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Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call Home Inspections of the OZarks. Inspecting homes in Northwest Arkansas. Know your home from top to bottom. Inspect before you insvest. Mobile Phone: Joey 870-414-1354 ;  Jordan 870-577-0349; Fax Number: 870-437-5312

About Home Inspections of the OZarks

We perform various inspections, from full home inspections to phase inspections on new construction. Also many more types of inspections. You can find more on our website .  We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

We are located in Harrison and serve all surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you!


Very thorough and detailed. Also, a very good value.
- R.W., July 2020
They were great. Joseph and Jordan did a outstanding job. They took the time to show me and explain to me what they found. I would use them again or recommend them to anyone. Thank you so much.
- K.E., June 2020
Joey Fila was professional, thorough, and informative. He gave helpful insights into needed repairs. I will recommend him with complete confidence.
- E.S., June 2020
Excellent service and beyond my expectations on the quality of the work. Comprehensive reporting and no detail overlooked.
- D.M., May 2020
I was very pleased with the level of detail provided. The inspectors took the time to walk through everything with me so I would understand how to use the different features and appliances of the home. They were very thorough, professional and kind. They even went the extra mile to repair a few of the items that had been broken. I highly recommend!
- K.W., April 2020
Best home inspection experience I have ever had! Joey and Jordan came out on short notice and walked me through every step of their extremely thorough inspection, explaining in detail everything they considered worth noting. Then they had a full report in my hands just a few hours later. In addition to being highly competent they are also very personable and easy to work with. I would absolutely use them again.
- A.S., Holiday Island AR, March 2020
I HIGHLY recommend these guys if you are looking for a completely thorough inspection of any property that you're considering buying. I was referred to Joey by my father-in-law. We just recently had a third house inspected by them (this is the 3rd since September 2019). Joey and Jordan are awesome!! They provided us with our inspection reports on the same day all 3 times!! They reach out to YOU to see if you have any questions. I've had realtors tell me, "If Joey is doing your inspection, he WILL find what other inspectors have missed". I can't say enough about how wonderful these guys are....kind, professional and really decent and honest. Thank you Joey and guys are THE BEST!!
- M.J., March 2020
Joey is simply amazing. This is the second inspection he has done for us and we will not use anyone else. Joey is very nice, very thorough, very knowledgeable, and super easy to work with.
- J.G., harrison AR, January 2020
Joe and Jordan were great and thorough as well as efficient. Were able to fit us into their busy schedule and also get our report back to us the same day.
- E.Y., Fayetteville AR, August 2019
Thorough and fast, very detailed and great communication! I have already recommended to others.
- J.F., July 2019
Joey and Joradan always provide top notch service. This is the 2nd house they have inspected for us this year and they saved us from making a very expensive bad decision on the 1st one. Very thorough, knowledgable and informative. Highly recommend Joey and Jordan.
- T.J., Fayetteville AR, March 2019
Mr. Fila has inspected two buildings for me, and he was quick, thorough, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Mr. Fila to anyone needing an inspection performed!
- D.A., February 2019
You guys are my "go to" for real estate! A life saver!
- A.W., February 2019
I have come to rely on you guys: you're very thorough and dependable. The best in the business!
- A.W., February 2019
Joey and Jordon provided excellent service. Very knowledgable and informative. They went the extra mile to provide through education and answered any questions I had. Highly recommend.
- T.J., Fayetteville AR, January 2019
Thank you so much Joe. You guys were very helpful and made this process much easier and less stressful.
- D.D., December 2018
You did an incredible job! Really exhaustive and thorough! Fantastic! By the way, I placed the check in the PO on Sunday night -- you should receive it Wed or Thursday at the latest.
- S.P., October 2018
I feel that Joey and Jordan are very thorough and careful and knowledgeable. The inspection was really helpful information. It was clear and easy to understand. They went over their findings with me to make sure that I was aware of the things that need attention. I love the emailed report with pictures, and the way it makes responding to the report so easy. I will recommend Home Inspections of the Ozarks to others.
- C.S., September 2018
Did a very thorough job. Much appreciated your professionalism. Thank you so much.
- L.S., August 2018
Joseph and Jordan were very professional and thorough. They pointed out issues that others had missed. I enjoyed working with them.
- A.A., August 2018
Thank you so much! We appreciate you and will call again!
- K.D., July 2018
Joe was extremely detailed very professional and amazing at what he did. We would definitely use him again and highly highly recommend him. Thank you so much
- L.E., July 2018
Good job. Inspection results helped me make an informed and crucial decision.
- J.M., June 2018
Great Job! Very thorough and thank you for taking the time to review your observations with me. Completely satisfied!
- R.J., Harrison AR, May 2018
Truthful, trustworthy, and very knowledgeable. I couldn't ask for anyone better!
- J.S., April 2018
Awesome job I wouldn't trust any one else he is so in depth and Honest.
- S.R., April 2018
Friendly and very detailed work - helped me out due to a short time window. Really appreciate you Joey!
- P.A., February 2018
He was very detailed and thorough and went the extra mile in explaining things to me. Very professional!
- C.R., February 2018
I appreciate the thoroughness of your inspection and your excellent communication of your findings.
- D.P., February 2018
He was a pleasure to work with through out the inspection. It was very cold the morning he did it and I did NOT expect him to be there. He was and the job he performed was excellent. If I ever purchase another home in the area he will be the only one I would have.
- C.B., January 2018
Very thorough and professional. We would not hesitate to recommend him.
- S.P., January 2018
Joseph was professional, thorough, and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend!
- N.J., December 2017
Being 2,000 miles away I really needed someone I could have confidence in. I viewed the sample report on the website along with various recommendations and also confirmed what I was finding with a local real estate professional. The report I received did not disappoint and was definitely on par with what the sample presented. In addition to the prompt turnaround I also appreciated the follow-up call. I can definitely recommend Joey Fila without reservation.
- T.P., Oroville CA, December 2017
Me. Fila did such a thorough job inspecting the home, from walking on the roof, to crawling in the crawl space, that I feel confident, there will be no surprises, later on. Every item, no matter how big or small, was detailed in his report.
- R.R., November 2017
It's my first time to buy a house and he's report about the inspection was easy to see the problem and fix even for a woman doesn't have idea about house repairs i totally recommend it !!
- I.B., September 2017
Joey and Jordan were very professional and thorough.They were extremely detailed on their findings.We are very pleased with their service.We will use them again for a inspection.
- L.G., September 2017
Very through and pleasant!!! He goes the extra mile for his clients and we appreciated that!!!
- T.P., Harrison AR, August 2017
Very thorough with the process. Quick turn around time on report. Very pleased with his service!!
- B.B., Clinton AR, July 2017
Joey and Jordan were absolutely awesome to work with. I am extremely pleased with how thorough they were, and how they took the time to explain their findings. They come very highly recommended by us.
- B.N., July 2017
Very professional and completely exceeded my expectations, I would recommend Joseph to anyone needing an inspection.
- T.S., June 2017
Joey was great to work with and provided excellent detail for a prospective home buyer like me that does not live near by.
- J.H., May 2017
This is my third time to use Home Inspections of the Ozarks and each time they exceed my expectations in going above and beyond and paying attention to every possible concern I may have.
- C.R., April 2017
Great job, very detailed and descriptive
- K.K., April 2017
Thanks for doing a good job and being thorough. I will definitely use you for any future inspections I need and recommend you to others
- T.G., March 2017
Hey, Joey, you guys were very comprehensive in your inspection and answered all my considerable questions very patiently and knowledgeably. I feel comfortable going forward with this contract now that I have a thorough knowledge of the property, warts and all. Thanks! Carol
- C.D., February 2017
Thanks for ur help!
- S.F., February 2017
Report was very thorough and concise - very easy to were taken of appliances showing serial numbers which make it easy for us to keep in our were very clear.....the few minor things were easily repaired. It was all done in a very timely fashion. We would definitely recommend Joseph Fila to anyone.
- D.E., February 2017
Joe and his team were thorough and professional. I followed Joe around while he inspected a home I had under contract and he took the time to point out and explain several items of concern. In the end, Joe helped me not make a $300,000 mistake - thanks, Joe!
- N.J., January 2017
Extremely thorough and not only provides the reports, but also discusses in detail any issues.
- C.W., December 2016
First class service. Everything we needed and more.
- D.A., December 2016
Joey and Jordan are tireless, efficient and thorough. I have the utmost confidence in their work and I highly recommend them.
- A.W., November 2016
Joey, we really appreciate the 3 inspections you did for us in the search for our forever home. Your reports were very thorough and easy to understand. Your attention to detail was unbelievable and we will definately refer friends and family to use your services in the future. You're the best!!!
- R.M., November 2016
Joey, Thank you so much for your very thorough inspection. You went above and beyond what I expected. You were incredibly helpful and informative. I would gladly recommend you to anyone needing a home inspection. Best wishes, Bill Melton
- B.M., October 2016
Very good job done on our inspection. Found a lot of things we missed. Thanks again.
- T.H., October 2016
I thought the inspection was thorough and very efficient. You made it easy to schedule and do a great job of keeping your clients informed. I will definitely make referrals to you in the future
- K.T., Eureka Springs AR, October 2016
Joey did a great job. The report was easy to follow and very comprehensive.
- M.M., October 2016
Good Job Joey...I would recommend!
- M.M., September 2016
The report was very thorough, had accompanying photographs, and helpful suggestions for corrections. The team was very and easy to communicate with. Ernie Little
- E.L., September 2016
Thank you for giving the client such a thorough inspection. With all parties being from out of town and working to make this successful, this was very helpful. I can see why other agents in the area highly recommended you and the work you do.
- M.D., Cabot AR, August 2016
Thanks for sharing your know how with me as you inspected the home.
- D.O., August 2016
The report was clear and comprehensive. Joey took time on the phone with me afterwards to answer all my follow-up questions. He was extremely helpful in helping us come to a good understanding of the home's true condition, so that we could make a wise decision. Thanks Joey!
- P.L., August 2016
This is our second home inspection with Joseph Fila and he does an outstanding and thorough job. And he is so quick to write up the report. We would definitely use him again.
- L.S., Branson MO, July 2016
Joey, I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with this inspection. I have bought and sold 14 houses in the Tulsa area in the past 5 years and obviously have had those home inspected but none of those inspections have come close to the level of this inspection. The report was easy to read and understand, it was very detailed and the interactive tools of being able to forward it to the seller with notes and request was very handy. It was a pleasure to do busy with you and I will be putting payment in the mail to you today. John M Johnston
- J.J., July 2016
Affordable and friendly!!!!
- P.R., June 2016
Great job! Very detailed report. Everything looks to have been gone over with a fine-tooted comb. I would highly recommend Joseph Fila.
- J.D., June 2016
Thank you for the inspection. It was informative and helpful.
- V.S., May 2016
We very please with the inspection. They were very thorough and also very professional. We would definitely recommend them.
- C.L., May 2016
Very personable, very thorough!
- K.M., April 2016
Excellent folks to deal with and very thorough.
- M.D., April 2016
Joey was very helpful with our inspection, and very patient with our many questions we felt very good about it.
- H.B., April 2016
Joey was efficient and professional with a wonderful, friendly touch. He worked with us to have the report done quickly. Everything was delivered as promised including the report with pictures. Thank you so much Joey. It was a pleasure to meet you and your wife.
- D.C., April 2016
Joey found stuff that I would have never thought about looking for. Highly recommended.
- A.F., April 2016
Thank you for all you do.
- I.B., April 2016
Very responsive. Prompt to return calls. Polite. Professional. Highly recommended.
- M.A., March 2016
I thought Joey and his family make an awesome team they got to us quickly and they didn't leave anything out! Thank you guys!
- W.S., March 2016
No complaints, it was complete and very professional. Great job!
- T.P., March 2016
Very thorough job. Since 3 people are doing the inspection, it would be difficult for a lone home buyer to observe every aspect. But as items may be an issue, they are pointed out. Very good job.
- J.B., March 2016
I was greatly impressed by the work done by Joey. He came in and got the job done quickly and effectively. He also communicated with me, and showed me things in the home while explaining them rather than simply telling me which I greatly appreciated. Also, the report was sent to me in the same day so I did not have to wait. I would recommend Mr. Fila to anyone in search of an excellent home inspection.
- G.B., March 2016
I have never had a professional home inspection done before so I wasn't sure what to expect. Mr. Fila mad it so easy! He is very professional and a pleasure to work with! I am very impressed with the detail and quality of his report and would recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection!
- P.P., February 2016
Very pleased with the detail of the inspection, especially noted safety issues. Being from out of state, I appreciate you welcoming any further questions. Thank you.
- B.Y., January 2016
Joey was great! He was thorough and very knowledgeable. Explained things to us and was very patient, especially with our four year old. Would recommend to anyone very highly!!
- R.R., December 2015
Open communication, timely scheduling and very thorough. I am happy with the home inspection report and process.
- S.B., December 2015
Joseph Fila did the most through inspection and explained everything to me. He should be anyone's choice for an inspector hands down! Great job and very nice man.
- A.K., November 2015
I appreciate Joey's willingness to crawl into spaces that would scare most other people away. Thanks Joey!
- C.B., November 2015
Joey did an amazing job. I appreciated all the extras he did like show us where to turn water or propane on and off. He was so detailed and I feel so much better now that I know we have had an excellent inspection. I would recommend him to anyone.
- A.R., October 2015
Joey did a fantastic job! I will use him for all of my "Home Inspection" needs from this point forward and will recommend him to everyone I know. He far exceeded my expectations.
- B.E., October 2015
I would refer Mr Fila to anyone. He was on time, knowledgeable and very thorough. I am a Realtor by trade and have used many Home Inspectors. OZ Home Inspections is by far the most professional I have used. I put them on the top of my list.
- M.D., Belle Vista AR, October 2015
Great job, very personable and informative. The inspection was very thorough and detailed.
- J.G., September 2015
Did great Job. Would definitely use in the future.
- K.O., September 2015
Joey did a very thorough job inspecting our home. He was very professional and extremely quick when writing the report. The report was detailed and very clear with examples and pictures. We will definitely use Joey again. Thank you Joey!
- L.S., Branson MO, September 2015
It was obvious that Mr. Fila is very experienced with home inspections. He knew what to look for and he as a good sense of issues that a buyer will think are important. He was also very patient and answered all of my questions as well as providing information for my consideration that was important
- L.G., September 2015
Joey, I appreciate your thoroughness and also taking the time to explain your findings in detail. Your follow-up and professionalism were top-notch. I also appreciate your in-depth knowledge of all of the home's different systems, as well as your attention to details that I would surely have overlooked. Thanks again, Steve and Susan
- S.R., August 2015
Joey did an excellent job of inspecting the house I'm planning on purchasing. My son met with him , and we Skyped during the inspection. Joey did a through inspection and provided useful tips also.
- C.R., August 2015
Joseph, I appreciate the fact that when I called You set up the appointment fast and got the job Done and was very professional. Thanks Heath.
- H.D., July 2015
The home inspection was professional and thorough, and oh so informative! Thank you Joey for all your help.
- J.C., July 2015
Thanks to Mr. Fila's expertise many items were found that required repair and/or replacement that we would not have discovered had we not hired him to inspect our new home. He prepared a detailed and comprehensive report including photos to be addressed by the builder. We would highly recommend his services to anyone seeking a home inspection. Bud & Jerri Adams
- B.A., Harrison AR, July 2015
I feel that Mr. Fila did a fantastic job on our new home inspection. He was very professional and detailed in his work. He also was very helpful in explaining everything that he found with the house. After his inspection we are confident that the house we are buying is in very good shape which is one less thing we have to worry about. Thanks Joey for the good job. Robert Hodges.
- R.H., June 2015
Joey thank you so much! You did an very thorough inspection and we couldn't be happier with your report and professional presentation. You were very helpful and answered all our questions along the way. Thanks! - The Redding Family
- H.R., June 2015
Joey provides excellent reports and his reports are always timely. He follows up reports with phone calls to discuss important issues. He is always on time. He is very knowledgeable and provides very good explanations of construction activities. He makes relevent suggestions particularly if asked. As indicated above, I would highly recommend Joey for home inspection.
- D.L., Huston TX, May 2015
Thank you for your thorough inspection of the house we want to buy. Now we know what it needs. No surprises and we are gearing up to tackle the problems. You've given us a foundation to work from. I'm so glad you use videos to show me what I wouldn't have seen and to explain what we saw in the video!! You've been great about all the rescheduling too! I would use you again and again and recommend you to anyone!
- B.L., May 2015