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Bryan Moree


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Licensed Home Inspection Service serving Plano, Frisco, Allen, Mckinney, Prosper, Richardson & surrounding Dallas area. I schedule no more than two inspections a day. This gives you the attention to detail a home buyer is looking for.


Very professional and thorough. Would definitely comeback in future needs
- R.Y., January 2023
Extremely thorough and a pleasure to work with. We would use Bryan again and again and would recommend him to anyone needing inspection services.
- D.A., September 2021
Absolutely excellent house inspector. Bryan Moree (The home inspector) of Four Corners Inspection Plano, TX thoroughly went through every detail of the house. He is very reliable, professional and knowledgeable. He provided a very comprehensive and easy to understand inspection report. You can count on him to provide you with the top-quality home inspection service. Very reasonably priced as well. I would highly recommend Bryan to anybody!!!
- S.A., March 2021
Bryan is an amazing inspector. He is extremely thorough and his reports are easily understood. He takes the time to answer any questions from buyer or realtor.
- S.F., September 2019
High IQ and high EQ! I was in good hands! Bryan is most professional, thorough and knowledgeable about his task at hand. Moreover he has the human touch, patiently explaining and advising on myriad aspects of the inspection results to me and my wife who are lay-people, first-time home buyer, and new migrants. He went through from the smallest things like dishwasher and window-seals to the biggest things like foundation and roof. Not only do I commend him highly, but also strongly recommend him to anyone who is new to real estate, or anyone wanting the best service and best man for the job!
- H.T., Plano TX, June 2019
Bryan did an excellent job, really happy about his work.
- P.C., May 2019
Awesome ..He is great
- M.M., May 2019

Bryan was the best man for the job. Over the phone and in person he was very professional, sincere, and knowledgeable. He was extremely accomodating to my questions and concerns. Bryan also performed within his licensing capacity and infromed me when necessary if further specialist were needing to be consulted. I am beyond satisfied with the level of care and time performed durring my inspection. I will definitely be recommending Bryan Moree and Four Corners inspection to everyone I know. Thanks again!

- M.B., February 2019

the best inspector ever 

- V.G., February 2019
Fast response, great service and detailed report! Highly recommend and will use again!
- B.P., January 2019
Bryan was very thorough and very nice to work with. He did an outstanding job, and I would highly recommend his services!!!
- a.a., May 2018
Bryan did an amazing job in doing a full 360 inspection of the house, very detailed and precise report
- V.R., May 2018
Thank you Bryan for your expertise and explanations to this newer home owner.
- D.K., January 2018
I've used Bryan twice now and both times found him to be extremely thorough and helpful. He explained all of his findings in a manner easily understood by a "Handy-Challenged" homeowner like myself.
- D.G., October 2017
Bryan is very detailed and does a great job of leaving no stone unturned. He even reported minute details that the structural inspectors missed. Goes above and beyond to make sure all questions are answered and concerns examined to satisfaction. Highly recommend Bryan for his professionalism and knowledge.
- M.S., April 2017
bryan was so professional and show us all the details with making perfect inspection report
- h.a., February 2017
Bryan was extremely knowledgeable and generous with his time. He showed and explained everything in perfect detail.
- D.G., November 2016
Thank you very much for a thorough inspection and patiently answering our questions.
- R.G., April 2016
Bryan provided excellent detailed information along with helpful recommendations.
- E.P., December 2015
Best in the business very professional and carries himself in a very great way and perfect guy to get an inspection done. Customer focussed in every way.
- K.K., December 2015
Bryan is a very through inspector, He doesn't miss a thing. I count on him to take care of my clients and protect them
- L.P., December 2015
Poor attention to detail
- R.L., July 2015
Bryam is a great guy , he knows his subject very well and a great human being. My best wishes.
- G.S., April 2015
very detail to address the problems provide suggestions as well. Nice work.
- A.L., April 2015
- G.R., October 2014
Bryan was very professional to work with. He kept up all his commitments and did a very thorough job on the inspection. He caught a few things with his trained eyes which will help us ensure we get a high quality home. I would strongly recommend Bryan.
- N.C., July 2014
This was the second property that Bryan inspected for us. We requested Bryan because he is a very thorough and informative inspector, he made sure we understood every item, and what the reason is it should be reported. If anyone ever asks or if I ever need a property inspector, he will be the person I will call.
- R.P., June 2014
Bryan did an excellent job on our home inspection. The report with photo's was a big plus for detail explanation of the results. He found small items that could be overlooked, but are very important.
- R.K., June 2014
Highly recommend Bryan Moree for an inspection, his hard work speaks for itself.
- S.B., June 2014
100% professional and thorough. Excellent customer service and attention to detail. I would absolutely recommend.
- A.G., May 2014
Bryan's report was very thorough. We were unable to be at the inspection however the report was detailed enough that we were confident in his findings. Because there were lots of pictures, and arrows along with sufficient descriptions, we were able to easily see any issues. We would definitely use Bryan again
- J.L., April 2014
quick and accurate. Very clear on what's wrong with the house. Helpful too.
- M.N., March 2014
I highly recommend Bryan, he did a very thorough inspection of the house. He walked us through all of the minor to major concern that he found on the property. He also has great knowledge of the up to date building codes and has a good eye for seeing minor problems that most people would never know they had. Thank you so much for putting our minds to rest about buying this property, we love it.
- C.K., February 2014
Great guy, Great job and a great price. Attention to detail is second to none. Bryan, exceeded all my expectations and I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking for the absolute best in quality Home Inspections....
- M.W., February 2014
Very detailed, thorough and highly professional! I will use Bryan again and recommend him to any agent that asks! Ashley Key-Ebby Willow Bend.
- A.K., February 2014
Bryan was awesome and very informative and observant of all areas of the home.
- M.T., December 2013
Very thorough and professional
- A.G., September 2013
Very professional and very thorough. Bryan was recommended by my realtor and she said he was the best in the business. She didnt lie. I will most definitely recommend him to others and if I ever have to, I will use him again.
- N.W., August 2013
Dear Mr. Bryan Moree, I feel like a heel. Hopefully, you'll accept my apology in not completing or submitting a survey. For some reason, I thought I did. Maybe, I did, but I'm not getting the since that I did. You did a great job Sir, and I seriously thank you for your work. You are a very conscientious man. Thank You! Tino Huggins--->
- T.H., June 2013
Very professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. Took the time to answer all questions and made sure we understood the results of the inspection.
- M.S., May 2013
I come from the Construction Industry and this Professional was extremely knowledgeable
- K.S., May 2013
Thank you once again for your detailed inspection!
- J.F., May 2013
I appreciate the thoroughness of your inspection and the honesty you supplied. I will have no problem recommending you to friends and family.
- J.R., April 2013
We really appreciate Bryan's works. Thanks!
- B.l., March 2013
Very prompt and courteous. Will definitely recommend to anyone needing an inspection. You know your job very well. Im a first time home buyer and you answered every question i had and all my concerns. Thank you!
- j.l., February 2013
Bryan was very thurough and professional. He helped my wife and I make an informed decision on a house we had made an offer on. I would recommend using him to anyone. My wife and I will use him the next time we need a home inspected. Corey
- J.W., September 2012
Another awesome inspection, thank you!
- C.C., August 2012
Very helpful. IF I ever buy another house, He will definately be on the list. Very resonable price. Nice guy. Thanks for all the help!
- R.W., August 2012
Very detailed report! He didn't miss anything!!
- K.T., August 2012
Prompt, professional, thorough! Would recommend to friends and colleagues!
- d.c., June 2012
He is very thorough and very professional. He found items that our building inspector did not point out and took the time to answer any questions we had without feeling rushed. I would highly recommend his services to other individuals building or buying a house.
- K.L., June 2012
Bryan, was meticulous in his inspection of our new home. I was surprised, (pleasantly so) at the amount of time and detail he took in the inspection. During the walk through, he explained every issue, in an easy to understand manner. I would recommend him to anyone needing an inspection.
- T.W., April 2012
Very thorough. Explained issues in terms that are understandable. Great job!!
- D.J., April 2012
Bryan was outstanding. Very detail oriented, friendly, explained everything in a way I understood. I would definitely recommend him!!!
- j.z., April 2012
extremely thorough; explained what he found and backed it up with a complete walkthru as well as photos. Job well done!
- M.C., February 2012
Bryan was punctual, professional, and concise. He explained each step of the process to us so that we knew what we were getting in to. Would strongly reccomend Bryan for yor home inspection needs.
- J.K., January 2012
Bryan, Jeannie and I want to thank you for all your great work and attention to detail on our inspection. Even though you were under the weather, you did a fine job and we appreciate it very much. We look forward to moving into our new piece of heaven and have you to thank for pointing out some diffiencies that could lead to future problems. We hope you are feeling much better. All our best, Tom & Jeannie
- T.S., October 2011
excelent job!
- c.m., August 2011
Excellent, professional and very thorough. Would not hesitate to recommend.
- R.C., June 2011
knowledgeable and through inspection. Good job, thanks!
- M.E., June 2011
Great work, Brian is both thorough & knowledgeable!
- J.W., April 2011
Bryan, You where very meticulas and precise and was very nice by explaining everything in detail. I appreciate all your hard work.
- C.M., February 2011
Bryan, thanks for all your help. You were extremely thorough and professional. I feel confident that I am buying a good solid home, built on a strong foundation. Thanks again.
- C.C., January 2011
Very thorough and knowledgeable about his inspection. Professional dress, action and attitude. Well done!
- P.E., January 2011
Thanks for your help Bryan!
- J.C., September 2010
Thank you Bryan for handling our inspection. You did a very thorough job, and for first-time homebuyers, you explained everything on our level. We appreciated your input & advice on how to fix problem areas. Thanks again!
- A.R., December 2009