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Joseph Stetor

 Certified by the International Association of Certified Home InspectorsBefore you purchase or sell your home or property, please call us. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Phone: 810-599-3052


BSME Mechanical Engineer, Licensed Builder 1992, Member International Association of Home Inspectors


Serving Lansing and all surrounding areas. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.


Joe spent as much time as I wanted (which was several hours) to ensure all of my questions and concerns were answered. Joe was extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Joe to anyone.
- E.W., December 2017
Joe, you were fantastic! Very thorough and very helpful. I appreciated your diligence in taking all the extra time to uncover the cause of the water damage near the shower. I will certainly recommend you to anyone I know buying a house.
- J.K., October 2017
I was impressed with Joe's thoroughness and attention to detail. Joe got to our inspection early and did the majority of the work before we arrived. Once we arrived, Joe took us through, room-by-room, and explained everything. Some of what he explained for just an FYI (i.e. here is the water shut-off switch), which is very helpful. Joe went through everything that was going to be in the report, and made sure to answer any questions that we had. The formal report came within a few hours of leaving the house. Joe even made a note that we could call him in the future with any questions or issues too. I am very happy with our inspection.
- J.M., October 2017
Thanks so much for inspecting the house on Foxcroft Joe. My dad and I were more than impressed with your thoroughness and attention to detail. You took precious time out of your day to make sure we were well aware of everything going on in the house. You did an excellent job! If this house falls through, we would love for you to inspect our next one. Thanks again.
- A.I., August 2017
Thanks so much for inspecting the house on Foxcroft Joe. My dad and I were more than impressed with your thoroughness and attention to detail. You took precious time out of your day to make sure we were well aware of everything going on in the house. You did an excellent job! If this house falls through, we would love for you to inspect our next one. Thanks again.
- A.I., August 2017
Joe was so helpful and thorough! We really appreciated being able to go around the house with him and ask questions along the way. He is extremely knowledgable and really made us feel confident in our understanding of what was going on. Thank you!
- K.M., August 2017
Thorough and was very patient with questions and suggestions as to how to resolve the issues found, etc.
- P.M., July 2017
Joe was incredibly detailed and thorough in his inspection. He checked every faucet and drain as well as every outlet and light fixture. After the inspection, I received an in-depth report including pictures with multiple angles of the issue at hand. I was able to clearly understand the work that needed to be done to correct the issues. I would highly recommend Joe to any of my family or friends!
- S.F., June 2017
Very professional, thorough and personable. He took the time to explain what his process was and what it would Include and not include. In addition, he kept his explanations simple and easy to understand.
- L.P., June 2017
Mr. Stetor was extremely thorough and did a wonderful job explaining things to us. In addition, he is extremely friendly, and offered to answer any questions we may have down the road. We very much appreciate his help and expertise!
- S.S., June 2017
My wife and I were very pleased with how thorough and knowledgeable Mr. Stetor was. Thanks again Joseph. The Hendrickson's
- p.H., May 2017
Very knowledgeable and thorough. Joe spent a lot of time explaining things to us.
- M.C., May 2017
Joe was great to work with and very good at sharing info about the home's condition and future upkeep. We had him inspect one home with many issues and decided to withdraw from our purchase agreement. We then were able to schedule another inspection on short notice of a house in better condition and we are looking forward to moving into our new home shortly. Thanks, Joe!
- K.B., April 2017
Thanks, Joe! You were very helpful with all of our questions and concerns about the house.
- K.B., April 2017
Thank you, Joe, for allowing us to observe your inspection and for taking the time to describe your findings and recommendations in each room. We learned a lot about our house and feel confident that we are informed and secure as new owners. We will definitely recommend you to others!
- V.Y., March 2017
Joe, I appreciate you being so detail oriented. You relieved a lot of anxiety about purchasing our home. Thank you!
- A.Z., March 2017
Joe was Vern through, kind and prompt. Did a great job.
- D.R., March 2017
This is my second time experience he did excellent job on first house and found an major issue with house so I chose not to buy house thank to Mr. Joseph. When I found a second home to look I didn't hesitate to call Mr. Joseph to inspect it again, he did and through inspection as usually he does and I was satisfied. I would highly recommend him to all.
- G.J., February 2017
Joe was very thorough, professional and made us feel comfortable. We got our inspection the very same day!! Digital pics were great quality and the edits he did left no questions! Thank you so very much!
- A.P., February 2017
Joe did a great job. Very thorough and knowledgeable.
- J.R., February 2017
Hi, my experience with Mr. Joseph was so professional and yet so easy and relaxed, he did such a good job on the home and simplified complicated things so that I could uunderstand it, report was easy to anderstand and very complete, while inspecting he found meny Little and one big issue that escaped my observations. He is so friendly and easy going I highly recommend him, don't go further, call Mr. Joesph you'll not regret.
- G.J., February 2017
Thank you for a very thorough inspection on our new house. Thank you for spending the time to explain your findings and help us to understand there importance to our family. Kudos on a very good program. Easy to use and understand. Tim and Rene'e Weirauch
- T.W., January 2017
He's the best inspector in town!
- D.P., Okemos MI, January 2017
I am a first time home buyer and dreaded trying to find a good, trustworthy inspector that would look out for my best interests and still be fair and honest. Joe was the first person I called and I could not have been happier. We spent a long time on the phone during that initial call and it was his willingness to answer questions and attention to details that made me hire him. He promptly returns calls, was early to the inspection, took his time reviewing everything and more importantly he took his time explaining in great detail his thoughts, concerns and reasons behind everything he was worried about and why he was not worried about other things. For a single female buying her first home,he made me feel confident in my investment and confident that I understood the minor work that must be done after I purchase the home. You can rest assured he will do a good and thorough job for your inspection and I highly recommend him.
- S.P., January 2017
We have nothing but positive things to say about Joseph. He was fast, flexible, kind, and thorough. He even agreed to come back a different day to follow up on some concerns that my husband and I had about the crawl space in our future home. The report was detailed and included clear pictures, which are going to be extremely helpful as we move forward with renovations on our new home. We would certainly recommend him.
- N.M., December 2016
You were very thorough, and I appreciate you taking the time to really explain every little issue.
- S.B., December 2016
Thanks for all the info that helped us make a important decision! Truly appreciated.
- E.M., December 2016
He is very thorough, trustworthy,knowledgeable and we highly recommend him.
- G.M., December 2016
Joe was very thorough and went above & beyond my expectations. As a first time home buyer, he was willing to explain some routine maintenance that I will need to do on my home. He paid attention to detail and I feel confident in his work.
- P.F., November 2016
Joe was very informative. He was able to answer all of my questions, he informed me of possible remedies, and offered further assistance if need be. Thank you very much Joe!
- M.R., November 2016
Joe provides a thorough inspection and clear explanations of both his process and findings. He's experienced, thoughtful, a good listener, and provides excellent follow through. We would highly recommend Joe.
- M.V., September 2016
Thanks for the thorough inspection.
- D.H., September 2016
Joe is terrific, highly recommend him, he is experienced, detailed and systematic. Those traits alone are minimum requirements as far as I'm concerned. The strength that makes Joe great and among the best choices for your home inspection, is his passion for his job and desire to make sure you know all about your potential purchase. Great job Joe, Thank you.
- D.S., September 2016
Was very informational and in depth with every aspect of the inspection
- J.H., August 2016
Joe did an awesome job. He was thorough and walked us through his whole inspection. He made me think about being his apprentice and becoming an inspector! Great job!
- M.R., August 2016
Very thorough and answered all our questions in a way which we could understand. Our experience with Joe was very positive.
- R.K., August 2016
Joe was very thorough and detailed in his inspection. He took his time to take us through each room and point out what he found. He answered all of our questions and took the time to explain and educate us on how things worked in the house. I would highly recommend Joe to anyone in need of an inspection.
- L.D., July 2016
Very detailed inspection and answered all of our questions. Would highly recommend!
- R.D., July 2016
Joe was extremely thorough and explained everything in a clear, detailed manner. I highly recommend Joe!
- J.W., July 2016
It was a pleasure to meet and work with Joseph Stetor. Mr. Stetor is friendly, courteous, and very knowledgeable home inspector. He answered all my questions thoroughly. He explained how a seemingly complicated gas-hot water heating system works in a way that was easy for me to understand. As a result, he help take the mystery out of it and I'm now less intimidated by the heating system. He's given me a better overall understanding of how the house functions. That said, although I'm very satisfied with my working relationship with Mr. Stetor, if pressed, I would offer one suggestion as an area of improvement which would be that, in future, to be sure to spell-check client's name when editing the final inspection report. My final inspection report shows my first name as: "Jospeh". Know it's a minor error, but was surprised that it was misspelled nonetheless.
- J.H., July 2016
Joe has inspected two houses for me after I made offer to two houses within a month. I back out of first house deal because the cost for repair or upgrade work is over my budget. I credit to Joe’s very thorough inspection report which has helped me estimate the overall cost associated with the house purchase. Joe is a knowledgeable and experienced home inspector with construction and engineering background. He is courteous and was a pleasure to work with. His inspection report is the best I've seen. It is very thorough with photos & detailed annotations. He provides recommendation for improvement or repair items. He also coordinated pest inspection schedule for me so that the two inspectors can perform inspection at the same time. It eliminated multiple scheduling, trips, and save time for all parties involved - inspectors, sellers, buyers, & realtors. He provided me inspection report less than 24 hours after the inspection. These prompt action sped up the home purchase process. It allowed us to take action and respond to the purchase agreement terms within specified short time frame. I am very appreciative that Joe gave me free radon test as courtesy for the second house inspection. I am happy to say that the second deal got thru and I will have new home to move in soon. I certainly recommend him to others.
- , June 2016
Joe was very knowledgeable and answered any question that was asked of him. He was very courteous and really seemed to take him time and make sure that any issue that he saw he explained thoroughly. He was also very detailed in his reporting and very thorough in that process. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an inspector and also would use him in the future if the need for an inspector should arise.
- D.E., June 2016
The home inspection was excellent! Joe Stetor looked at all of the home systems: roof, electrical, heating and cooling, water, windows, walls, ceilings, etc. After his inspection, he took me on a tour of the inside and outside of the house, identified all the problems, and made suggestions for fixes and improvements. He provided a complete written report of everything he did with photos of things that need to be fixed. Joe is extremely knowledgeable and has excellent customer relation skills. I'd give him a five star recommendation!
- , May 2016
You were very thorough and taught us a lot about the house. Thank you!
- C.B., May 2016
Joe was extremely thorough and diligent in his inspection. He did not rush the work, but took the time to go through every room and explain what he inspected as well as his findings. What was even more impressive was that he explained how to maintain and care for many of the appliances, flooring, and other areas around the home. With his useful website and detailed report, I am confident not to miss or forget anything that he advised during his inspection. I would highly recommend Joe to any of my family or friends.
- D.G., May 2016
Joe Stetor is highly professional and is very knowledgeable about all aspects of the home. His inspection is very thorough, and each detail is explained clearly with a pictorial view. As an engineer and builder, Joe is exceptionally well qualified and his extensive knowledge is reflected in his home inspection report. Joe has a very personal touch with his clients, and he takes the time to explain every detail when his clients seek clarification. Joe Stetor stands out as the best home inspector I have worked with. No doubt, I highly recommend him to other home buyers.
- J.K., May 2016
Joe was extremely thorough and client-centered. I would hire Joe again, no question.
- M.B., April 2016
Joe has a great personality, he was able to fit our inspection right into his schedule. I felt like he was very thorough in his explanations both in the report and in reviewing each room with us. He explained everything and answered our many questions. I would definitely contact him again - and recommend him to any of our home buying friends! The only item I had that was a surprise to me was that the Air unit did not get tested (made sense due to outside temps). But it hadn't dawned on me until I read it in the report.
- F.V., March 2016
Been in Law Enforcement for over 40 years now. I was impressed at how diligent he was. He was a strong advocate for the buyer!
- K.M., March 2016
Joseph was very thorough and helpful.
- B.B., February 2016
Joe is thorough, professional, and able to explain his findings to me. I'm confident that he did a great job. I feel that I can go forward with my purchase knowing almost everything that needs attention. Thanks Joe!
- S.D., February 2016
Joe provided a thorough and profession home inspection. The time spent to explain the findings was very valuable to us. From the documented inspection we are able to make an objective decision on our home purchase.
- C.B., February 2016
The home inspection that Joe performed was comprehensive and thorough. The report was detailed and relevant. Joe was very professional, explained the relevant issues as he went along in the inspection and punctual. I would absolutely use him again and recommend him to anyone.
- J.R., January 2016
The home inspection that Joe performed was comprehensive and thorough. The report was detailed and relevant. Joe was very professional, explained the relevant issues as he went along in the inspection and punctual. I would absolutely use him again and recommend him to anyone.
- J.R., January 2016
Joe did a great job. He did a very thorough inspection and then walked us through every step of the process from top to bottom, inside and outside and pointed out every issue and suggested a repair where it was a minor problem we could fix ourselves. Very patient and willing to spend as much time as needed to make sure we understood each item. Couldn't get anyone better.
- C.H., December 2015
Joe, Thank you for your inspection on our purchased home property. We felt that your report was thorough with adding the pest inspection and radon test. We both appreciate your extended time completing our inspection. Terri & Jim B.
- J.B., November 2015
great job, extremely detailed.
- L.S., October 2015
Excellent! Very complete inspection with many helpful tips.
- C.D., September 2015
As a doc they teach us to have a disciplined approach to figuring things out. I was glad to see your standard approach and to see how thorough you are. I have had in retrospect, poor quality inspections, and this was very good. I would definitely recommend you to others.
- C.P., September 2015
Joe! Many thanks for your impressively detailed inspection and your willingness to explain even the smallest details. Your inspection report is now the hit list I will probably use for years to identify my next home improvement projects. Thanks again!
- C.S., August 2015
Joe was an is an excellent inspector. Me and my wife commented on how thorough and detailed he was in the inspection of our new house. He also want out of his way and spent more time with us then any other inspectors did and he answered all of our questions. He is an awesome inspector and would gladly recommend him to any of my friends or family members that are purchasing a home. He also was very friendly and amicable and humorous. I liked that in Joe he was very professional but also very caring as though this was his home.
- B.S., August 2015
Very helpful, honest and upfront with everything would not use any other inspector
- J.D., July 2015
Joe has inspected all our homes thus far. He's amazing and does an expectional job on checking the home. We highly recommend him.
- R.C., July 2015
Very detailed and thorough. Highly knowledgeable and kind.
- J.R., June 2015
Joe was early, thorough and took the time to explain all potential issues to include possible fixes. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a home inspector in the metro Lansing area.
- S.M., June 2015
You were thorough and very instructive for a first time home buyer like me. Thank you.
- K.Y., June 2015
Thank you for working my inspection into your schedule, that was highly appreciated. I hope we get to do business again.
- C.S., June 2015
Joe is knowledgeable and he provided additional information and improvement suggestions that went beyond his mandated scope of inspection. He took the time to answer all of our questions and went into detailed explanations which we appreciated. We would not hesitate to hire him should the need arise in the future. Terry & Peter D.
- P.D., June 2015
great job
- E.L., May 2015
Thank you again Joe for your thorough inspection of the Michigan Ave. property. We are grateful you take such time and care to check everything and the photos of any issues are very helpful.
- S.H., May 2015
Nice meeting you Joe. Very detailed inspection for us, liked the pictures of everything you found with the report, that is helpful. Great job. Thank you.
- S.H., April 2015
Very thorough. I liked his intro explanation and the feeling of inclusiveness on the inspection and then the after action via the website is a nice bonus. Very professional!
- R.A., March 2015
Joe was extremely customer oriented and was of great value to provide his service in a speedy manner as we were in a time crunch for closing. He proved to be very knowledgeable and was very professional when explaining in laymen's terms what was good, acceptable, or needing to be done. We would definitely use him again!
- A.W., March 2015
Joe was amazing! He arrived early to the site, was knowledgeable, friendly, professional, and thorough. Once he completed the inspection he walked me through the home from top to bottom explaining everything along the way. I feel very confident after having gone through my home with Joe - I would recommend him to anyone seeking a home inspector. We will be keeping his information on hand for future use. THANKS, JOE!
- J.T., March 2015
Thanks for the great job!
- J.F., March 2015
Mr.Stetor was professional & thorough. He welcomed questions from the Buyer & Selling Agent. Wether the inspection had resulted in a sale or not, we knew it had been inspected properly. Thank-You Karen Richards-Coulter Associate Broker Exit Realty Group
- K.R., February 2015
Really appreciate the online report and all of the pictures with the areas of concern circled in red. Also appreciate the thoroughness of the report with inspection of the attic and finding the few small issues. The tips for making low cost fixes was also very helpful. Overall a very good experience.
- G.H., February 2015
Joe was very thorough and did not overlook the little things. He took my clients back through the house and addressed EVERYTHING. They were first time home buyers and really appreciated how detailed he was.
- M.W., December 2014
My husband and I are very happy with our prior inspection on a house. Joe was very patient and answered all our questions. He was also very detailed and explained the positives and negative of every room in the house. This is highly needed when purchasing a home.
- M.H., October 2014
We recommended Joe to the seller.
- D.S., October 2014
Very informative, had a educated answer to all of my questions. Joe's introduction to Melissa and I was very professional.I have work in the construction trades for twenty five plus years and working with customs is something I do every day.Joe was very theral in all of the inspections that take place with us at a home were buying .Joe is great at what he does and i would refer him to anyone
- T.B., September 2014
Joe, thanks so much for your thoroughness and the great report you produced. We appreciated the fact that you weren't in a hurry and stayed long enough to explain everything to us and both contractors that showed up.
- T.V., September 2014
Joe was so thorough and took all the time you needed to answer any questions and concerns. HIs report is complete and easy to read. He is so assessable if you have any questions or afterthoughts since his inspection.Wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others!
- B.L., August 2014
Not cheap, but well worth the cost of the inspection. Inspection was thorough and Joe made some good suggestions about how to proceed. Very easy to work with.
- R.R., August 2014
Very thorough inspector. Took time walking me, the home buyer, through the house to view all issues he found. He described them time in detail. He also answered general questions I had on electric, gas and plumbing in the home. His inspection report was detailed with very good pictures and documentation. Highly recommend him.
- M.K., August 2014
Very thorough. Also patient explaining the importance/workings of various features. Would def. recommend/hire again.
- J.T., July 2014
Joe was prepared, organized, and courteous. He went through the house prior to when we arrived and prepared a detailed report the same day as the inspection. He walked us through the house pointing out the different flaws and giving suggestions of what we can do about them. I would definitely recommend Joe as a Home Inspector.
- A.W., July 2014
Joe was the inspector on my first house. I liked him. He was thorough and descriptive, gave me a tour around the house describing some of its features. What I liked the most was that Joe gave some advice how to maintain the house. He also noticed a couple of things that the insect inspector neglected to mention, like holes where ants can penetrate the house etc that should be sealed. I had another independent home inspector who gave a me a report similar to Joe's. After all, I felt that Joe took it seriously, treated me as his(!) customer, not just another source of income.
- E.P., July 2014
Joe was very friendly. He took the time to listen and offer thorough feedback and advice. He answered all of the questions I had and eased my anxiety of being a first time home buyer. He was very good at keeping in contact with me and I never had a problem getting a hold of him. I would definitely recommend Joe.
- S.T., July 2014
I was very pleased with my home inspection done by JMS Home Inspections, specifically with Joe Stetor. I was very nervous about purchasing my new home as a single female and I found that Joe was very knowledgeable in every area. I was especially impressed that he took the time to go over every issue and actually explain to me in simple terms how to handle them. He answered all my questions with kind professionalism. I would defiantly use JMS Home Inspections again, and would not hesitate to refer Joe Stetor.
- L.D., July 2014
Thanks you Joe! you were great
- J.S., July 2014
Joe was extremely professional, thorough in both his inspection of the property and his review with us of everything that he found. He took the time to listen to all of our questions and provide answers. We felt comfortable working with him and confident in his work. We would not hesitate to recommend him to others.
- K.B., July 2014
Joe, Thank you! The inspection report is fabulous, we love the detailed information and the pictures are very helpful. We really appreciate the time you spent with us going over each section of our home, it was extremely informative. We will be sure to recommend your services to our family and friends. -Julia-
- J.S., July 2014
I would highly recommend Joe Stetor as a home inspector. His professionalism, knowledge and attention to detail are very impressive. He patiently answered all our questions, explained how things worked and provided maintenance suggestions. The report was nicely done, very professional and will be helpful in caring for our home. Thank you Pat and Julie
- P.W., Lansing MI, June 2014