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Paul Cummins

Let No Surprises Home Inspection give you peace of mind !


What other service gives you unbiased advice and usually pays for itself immediately, either by identifying problems the owner needs to fix or in peace of mind that the largest purchase of your life is going to serve you well? 

My whole career has been one of public service and I continue that with my home inspection business.  I love the puzzle that is each new house and the pleasure of working with you, the prospective owner, at an important time when all you have is questions. 

My reports are unique in that they include product suggestions and links to my home care blog explaining each fix.  I've heard from clients and realtors that they appreciate my thorough follow-up.

Do check out my website and give me a call!


30 Years Remodeling Experience Science Teacher VA License ASHI and InterNACHI IAQ Certified Mold and Radon Tester


Being a veteran science teacher I don't quit until we have an explanation for each questionable situation, including future follow-up as necessary. My services often pay for themselves many times over.


Paul was outstanding and I would highly recommend selecting him for your home inspection. He was on time (even early), incredibly thorough, and took the time to explain everything, including solutions, as we went throughout the exterior and interior. He also was very patient and incredibly professional. A+++
- M.S., February 2017
Paul's professionalism and attention to detail was well above my expectations. I observed him as he conducted the inspection and was impressed at the depth and breadth of his knowledge. Paul’s analysis and remediation strategy for each issue he found will serve us well while living in our new home. We appreciate all of his help and would not hesitate using Mr. Cummins’ services again.
- R.W., February 2017
Paul was incredible. He was very reasonable priced but very very thorough in his inspection. He takes his time to inspect and explain to us every little details. He sent a detailed report within hours of the inspection with links to his personal blog and other website that provide very helpful, additional information and recommendation. We are very lucky to have chosen Paul for the inspection. Thank you Paul for your thoughtful house-warming present!
- T.N., February 2017
I recommend Paul wholeheartedly and without reservation.. I really appreciate Paul's detailed approach when inspecting the home. I also appreciate all the links Paul put in the inspection for seller remediation as well as documenting all issues with photos in the report. Great job Paul, I appreciate you! :)
- J.O., January 2017
Paul, you were great! I really appreciate the patience you had with me and all the effort you put into making sure my home was safe. You went above and beyond your job- I can see the passion you have for your job. I know I can trust your work, thank you!
- R.C., January 2017
Such a great experience with Paul. This is our first purchase, but Paul gave us so much knowledge about tips and tricks to a new home. I will be using him for any other home I buy in the future! Great service.
- A.C., December 2016
Paul was punctual, friendly and did a fantastic inspection. Found lots of little things an amateur might have missed and had lots of helpful suggestions for common house issues. Would recommend Paul to anyone who needs a home inspection.
- A.H., November 2016
Thank you for your thorough inspection and information.
- R.C., November 2016
Paul, Thank you for all of your assistance during my quest for home ownership. I am confident that the third time is my charm. I learned a lot from you in this process. Thank you very much, again. Sincerely, Darryl Ellis
- D.E., November 2016
Paul is the best home inspector, I highly recommend him.
- D.E., November 2016
Paul Cummins is an excellent inspector! He was very easy to schedule, arrived on time, conducted a thorough inspection and provided feedback in less than 24 hours. We highly recommend him! FCBAMB
- A.B., July 2016
Because of Mr Cummins's thorough inspection, I have been able to find flaws that I would have overlooked just for the sake to have a house quickly. And I have been able to obtain a interesting credit to build my deck. Thank you, sir. God bless you
- J.B., July 2016
Paul took his time, and checked every square inch. He was very professional, I highly recommend him. Best Regards,
- B.S., June 2016
Great Customer Service.
- A.A., May 2016
Paul, you were awesome! Thanks for coming out to our home in the rain and enduring the torture of inspecting that beaten down place. Furthermore, your comical attitude and responses were a delight! Thanks again!
- B.J., May 2016
Paul was very thorough and information during the home inspection. He provided photos and sound recommendations for the home I am purchasing.
- C.B., May 2016
Very professional and helpful. Appreciated that you took the time to show us how to fix any issues that came up instead of just telling us that there was an issue.
- P.P., April 2016
Thank's for your willingness to educate and set our expectations throughout the process. Will highly recommend your services and have my business.
- E.N., April 2016
Hi Paul, you were very diligent and helpful with suggested improvements to the home. You were very thorough with all aspects of the inspection and very prompt with the follow-up report. The only suggestion I would have is to not have the Buyer Involved in any of the actual inspecting such as asking them to test all the windows. Buyers may not know if there is something wrong with a window and are relying on your expertise to ensure they are all operating properly. Also you may come across a broken seal they wouldn't detect. Thanks again for your great communication and assistance. I will recommend you to clients in the future.
- M.T., February 2016
Paul is experienced and knowledgeable, and his inspection was thorough. We helped us sort through the structural issues to identify the serious vs. superficial. There were numerous problems with the appliances, and Paul returned to make sure they had been addressed fully. He is very personable and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him.
- D.R., January 2016
Thanks for offering competitive rates and always being on top of things for my clients!
- T.G., January 2016
We are first time home buyers and we are very happy with the service we received from Paul. He explained step by step the things that needed to be addressed and fixed. He wont just tell you the bad knews but for every item he finds he will make a recomendation. He is very knowledgeble and experienced. He really made us feel more cofident with the buying process. He is definately a good guy to have on your team. We will be using him for our sencond inspection and recomend him to all our friends and family.
- O.C., December 2015
Paul is professional, focused, well organized and has saved my clients a great deal of trouble and money!
- C.C., November 2015
Paul is professional and detail oriented. He was also pleasant and happy to answer any questions we had as First Time Home Buyers.
- H.N., October 2015
Paul is a nice guy. During the home inspection, he was very thorough in checking out the property for any deficiencies. He took pictures of everything he inspected. He is absolutely awesome!!!
- P.N., October 2015
Paul was very thorough, explaining everything as he went through the process. His written report went into great detail and the attached pictures were very helpful.
- B.J., September 2015
A pleasure to work with. Incredibly thorough multi-stage inspection. Easy to understand report. Planning to hire him again a year down the road for follow-up inspection and will recommend him to anyone who needs a true professional to inspect a home.
- A.B., September 2015
My clients were very happy with Paul's work. His past experience and thorough inspection of the house, including attic and crawl space, made them feel very comfortable and the 90 day buy back guarantee helps them really trust that he isn't just blowing smoke.
- R.G., August 2015
Hi Paul, you were very professional and accommodating. I appreciate the fact that you were willing to explain things to me and make me feel comfortable and aware of things about my new home.
- T.K., July 2015
Paul was on time, very pleasant and professional. He took his time explaining everything. We really appreciate his honest inputs. Thank you! Dawit
- D.A., July 2015
Mr. Cummins provided excellent service. He was thorough in his work and took the time to explain his findings. I highly recommend him for home inspections.
- N.M., June 2015
Excellent service! Very informative throughout home inspection itself and always willing to answer any questions, making sure you understand before moving forward. Post-inspection followup is even better, providing links to report-related topics and issues, offering a link to his extremely helpful blog (with a sense of humor that softens the complexity that can come with maintaining a home), and even looking for additional support sources on topics specific to your discussions with him. I will definitely request his services again in the future, whenever my needs match his expertise, and whole-heartedly plan to recommend him to anyone I know looking for such services. A solid 10 and five-star rating.
- A.V., June 2015
Excellent service! Very thorough and had many helpful suggestions. Would definitely recommend to others!
- L.P., May 2015
The inspector was extremely professional, thorough, and attentive to details. Superior customer service with a nice touch of a housewarming gift. Reasonable pricing. Will recommend to anyone.
- A.K., May 2015
Very professional and knowledgeable. Conducted a thorough inspection.
- M.M., May 2015
Friendly and informative. Inspection report has great information as does his website.
- J.D., April 2015
Great work and Report. Thank you Paul!
- D.V., March 2015
Thank you for the thorough inspection and taking the time to speak to the buyer to assure her of the condition of the home.
- V.M., March 2015
Paul was very helpful and knowledgeable in the inspection process and provided clear, concise advice on best ways to remedy deficiencies. I would definately recommend Paul to other potential buyers for his services!
- K.W., January 2015
Paul was very professional and made many suggestions to help us save money as well as inspecting the house.
- K.L., Alexandria VA, December 2014
This report is extremely thorough and helpful. Paul is accomofating and professional. I will highly recommend him to anyone who mentions they need a home inspector.
- M.K., Alexandria VA, November 2014
Thanks for a very thorough and well documented inspection. We definitely plan to pursue your recommendations in the future and will also recommend your services to others. All the best Lance and Manuela Orr
- L.O., Alexandria VA, November 2014
Paul was very professional and pleasant to deal with.
- A.S., Alexandria VA, October 2014
Mr. Cummins arrived when he said he would, was thorough, answered all of my questions and left me with a comprehensive report of the inspection, highlighting any problem areas and areas of immediate concern.
- B.R., Alexandria VA, October 2014
Paul was very timely and efficient with a great knowledge of all aspects of his job. He answered any questions I had and was very pleasant.
- A.S., Alexandria VA, October 2014
Professional. Provided report within 1 day!
- C.S., Alexandria VA, October 2014
Paul was wonderful to work with: friendly, efficient, and thorough. I will recommend him.
- V.A., Alexandria VA, October 2014
Thank you for inspecting my home. You had a lot of good information and I will check out your website for referrals to other businesses. I would have liked to discuss the plumbing drain in the basement bathroom that you recommended be replaced. I am not sure why it needs to be replaced.
- K.H., Alexandria VA, October 2014
Thanks for your very thorough and thoughtful inspection of our home! We appreciate your recommendations for required repairs and repairs that we can hold off on/expect over the next few years. It was very educational to walk around the house with you! Also appreciate you being on time, and being aware of our other time commitments. Thanks so very much!
- M.O., Alexandria VA, October 2014
- B.B., Alexandria VA, October 2014
Mr. Cummins was very professional and in my opinion conducted a very thorough inspection of my home. He did identify a few items requiring repair in preparation of our home sale.
- W.G., Springfield VA, October 2014
Very professional inspection by a very personable inspector. Paul provided a thorough report with comments, pictures and video of any problem areas. Also, his website provided some great homeowner tips and product suggestions for trouble spots (e.g. algae growth on siding).
- P.G., Alexandria VA, October 2014
Paul was punctual, professional, and very conscientious. He performed an extremely thorough inspection and I was more than satisfied with the job he did and the written report he emailed to us later that day. We followed him around, while he worked, to learn more about our house. We also asked questions as he inspected the house, and pointed out things we were concerned about. It was a relief to learn from him that we did not have a major plumbing leak behind our bathtub wall. He even suggested that putting a few tiles on the wall outside the shower curtain would protect the wall from water when we showered. Whew! Learning that no major plumbing repairs were needed was worth the price of the inspection! He was able to tell us when our roof should be replaced (12-15 years) and that a new furnace would be a good investment for us (carbon monoxide poisoning prevention and a cheaper and more efficient heater). lThis man knows his stuff. I would recommend his services without hesitation
- P.M., October 2014
Paul was punctual, thorough, and knowledgeable about all areas. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection.
- M.F., Alexandria VA, October 2014
Great job!
- B.F., Alexandria VA, September 2014
We would definitely recommend Paul Cummins for an inspection. He did a thorough job, kept us informed of his findings during the inspection, and completed his report promptly.
- D.S., September 2014
Timely, thorough, and professional inspection. Covered all aspects of construction.
- R.D., Alexandria VA, September 2014