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Cynthia Chandler

From a human standpoint, disability is the only minority group that anyone can join, usually without any advance notice, at any time. There is no age limit for membership either. Accessibility allows anyone with a disability a high quality of life standard.

The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) is an instrument that allows businesses and property owners the ability to build positive relationships with a large segment of the population. As an ADA Consultant we can help you use this instrument to its full potential. Whether you need an accessibility survey performed, an implementation plan developed, employee and/or staff training, or other services tailored to your specific needs, we will provide you with professional and knowledgeable service.

The U.S. Census July 2012 Population Report showed that there are approximately 54.7 million Americans with a disability. They represent $200 billion in discretionary spending and are a significant portion of the consumer market. Additionally, the US Department of Labor reports that people with disabilities bring unique skill sets to the workplace, thus enhancing the strength and diversity of the U.S. labor market. The numbers speak for themselves from a business standpoint: accessibility enables businesses to thrive with qualified workers and a strong customer base.

It takes some research to find the right consultant for you and your business needs. Contact us today and allow us to sort through the facts, come up with a plan, and offer creative, hopefully economical, ways to work toward compliance. Coming into compliance should be part of an action plan to grow your business by reaching more customers, not a stressful and expensive scenario that makes you want out of your business.

Cindy Chandler is our full-time ADA Consultant in Jacksonville, Orlando, and all Florida areas. She will be there to work with you through every step of the compliance process. Unlike many web based firms, we do not subcontract your inspection. If you hire us, we perform the inspection and we submit the report. If you have questions, you speak directly to Cindy via phone, email, or on site.

Our firm is uniquely positioned to assist business owners, property owners, and property managers, as can be assessed by our qualifications and our inclusion as a company of Property360, LLC. ADA Information 

 An ADA Accessibility Survey can be a stand- alone inspection, or it can be part of a package which may include any/ all of the following: Property Condition Assessment, Indoor Air Quality Assessment, Cost Reserve Schedules, Transition Studies, Pest Control with an Indoor Air Quality Emphasis, and Risk Management/Insurance Inspections.

Got ADA Questions? Get the ADA Guru!


CSP, CET Trainer, Accessibility Inspector/ Plans Examiner, Member National Association of Accessibility Consultants,M.Ed


Cindy has over 10 years in safety management, ADA planning, and safety training. She is highly approachable, can explain details in clear terms, and can produce concise reports. Cindy is your ADA Consultant in Florida and beyond.