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Joe Hill

Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call First Look Home Inspection. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Work Phone: 757 236-0076

About First Look Home Inspection

We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

We are located in Hampton and serve all surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you!


I have over 30 years of experience in quality control and building inspection for the US ARMY and First Look.


Free Follow up Support and consultation! When we perform your inspection, we remain your personal consultant by phone at no additional cost for as long as you live in the home. You can call us with questions.

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They are professional, reliable, and courteous, with a smile... which helps when your dealing with all the frustrations of owning a new home(paperwork) My husband and I highly recommend these two ! 🙂
very nice job. explained everything nicely.
- N.S., May 2019
Great team used them for two home inspections. Very professional
- L.C., April 2019
Very helpful and efficient.
- M.B., April 2019
Very professional. Will most definitely use Joe's company for all future inspections.
- Q.B., March 2019
Joe Hill and son Ellis are thoroughly professional and very knowledgeable concerning home and inspections and help me make very sound and fair decisions. I use them for all my property inspections and would not have any other
- K.H., Portsmouth VA, January 2019
Very happy with the service
- A.W., November 2018
Very happy with the service
- A.W., November 2018
Thank you so much for always being so accommodating. You and Ellis are simply the best and thorough with your inspections. I can't say enough about your professionalism and the ability to do the job in a timely manner. You compliment my business and I appreciate you. BL
- B.L., November 2018
Very knowledgeable of the things needed to conduct a successful inspection
- J.W., November 2018
Great inspector! Thorough reports.
- R.V., November 2018
Very pleased with the Inspection!
- A.T., October 2018
Thanks Mr Joe and your son for your great service!
- A.L., October 2018
Joe and Ellis where professional and I would highly recommend them.
- J.E., October 2018
Joe and Ellis did a great job!! Prior to the start of the inspection, they told us to ask questions at any time. They provided a verbal overview at the end; the actual report was received quickly and is very thorough and precise!! Thanks Joe and Ellis! We will definitely request your services in the future. C & G Davis--Sept. 2018
- C.D., September 2018
Joe, You and your son are very thorough with your report. I was very satisfied with the service. Future state, consider building a list of reputable contractors or handymen to recommend to your clients upon unsatisfactory findings within your report. This gives the client a starting point or options to begin investing in repairs.
- D.W., August 2018
Thank to you and your staff (Ellis) for being very attentive and informative during and after the inspection.
- Y.S., NORFOLK VA, May 2018
Mr. Hill and Mr. Ellis provided outstanding service. Mr. Hill and Mr. Ellis addressed all of our concerns and answered all of our questions. Their attention to detail is exceptional. Thank you again for your time and professionalism!
- A.P., May 2018
Very thorough and knowledgeable. I will definitely be recommending you!
- A.R., April 2018
Very detailed report!
- J.C., April 2018
On time, professional and informative! Thank you!
- C.C., April 2018
Great thorough work
- J.C., April 2018
It is always a pleasure to work with your company.
- A.C., April 2018
Great Job as usually!
- R.P., March 2018
Joe Hill and his Son and team partner Ellis are fabulous. I would highly recommend this team to anyone looking for a thorough home inspection.
- M.M., March 2018
Very knowledgeable and communicate very well during inspection time. I give him 10 out of 10.
- A.B., February 2018
Mr. Hill and his son were very thorough and did a great job explaining everything to me. I feel like I was represented well by the two and Id definitely use them again!
- S.C., December 2017
This company helped me with 3 inspections before I found a house I could purchase without a lot of problems. In each instance Joe and his son provided a meticulous inspection. I was given a complete and thorough picture of the home as well as any problems. These gentlemen are professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them.
- M.C., November 2017
Mr. Hill and his son are absolutely the BEST people to work with for your home inspection. Not only did they inspect my future home, they walked me around and explained everything they found. I had some questions and they didn't hesitate to answer them as well. I also didn't feel rushed because they took their time and were VERY thorough. Mr. Hill and his son showed up on time and wasted no time getting started. If you're looking for qualified, on time, thorough and professional inspectors give them a call!!!! I would definitely use them again! Great job guys!!
- K.C., November 2017
Joe and Ellis Hill has my total confidence when conducting Home Inspections. I have used them twice and they have been punctual, professional and very thorough.
- S.J., November 2017
I use Mr. Hill's company for all on my home inspections. Mr. Hill and his team are thorough, on time and completes the home inspection report in a timely manner. I strongly would and have referred his company to my colleagues.
- R.B., September 2017
Mr Hill and his staff is very professional. All my clients have been and are still please with the outcome of their inspection. You truly have my back even in a time crunch. Thank you BL 8/17
- B.L., August 2017
Mr. Hill conducts himself in a professional manner. This is the second home Mr. Hill has inspected for me. He does a thorough job and goes a step further in pin pointing and explaining in detail any and all descrepensies found. I highly recommend using his services. He is my go to guy on all my home inspections for my future properties. Thanks Joe
- L.B., August 2017
I can always count on Joe Hill to perform a very thorough home inspection. He is very knowledgeable in his craft and readily explains any concerns in terms that are easy to understand. Joe Hill First Look Home Inspections is my number one pick for my clients.
- L.N., August 2017
Honest, fair, efficient. On time, explains the how's and whys of what is going on Very respectable I would use him 100 times over
- K.H., Portsmouth VA, June 2017
We thank your sir for doing an honest inspection of this home.
- K.I., May 2017
Joe is very professional and he does know his job well. He is friendly and always on time and the customer service is superb. Thanks Joe for a job well done as always.
- B.L., March 2017
Joe Hill is WONDERFUL! From the moment my daughter and I first met him, to the completion of the inspection, he keep us informed on what was goi8ng on. He made sure we knew where the problem was found, the severity, and what it would take to fix the problem. My daughter and I are not mechanical by nature so he spoke to us in terms we could understand. And, when we didn't get it, he explained a different way to help us understand. He was Very, Very professional. I will never use another home inspector.
- J.R., February 2017
It was a pleasure and a relief to have Mr. Joe Hill and his son Ellis perform a thorough inspection of our "soon to be purchased" home. We had a full plate of issues, due to the home being sold as-is, so we were ready for the worst! We now are aware of issues to resolve before occupying the home. Mr. Hill also pointed out many mechanical features of the home to me. That was a great benefit of the inspection, and will save me time during the restoration process.
- G.M., February 2017
Very good.
- T.R., January 2017
Joe was very knowledgeable, honest and seemed to really have my best interest at heart. It was a pleasure working with him!
- E.M., December 2016
So helpful and friendly. They made sure I knew about any major problems. Recommended
- L.V., December 2016
Mr. Hill and his team were very professional. I appreciate the fact that they explained their findings as they went along and answered any questions I asked honestly and thoroughly. I definitely recommend Joe and First Look Home Inspection to future home owners. Thank you for your hard work and time.
- A.W., October 2016
thank for being so thorough!! Great report.
- C.J., September 2016
Joe Hill arrived on time. He and his son conducted a professional inspection inside and out and provided us, as homeowners, with the information we needed to prioritize the allocation of our limited funds on the maintenance and repair tasks most needed to be completed.
- J.F., September 2016
Joe and his team were very professional, punctual and most knowledgeable. Upon meeting him we immediately felt trust in doing business and we would definitely use him again! A very detailed repair report followed in a timely manner. Passion for service is top notch service!
- F.O., August 2016
He was very professional, punctual, explained things in layman's terms to make the process and issues easily understandable, alerted me to potential maintenance issues. In closing, he provided a very detailed report in a timely manner.
- G.C., August 2016
Thanks Mr. Hill for always being here for me and my clients!!!!
- C.J., July 2016
Thank you so much!! With me being a first time home buyer, I learned so much just by watching and listening to you and your partner. I know better now what to really look for durning a home inspection . My husband and I Thank you both so very much. Mr & Mrs. Dillard
- M.D., April 2016
Thank you so much . I learned so much just by watching and listening to you and your partner. I know better now what to really look for . My husband and I Thank you both so very much
- M.D., April 2016
I must say I do not like this system for the report. The password being need makes this more complicated then it needs to be. Also Trying to print this report is complicated.
- L.K., April 2016
He and his staff were prompt and professional I will continue to recommend his services.
- K.B., December 2015
Thank you Mr. Hill and team for always being so thorough and good to my clients. It is an honor to be allowed the opportunity to use you as my personal home inspector this time after watching you for approximately 6 years now take care of my clients. This time I got to be your client! Again, thank you! Crystal Jones, RN, NC Wainwright Real Estate
- C.J., September 2015
Mr. Joe and his family are always reliable, easy to work with and very proficient. They are thorough and it's easy to schedule appointments with them. I will always use First Look Home Inspection
- A.S., August 2015
Even if the company name stays the same, your name needs to be in front of everybody by embroidered shirts or a name tag of some sort. I thought your inspector did a thorough job and explained in simple terms his findings. Anything of question, he looked at immediately and if he wasn't sure, he didn't try to come up with some answer to please us- very glad!
- A.P., August 2015
Friendly and very detailed. I felt he really was looking out for my best interest. Answer any question I asked.
- L.R., August 2015
I have been using Joe Hill since 2006...enough said! I really like his service. Never been disappointed.
- G.B., August 2015
They were on time, explained all and prompt with the report
- C.H., July 2015
On time, professional, outstanding to work with..
- S.L., July 2015
Joe you and your team were great. I was very pleased with your inspection. I would recommend to other people. Your inspectors explained everything to me and i felt better. You all did a great job. Again thank you for everything.
- K.C., June 2015
Joe you and your team were great. I was very pleased with your inspection. I would recommend to other people. Your inspectors explained everything to me and i felt better. You all did a great job. Again thank you for everything.
- K.C., June 2015
Joe Hill was extremely knowledgeable. Allowed me the buyer to attend every aspect of the home inspection. Answered all my questions and was very patient. Extremely professional team. Will recommend this company anytime.
- Z.R., April 2015