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Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call 20/20 Home Inspection Services. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Work Phone: 803-772-7147 Mobile Phone: 803-361-5669 Fax Number: 803-216-0859

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We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

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SC Licensed Residential Home Inspector, RHI, Housing Inspection Foundation, General Contractor, FL (Inactive)


My 20+ year career in building and remodeling homes. The "eye" for detail has allowed me to serve our clients since 2003. Helping people make one of life's big decisions, buying or selling a home, is what we're all about.


Wes was very friendly and very helpful throughout the whole inspection.
- C.H., September 2020
Wes Taber, you are the best!
- N.B., Irmo SC, February 2020
Wes arrived on time, was very knowledgeable about my new construction home, and down to earth. He was professional and answered my questions as I walked with him as he inspected the home. His report helped my walk-through go very smoothly. Thanks Wes!
- T.R., August 2019
Knowledgeable and super friendly.
- A.M., April 2019
Wes does a great job with his inspections. Never had an complaints from my clients regarding his performance.
- P.G., July 2018
Feel assured that we have a complete picture if repairs needed and all the information necessary to make an informed decision about this property. This is the second time we have used you. The last time we purchased the property and made the repairs you suggested. The property passed inspections easily when we resold 6years later. Thank you for such a thorough report.
- G.W., April 2018
Thanks Wes for another great job!! I would recommend you to anyone who's looking for a home. Your thoroughness has saved us and we thank you.
- M.L., March 2018
Great Job!!! Very Detailed and clear explanation
- B.J., November 2017
Great job! Very thorough and detailed. Exactly what we were looking for in a home inspection report for buying our first home! Thanks.
- K.W., July 2017
Wes Taber is THE Inspector who climbs, crawls, and stretches into the bowels of your crawl space through the flooring, over your attic and roof and between the walls to find any kind of problems be they electrical, plumbing, structural, water damage, gutter sag, etc. so you will know the condition of your home of prospective home.
- D.K., July 2017
Wes Tabor is exactly the type of person I was hoping to find. Someone that is meticulous and detail-oriented.
- D.S., May 2017
Wes was prompt, polite, and very knowledgeable. What could have been a mundane experience was made very pleasant due to his personality. Reports were concise and clear. I would highly recommend Wes to anyone needing this service.
- R.S., May 2017
The best in Columbia!!!! Through, very professional, great to work with..
- D.L., January 2017
20/20 is the only company I will use. Wes Taber delivers excellence every single time. I wish I could give more than 10 stars!
- T.S., December 2016
Very thorough knowledgeable and on time. Professional with great communication skills.
- A.C., Columbia, SC SC, July 2016
- F.S., March 2016
I was well pleased and impressed with the thouroughness and attention to detail that Mr Tabor displayed as he meticulously went through the home as though it was a rocket being readied for lift off at NASA.
- J.M., June 2015
What a thorough Inspection! I have been through many and this is by far the best! Thank you Wes!!
- S.P., June 2015
Thank you for you throughness!!! It is extremely hard to find someone who takes pride, responsibility for and compassion in their work these days. Most just want to take your money and run. THANK YOU FOR NOT DOING THAT:) I will use 20/20 home inspections for all my home inspection needs as well as recommend you all to everyone I know needing your services. Also wanted to give a big THANK YOU to the lady who scheduled my inspection. She too was very polite and quick in getting back to me and fitting me in the inspection schedule. You guys are A+ in my book. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!
- J.D., March 2015
Thanks Wes for your thorough professionalism! Tom and Tina Faichney
- T.F., March 2015
Very knowledgable about Home inspections and has a great personality.
- R.I., March 2015
Wes did an outstanding job! I absolutely would recommend his services to my buyers.
- L.C., February 2015
Wes did an excellent job on my home inspection. He paid attention to the very minutest detail and pointed things out to me that I never would have thought to look for. He engaged in casual conversation that made me feel like I was talking to an old buddy. Wes was a very personable person that maintained a professional level in his inspection. I would highly recommend Wes and 20/20 Inspection Services to anyone. Great Job Wes.
- W.L., Columbia SC, December 2014
I use Wes for many of my buyer's inspections. Wes is very knowledgeable and does a very good job.
- J.M., Columbia SC, November 2014
Great job on short notice very thorough
- L.J., September 2014
Wes is prompt,thorough and detailed. He does a great job.
- A.C., Columbia, SC SC, June 2014
You are the best ever. Just my opinion after 14+ years in real estate! Rae Burlos Asset Realty, inc.
- R.B., June 2014
Wes, It was a pleasure working with you on our home inspection. We appreicate your quality service, and great customer service. I highly recommend your service to others and hope to have you out again before the 11 month warranty expires. Thank you and be blessed 20/20 is lucky to have you!
- T.T., June 2014
Mr. Taber is very professional and works only in the interest of his customers. He takes his time on the inspections, making sure he answers all questions. He goes over the final report, making sure we fully understand any issues.
- J.R., March 2014
Wes, I'm glad I got the opportunity to go through your inspection of the house with you from start to finish. Your knowledge and thoroughness enabled me to rest a little easier and make a well informed decision. Thanks. Scott Morgan
- S.M., January 2014
Thanks Wes. Obviously I would recommend you since you helped me before. If anyone were to ask for a reference, please give them my e mail address and/or phone number.
- P.G., October 2013
Knowledgeable and thorough inspector who knew where to look and what was important.
- G.D., September 2013
Wes did an amazing job! He was very thorough and answered our questions every step of the way. Without a doubt we will recommend him to friends and family needing home inspections.
- B.M., August 2013
Wes Taber came highly recommended by another broker friend of mine & I was not disappointed in his performance. He covered areas many other inspectors avoid or only give cursory attention. His inspection was complete & thorough & I was totally satisfied with the results. I plan to use his services again.
- , June 2013
Wes went out of his way to make sure he could do a complete inspection. He had to drive 1/4 on a dirt road (twice) to find the main water valve. Without this he would have been able to check everything but the plumbing but wanted to make sure his inspection was complete. Good thing, although minor there were several issues like leaking toilets, faucets that were discovered due to his persistence and willingness to go out of his way. Many inspectors may have told us to call them and reschedule when we could locate the main turn on vavle.
- J.P., May 2013
Wes was very thorough, knowledgeable, polite, hardworking, and accommodating.
- J.H., January 2013
Mr.Taber was awesome!! He did an excellent job of inspecting my home, and was very informative.
- S.B., November 2012
One of the best!
- K.J., August 2012
I had lots of fun and learned a lot!!
- N.H., July 2012
Keep doing what you are doing. I've had inspections before, but none so professionally completed or thorough! Thanks Wes, Gordon White
- G.W., March 2012
Wes You did a great job.Thanks for taking your time with me and my sister. You stayed 2 extra hours to do the job right. Thank you again. Tommy Howard
- T.H., March 2012
Wes was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. He explained everything very thoroughly!
- K.P., December 2011
Wes, thank you so much for all your hard work.Thank you for everything and might I add Great Inspection report. Thank you and God bless, Raymond and Samantha Hasting
- R.H., August 2011
Wes: Your level of expertise and professionalism was exceptional, i was impressed with your knowledge of structural, mechanical and electrical devices. I was also very pleased with your candor and lighthearted sense of humor, these things combined made for a knowledgeable, fun and interesting experience for me. I appreciate your punctuality and hard work, i'd recommend you to anybody who wants the job done right the first time ! Thanks again!! Barry
- B.B., June 2011
Wes is awsome guy and very perfessional. He is very detail and pay close attention to everything. He has great sense of humor and he know his way around a house. I will recommend Wes to everyone i know. I enjoy his knowledge and he has a great background in this bussiness.
- F.S., May 2011
Thank you for accommodating my short timeline and conducting the inspection of my home so professionally. I was impressed with the thoroughness of your report and appreciated your recommendations.
- E.S., May 2011
Very professional inspector, nice to work with. Wes is very thorough with all the details. Definitely will recommend to anyone that I know!
- J.B., April 2011
Mr. Taber was very professional but not so professional to where I did not feel comfortable following him around the home while he worked. He explained thnings ingreat detail. I would recommend him above anyone else. Thanks Mr. Taber, I felt as if I was in the hands of a caring father.
- A.G., April 2011
The home inspection report was very professional and easy to interpret with high quality photographs depicting areas of concern. As a potential homeowner who could not be present during the inspection, the thoroughness made us feel like we were there. Wes Taber did an excellent job and was readily available to address questions. We highly recommend him to anyone seeking a home inspection.
- W.W., March 2011
I appreciate that Wes took his time to explain the many unfamiliar details of his inpection. His inspection was very detailed and thorough. He also took additional time to explain proper use, function and care of many items. Thanks for your help, Wes. Ed
- E.H., March 2011
I have recommended WES (20/20 Home Inspecton Services) to my neighbors. He is professional, polite and obviously the best in hs field! He has experience as a builder so that is an added value for his home inspection capabilities. Thanks Wes Melody and Alex Arnold
- A.A., January 2011
Wes was wonderful to work with. He was very knowledgable and helped me understand what needs to be done.
- S.M., October 2010
Excellent & through job
- M.M., October 2010
Hi Wes, We're drafting with John an addendum based on your report. We've suddenly realized that we didn't thank you for the thorough and so professional work you have done for us in each one of the 3 instances when we solicited you. We gave you a 10 on the scale above (in case you can't see it). :-) Many thanks and we're looking fwd to inviting you and your wife to our new home party... Julia & John
- J.S., September 2010
Diligent,precise,and timely- Very helpful
- A.N., September 2010
I belive that Wes was very thurough and knowledgable. He does not cut any corners, as some inspectors do. I would definatly use him again.
- J.S., August 2010
I was very impressed with your inspection and report. Thank you for your thoroughness! I appreciate the time you took inspecting the house and also teaching me about house construction.
- S.C., August 2010
My husband was present during the inspection and said that you were the most thorough home inspector he has ever encountered. Thanks-
- M.W., July 2010
The home inspection was very thorough, professional and non-biased. I would recommend Mr. Taber to others.
- D.B., July 2010
Thanks again! You're the best!
- J.L., June 2010
I am so happy I didn't just rest with the inspection report the seller shared. I feel better knowing exactly what is going on with the house. I'm so pleased with the services. I will recommend you to a friend.
- Y.W., May 2010
I have found Wes to do a very thorough job when inspecting homes. He has a natural rapport with clients and is able to put them at ease and explain things in a way that they can easily understand.I would highly recommend him for inspections of any size or age.
- D.J., Irmo SC, April 2010
Wes - thank you for your service - we were all very pleased. You were very professional and did a thorough inspection of our house on C Avenue in West Columbia. We will definitely recommend your services to any one in need of a house inspection. You also have a very impressive and informative web site. Thanks, Wilda Shaw
- W.S., January 2010
Excellent job. Thanks.
- M.M., January 2010
Great service 12 22 09 prompt,professional,prepaired and excellent price.What more can we say. Chartles Smith
- C.S., December 2009
Great Service Wes! Thanks for being an integrated part of my successful business.
- D.P., November 2009
Thanks Wes for all you all do to assist in making my experience as a Realtor so smooth. You are always so detailed and thats a good thing. My Clients love it. I will talk to you all soon, Barbara Robinson Realtor Russell and Jeffcoat Realtors
- B.R., October 2009
This the second time I've used Wes for a home inspection. Wes always does 100 percent thorough inspection. Worth every penny.
- D.N., September 2009
Mr. Taber was very thorough and professional. I feel confident that my house is in good shape.
- E.E., August 2009
- J.B., July 2009
Awesome. Very detailed and willing to explain anything you might have a question on. I would highly recommend using Wes Taber and 20/20 Home Inspections.
- C.B., Blythewood SC, July 2009
Much painless process than I could imagine, down to earth guy, knows his stuff!!!!
- D.M., July 2009
Wes seems to enjoy his work and give 120 percent into inspecting the property. The time he takes to inspect and explain each error of the home really made me feel that I was getting my money's worth.
- A.C., July 2009
Wes Tabor is the best!
- N.B., Irmo SC, June 2009