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Don Moore

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Thank you for trusting The Real Estate Inspection Company with your inspection. My goal was to meet or exceed your expectations for a home inspection. Your inspection report is full of information about your house in addition to any defects I found.

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When you get to the report be sure to review the whole thing - not just the summary. There may be many recommendations for maintenance which don't really qualify as repairs, but may be important to you.


Feel free to send me an email or call me with any questions you have about the inspection. My contact info is listed below.


Don Moore

The Real Estate Inspection Co
Home inspector in Chula Vista, South Bay and San Diego.

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NACHI, General Contractor


San Diego Real Estate Inspection Co. is an experienced, full service inspection team! Inspections of residential and commercial properties utilizes high tech inspection equipment, including infrared imaging of all building sub-assemblies.

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Took time to show all the significant items he located and was extremely knowledgeable.
- D.L., January 2018
super professional, and honest
- l.t., san diego CA, July 2017
Thanks again Don, Your were perfect with my client's . You once again have proven your skills and I appreciate your knowledge and professionalizm. See you at the next Home Inspection.
- S.M., July 2017
The best
- S.R., July 2017
Don was personable, knowledgable, and most importantly-- thorough!
- M.S., Chula Vista CA, June 2017
always a pleasure working with Don...My only go to inspector...thank you Don
- C.H., April 2017
Don was very friendly and personable, he knew what he was talking about and a great help
- A.O., San Diego CA, December 2016
Don was very thorough and was knowledgeable about a variety of areas. He took plenty of time to go through the house and record any areas that were of concern. I was very pleased with his polite manner and the patience he had answering my questions. I recommend him without any reservations. Ian
- I.L., December 2016
Don Moore was the perfect blend of experienced, competent, and professional while still managing to be very nice and approachable. He was not in a rush and did a thorough job. He was extremely generous with his time and knowledge. I think he was very good about answering my buyers questions. I have no problem recommending him and will use him myself in the future.
- T.W., San Diego CA, August 2016
Don does an amazing job which is why we won't use anyone else!
- J.G., San Diego CA, August 2016
Great work! Appreciate your warmth and sincere customer care!
- F.M., June 2016
Don provides a very detailed written report, which contains a description and photo for every problem. He was very thorough with his inspection, including the attic, roof, and detached garage. I highly recommend him.
- D.L., June 2016
Mr. Moore was extremely thorough in his inspection. His advice and suggestions were wonderful. His report was most helpful in making future repairs.
- L.N., June 2016
Don, it was a pleasure to meeting you. You were very professional, covered everything and answered all my questions. I would refer you to all my friends and would use your services again. Thank you!
- C.C., June 2016
Excellent home inspector!
- N.E., May 2016
Don did a fantastic job with inspection of a home I'm considering buying. The entire process was excellent, from automated scheduling the inspection appointment through Real Estate Inspection Company webpage, appointment confirmation, and meeting Don at the property. He had arrived early waiting before I got there ! Don inspected the house throughly, inside & out, and pointed out and explained numerous facts and highlighted various issues he'd found. Finally Don provided a ~ 60 page detailed inspection report with facts, pictures, and recommendations. I rate Don 10 out 10 and highly recommend him. Thanks Don !
- M.M., San Diego CA, April 2016
It was a great experience walking the house with Dan Moore. Very thorough , professional and friendly. I really liked his work. Thanks again. Your expertise means a lot to us ! Krishna
- M.K., April 2016
Don was very thorough. He spent time walking me through his findings and explaining in detail the issues. He made recommendations on items that I needed to address immediately and those that could wait. By the end of the day, I had a very good report on the inspection. Great to work with Don!
- J.T., March 2016
Don did a great job!
- D.M., February 2016
Don was both thorough and polite. His knowledge is extensive and he accomplished his work efficiently. It was a pleasure working with him!
- A.W., February 2016
Don was very patient and thorough with the inspection. We will definitely use him again.
- J.N., February 2016
Thorough in his work and provides clear answers.
- G.M., November 2015
Don youre awesome!!! Thank you so much for help. We now feel even more confident about this property! Feel like I know the entire home now! Thank you!!
- S.T., November 2015
Great, thorough work. Helped to identify all potential problems.
- M.F., November 2015
Don, Thank you so much! The yelp reviews were right about you. You did an awesome job identifying areas in my home that need to be repaired. V/r, Tasha McClure
- T.M., Coronado CA, October 2015
Don was very thorough. And he was very patient when answering questions. He explained things very well. I would definitely recommend him.
- M.R., October 2015
We were very pleased with the inspection. Very thorough. Great customer service!
- M.K., October 2015
Don did a very through job of inspecting the house and used all the appropriate equipment to do so. Very nice report.
- J.A., September 2015
Good morning Don. Just want to Thank You for coming out to El Cajon last week. Was very impressed with the way to did your home inspection from the time you arrived til the review of the home with Frank and I on your ipad. The report was beautiful with all the photos to see the problem areas and to use with the next inspection for further repair work. Had a great time chatting with you as well. You're very personable, thorough, and professional. Will forward anyone who asks us for a home inspector your way. Best of luck to you Don.
- M.K., September 2015
Hi Don, Thanks for a very comprehensive report. I noticed that the cracked tile on the roof was noted on the survey but not noted on the general summery. Please advise on this.
- C.V., August 2015
First off Don was great to deal with and professional. Appointments and costing with the company are straightforward and easy and report delivery is seamless. However I did find leaks in the house within a month of moving in. These were slow leaks that did not develop suddenly, I am a little disappointed that the thermal imaging that was used did not catch them. Likely they were too small, perhaps. But given that there are multiple spots like this missed I am a little disappointed. I believe the inspections need to be way more thorough. Thanks, Nisha
- N.C., August 2015
Super efficient and friendly!
- G.S., August 2015
From the ease of scheduling to the inspection itself, I would recommend this company. Don spent almost four hours as our inspector; he was very thorough, professional, and knowledgeable about the 1941 bungalow-style home we are purchasing. He explained the details and the "why" behind items in need of repairs, and informed of us of possible needs for upgrades in the future. What we especially liked is that he didn't write down a bunch of frivolous things, like some inspectors can; he noted was what was truly most important for the health of our home, and for the safety and comfort of its occupants now and into the future.
- M.R., August 2015
Don explained all the key items of concern and answered all the questions we posed. A great experience!
- A.L., July 2015
Don is not only thorough but also very knowledgeable. He helps to make the tricky process of buying a home less nerve-wracking.
- R.G., June 2015
Don did well I the inspection, but about the payment was a little bit confused me and my husband.
- D.C., May 2015
Don, Thank you for being so thorough and professional. I enjoyed your presence. Hope all worked out with your daughter. Sincerely Teresa White
- T.W., May 2015
Don has done a highly professional and thorough job and was willing to answer my follow-up questions in great detail. One small comment I have: it would be helpful upon discovering windows that do not meet current egress requirements to note their exact dimensions and height above the floor.
- I.I., May 2015
He was very thorough and efficient and took his time to inspect the entire house. He was very informative of what needed to be fixed. I feel that he did an excellent job.
- D.V., April 2015
Don is thorough with his inspection and very professional. It gives us peace of mind that we can uncover any issues and make the necessary repairs before we buy a house.
- A.B., March 2015
Did an awesome job. The inspection was very thorough. Although there was nothing major required for repair, but he did provide great suggestion to prevent or minimize any future mishap.
- D.T., March 2015
Very professional.
- D.U., El Cajon CA, March 2015
Don Moore is very patient, very responsible. excellent inspector. You will never regret hire him.
- s.l., San Diego CA, February 2015
You are a professional in every aspect of your job. I will definitely schedule you to do my next home inspection. Thanks a lot!
- B.P., February 2015
Awesome! Very thorough, explained everything. Personable, clean, and conscientious. Even the other agent commented and asked for his card!
- S.O., January 2015
Thank you so much for your attention to detail. I have bought and sold about 4 properties and this is the best inspection I've had thus far. My realtor said he will keep your name and ask for you in the future.
- D.E., January 2015
Don was very thorough with us as we are first time home buyers. He provided recommendations for who to call for certain items that needed to be fixed and carefully walked us through each facet of the house that we would need to be aware of (water, electric, heating, etc). Thank you Don!
- K.B., January 2015
Don did an excellent job of inspecting our soon to be home. He gave me an informative walk through and explained everything I needed to know. He also has an awesome FLIR thermal camera to detect any abnormalities. I got a detailed report with photos of each item that was reviewed. I absolutely recommend Don! Thank You!
- N.T., December 2014
Thanks a lot Don! You were very patient and answered all our questions during the home inspection. Moving into a single family home is a big big step for us and you allayed our fears and doubts by taking the time and responding to each and every single thing that we voiced. Even though the inspection went beyond the scheduled time, you did not hurry and did a thorough job! Thanks you so much once again!!!
- P.K., November 2014
Don is great. Thorough and knowledgeable. Wouldn't hesitate to use him again and will recommend!
- J.T., November 2014
Don did an amazing home inspection job. His inspection was extremely thorough and he was not only able to answer every inspection question that I had, but he went above and beyond to provide very helpful historical and technical information. The report he provided was detailed and was received in a very timely manner.
- J.L., November 2014
Thanks again Don! Really appreciate all of your efforts!!! Best Regards, Joe
- J.G., San Diego CA, October 2014
Don Moore entered my home as a professional with all his equipment on one efficient cart. As he went through the entire home he explained each "test" with the reasons behind the testing. He was very thorough and complete. He is quite knowledgable about building codes and the years implemented. I enjoyed his company as he made his way through the house - always testing as he explained. He noticed things I had not. He did an excellent job and I would certainly recommend him or use him were I to buy another home. Thank you so much, Don.
- S.L., October 2014
Don was very thorough and answered all of my questions. He was very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I will definitely use Don again and recommend, which has already been done and requested. :)Aloha!
- A.T., September 2014
We were more than satisfied with the thorough inspection we received. I believe that there will be very little surprises waiting for us in this house. He has saved us a good deal of money because of the inspection he did, especially the plumbing and backing up his findings with photos. We are more than happy.
- A.B., September 2014
It was a pleasure working with both Don and Magnus. Both were courteous, thorough, and comprehensive in their inspection. They really took the time to show and discuss with me the things my house needs to be in tip top shape.
- K.A., September 2014
Scheduling was easy, Don was very thorough and knowledgable while being realistic, and they offer a military discount!
- J.L., August 2014
Don was very thorough and professional. I would highly recommend his services.
- M.D., August 2014
Doing business with Don was very pleasant, professional and thorough. I will use him again in the future should I need another house inspection.
- H.D., August 2014
Don, Thanks so much for the inspection today!! I knew I picked the right team for the job and definitely got a great inspector. We really appreciate you taking the time to explain everything to us and answering any and all of our questions. I definitely plan on scheduling you for the re-inspect and will highly recommend you to anyone looking for a home inspection.
- B.F., Temecula CA, July 2014
Don was detail oriented, efficient and patient! He gave me a thorough run down of the inspection results, and I felt he went over and beyond to ensure that the inspection assessed the property accurately. I would definitely recommend him to anybody that is looking to purchase a home.
- S.M., July 2014
Don is extremely knowledgeable and helpful during a home inspection. He took his time and really had explained the entire process well. I highly recommend Don! Thanks!
- M.M., July 2014
Don did great work -- he explained everything he saw thoroughly and was respected by the builder in the items he suggested to be fixed.
- L.N., June 2014
We greatly appreciate the professionalism of Mr. Moore and the thoroughness of the report. Well worth the reasonable fees charged. Good job!
- F.R., May 2014
Very knowledgeable, informative, and patient. 100% recommendation.
- G.W., May 2014
- J.G., San Diego CA, April 2014
I feel that Don did a thorough job during the inspection. He was also very helpful in explaining what he was looking at, what he was looking for, what he found, and his assessment of the results.
- V.F., March 2014
This was the BEST home inspection. Don's attention to detail should be emulated by all. Very great work!!!
- R.M., March 2014
Don, you are the best - absolutely. Thanks again for all your expertise and your courtesy. Joan Henderson Brown Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices
- J.B., March 2014
It was a pleasure meeting Don. He was very helpful!
- C.A., February 2014
Did a great job. Fantastic attitude and was very thorough.
- E.X., February 2014
Don Moore is an excellent inspector. He is prompt and professional. This is the second time we have used him this month. His thoroughness on the first inspection uncovered some serious defects with the first home. His report was thorough enough that we were able to e-mail it to an electrician, and the electrician was able to give us a quote for needed repairs without charging us to go to the home. Based on the electrical issues and other issues we decided not to purchase the home. Thus the second inspection this month. Don was once again thorough and fortunately the second home was determined to be in much better condition. The reports we have received for both homes are terrific -- Don includes photographs of all the issues so we can show the sellers or as I mentioned above so we could obtain a repair estimate without returning to the home. The company Don works for is also wonderful. Scheduling is easy and when I called with a question they were responsive. Thank you.
- N.M., San Diego CA, January 2014
Don, was thorough, had pleasant demeanor, and left you w/a feeling he was looking out for your interest in such a major purchase.
- C.G., January 2014
Great job - Thanks!
- K.M., December 2013
Thanks, Don
- K.S., December 2013
This is the 2nd time we have contracted Don Moores to do a home inspection.On both occasions he showed comprehensive knowledge and the ability to explain his observations clearly, regardless how technical the issue is. He is thorough in his investigation, responsive to questions and considerate. An outstanding professional. We would recommend him without any reservation to anyone in need of such a service!
- J.S., October 2013
We've just finished our home inspection with Don Moore of the San Diego Real Estate Inspection Company. Our prospective home is 22 yrs old and is not worth the money the sellers wished to sell it for. The sellers began their listing from 1.1 M over a year and a half ago. Don Moor pointed out issues with the house thoroughly during our time together. His written report was clear so anyone can understand it. The report may help the seller not to feel cheated by us for paying less than they hoped for a year ago, particularly when the owners live out of town and haven't seen their home for a while. This inspection definitely helped us, and probably helped the sellers as well. We learned a lot from our inspection. I highly recommend Don Moor as an expert home inspector! You won't be sorry choosing him.
- S.Z., October 2013
Thanks for a job well done. Punctual, Professional, and ready to answer questions.
- E.A., August 2009