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We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

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He was in hurry and missed lot of things that we observed after entering to house. Some of those are: 1.The door bell is not working. 2. The main glass door is faulty and is not closing. 3. Most of the sinks are choked and blocked. 4. Toilet downstairs is also loose.
- C.A., April 2021
Extremely thorough, knowledgeable, and efficient. The trifecta of home inspectors! Will be recommending
- A.S., March 2021
Very good work!
- A.O., November 2020
I recommended Jay to quite few of my clients over the years ; I have never heard anything but complements about Jay. His approach to the inspection process, his knowledge, the atmosphere he creates for clients and his professionalism insure that I, as well as his clients, would recommend him in the future. Eva
- E.R., October 2020
I highly recommend Jay Gorecki for home inspections. He's a true professional, very knowledgeable, honest, detail oriented and very helpful. Superb service!
- M.S., November 2019
Jay was thorough, knowledgeable, interactive. Very pleased with the service. Thank you
- T.T., March 2019
Thank you for awesome service
- K.K., February 2019
very professional. easy to work with. highly recommend
- C.F., December 2018
Fantastic Job. Jay was very thorough and took the time to explain everything that he looked at.
- R.K., September 2018
Hello Jay, I can speck for my husband and I when I say we are very pleased with your services and will recommend you to our family and friends. We have use inspectors in the past  and you are by fair the best. You made sure we understood everything we seen in the home and how to correct the issues. I can honestly say we learned a lot and happy that we obtained your services. Your knowledge and passion for the job is what makes you so awesome.  We learned a lot from you and look forward to your services in the future. It was a pleasure meeting you. Thank You Diondre and Sharonda Sweezer
- S.S., November 2017
Job well done, very nice personality. Thank you Jay!!!
- R.Z., March 2017
My inspectio was done yesterday, inspector had a great knowledge, check the entire house and rechecked again all areas with issues. Very satisfied with his work. He was highly recommended and I would recommand him and his services to others. Thank you.
- E.S., March 2017
Outstanding service. Always on time. As a Realtor I value a great costumer service and Jay is always there for my clients. Takes time to explain and recommend. Pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.
- J.K., December 2016
It was a pleasure working with JAY he explained everything in great detail I would recommend him to anyone buying a home
- M.L., May 2016
- R.N., February 2016
Awesome!!! I can't say enough good things about Jay Gorecki. Honest, straightforward and more then knowledgeable. Definitely an expert at catching the hidden issues in a home. I highly recommend his services to anyone. Halina L.
- H.L., November 2015
Jay, you are very professional, when are you giving advice and comments. I likely recommend Jay for inspection to my friends.
- J.C., Franklin Park IL, September 2015
I am honored to provide Jay with a review. He was professional, courteous, timely, thorough, and patient with me as a consumer. He explained things to me when I had questions or concerns. His people skills are awesome. His report was concise and written well enough for anyone to understand and follow. The use of pictures in the report provides clarity to what was written. As a first time home buyer, I have used Jay twice and his report has allowed me to make informed decisions. Jay is the standard others should strive toward. Simply the BEST.
- M.M., September 2015
Jay was Awesome. Jay took his time explaining things to me. His use of analogies to communicate technical issues to me was very helpful. Jay was professional, personable, punctual, and patient throughout the process. His report was clear and concise. His pictures captured what was discussed during the inspection. I have already shared his contact information and would most certainly utilize his services again.
- M.M., August 2015
Jay was great !! He arrived and got started before we got there !! Can you say he's on time !! He did a theral walk through got on top of the roof crawled into the crawl space got dirty with no problem like a pro !! Answered all questions with no hesssation and we received a full report the same night with pictures! Wow!!! What a great guy !! Job well done ! Thank you so much Jay! Once we find that perfect house we are calling you again of course!! *****
- E.B., August 2015
Thanks for everything Jay! We will certainly recommend you again!
- C.R., August 2015
A nice detailed report with edited pictures that show exactly what the inspector found. The best inspection service we have used through all of the properties we have purchased (this will be our 11th).
- G.P., August 2015
Jay did an excellent job. He was very thourgh. Explained everything very well. Answered every question and was very nice and polite. A+! Thank you.
- M.J., August 2015
We appreciated the way Jay informed us of things we need to repair right away and those that were not of immediate concern. Jay was very comprehensive and it was apparent he was knowledgeable of house condition and repair needs. I felt confident in what he was telling us and he took his time explaining things. Very polite and professional. We would definitely recommend him to others.
- W.W., July 2015
Jay, good job, good knowledge, good attitude! Eva R:)
- E.R., July 2015
My husband and I were very happy with the service that Fine Home Inspection provided us with. The home inspection report was very detailed, well written and all the needed repairs well documented. I would definitely recommend Jay to anyone to do their home inspection. Thanks to Jay's thorough inspection report we were able to receive a repair credit from a seller for minor repairs worth $3500.
- K.H., July 2015
Jay is just a professional, awesome, knowledgeable and overall beautiful person! I would recommend him to ANYONE!!!
- K.L., July 2015
I've lived in and maintained several houses over more than 60 years, but I can honestly say that I learned quite a lot by accompanying Jay during his inspection. He spotted several deficiencies in the building I was purchasing and I will be using his report to negotiate with the seller for credits as we go to closing.
- G.O., June 2015
Jay was very informative throughout the inspection. He took time to explain issues and also answer our questions and concerns. We felt good about his suggestions and referrals. He was great!!
- A.S., June 2015
I've lived in and maintained several houses over more than 60 years, but I can honestly say that I learned quite a lot by accompanying Jay during his inspection. He spotted several deficiencies in the building I was purchasing and I will be using his report to negotiate with the seller for credits as we go to closing.
- G.O., June 2015
We were very satisfied with his service. Thank you for the great work.
- R.M., May 2015
Great service, very fast and professional. Very detail oriented. Able to answer all our questions and give good advice. Strongly recommended as inspector for your home or apartment inspection.
- R.R., May 2015
Jay was very thorough and informative! Very good work and trustworthy. Will definitely recommend!
- R.L., April 2015
Jay was awesome. He was by far the best inspector I have ever used. I highly recommend him and I will recommend him. He is very thorough and he really is concerned for the safety and health of the buyer. He is excellent at his job, but also has excellent people skills as well. He made a stressful task actually fun. He found so many things that I never would have even known about and that the seller wasnt even aware of. I will always use him in the future. He is the best.
- M.K., April 2015
I've bought 2 properties in the past and about to purchase my third. Jay is the third inspector I've used and he will be my last. He is EXTREMELY thorough. I can tell he cares and wants to do the best inspection possible. He's done two inspections for me during this third purchase. His first inspection showed me the developer had done shotty work and I walked. He saved me money, regret, and my sanity. He's a top knotch guy and I'll send everyone I know to him.
- T.W., March 2015
We are very pleased with Jay's home inspection. He is very professional and knowledgeable. He gave us so many useful tips and repair recommendations on what to do with our home to avoid major problems in the future. We definitely recommend Jay for home inspection.
- A.Z., March 2015
You explain things very well and will take the extra time if needed so that client understands.You give attention and detail to the inspection. And you're easy going personality makes it a pleasure to talk with you.
- P.L., March 2015
Jay Gorecki is very detailed. I highly recommend him.
- I.L., March 2015
Very professional and personable. I was very happy with how he explained everything and showed me everything. I would recommend him to anyone in need of an inspection.
- S.C., March 2015
Jay is absolutely wonderful! Very knowledgeable and informative! GREAT guy, who knows his stuff!
- N.O., February 2015
Mr Gorecki inspection was very detail. Thank You
- M.B., February 2015
Great home inspector! Highly recomend! Jay caught every single little thing that would be an essue in the future. Great gut to work with. On price, very reasonable and affordable! Thank you ~Martin
- M.M., February 2015
Jay was very thorough, knowledgeable and Pleasant. Wonderfully prepared inspection report with great pictures and attention to detail. I would use Jay again for Home inspection again and again.
- S.S., January 2015
Awesome job. Very thorough! Would use you again in a heartbeat.
- G.L., December 2014
He was very professional and informative during inspection and very knowledgeable about the job he does. Great job Jay..! Thanks
- F.S., November 2014
Jay is excellent. He arrived at the property early. He does a great job and has a great sense of humor and lightens the mood during the stressful times of home buying/inspections. Would highly recommend Jay!
- L.R., November 2014
Jay did an outstanding job. He was very knowledgeable and professional.
- M.K., October 2014
Very helpful and thorough
- C.H., October 2014
Very thorough job. I was left satisfied with the inspection.
- D.W., October 2014
Jay explained everything step by step, easy to work with, we really appreciated his home inspection.
- K.F., October 2014
Absolutely, positively without hesitation, I would recommend Jay to anyone I hear or overhear needng a home inspector. My agent suggested I use Fine Home Inspection and I am completely satisfied I did. Fine Home was on-time, thorough and patient. The inspection was better than what is online (paper copy for my review and retention. For all my future property purchases, I will only call on Jay and the Fine Home Inspection.
- J.M., September 2014
Great inspector! Professional, very detailed work! Would highly recommend !
- A.P., September 2014
Jay is very thourough. He leaves no stone unturned. Will look at every nook & cranny. Leave no section of your home ignored. At most importantly, punctual, polite, and honest.
- A.A., July 2014
very knowledgeable and informative. thorough and quality inspection was done by Jay. He informed me of all the positive points of the home inspection as well as the negative and Jay gave very informative tips on how to improve small cosmetic features.
- A.B., June 2014
Great job, Jay! Very thorough inspection. Had no issues with me tagging along, and even explained in detail his areas of concern as well as best practices for general maintenance of the apartment. There are many stress factors that come with the buying a new home, and Jay's inspection is well worth the small fee (or potential seller concessions) to give you some piece of mind in one area. Detailed report with pictures and full recap was great, prompt to answer and return phone calls, quickly set up appointment within 48 hours - 5 stars!
- B.J., May 2014
thorough, meticulous & friendly, the inspection was a breeze in both the houses Francis Alexander
- F.A., May 2014
very nice thorough inspection explained every detail of the inspection and what needed to be fixed very satisfied.
- M.A., May 2014
Jay was great! He explained everything in a matter that I could understand. The report was also very well put together and easy to read. Everything was done in a timely manner. I will recommend Jay to anyone who needs an inspection done.
- A.N., April 2014
Excellent communication during inspection. Followed by an even more concise report. Thanks Jay
- M.B., February 2014
Awesome report. This is the second time I have used Jay and the reports were perfect. No questions asked from the sellers. Spot on. Sean
- S.K., December 2013
Thanks for a wonderful, professional, and courteous inspection and walkthrough.
- J.P., October 2013
Very punctual, professional, knowledgeable, takes time to explain issues and concerns, gives suggestions and solutions, able to answer all questions. I highly recommend him.
- P.D., September 2013
Mr.Gorecki did an excellent job. He did not rush through the inspection,everything was explained to me. He asked me questions to make sure I understood his explanations.
- L.K., September 2013
Jay went in details and did not miss anything from the front porch to the backyard. It was very enlightening to see him at work and sharing with us his knowledge on what is good and what need to be fix either in a near or a far future. We strongly recommend Jay to anyone who wants to know everything about the state of their future purchase.
- E.S., August 2013
Jay did a very thorough and complete inspection at an affordable price. I would highly recommend his services to my colleagues who are in the process of buying a new place.
- N.V., July 2013
I felt Jay's inspection was very, very thorough and detailed. Because of his attention to detail, we are able to work with the seller to ensure the house is perfect for us when we move in. We would surely recommend Jay again!!!!
- K.L., July 2013
Jay, you did a great job and I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know that needs a home inspector. Thank you, Nagih Hasan.
- N.H., June 2013
Jay, you did a great job and I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know that needs a home inspector. Thank you, Nagih Hasan.
- N.H., June 2013
This report is one of best i ever get in contact with. Thank you.
- K.B., June 2013
Thank You for a good job Jay.
- W.G., June 2013
Jay is great at explaining every detail of the inspection and let's you know exactly how to go about any issues that may come up.
- K.C., May 2013
Thanks for your time and service, I would absolutely now and forever recimend Jay Gorecki for an inspection. Jay Gorecki knowledge on homes was incredible and thanks again
- C.H., May 2013
You did a fantastic job inspecting our future home. What I liked most is when you spent the time explaining the issues and how I would be able to fix them with little or no effort.
- L.C., May 2013
Thank you, Great service.
- G.S., Park Ridge IL, April 2013
Jay was very thorough and very professional, we were very pleased to have him as our home inspector, and would recommend him to anyone for a home inspection.
- S.M., August 2010