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Peter Apgar

Hiring a home inspector is a big decision. Your home may be your biggest asset or biggest liability. You need a home inspector that will not only tell you the current condition of your prospective home, but also help you to stay of out of trouble in the future - keeping your asset from turning into a liability.

Our average home inspection usually uncovers 20 or more defects in a home. The first priority is significant structural, mechanical, or safety issues - things that should be fixed before or shortly after moving in. We also will provide a list of many other things - mostly minor repairs or defects that could develop into major problems if you didn't know about them.

You can think of our inspection report as the closest thing you'll get to an Owner's Manual for your home - or the best "honey-do" list you'll ever see.

With a background in historic preservation, we focus on older homes, but would be happy to help you with your prospective home - old or new.

Give us a call. You'll find our competitive rates, solid experience, and customer focused business philosophy a refreshing change.


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NY Licensed: 16000007040 Nationally Certified: ASHI 243777


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Honest, thorough and informative.
- D.I., Liverpool NY, February 2020
Very through and well explained everything An good recommendation s. Easy An helpful to work with
- D.I., Liverpool NY, August 2019
We were very pleased with the thoroughness of the inspection. Mr. Apgar answered fully all of our questions.
- E.W., August 2018
Peter is so thorough and knowledgeable. He patiently explained the concerns observed and how to rectify the problem. I wouldn't trust anyone else to do our inspections. Thank you for your patience and thoughtfulness, Peter.
- R.B., August 2018
Would definitely recommend Peter to anyone. I especially appreciated the photography of "problem" areas that he included in the report. I feel as though I am now fully aware of the issues the home has-and can purchase with a clear idea of what I am getting into. Very thorough and informative. Thank you so much Peter :) You're the best!
- M.B., October 2017
Peter was thorough, honest and very informative. Highly recommended by us and by other family members that used his services as well.
- V.B., August 2016
Peter is both thorough and detailed with his inspections and reports. His communications are excellent. I highly recommend his services.
- R.F., July 2016
Peter was excellent throughout the whole process starting with scheduling an appointment all the way through delivering the final report. He is incredibly knowledgeable and thorough, but most importantly, he takes the time to explain everything to the costumer. I learned so much from Peter during the inspection, which has better prepared me for proper home maintenance and upkeep. I cannot thank Peter enough and could not think of a better home inspector! Thank you, Peter!
- J.R., June 2016
Peter was thorough, clear in his explanations, and helpful throughout the process. He was very open to questions and explained what he was doing in accessible terms. The useful format in which the report was submitted is very well done.
- D.B., March 2016
Peter was very thorough, and informative. Thank you for all of your suggestions.
- C.R., December 2015
I just want to thank Peter Apgar for making my first home inspection very educational. He is great at what he does.
- K.W., July 2015
Professional, Knowledgable, Educational, Thorough.
- J.K., March 2015
Thanks so much Peter. We really appreciate your very thorough inspection and prop posting of the inspection.
- M.M., December 2014
I had Peter inspect a house I have lived in for 5 years. He found things I had 'seen' but never appreciated, and things I had never seen. But no matter what the issue was, Peter's style of comfortably pointing out what he found, explaining the significance of it, and concluding with the options available to the homeowner was absolutely wonderful. I never felt overwhelmed, underinformed or incompetent while listening to him, and afterwards always felt well-positioned as to what to do . . . and in what order to do it. Sincerely, Dave Reed
- D.R., December 2014
Honestly, I would give Peter a 10 but it would not be fair. He should be allowed a little room for improvement! Peter was courteous, polite, professional, respectful to the homeowners and myself! I would suggest Craftsmen Home Inspections and Peter Apgar to anyone who asks.
- F.C., September 2014
Thank you Peter! I am very happy with the inspection you did for my father's house.
- M.R., August 2014
Peter did a thorough job, and gave helpful suggestions.
- L.E., June 2014
Mr. Apgar was very thorough and profession during the inspection. He was also very good at explaining things which is very helpful for us, the first time home buyers. We will recommend Mr. Peter Apgar to everyone needs this service.
- P.C., April 2014
Great job
- S.P., March 2014
Peter, you were professional and patient, taking time to explain things about the house. It was educational as well as enjoyable. Sofia loved it, too!
- J.C., February 2014
Peter was very professional, thorough, pleasant and friendly.
- E.G., January 2014
One word.... WONDERFUL
- R.H., November 2013
Peter did a wonderful job. He is very professional and helpful explaining everything. Thank you so much.
- D.C., August 2013
You were phenomenal, thank you for being so thorough and patient, will absolutely recommend you to friends and family and will let you know when I need another home inspection!
- D.T., July 2013
Very thorough, thanks so much
- R.W., March 2013
Thank you for all your insight. It was fun to be there to go through the inspection with you. Your knowledge is incredible and also expanded my knowledge in certain areas. Again thank you!! Todd
- T.C., September 2012
We thought you performed an extremely thorough inspection and were especially personable.Your willingness to answer questions during the inspection showed patience and professionalism!Thank you for an incredibly informative inspection and report. The Garrows
- P.G., August 2012
Peter - you were so knowledgeable and patient. We will definitely be recommending you to any potential home buyers that we come across!
- E.B., April 2012
I think you were truley excellent Pete and I'm going to recommend you to all my family and freinds. Thanks so much, your the best!!
- T.F., February 2012
Very thorough inspection and Peter was extremely friendly and resourceful!
- K.W., February 2012
Thank you for your time and careful inspection on our first home. You helped answer all our questions and made us feel confident in our selection of our home. It was a pleasure meeting you!
- M.S., February 2012
I find Peter to be very pleasant, professional, and knowledgeable during the entire home inspection process. He doesn't cut corners and is fairly priced. He explains what he is doing, issues from degrees of seriousness, and takes time to answer questions patiently and objectively. His reports appear thorough accompanied by pictures. I highly recommend him to anyone.
- J.R., January 2012
I was refered to peter threw a friend of the family. He is very professional curtious, and honest. All of the things you need when ur purchasing a home. I absolutely would recommed peter to anyone intrested in buying a home. I will recommend him to anyone i know looking for a true home inspector. Thank you
- N.R., December 2011
Great Job! Very detailed. Everything was explained very well.
- B.O., September 2011
Peter, Thank you so much for a wonderful job! You saved me from making a big mistake! We will be in touch we are going to take our time looking for a house so it may be a while but when we are ready we will sure call you!
- J.A., April 2011
Thanks Peter. You did a great job. Just the kind of work I was expecting. Thanks again.
- J.F., April 2011
Thanks Peter for a job well done! I just received my report via email (just about 7 hours after the inspection...very prompt!) and I am very impressed. Your professional and honest manner during the inspection was extremely appreciated as a first time homebuyer who is learning as she goes. Thanks again!
- E.F., April 2011
Thank you for the time and care you gave to our inspection. We appreciate how thorough you were and the suggestions you gave on how to correct problematic issues with the house. Also, thank you for getting the report to us so quickly. We will certainly recommend you to family & friends in the future.
- C.F., April 2011
Thank you so much for your assistance during this stressful period. Your home inspection was key to our purchase of the home! Thanks again!
- K.R., Aiken SC, February 2011
I really appreciate how Peter uses the home inpsection process to educate his clients in home ownership. He is thorough but does not exaggerate about minor deficiencies.
- P.K., December 2010
Thank you so much! Your report was very helpful.
- C.E., October 2010
Just keep up the great work. I can't imagine anyone being able to do a better job! Thanks for your help in making my first home purchase an educated experience.
- B.D., September 2010
Peter took his time and was very thorough in explaining in detail his findings during the inspection. He explained and provided recommendations on what was needed to bring the discrepacies up to standard. He even provided estimates of what he thought certain repairs should cost. Will definitely recommend he and provide a referal if the occasion arises.
- D.W., September 2010
I really liked the way you could trace the history of a house.
- A.R., August 2010
Peter was very thorough and a new soon-to-be homeowner, he took the time to explain certain things that I was not aware of. I highly recommend him to anyone in the area needing a home inspection!
- J.C., July 2010
Fantastic!!! Very professional, 12 hr turnaround to receive an electronic copy of the inspection report. Took plenty of time to explain all his concerns with us, and help us understand their severity. I would highly recommend Peter to anyone in need of a home inspection.
- J.D., June 2010
It is a real education to accompany Peter on a home inspection as I have now a couple of times. I not only learn the condition of the property I'm buying, but I learn all sorts of tips on maintenance for the future. Peter is thorough, thorough, thorough in his inspections and gives me complete confidence in the home I'm about to buy. Ron Bildstein
- R.B., May 2010
Peter is easy to reach and usually does his best to accommodate the schedule of our buyers. We like the online format of his reports.
- J.N., April 2010
Thanks so much Peter! You were great! Also, we felt you were very knowledgeable and extremely helpful in explaining the "workings" of our new house from inside out!! You will come higly recommended from the Bucci's! Thanks again!
- N.B., April 2010
His information is delivered with soluations and preventave so as not to happen again.
- T.V., fayettville NY, March 2010
Peter, I just want to say, again, great job. You provide a very professional service. Thank you!
- S.K., February 2010
Peter was very professional and took time to explain his findings as we walked the house. He was very considerate of my concerns about the house and addressed them all. I would definitely recommend his expertise to any body buying a home.
- S.S., January 2010
Thank you for your help. The report format is easy to read and understand, and is a big help to have.
- M.B., October 2009
We were recommended to use Pete Apgar from our attorney as well as several people from my employment and well I'm glad we went with their referral. Pete was very professional and helpful in making me understand everything about the home we are purchasing. Any questions I had, he was able to answer them and give his insight which truly makes sense. My fiancee and I feel so much more comfortable now knowing that the house we are purchasing overall had a good inspection, and we trust pete's professional insight on that. Anyone I come across who wants an inspection in the future will certainly be receiving pete's name and number, for I want them to feel like they are getting there money's worth as well as a great piece of mind.
- T.M., September 2009
Extremely happy with the inspection. Peter was more thorough than any home inspector we have ever used and was very informative, professional and personable. I have never walked away from a home inspection with so much information. Many thanks and we will definately be recommending you to anyone needing such service.
- D.D., September 2009
EXCELLENT!!!! Thorough, knowledgable, personable..... Highly recommend!!!! Thank you so much..... Zach and Emily Young
- Z.Y., July 2009
I thank you very much for an excellent job well done. Peter your time spent, suggestion and feed back was a great help in the my lawyer decision as well as my how to move forward with this contract.
- C.A., July 2009