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Don Halligan



InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector, Licensed Radon Measurement Specialist, Licensed Plumbing and Mechanical.


Professional residential and commercial inspections performed by a certified inspector with over 30 years experience in the new construction, mechanical and plumbing trades industry and older home renovations.

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Quick and thorough inspection. Prompt and curtious service.
- W.E., June 2022
Don was prompt and professional. We live out of state and weren't able to meet Don for our inspection, but our family members that met with him were very impressed by how thorough his inspection was and how quickly we received our report afterward. I feel better about our home purchase in part because of what we learned from Don's inspection.
- A.M., May 2022
Very thorough. Easy to read report. The summary at the end was helpful. Also really like that we were about to create a request list directly on the website. The detailed investigation was very useful.
- M.E., May 2022
Don is very thorough. He scheduled our inspection quickly and made sure to note every possible issue. He even provided plenty of pictures and submitted the report on the same day. I highly recommend Don Halligan.
- J.T., April 2022
Very quick to schedule, very quick getting the inspection report in, and very thoroughly done!
- R.K., March 2022
Don was very thorough and very willing to explain the issues he found while I was present at the inspection. I would definitely recommend him to any potential buyer.
- J.F., January 2022
Don creates a very professional, detailed report. I really appreciate the informational details that go beyond just identifying deficiencies, such as location of utility shut off valves and such. I have had multiple inspections by Don, and I think he does a great job.
- J.Z., November 2021
Very impressed with his work. No delay in getting the inspection done. Report is thorough and detailed. Pictures make it easy to understand. Would recommend him in a heartbeat.
- J.G., November 2021
Went into alot of details. Was very thorough on his inspection. Was worth every penny
- S.B., September 2021
Don Halligan did an inspection for my brother several years ago, so I knew that he was thorough and very descriptive on his inspections. We also requested a radon report so it was a win-win for us! Learned a LOT about the house we are purchasing and gave us a better understanding of what really needed to be repaired or replaced. We highly recommend his services!
- A.C., September 2021
Don was amazing! I love how his reports are very detailed and easy to read and understand! Highly recommend him!
- M.B., September 2021
Absolutely recommend!
- J.C., September 2021
Mr. Halligan is very thorough. He takes his time, provides quality pictures, and answers any question you have. Thank you!
- T.H., September 2021
Don did a great job. The report was very detailed and easily understood. I would use him again.
- M.J., July 2021
Did an amazing job inspecting our soon to be new home. Very thorough, and pointed out a lot we may not have noticed.
- B.D., July 2021
very thorough. efficient and detail oriented. appreciated honesty and explanations of everything. worth every cent he charges.
- T.M., July 2021
I highly recommend Mr. Halligan. He is very knowledgeable and during the inspection he answered all my questions and explained in terms I could understand. He is very personable, efficient, and thorough.
- K.M., June 2021
Very knowledgeable, nice guy!
- S.E., June 2021
We've had multiple inspectors over the years and Don Halligan is by far the best around. His reports are extremely detailed and he makes sure not to miss anything. His inspections are worth the money and he has an extremely fast turn around on the report, we got our inspection report the same day as the inspection. Highly recommend!! :)
- E.A., June 2021
Very professional and thorough inspection. This will be very useful in evaluating the home for purchase. I would highly recommend Don Halligan for home inspections in the future.
- L.M., May 2021
Don was very thorough and great at explaining everything he was inspecting and finding, both good and those he recommended for improving.
- D.C., May 2021
Don was very professional and will request his services in the future.
- S.M., May 2021
Don was very detailed in his report and provided great photos, highly recommend!
- L.D., April 2021
Don's inspection was incredibly thorough and gave us, as buyers, a lot of confidence that we knew everything we needed to know about the house to make an informed decision. Thank you, Don!
- K.H., April 2021
I've been in the safety industry for over 25 years and Don Halligan is one of the most knowledgeable and efficient Inspectors I've ever met. His work is impeccable. He is reasonable and fair. He demonstrates a high degree of intergrity in his work and conduct. His commitment to the industry is visible in his overall service.
- J.M., March 2021
Very accommodating, took great pictures. Easy to understand report.
- J.B., March 2021
I would absolutely recommend. Don is very thorough and took time to walk me through the place to even show me things like the very hidden spot to change the furnace filter. The inspection report includes photos and will be a good resource to help me prioritize and plan repairs after I move in.
- M.S., February 2021
Wow!! Very thorough! Having picture along with the report is so helpful.
- L.W., Pocahontas IA, December 2020
Great job. I learned a lot from his inspection.
- M.L., December 2020
Don was extremely thorough during the inspection. Don found a few things we never would even think of checking. The final inspection report is extensive, including photos, detailed explanations and advice for us to follow. He was in and out quietly so we barely even knew he was here. The follow up from Don has is also appreciated, as we have never been through a process quite like this. Thanks Don.
- T.C., November 2020
Mr. Halligan, You were very favorably recommended when I was needing a home inspection. I am so glad I called you to handle my home inspection and radon testing! You were extremely prompt and got right on my request! I've never had such quick response! The inspection and radon results were so thorough and easy to understand. From your findings I have a very good understanding of the shape the house is in that I am buying. I have no doubt the inspection reports are an honest and comprehensive review of the home. Thank you!
- J.N., November 2020
Don Halligan is hands-down the most thorough inspector I've ever had the pleasure of working with. He's one guy you definitely want in your corner! Don doesn't miss ANYTHING! I trust him, and I know he will always do the best job for me. I've recommended him to many people, both buyers and sellers. He's the best! Nobody can touch his professionalism or his expertise. Do yourself a favor....hire him!
- J.H., Fort Dodge IA, October 2020
Don did a very thorough job and took lots of quality pictures of the property. He made note of a couple special requests and seemed quite knowledgeable in all areas of home construction, systems, and components. He was prompt in the inspection and report. I would highly recommend him and it was well worth the cost.
- G.C., October 2020
Very thorough. Thanks for being my eyes on the property since I haven’t physically made it there yet.
- M.H., September 2020
Very responsive with a thorough service provided in an exceptionally timely fashion. Website and payment options made it easy to receive the report. The report is very organized and formatted for easy understanding. In depth inspector. Greatly appreciated.
- A.V., Vincent IA, August 2020
Don was pleasant thoughtful and very through--many items were over my head but he was patient in explanation. I would not hesitate to call on him again. Dean P. Erb
- D.E., August 2020
Very thorough and professional
- H.G., July 2020
Don did a very good job inspecting the property that I purchased. I certainly would use him again and recommend him to anyone that needs his services. He is very professional and knows the business.
- A.F., July 2020
Great job Don GT 7/18/2020
- G.T., July 2020
Don did a very thorough job with the review. Don took the time to explain details to us along the way and provide suggestions. The report Don wrote will help us improve the safety of the house greatly.
- C.W., July 2020
Very profession and complete report. Appreciate such a timely inspection and response.
- S.B., July 2020
Don did a very thorough inspection and was very timely with the delivery of the report. The website and the format of the report was very user friendly. Would definitely recommend.
- S.P., June 2020
Don is very thorough, and does not overlook anything. He is definitely on the job for the homebuyer
- N.S., June 2020
Don did an awesome job, very detailed report, pictures, explanations, better job them I ever imagined.I will recommend him to everyone. Thanks
- S.L., May 2020
Did an impressive job. Looked at details we wouldn’t have thought of ourselves. Would definitely hire him a second time.
- J.D., May 2020
My report was so detailed and thorough. Don even tested the appliances!!! I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for an inspection. Certainly worth the price I paid and more! Thank you for giving me peace of mind!!
- A.C., May 2020
Mr. Halligan is a true professional. He was very thorough and addressed every concern and question that I had. The final report was full of photos and detailed descriptions. Definitely money well spent! I would not hesitate to use Mr. Halligan again. I highly recommend him.
- J.G., May 2020
Don is very thorough on his inspection reports and answers all questions that need attention. This is the second time that I have used Don for an inspection and will call him again when the time arises. I know that I will have no worries when working with Don. Don is professional and very knowledgeable.
- L.H., April 2020
Excellent work, extremely thorough. Well done report, definitely worth the money.
- C.A., April 2020
Don was thorough and professional. He provided an unbiased inspection and recommendation allowing the the client to make an informed decision. I appreciated his candor and honesty. Thank you.
- A.P., April 2020
Don, we were pleased with the thoroughness of your report. Very professional. Thank you
- B.D., April 2020
Report was very thorough and helpful to me as the buyer. Thank you.
- S.F., March 2020
I wanted to come during the inspection so I could see first hand what needs fixing. Unfortunately I had to work. The report was thorough and when I had a question you responded with an answer. Thank you!!
- J.W., October 2019
Very professional, on time, detailed and thorough, was great with our follow up questions.
- K.A., September 2019
Extremely thorough inspection. We would certainly choose Don to do our home inspection every time. The report was extensive and he left no corner unturned. He definitely has his customers best interest in mind and will unveil any problem or potential problem that a home might have. Both friendly and professional. Impressed!
- A.S., September 2019
This is a remarkable inspector and I believe he’s done a very thorough job in inspecting this property , he’s very respectful and a very nice person also, I would definitely recommend his services for anyone who is thinking about buying property ...
- J.J., September 2019
Don did a wonderful job and I was very pleased with his inspection. Thank you!!!
- A.S., September 2019
Don did an excellent And very happy with my report! Thank you!
- A.S., September 2019
Thank you!
- W.C., June 2019
Thank you for your services. The report is thorough and exactly what we need to accomplish the tasks left by the GC.
- N.M., June 2019
Don was quick and thorough, and gave good advice on how to resolve issues.
- K.N., May 2019
Extremely thorough and explained everything fully. I feel very confident in knowing the things I needed to know about the property Don inspected for me. I recommend him to anyone I hear talking about needing an inspection.
- J.B., March 2019
Don was Amazing! Very good customer service, answered any questions we had, and inspected absolutely everything! Got the inspection report back the same day! Hes a great guy and will recommend him to any one!!
- S.G., March 2019
Don, the inspection you performed was amazing. We were extremely grateful with your attention to detail and providing pictures for us to see in the report. The report was very thorough and completed quickly considering all the details you provided. We are thankful for the recommendation to use your services and we will recommend you to others looking for an inspector.
- E.M., February 2019
Don, we appreciated your promptness on the home inspection we asked you to do. You were very thorough and detailed. Everything was handled in a professional way. Getting the report the same day as the inspection is awesome.
- W.C., CLARION IA, January 2019
Don has already been added to our office list!
- R.C., Clarion IA, January 2019
thank you
- K.L., January 2019
Don I was really impressed with your inspection on the house we are thinking of buying. You was really thorough on everything during the inspected . Was really impressed.
- D.B., Pocahontas IA, January 2019
Thank you for all of your time and getting the report back to us in such a timely matter. Between your explanation and the pictures we understood everything that needed to be done and to make our decision on this house. Not only are you an expert in your field but you are also a friendly, honest, and caring person.
- C.W., January 2019
Your inspection was very thorough. The extra information you give (the FYI sections) will help me a lot as well! You take a lot of very good photos and the 360 views of the house are a bonus as well. Thank you so much!
- C.V., January 2019
Very easy to work with & very friendly. Did an extremely thorough job and talked me though the issues he found. Would recommend
- B.G., January 2019
Very detail oriented, observant, and knowledgeable in many areas in and around the home. I learned a few things while on the inspection with Don. Would recommend or call him again for future inspections.
- C.O., November 2018
Thanks for doing a great job inspecting my future home. I was able to negotiate a lower purchase price because of the detailed home inspection report.
- J.C., October 2018
I was extremely satisfied by the report you provided. You did a very thorough inspection and included great pictures to show us any issues. I will definitely recommend you to anyone needing an inspection. Thank you for what you do.
- L.G., Fort Dodge IA, September 2018
Really appreciated Don's expertise and experience. Great guy, reasonable rates and very knowledgeable. Thanks much!
- K.S., Humboldt IA, August 2018
Don was very professional and informative. He did a thorough inspection and prepared a user-friendly, online report for us that was easy to understand and identified all concerns, including key issues that should be repaired or replaced. I especially appreciated the ability to select individual items of concern from the online report and automatically prepare a request form that can be given to the Seller requesting that the concerns be repaired or replaced. Job well done!
- T.H., August 2018
Wow! Don was so fast in setting up inspection and incredibly efficient during it. He was done in less than 2 hours and had our full, detailed report with photos to us a few hours later. I had the chance to stop by during the end of inspection and he went through what he found with me, explaining it in a way i could understand. I would recommend him hands down for home inspections!
- J.N., Fort Dodge IA, August 2018
Don is easy to work with and responds quickly to emails and phone calls. He takes his inspection work seriously. He provides a detailed report of the property inspected and points out issues and potential issues.
- A.B., July 2018
In our first home purchase, we went with someone else. We were not impressed with this other individual. Now that is time to purchase our second home, we weren't even sure if we should have an inspection. We decided to give it another try, this time using Don. Don was able to get us in right away (even though we called him last minute). We got our report that afternoon. His report was so detailed and covered everything! He even included pictures. His home inspection really helped us with negotiations with the seller. His report also helped us prepare for what the appraiser will see and help us avoid any issues the appraiser may have before the closing! We are hoping this is our forever home, but if we are to move again, Don will be our first choice! We will definitely recommend to family and friends purchasing a home!
- B.N., Fort Dodge IA, July 2018
Any home buyer would benefit from a home inspection with you regardless of whether or not they intended to ask for repairs to be done. The knowledge you provide your clients as buyers gives us the piece of mind to make a home purchase knowing exactly what to expect as far as deficiencies go. You were extremely knowlegable from the foundation to the roof! Happy customer 2 times in a row! Thank you so much, Don!
- D.B., Madrid IA, July 2018
Don was wonderful, honest, and detail oriented. He gave us good advice and feedback. He made us feel comfortable with our options. Would hire him again!
- E.V., Havelock IA, June 2018
This is my first time buying a home, so I didn't entirely know what to expect going into the home inspection. I happened upon Halligan Home Inspection online and I'm so glad I did. Don was incredibly thorough in his report, including photos and comments that explained his observations. I stopped by for about half an hour as he was doing the inspection and he walked me through some of the larger issues in the home. He answered my questions and I walked away feeling confident that I'd received a thorough overview of the condition of the house. Plus, with it being my first home purchase, I learned a lot. The cost of the inspection was reasonable and completely worth it. Highly recommended!
- M.T., June 2018
thank you don! Your knowledge was second to none! i learned alot of the home and felt my money was well spent with you.
- M.M., Gowrie IA, June 2018
Don arrived on time and after our greeting, we started on the home inspection. We checked the structure of the home, roof and foundation, and found was satisfactory condition. A thorough inspection was conducted on exterior and interior of home. And a list of repair items was created. Through the inspection report, we sent a list of items that need to be repaired to seller, in hopes they will get accomplished. Buying a home without an inspection is not recommended in my opinion. Thanks Don, for your expert service.
- T.H., Fort Dodge IA, June 2018
Very professional and knowledgeable.
- K.B., June 2018
We are very satisfied with Don's inspection. His report was very thorough and easy to read. We highly recommend him.
- R.M., Fort Dodge IA, June 2018
Don is fantastic at his job. Extremely thorough. A buyer can have total confidence that they will have all the knowledge needed to make an informed surprises! He will be the only inspector I will recommend to any one thinking of buying a home. Thanks for your help Don.
- M.C., June 2018
Don does a great job! He is very through. This is the second house I had Don inspect. With the first house, Don noticed things that I did not : negative slope, moisture in the crawl space, sagging beam, and more. I did not buy that house because the seller wasn't willing to fix anything or lower the asking price. Without Don's inspection, I would of been spending thousands of dollars on that house. Don inspected a second house for me and once again I am very happy with his work. Don's inspections are worth every penny spent! 😊
- T.R., Manchester IA, May 2018
Very thorough and knowledgeable.
- M.M., May 2018
Dear Dan, I want to thank you so much for my home inspection done on such notice. I think it was fortuitous that you were going to Minneapolis and had to go through Mason City, which is out of your territory. After receiving the report, I'm extremely impressed with your work. It's thorough and the photos you took are excellent, pointing out the problems which will enable me to bargain with the seller when making an offer. I appreciate the worksheet you sent in order to accomplish this. Being from out of state, it's always a challenge to find someone of quality for any kind of work, but I'm glad I found you! I would definitely recommend you to anyone who wants a quality home inspection done. Mary Harrington, SF, CA
- M.H., San Francisco CA, May 2018
Don was very pleasant and helpful when I called him to set up the home inspection. He came out promptly and worked out the details with our real estate agent since we are 3 hours away from the house we were interested in buying. Very thorough exam of the house. He pointed out issues that we knew about in our walk thru of the home and also many safety issues that we were not aware of. We are very thankful that he did a complete and thorough inspection of the house we would like to purchase. Thank you.
- S.J., Omaha NE, May 2018
We have used Don for home inspections in the past and he was our first choice when we needed a home inspection this time. He is very thorough and presents a comprehensive report that is complete and easily understood.
- D.H., April 2018
Thank you. You did great job. Very detailed and easy to understand.
- M.G., Badger IA, April 2018
Let me just say that if you are looking for a home inspector that is going to inspect like he is buying the property, you've found him! Don Halligan is the very best in my opinion, extremely thorough, hard working and above all else, honest! You won't find better in this business. Thank you Don!
- S.N., Temecula CA, March 2018
I live out of state & without the thorough & complete inspection that Don provided I would have been strapped with overwhelming costs for repairs & possible health problems from mold & radon gas. I give Don my very highest recommendation & will definitely be asking for his assistance in finding my new home. Don's service was the best & wisest use of my money ever!
- S.N., Temecula CA, March 2018
Dan worked extremely well with me as I was present during most of the inspection. Being a female, I had many questions. Dan explained every situation I asked about. He was very patient. And boy, did I learn alot! I can't say enough positive comments concerning his work, professional training and years of experience. If you have any hesitations concerning spending the extra cost, don't hesitate, don't hesitate. Each check point is documented with pictures. And, the company he is connected with has additional advantages you should ask Dan about. One I was certainly not aware of. And one last point, Dan has been doing this work for seven years. Highly qualified!
- N.P., Fort Dodge IA, March 2018
Don did an amazing job! He checked everything, and noticed things that I did not see. Also appreciate all the FYI included in the report. Would definitely recommend anyone needing an inspection to have Don do it.
- T.R., Manchester IA, February 2018
Great job. Thanks for all of the advice for repairs.
- T.D., February 2018
Don, I could not be more impressed by you knowledge and professionalism. You came highly recommended from many others, and I would not hesitate to recommend you to others! Thank You Sir!
- S.W., Fort Dodge IA, January 2018
Really thorough job! Thank you!
- R.S., January 2018