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Jim Quisenberry

Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call Cavalier Home Inspection. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Work Phone: 434 295 3416 Mobile Phone: 434 906 2303

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We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

We are located in Charlottesville and serve all surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you!


ITA Trained,NAHI, ASHI, NRSB #4SS0045 Radon Testing Virgina Certified #3380-000244


25 yrs experience in building industry


Highly recommended. Took time explaining all the things he found and pointed out where somethings could be improved to match our lifestyle.
- P.L., November 2019
Jim is very through, highly knowledgeable and competent. Probably the BEST housing Inspector in Charlottesville
- S.B., September 2019
Very nice and down to earth! Would definitely recommend Jim!
- N.S., October 2018
We really enjoyed working with Jim. He came highly recommended by our realtor. He was responsive to phone and email and friendly, professional, and informative during the inspection. As first time home buyers, we really appreciate the extra care and time he took to explain everything to us during the inspection. The report was easy to read and interpret and ready promptly. We highly recommend Caviler Home Inspections!
- L.H., April 2018
Thanks Jim! Excellent service and it was great to meet you! - Bridget
- B.R., March 2018
Jim was the best! Very thorough and a pleasure to work with. Would be happy to recommend him any time.
- D.F., October 2017
The inspection was very good and covered cosmetic areas as well as non cosmetic
- A.A., May 2017
Thank you - very thorough, timely and precise. Bravo!
- T.L., March 2017
- T.F., October 2016
I have greatly appreciated your knowledge, care, courtesy and especially your helpfulness to me as a first-time homebuyer. Marcia Geyer Charlottesville
- M.G., August 2016
Jim is always professional, thorough, and entertaining to boot! Would highly recommend his services to any and all clients.
- S.C., August 2016
Jim does a very thorough inspection job. He also teaches the prospective buyer about the home as he goes along, more that they need to know than technically just what belongs in the report. For example he showed me that the back door was on backwards to its handrail and as mounted would be easy to turn around. For example, he told me that the attic is very badly insulated but will be easy enough to add rolls of insulation to. He found things wrong that the present owners have no idea are wrong, such as a bathroom exhaust fan not venting to the outdoors, just into the attic. In the previous contract he inspected for me that I then walked away from, he told me the bad news about very old age of the furnace and H/W heater and its needing a new roof soon, only the last of which could go into the inspection report because furnace and H/W heater still worked. Especially for an inexperienced homebuyer, as I am, I really can't say strongly enough that you want Jim to be your inspector.
- M.G., July 2016
Just thank you, Jim.
- M.G., July 2016
marvelous. very thorough. nice way with clients. puts them at ease immediately
- J.D., March 2016
Jim is amazing- took the time to walk me through every aspect of the inspection (on a large and quirky old house). His knowledge is beyond belief and he made the inspection fun and informative. He was even kind enough to stick around an extra 40 minutes (and find another realtor to let us back in the property) when I left my car keys inside the house. You won't do any better for a home inspector than Jim!
- J.D., March 2016
Thank you for taking your time to explain everything to us!
- N.S., February 2016
Jim has been an absolute joy to work with! He has a great sense of humor; but very professional and energetic about his work!
- C.v., Charlottesville VA, October 2015
Great, friendly, comprehensive home inspection. Jim made the process easy.
- C.W., October 2015
Always professional. Always takes time to explain issues with the client. I highly recommend Jim Quisenberry.
- J.H., September 2015
Dependable and accurate as always. Brigitte
- B.P., Charlottesville VA, September 2015
Mr. Quisenberry was very courteous and detailed in his inspection of the home were are buying. His inspection report was thorough and had a lot of things we would have overlooked otherwise. We highly recommend his service!
- Q.N., August 2015
Jim was very responsive regarding Clients home inspection schedule. He was thorough and the report was VERY professional and it was easy to understand his findings and what corrective action is needed to correct deficiencies. If Jim is available for home inspections he definitely should be one's first choice.
- D.M., August 2015
Thorough, knowledgeable. Realistic in assessments. Was very pleased with how Jim handled the entire process. Final report clear and concise.
- T.M., May 2015
Very friendly and cordial. Thorough and knows his job well. Easy to read report. Loved the extra Home Maintenance book. Answered all our many questions and explained all issues. Gave helpful hints to save $$. We appreciated his work.
- C.W., April 2015
Very nice guy, very thorough and professional!
- M.M., March 2015
Great inspector Tells it like it us
- K.K., Charlottesville VA, November 2014
I have three words to describe Mr. Quisenberry: 1. Professional 2. Thorough 3 Courteous I would recommend him without hesitation
- D.P., La Jolla CA, November 2014
Jim was an AMAZING inspector. I had heard horror stories going into home inspections where huge items were overlooked. He was very receptive to the fact that this was my wife and I's first time buying a house and wanted to make sure we knew how everything ran. He especially focused on how things look when they run right and how they look when they run wrong. He had a great attitude and was a true pleasure to work with.
- J.T., November 2014
Jim was very professional and informative, not only about the issues his inspection found, but also about potential issues and the construction techniques used. Al & Peggy Lupton PS The book he provided us was also very helpful.
- A.L., November 2014
You never disappoint. Always on top of your game, always caring about my buyers and always very knowledgeable. You're the best :-)
- B.P., Charlottesville VA, October 2014
I'm very pleased with the thoroughness of your report. I have no other experience to compare with, but to my uneducated eyes, this looks excellent. All those photos anchor your points. Thank you!
- M.G., July 2014
Thank you for your professionalism, punctuality, personality and many other positive attributes which may or may not begin with the letter "p". This was our second use of your service within the recent months and hopefully the last. Makes me want to buy another house, just so we may use your services.... Good job, thanks.
- H.L., March 2014
Superlative job done inspecting the house we intend to buy. Jim took his time, showing and explaining what he found, and his final report is completely thorough and accurate. Highly recommend his work to others.
- D.T., March 2014
Jim was extremely knowledgeable, very thorough, and quite pleasant to work with. He provided a number of useful explanations about items in our house that we were not aware of and clarifications about uncertainties we had. His report was easily understandable, with good pictures and a very classy look. It was accessible on-line the same evening as his afternoon visit to our house. I am very impressed with all aspects of Jim's work.
- J.O., January 2014
Jim was punctual, was clearly very knowledgeable, and did a thorough home inspection. And importantly, he was friendly and helpful and full of good information as I followed him through the inspection process.
- M.B., January 2014
he was professional, knowledgeable, prompt, and courteous.
- K.S., August 2013
Jim is always professional and follows through. It is always a quality inspection when Jim is the home inspector in a property I have client's to represent.
- C.v., Charlottesville VA, August 2013
Jim is very practical and explains things clearly to the client.
- G.R., July 2013
The inspection was thorugh, careful, professional, and as such things go--enjoyable. We have confidence in the soundness of the house and the peace of mind that proceeds from that confidence. Thank you for your excellent effort. We shall be glad to recommend you should you wish.
- G.B., June 2013
Terrific Inspector and report. Jim gave me a great education as he inspected the house and provided a very detailed and helpful report the same day. This was my second home purchase in several years and I would be pleased to recommend Jim to any home-buyer.
- S.D., June 2013
Lovely inspection, quite easy, thank you, Bev
- B.H., June 2013
Thank you very much for your knowledge and "Great Customer Care". Good job, and thanks again. Elbert D. Dulaney Jr.
- A.D., April 2013
Jim is always professional and proficient! I enjoy working with him and appreciate the care and good humor he shares with our clients :)
- C.v., Charlottesville VA, March 2013
Thank you Jim for always being efficient, proficient, and enjoyable to work with! I will continue to refer and recommend you for all my clients and inspections. Best,
- C.v., Charlottesville VA, March 2013
Jim, It was a pleasure to work with you. I liked your forthrightness and "there are no dumb questions approach. I found you to be knowleagable and I learned a lot too.
- V.S., Charlottesville VA, February 2013
Jim was extremely professional and knowledgeable. He took the time to show us everything about our new home and patiently explained the repairs. We learned a lot from him about the systems in a home
- C.S., January 2013
Excellent work
- C.D., October 2012
Jim is ver efficient, friendly, and communicates well any and all issues. I truly appreciated the help he provided me in inspecting my new home. I would recommend him highly.
- N.C., September 2012
Thanks for performing the inspection Jim. I have forwarded the report to my builder and it will make a better home and fewer surprises for sure.
- J.C., August 2012
Jim arrived early and went right to work. He seemed to have a lot of knowledge about home construction and he spotted several problems that I was unaware of. I felt his inspection was quite thorough. He was very pleasant to talk to and he took time to explain what he was doing, what he was looking for, and what he found. All in all it was a very positive experience. Thanks Jim!
- B.M., June 2012
Thanks you
- C.S., May 2012
Great job, Jim! We appreciated your flexible schedule, making it possible for us all to be there for the inspection on a rainy Saturday morning. It was a true pleasure working with you. We will be sure to recommend you to others. Thank you, Theresa & Brent H.
- T.H., March 2012
Very professional.Took time to explain and answer questions.Very thorough.
- C.V., Culpeper VA, May 2011
Jim, Thanks so much again for doing our home inspection this morning. I could not have felt better about what you pointed out and the help and advice you were able to give Ashley and I. I was pretty nervous going in and you made the entire experience both educational and enjoyable. I feel confident that I'll be happy in my house for years to come. Thanks again for the help, especially on such short notice. Sincerely, Andrew Webb
- A.W., March 2011
As first time homebuyers, my wife and I knew little about the physical construction of homes, particularly one as old as that which we were purchasing (over 100 years, with several additions). Jim led us through the ins and outs of our new home carefully, and taught us about how such appliances as the hot water heater and heat pump worked, while also alerting us to the potential problems with each appliance we could expect. The report he produced was thorough and clear, and helped us to determine what issues needed to be addressed prior to closing, and what could wait. After his inspection, Jim was quick to email us with the information he collected, and willing to answer all questions we had. He came recommended highly to us by our realtor, and we recommend him enthusiastically. Most importantly, his demeanor and clear expertise earned our trust immediately.
- D.S., March 2011
Thank you very much Mr. Quisenberry. You conducted a thorough inspection providing me with all the details I needed to make my home purchasing decisions.
- M.C., February 2011
Thank you so much. We learned a lot about our house and enjoyed meeting you.
- C.A., January 2011
Thank you so much. We learned a lot about our house and enjoyed meeting you.
- C.A., January 2011
Keep up the good work Jim. Rick Bukrim
- R.B., January 2011
We thank Jim for his time and knowledge during our home inspection. He was both thorough and professional and we would definitely recommend him to anyone.
- J.D., January 2011
Thanks, Jim!
- R.Z., December 2010
Dear Jim, Thank You Jim for your timely, thorough, and detailed inspection and report. You Identified a major structural defect in the home that had gone unnoticed for years and gave us sound advice. We consulted with several structural engineers they were all impressed with the quality of your report. In the end because of your professionalism and expertise we will sleep better at night. Respectfully, Kristine
- C.F., November 2010
Jim, Thanks for all your help! We definitely learned a lot from you about house! We will definitely recommend you to our friends when they need a home inspection.
- J.C., November 2010
Good job. Thanks. Bill
- B.G., August 2010
Jim was without a doubt the best inspector I have ever worked with (and I have worked with many from both a buyer and seller perspective). I very much appreciate his patience, sound explanation of systems and genuine concern for our best interests. Crawling through the roof was well above and beyond and helped to allay concerned (turned out they were unfounded but I feel much better now). Thank You!
- J.F., July 2010
Fast, courteous service, pleasant and thourogh. Thanks so much!
- K.C., June 2010
I found your documentation & inspection to be very thorough & complete. Thank you for the professional courtesy extended to me re: the final bill. I appreciate any break I can get now. I will recommend you whenever the opportunity comes up. Thanks again for your kindness to my parents. Bonita Bossi
- B.B., June 2010
Jim went above and beyond to explain the construction materials and techniques of the house to me. He was very knowledgeable and took the time to educate me on my new house!
- M.M., May 2010
Thanks Jim, Great job and I enjoyed meeting you. I appreciated all your advice and will keep those tips in mind as I finish out that basement. Sincerely, Clay and Denise
- C.P., March 2010
Thorough, knowledgeable, professional. Excellent job.
- G.C., March 2010
Excellent with details and patience when addressing buyer's concerns.
- B.P., Charlottesville VA, December 2009
Thank you, Jim. Touring our new home guided by your careful eye to detail was a pleasure. Ellen and Jack Crowley
- J.C., October 2009
Jim, You did a great job ,very thorough and explained all points to your Client! Look foward to the next one. Chris, from Charlotte Ramsey Realtors
- C.C., September 2009
Jim: It is a privilege to comment on the fine job you did for us. This is about the fifth inspection we have had -- and yours is a standout! It is complete, thorough, and reflects great professional expertise with results presented in a concise yet complete format. We are particularly grateful for the thoughful extras such as the photo of the house's main shut-off valve, the thorough inspection of the crawl space and attic and, most significantly the complete and professional job noting everything on the survey we should know about the property. Our gratedul thanks again for a fine job. Sincerely, Tom and Betty Kolls
- T.K., September 2009
Knowledgable, personable, explained things well. Enjoyed working with him. He offered full explanations instead of my having to ask for more info like with other inspectors I've used. I'd ask for him again and recommend to others.
- B.M., August 2009