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Brian Lane


It's a simple fact of life: when buying or selling a property in Colorado, a home inspection is a requirement by most lenders. That's because most lenders or purchasers would not risk a major cash outlay on a property sight unseen. And in this case, "unseen" refers to the features of the structure that might not be obvious to the casual observer.

Determining the detailed condition of a home arms you with the knowledge needed to make an informed buying decision.

HomePro Professional Home Inspections has the expertise and years of experience needed to examine a prospective property in detail, beneath the surface, to ensure that the money sunk into it will not end up in a money pit. We're certified by the American Society of Home Inspectors and the National Society of Home Inspectors, so you can rest assured we're legit.

A Fort Collins Resident with a Background in Home Remodeling

Our owner started out in the home remodeling trade, where he learned how to build structures properly and to code. It's this experience, combined with his more recent home inspection training, that gives him an edge in getting to the bottom of any potential issues in your current or prospective home. Plus, he's lived and worked in the Fort Collins area for 26 years and counting.

HomePro can:
• Inspect both residential and commercial properties in Colorado
• Work with both real estate agents and individuals
• Identify problem areas and determine what needs to be fixed
• Tell how specific issues in a home might affect its property value

HomePro will inspect the property of interest from top to bottom and present interested parties with detailed reports with photos. The reports will be provided 24 hours after the inspection to help them in the decision-making process. HomePro invites you to follow along on his inspection tour so you can learn how to perform preventive maintenance and take care of your home in the years to come.

Contact HomePro Professional Home Inspections today, right here in Colorado at (970) 412-5266. We'll be happy to answer questions or schedule your home inspection.


Why choose HomePro?


• Buyers Inspections designed to identify problem areas both small and large that may have been overlooked by the previous owners, and to identify issues which require immediate attention.
• Sellers Inspections to help you discover which issues must be immediately addressed to secure the sale of your home, and which may be negotiable with a prospective buyer.
• Warranty Inspections as a follow-up to new home construction. Find out which faults may be repaired by your builder at no cost to you.
• Environmental Hazard Inspections to identify potentially hazardous issues in a property up for sale. Our non-invasive visual inspection can isolate areas of concern. We also provide radon, lead, mold, asbestos sampling and testings.

You can also visit our website for FAQ and read reviews.


HomePro has done thousands of inspections since 2000 and our background in remodeling will give you valuable insight.


HomePro works with realtors to ensure that the inspection is tailored to your home buyer's needs. We want our partners to feel comfortable in our knowledge and experience in offering Buyers, Sellers, Warranty and Environmental Inspections.


Since this is my first it looks good. I appreciated Brian pointing out things that need to be repaired before we move in as the problems might not be quickly remedied and then could cause damage and costs. Seems thorough and I hope I might ask questions to him.
- C.B., September 2017
The report seemed very accurate just what I'm looking for. the pictures on the report help very much the report showed that there wasn't much maintenance at all on that house thank you
- D.B., June 2017