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Gary Hart

Whether your buying, selling or want to find out about the general health of your property please contact Advanced Group Property inspections. We provide commercial and residential property inspection services throughout the state of California. Use our expertise to make better decisions with your investments.

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We're an LA based property inspection crew servicing all of Southern California. From residential to commercial, we do it all. Over 50,000 inspections conducted since 1994 with a near flawless track record. 

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Serving Southern California since 1994. Our motto: You can't inspect a house unless you've built one. Checkout Advanced Group Property Inspection to get the full story.


Gary is awesome -- knowledgeable and patient. We ask for him every time!
- L.H., July 2015
Gary was the consulate pro. He was very thorough, very informative and personable. It was a pleasure dealing with Gary! Thank you
- P.E., July 2015
i love gary!!! gary, you are awesome, you have been patience and honest to my clients, they appreciate your knowledge and professionalism. you cannot retired.
- C.P., June 2015
Gary is great guy. Approachable and knowledgable. Gary took the time to walk us through our property and give us a thorough, honest rundown of concerns and repairs; he even offered us the opportunity to give him a call with questions after COE, which is amazing because I'm sure we'll have them as FTHB. I'd recommend Gary to friends and family, and you.
- J.P., March 2015
I have never seen such a thorough and well-written inspection before, and certainly none with accompanying photos. I see exactly what needs to be done and can show the report to the handyman without having to explain it myself.
- L.M., May 2014
Excellent Service
- S.L., April 2014
Gary was very detailed in his inspection. He also took the time to walk me through the house and show and explain each item that he noticed. He answered all my questions patiently and in detail. As know nothing about these things I felt that I learned a great deal in general and about the property specifically.
- C.G., February 2014
Gary Hart did an outstanding job, very detailed on his work. Would recommend to friends and family. Thanks!
- S.T., February 2014
He was extremely thorough,knowledgable and personable
- B.L., January 2014
Very helpful and explained everything clearly. I would definitely recommend Mr. Hart.
- T.F., December 2013
Gary Hart is very professional in all aspects - dealing with customers and performing his job. He is a very nice guy as well. Highly recommended! Thank you
- C.G., October 2013
Thank you for the quick response.
- W.S., April 2013
Gary was great. Very professional, affable and paid great attention to detail. Glad he was my inspector.
- J.W., March 2013
Gary's customer service skills were outstanding. He was very detailed in his approach to perform a thorough inspection. I will be requesting that Gary perform my future home inspections and would highly recommend him.
- R.M., March 2013
Gary was very professional and knowledgeable. Wonderful service.
- A.M., March 2013
Thank you for your knowledge, insight and thorough inspection.
- S.R., October 2012
Michael was very professional and thorough. He also had a great personality! We totally enjoyed having him. I would refer him to anyone.
- A.M., August 2012
Michael King is the perfect combination of trustworthy, thorough, and an awesome sense of humor. He took the time to explain everything he found in the house. Also, most home inspectors are kind of dull in personality, but not Michael! You'll get a kick out of Michael. He'll make you laugh for sure! Which was good for my wife and I since we were pretty nervous about our home inspection! Most importantly you'll feel like he's looking out for your best interest and telling you everything you need to know about your house and whether it's in good shape or not. If you need a great home inspector, Michael is the best!
- J.S., June 2012
It was a pleasure to meet you, thank you for doing a very thorough and professional inspection on the future home of my family. Iā??m a first time home buyer and I found the inspection report is very detailed and easy to understand. Thank you again for all your hard work.
- J.V., May 2012
Michael was professional, informed and performed his inspection efficiently. Elisa Downing
- G.S., April 2012
Did a great job. Very thorough and answered all my clients questions. Will definitely recommend Michael again.
- B.R., April 2012
Michael King is a great guy, I never used your company before; but if all your inspectors are like him, you now have one more agent on your side. I can tell my clients to use your services with total confidence.
- M.M., March 2012
Michael did not leave without connecting and establishing a sense of trust with my client. His informative inspection put many of my client's concerns to rest. I will recommend him for the next one. =)
- G.C., May 2011
Michael is very knowledgeable and gives expert advice on what to look out for and maintain in the property. Will definitely work with and recommend him in the future.
- C.L., May 2011
Thank you for coming out in that pouring rain. your inspection was timely and insightful Lance Marks Rodeo Realty
- L.M., Calabasas CA, March 2011
I am very pleased with Micheal's service and knowledge and will continue to use him for future inspections.
- I.L., January 2011
Michael is thorough, offers good advice, and friendly. I'm completely satisfied and would recommend him to friends and family!
- D.S., December 2010
He was very informative and provided useful informastion.
- F.L., June 2010
Mike, thx for the great job and i hope to work with you some more in near future. i usually refer about 3 or 4 inspectors and let them choose on their own. i'll be definitely giving out your number. take care and see you soon !!
- S.P., Valencia CA, March 2010
Micheal King is a professional in his field, and he is always on time on his appointments. He takes the time and explains all clients questions with a passion. Thank you Micheal Leo
- L.H., Glendale CA, March 2010
Very nice inspection report, probably the most thorough and well prepared I've dealt with. Thank you Mike! Darren and Alice Hill
- D.H., December 2009
I am not sure if my previous comments made it through the system. Mr. King was a very professional, thorough inspector. He took a considerable amount of time to explain exactly what the issues were concerning the property, pointing out items that I would not have noticed at all. His opinions were carefully thought-out. He is a definite asset to your company. I would most assuredly recommend him to anyone who wants an unbiased, diligent, professional evaluation of their property. - Dr. A. Armstrong
- A.A., November 2009
Mike, you did an amazing job, you are very personable and thorough. Thanks for the great job! Dean Janes
- D.J., November 2009
Loved that you were on time and performed a good inspection with a summary walk-thru for the client. But LOVED that you called to make sure I received the report and knew how to access it. Thanks!
- L.G., Woodland Hills CA, June 2009