutely pleased with Chad's Inspection! We gave him short notice due to time constraints and he emailed us the required documents to proceed in just a few hours. The inspection was performed the following day and we received our inspection report a day later! Totally professional report with pictures, easy to understand explanations, and suggestions telling us which items required immediate professional attention, or other issues which would require future monitoring. We were impressed by the level of attention to detail. WOW! He even notified us of 2 (TWO!) nails on the roof which were pushing up a couple of shingles. Too small to matter? Yeah right! An easy 5 minute fix that could save us hundreds if not thousands down the road in roof repairs. Thanks Chad!
- G.A., Altona NY, July 2016
Very professional, knowledgeable, and very thorough. He looked at things and inspect everything, even the things/spot/places I didn't even think of. I would definitely recommend him to my friends and family.
- E.B., ELBERT CO, July 2016
Chad did a wonderful job in all respects. He was thorough and timely. We couldn't believe how fast he got our report back to us. By 6am California time it was in our email inbox. We loved the summary pages, as that helped us digest the entire report. Most importantly Chad has been available real time several times to answer his phone and answer our follow up questions as well as giving us expert counsel. Thank you! Regards, Paul & Robin Smith
- P.S., July 2016
Very knowledgeable and thorough. Thanks for everything. Wonderful job done.
- A.B., June 2016
Great! Thank you!
- A.D., Hanahan SC, June 2016
Thanks for doing a thorough inspection , and taking the time to explain your findings .
- S.S., June 2016
Chad was amazingly thorough and brought several things to our attention. So glad we spent the extra money on this report. Well worth it. We would highly recommend him.
- S.M., June 2016
Chad did the inspection for my first home. He went through the entire process with me. He walked me through his entire report so that I felt comfortable of its meaning. He was very thorough as well. I would recommend him to anyone that needs an inspection.
- C.K., May 2016
Thanks for saving me from buying that termite-infested dud. I owe you one for that! -Billy Barrett
- , May 2016
Very thorough and detailed report. Friendly, professional and would highly recommend!
- N.B., May 2016
Chad was detailed and thorough. He was very knowledgeable and was able to explain home issues and maintenance requirements in clear plain language. He was even able to help me with some general cost estimates on home projects. Joining him on the inspection has made me much more comfortable that I understand the home.
- M.P., May 2016
Prompt and professional, thank you.
- M.M., May 2016
Chad did good, came on time, was polite and professional in his approach. I shadowed him, and he was ok with it. He was also very patient with answering my stupid questions, and I learned a lot from him in those 2 hours. Two minor things: - I had the feeling that I did point out a few things that would otherwise have gone unnoticed. - While very responsive during the actual inspection, no emails or phone calls were ever answered before or afterwards. In particular, we were inquiring about the windows of our house (Impact Glass, or not? and whether our payment was received and we could get the confirmation/receipt). If any replies were given, it was through our realtor. The only follow-up emails we received were for an additional insurance offer, and for this survey.
- M.S., April 2016
Chad was great! He was prompt, efficient, and thorough--even with some challenging circumstances (including the renters being present during the inspection, as well as their hoarding tendencies posing obstacles to a complete inspection). Then the report that he provided us was well-organized and helpful.
- L.R., April 2016
Chad was very professional. A through inspection worth every penny!
- J.S., April 2016
Fantastic job. Very thorough.
- B.H., Mount Pleasant SC, April 2016
Everything was done effectively and professionally. I will use Chad's firm again on other projects. A better process for getting invoice before payment made would have made my experience ideal. I had to have my custodian send an additional check so that I could get reimbursed. I was required to pay before services were rendered.
- R.R., April 2016
Chad was very professional, thorough and straightforward about every aspect of the inspection. No stone was left unturned and ever inch was addressed. Chad is a wonderful inspector and I will absolutely recommend him in the future.
- K.R., April 2016
I would highly recommend Chad Brittingham for your home inspection. He was very thorough and detailed. Made me very comfortable moving forward with my purchase.
- D.R., April 2016
Chad was so nice very professional, and very thorough! Really appreciated him taking the time and explaining his results.
- L.S., Charleston SC, April 2016
Very pleased with the way the work was performed. Chad was able to support us on a short notice. He arrived on time and was very polite, knowledgeable and ready to answer any questions about the house. The report seemed very comprehensive and was issued promptly the next day. The report points out not only technical defects, but also minor cosmetic defects, which lead me to believe that the job was done thoroughly.
- C.A., April 2016
Great job Chad! Very thorough and knowledgeable.
- B.C., April 2016
Chad, I was nervous being a first time home buyer and your inspection and feed back was very professional and honest and gave me a sense of relief. I really appreciate your thoruogh inpsection and willingness to answer whatever questions I had. I will certainly reccomend and request you when ever the opportunity presents itself. Thank you, Ryan Sellers
- R.S., March 2016
He worked efficiently and the report was extremely thorough.
- J.M., March 2016
Chad was great and really informative. We were really happy with the inspection he performed and it made us feel confident in the home we are purchasing.
- G.S., March 2016
Very thorough! Gave good pointers! Prompt.
- H.H., March 2016
Extremely thorough. If there were to be anything wrong with the house, he'd find it. Very good work!
- C.B., March 2016
Thank you for your thorough and professional inspection of our home at 1849 Westfield.
- S.B., Charleston SC, March 2016
Wonderful! Thank you.
- C.D., March 2016
Chad was very thorough and professional. He was really helpful and took the time to explain everything. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
- B.B., March 2016
Very thorough yet quick. Explained everything at the end of the inspection.
- K.A., February 2016
We appreciate how efficient you were at completing the inspection of our future home. The explanation of your findings were so thorough and detailed yet easy to understand, that we felt very comfortable moving forward with the purchase of this home. Thank you for doing such a great job for us.
- L.C., Charleston SC, February 2016
Chad was very thorough, quick, and polite. He took time to go through the repair needs of the house and even went with me to revisit some areas so that I would have a better understanding of some of his findings. Great Job! Ryan
- R.M., Meridian ID, February 2016
Chad was very thorough and provided not only observations of any issues that he saw, but also suggestions of how they could be fixed or improved. Additionally, he pointed out things that were not necessarily problems, but that could be done in a better way. This will make it easy to add those items to the "honey-do" list for future improvements.
- L.K., February 2016
Chad was unbelievably thoughtful and courteous and gave 110 % in explaining his findings during the course of his inspection.
- D.D., February 2016
Very thorough with the inspection and in explaining his findings.
- E.G., February 2016
Chad was professional and did a thorough inspection.
- L.P., February 2016
I have used Chad in the past and he consistently does a great job. I will continue to request him for future inspections. Laura Badolato
- L.B., February 2016
Thanks for a thorough inspection. I feel more comfortable going forward with the purchase of this property.
- B.C., February 2016
Very well done. Thorough, professional, reasoned judgement on relative weight of issues found. Impressive command of the tasks required. Well done!
- W.B., February 2016
Chad did a great job. He was very nice,knowledgeable,professional and very helpful. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs a inspection. I definitely would not use anyone else. Great job.
- s.r., moncks corner SC, February 2016
Chad is the best in the business!!
- K.L., January 2016
Chad was prompt, thorough, and took time to describe all his findings. The report, with pictures, was submitted the following day. He is very knowledgeable and experienced - would highly recommend.
- K.J., January 2016
Very professional and thorough. Takes time during inspection to explain what he sees. Easy to communicate with, will answer questions and explain industry terms. We always use Chad and Cardinal inspections. Top notch.
- p.s., CHARLESTON SC, January 2016
Chad was very efficient and thorough in his inspection. I asked detailed questions and he was very quick to answer. Has great knowledge of the intricacies of how homes are put together and their working parts. Lee Van Liere
- L.V., January 2016
Very impressed with how thorough you were and the time you spent explaining what you found. Your promptness in emailing the report to me the next morning was very appreciated!
- M.T., January 2016
Being buyers from out of state, we had to rely on Chad to give us a thorough report which we felt he did. We were surprised at how quick we received the report back after he had completed the inspection. All the phone calls to Chad were handled promptly and professionally. Great job!
- N.C., January 2016
Thank you for your thorough inspection of our new home
- R.A., December 2015
Chad took a look at two of our homes and did an excellent, thorough job at each!!
- M.C., December 2015
I feel Chad did a very detailed inspection and gave good pics to go along with issues. He also talked with me about some of the concerns I had.
- T.P., December 2015
He did an outstanding job and was very thourogh and explained everything perfect
- T.S., December 2015
I would rate Chad in a heartbeat to others. I have bought and sold many homes over the years and I was first introduced to Chad when the buyers of my home contract Chad to inspect our home. He was able to find items that were very important to the buyers and previously overlooked by other inspectors, including our builder. Most recently Chad represented me on the buys side. I was very pleased with his helpful findings and observations which will lead to a more confident purchase.
- S.M., December 2015
Chad was very thorough and took the time to explain everything he saw to us, both positive and negative. He showed us all his pictures and told us nearly everything that was going to be in his report before we left the property. Thanks to Chad, we saved ourselves a huge headache by not buying a trouble-plagued property that would have appeared to the lay person to be a great home.
- R.H., November 2015
We were very satisfy with our inspection. Everything was very detailing.we will call him again.
- R.S., November 2015
My realtor was present at the inspection instead of me, but I found the report to be very professional, informative and comprehensive.
- D.J., November 2015
Best inspector we have worked with! Polite, efficient, explains everything, over all very easy to work with.
- T.W., November 2015
I highly recommend Chad for an inspection. His work is very detail and organized. I am very pleased with his inspection.
- A.S., November 2015
Chad was very thorough and was excellent in communicating the issues he found with our home. I appreciated that he shared his personal experiences and opinions in regards to the recommended repairs. It made us feel more at ease with this problems that he found during his inspection of our new home.
- C.B., November 2015