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Jimmie Evans

The Right Selection for Your Inspection.

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IL Licensed #450.010910, Graduated from A Better School of Building Inspection and MCIRCC-JATC Carpenters Apprenticeship


We are here to provide a thorough, unbiased, and detailed evaluation, by abiding by the national standards, and applying the most current information for the purpose of serving and protecting our clients health and financial investment!

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Jimmie did a very thorough inspection and report. During the walk-through, he explained everything in a way I actually understood which is saying something because I truly have no experience with this kind of thing. As we walked through he also gave me tips on things to keep an eye on through the house, things I needed to replace every so often, and things I need to make sure I don't let sit without attention for too long. I feel like I know a lot more about what I am getting into with my house and am confident I can handle it. Highly recommend him!
- S.W., June 2023
Jimmie is thorough both his inspection and report. He provides great photos and details to explain what he sees. 10 Stars!!!
- M.R., Bloomington IL, September 2022
We were thoroughly impressed with the attention to detail that Jimmie put into the inspection of our new home! He took the time after completing his inspection and walked us through each room and all around the outside of the house and pointed out even the most minute of details that he caught during the inspection. We feel confident in our choice of home to purchase because of his inspection. He emailed us the official inspection report in a timely manner and it is easy to read and understand. The pictures and explanations with each picture leaves nothing to question because we were given clear and concise information on each thing he put in the report. We are very happy that we had Jimmie come to do our home inspection and would recommend him to anyone who is looking for an inspector, hands down! Sronce Household, July 2022
- V.S., Heyworth IL, July 2022
We were thoroughly impressed with our inspection. Jimmi was available quickly and provides the results in a timely manner. His knowledge of regulations was immensely impressive. He was very detailed in pointing out the smallest of things to the major things. He took his time walking us through every room of the house and explaining everything he found to us. He made our decision to purchase a home a confident one. We would highly recommend Evans Home Inspections.
- N.W., Flanagan IL, May 2022
Very professional and thorough inspection. The report is clear and concise. The photos and description in the report make things simple. 10/10 will use again if I need an inspection.
- G.F., Eureka IL, February 2022
Jimmie is so thorough and knowledgeable. His attention to detail made us feel like we knew our home inside and out before we moved in. Thanks again!
- A.L., Leroy IL, July 2021
Would definitely recommend him and use him again if I need another home inspection. He was very thorough and explained everything.
- B.C., Bloomington IL, April 2021
Jimmie was the very best. He took the time to walk us through every detail (many that would have never occurred to us). He was very professional and friendly and made the information he was giving us very easy to understand. He also gave us excellent advice on what he would do as a homeowner to have the home be its’ very best inside and out for safety and to avoid any future problems. The report Jimmie submitted was impeccable. There was so much information that it could have easily become overwhelming and yet, he made the report so clear, concise and user-friendly that we were able to read through it with no questions at all. The photos were clear and helped provide a very helpful visual to point out each detail he explained in his report. I would (and will) recommend Jimmie to anyone I know looking to buy or sell a home. I trust his work wholeheartedly and believe we truly got the best inspector and home inspection ever. In this current crazy seller’s market, I feel completely safe purchasing this home knowing Jimmie has given it his approval.
- K.A., Bloomington IL, April 2021
Jimmie was VERY thorough with his inspection and took plenty of time to show me everything that he found, good and bad.
- S.G., Lexington IL, October 2020
Jimmie was very thorough with his inspection. His report was very detailed. Will definitely recommend him to anyone buying a home.
- M.S., Pontiac IL, October 2020
Jimmie did an excellent job on the report and included very detailed descriptions and photos. He also did an amazing job on the walk through, making sure I understood everything he was saying, and that I saw each thing he mentioned. He also did an excellent job giving us an idea of things I could fix on my own vs. what may be a larger issue. It was a pleasure working with him, and would absolutely refer him to anyone looking for a home inspection.
- E.N., September 2020
Thank you Jimmie! Very detailed,efficient,and thorough! Reports are easy to navigate and understand. 100% recommended for anyone who needs this service. Well done good sir!!
- A.O., Bloomington IL, June 2020
Jimmie was extremely thorough with our home inspection. We were not able to meet in person due to Covid but I was extremely pleased with all the pictures he took. I would highly recommend him!
- A.W., Lexington IL, June 2020
Jimmie was very thorough, included many pictures, and easy-to-understand recommendations. He also took time to speak with me directly to discuss the report and concerns. I would HIGHLY recommend Jimmie and will be sure to recommend him to anyone seeking a home inspection!
- N.K., June 2020
A big thank you for doing the home inspection for me. I found your report to be very thorough, easy to understand and very informative. Because of covid-19, I was not able to be with you during the inspection so I really appreciate the time you spent with me on the phone going over the report. I will definitely recommend you to anyone who would like to have a home inspection done.
- V.R., Bloomington IL, April 2020
Very professional ! Loved the way it is set up to view the results . 10/10 recommend !
- C.C., April 2020
Did an excellent job! 10 out of 10 would recommend! Thank you!
- D.D., Pontiac IL, April 2020
We are so glad we had him come inspect. Numerous flaws we did not detect. On time, courteous, and complete.
- J.S., Fairbury IL, March 2020
You were very professional, honest, great person. We have had 7 homes over the years this is the best most through home inspection we ever had. The report with pictures and suggested repairs is very helpful.
- K.P., Pontiac IL, March 2020
Jimmie did a great job with the inspection on a home we are purchasing! He created a whole visual walk-through with photos of all angles of the house. He was able to identify everything that needed fixing and was able to give us great tips on how to prevent any future damages! 10/10 would recommend!
- D.H., Normal IL, March 2020
Jimmie did an AMAZING job inspecting our new home! Very thorough! Walked us through every step of the inspection and explained what was wrong and how to fix it. I highly recommend Jimmie Evans if you're needing a home inspection.
- G.S., Normal IL, March 2020
Great attention to detail, knowledgeable, and willing to spend the time to explain things.
- B.E., Normal IL, March 2020
Jimmy Evans is thorough and very knowledgeable. He also is willing to take ample time to go through his findings and give understandable information in regards to his findings. His report and pictures are well done and easy to follow. We would highly recommend his services. Thank you, Jimmy
- A.H., Fairbury IL, February 2020
Mr. Evans did a very thorough and complete inspection. He explained everything in detail and took the time to answer my questions completely.
- J.C., Normal IL, February 2020
The most thorough inspector I have worked with. Took the time need to explain everything, and the report itself was absolutely top notch.
- D.M., Normal IL, January 2020
He was very thorough. He explained and went through everything on the house.
- R.H., January 2020
Very thorough and explained everything in detail.
- M.G., Fairbury IL, November 2019
Very thorough and informative. Grateful to know what we will need to do for future repairs!
- D.R., Normal IL, September 2019
very thorough, pictures tell the story, love the summary section at end. Would recommend Jimmie to anyone.
- O.N., Bloomington IL, September 2019
Very through Job. Went through inspection report thoroughly both visually and verbally. Clear explanation on all matters.
- D.R., Bloomington IL, September 2019
Really nice guy and extremely detailed in his inspection. He took time to explain things and even provided a list of things to do to in order to upkeep the maintenance on the home!
- K.H., Bloomington IL, August 2019
Great job! Every thing detailed.
- A.H., July 2019
Great job! More than appreciative for the thorough work!
- D.M., July 2019
Jimmie is easy to contact and does a very thorough job! Would highly recommend!
- S.B., Pontiac IL, June 2019
Stay professional and friendly, along with your detailed, well-documented reporting, and your business will be incredible!!! Thank you! It was a great experience, all involved were amazed at your documentation of areas inspected with photos and narrative. So thorough!! And fast!!
- B.W., Colfax IL, May 2019
Jimmie was timely, very thorough and took lots of pictures, which was helpful since we could not be present for the inspection. He also provided a very detailed report. We would definitely recommend him to others!
- J.K., Pontiac IL, April 2019
Jimmie did a very thorough job.
- B.D., Bloomington IL, March 2019
Jimmy is very thorough. He does an excellent job 5 stars!!
- C.F., Pontiac IL, March 2019
Jimmy was a great home inspector. He thoroughly inspected my home, not leaving anything out of it and was honest with anything that could wrong with it. I would highly recommend Evans home inspections, he takes his job serious and does a great job!
- J.W., Bloomington IL, December 2018
Jimmie may be a little more expensive then other inspectors but he is worth it! He is very detailed and will find everything your home will need. He saved us from purchasing a bad home and we liked his honesty and professionalism so much we hired him again to inspect our new home. He is accurate and precise, I would recommend him to everyone purchasing a home.
- C.H., Chenoa IL, December 2018
Jimmy came highly recommended and did a fantastic job, I don't think he missed a thing during home inspection. He definitely has my recommendation.
- M.B., November 2018
Thank you, Jimmie, for your professional, personable and reliable service! My husband and I have been very impressed by the thoroughness of your work and the fantastic standard of the finished report. It has allowed us to negotiate on and purchase our new home with peace of mind and a knowledge that we have a clear understanding of the property our family will be living in. Thank you so much!! We highly recommend Jimmie Evans!
- S.W., Elpaso IL, October 2018
Jimmie is the best! He is professional, thorough, and friendly. He provided us with a very professional report that serves as a checklist for things to be done in our new house. You will not find a better home inspector than Jimmie Evans!
- J.J., Normal IL, September 2018
Jimmy was incredibly thorough and very friendly. He will explain anything that you ask about, such that you will understand completely. His attention to detail is amazing for example, he was able to spot signs of a roof leak that were next to impossible to see. He was able to find several safety issues that prompted a well needed response, preventing potential lost money or peace of mind prior to purchase. Understanding that being a home owner will always require a fix or replacement from time to time, he made us well aware of items that will need to be taken care of and if not, how it could cause further problems in the future.
- J.B., September 2018
We really appreciated the feedback given my Jimmie. He is very thorough!
- B.A., August 2018
Jimmie was very detailed, organized and professional. I would recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection!
- T.t., August 2018
Great experience, would recommend to anyone needing an inspection.
- B.U., Normal IL, July 2018
I have used Jimmie Evans twice now and totally recommend him. He is prompt in meeting appointment schedule and inspection report, very thorough, has helpful suggestions and very knowledgeable. DD
- D.D., Bloomington IL, July 2018
Very personable knowledgeable and informative. Recommend to anyone getting a full house inspection
- S.B., June 2018
I wish we would have had Jimmy Evans as our first home inspector. He is the greatest. His inspection was absolutely thorough. He made our first home inspector look like a rookie.
- L.F., June 2018
Very thorough, went through each item inspected and answered all my questions. Gave suggestions for everything! Thank you
- D.D., Bloomington IL, June 2018
I would definitely recommend you Jimmie! On time, very thorough, explained every detail of the home inspection and took excellent photos. Thank you so much! Deb Dovel
- D.D., Bloomington IL, June 2018
I have purchased and sold many homes in my lifetime. Now I am a Real Estate Broker, I was very impressed with Jimmie Evans thorough detailed inspection report. I also, wanted to share that his onsite explanations were easily understood by myself and the client. Most definitely would recommend him again!
- K.M., May 2018
Would recommend 10 out of 10 times very thorough in inspection from top to bottom gives you suggestion on how should be fixed awesome job would definitely use again
- K.F., May 2018
Great inspection and walk-through and fantastic report. The HomeGauge tool is a very good choice for reports.
- K.M., Normal IL, May 2018
The report was very thorough and helpful and Jimmie took the time to talk me through the parts I had questions about. I feel confident that he found everything we need to know about buying this house.
- P.B., Bloomington IL, May 2018
Jimmie has been wonderful! He walked us through the inspection report and took the time to answer any questions we had. He is very professional from the beginning of the process to the end. Website is very user friendly and reports are very detailed.
- C.P., Bloomington IL, April 2018
Would trust and recommend to anyone
- M.R., Bloomington IL, March 2018
We were very impressed by how throughout Jimmie was. We appreciated how he took the time to walk us through the home to show us the necessary repairs and explain which were critical and which could be repaired in the future. His report, website and ability to make a request list were excellent. We had a wonderful experience. Thank you!
- K.S., Normal IL, March 2018
I couldn't be more thankful for picking Jimmie Evans as my home inspector! Actually, the building I contacted him on was a commercial building. I feel as if I know everything there is to know about this building. The detail was amazing! The report was so clear, and I felt like Jimmie Evans took his time to make sure I understood everything about the building. VERY nice gentlemen and easy to work with!
- J.C., Chenoa IL, January 2018
Jimmie Evans was very professional. Extremely detailed and knowledgeable in his field of work. I greatly appreciate the detail of this inspection, as well as the walk through showing us everything he seen. Jimmie informed us the short to long term results of what could arise if certain things were not fixed .I highly recommend Jimmie for future inspections. He is a great guy to work with and I will use Jimmie for any future home inspections. Thank you Jimmie!
- V.E., Pontiac IL, December 2017
Jimmie performed by far the most thorough, in depth home indpection i have had done. This is the inspector you want evaluating your purchase. Excellent job!
- A.R., Normal IL, December 2017
I appreciate how detailed and his hard work goes into the inspection and report! I HIGHLY recommend Jimmie to anyone!
- S.M., Bloomington IL, November 2017
You were great to work with. Thank you for pointing out absolutely everything. I never realized how many things you would look at when inspecting a house until you showed me. Thank you
- B.D., Pontiac IL, November 2017
Jimmie did an awesome job and was very thorough!
- C.R., Elpaso IL, November 2017
Jimmie was detailed, honest, and professional when he walked us through the home inspection results. I highly recommend him.
- B.T., Pontiac IL, October 2017
Jimmie did an inspection for us, on a house in Chenoa, that we hadn't seen ourselves yet. His report was very thorough with great photographs and Comments. He is very knowledgeable about what he's looking at. Deffinetly worth every penny. I would recommend him.
- S.W., September 2017
We were extremely satisfied with Mr. Evans and would certainly recommend him to any family and friends. He was professional, timely, thorough, and very easy to get in touch with.
- N.S., Normal IL, August 2017
Thank you for you thoroughness, and detailed report.
- J.L., Flanagan IL, July 2017
Jimmie provides an excellent service to the home buyer. He is very thorough and follows up on the details. He has a good eye to notice deficiencies that may appear to be minor but have the potential to become big problems. I highly recommend his services and would not hesitate to use him in the future.
- R.M., Bloomington IL, June 2017
Jimmie was the most thorough inspection with the explanation of all that was in the house including things to do and watch out for to keep the home in working condition. Is very knowledgeable and I would highly recommend him to anyone that is looking for a home inspection. Thank you Jimmie for all of your advice and help in our home purchase.
- D.R., Bloomington IL, May 2017
Very professional and thorough. Fair price and very kind.
- L.J., Downs IL, May 2017
Jimmie has a really good eye. Great attention to detail, very thorough, excellent report and takes his time to explain everything. He's been a tradesman in many of the fields he inspects so knows what he is talking about. It's just plain foolish to not have a home your going to throw a pile of money at inspected. It's just as foolish to "bargain hunt" to save a few bucks. With this being said, his price was very reasonable and even came in under the other person my real estate agent initially suggested. And he identified a very big potential problem for us which we are investigating now. Glad I used him! And on top of it all he's a really nice guy! Now you can't beat that. Thanks Jimmie!
- J.C., Longpoint IL, April 2017
Jimmie did a very thorough job with the inspection.
- K.G., March 2017
Jimmy looked over everything from top to bottom. Then he went threw it all and explained it to me so I could understand it. I would recommend him to anyone that is going to buy a home. Thank you for all your work Jimmy.
- T.H., March 2017
You were incredibly thorough with both the inspection and the walk-through. I went back to my realtor with confidence that we knew exactly what shape the house was in, and what needed to be done. Your report is top notch! I love being able to pull it up anywhere and get a comprehensive look at the inspection. The pictures you take are immensely appreciated, it makes recognizing and communicating problems in the house easier. You were very professional and personable, as well as being knowledgeable and eager to please. I would highly recommend you first to anyone in the area.
- D.G., Normal IL, March 2017
I appreciate the time you took in doing a thorough inspection and sharing with us your findings & suggestions. The report you provided us was fantastic and is a workable document that we can use to make repairs. I have bought several homes in my lifetime - and you have been the BEST inspector by far! Thank you Jimmie Evans!
- K.S., Normal IL, December 2016
Jimmie did a fantastic, thorough job, allowing me to see and update things I would not have caught on my own! I'd recommend everyone to use Evans Inspections! James Bagby
- J.B., Gridley IL, December 2016
Did a great job very thorough and well detailed would recommend to anyone!!
- J.H., Panola IL, September 2016
This is Marci n Suzee,we r best friends and we r both buying homes. I spoke with a couple inspectors and I chose Jimmie because he sounded very professional n he is a very pleasant man.Jimmie inspected both of our homes and did just a fantastic and thorough job. He is a very nice person and makes u feel very comfortable. He spent all of the time we needed and explained everything to us. I highly recommend Jimmie for your home inspection. I know exactly the condition of my home, Thanks so very much,fom Marci n Suzee
- S.S., Cullom IL, July 2016
Jimmie, i am absolutely pleased with how thorough yor inspection was. I am relieved to kno that im going into the purchase of my home knowing every issue and repairs that are necessary for the safety of my daughter and i.
- M.B., Chatsworth IL, July 2016
Jimmie, i am absolutely pleased with how thorough yor inspection was. I am relieved to kno that im going into the purchase of my home knowing every issue and repairs that are necessary for the safety of my daughter and i.
- M.B., Chatsworth IL, July 2016
Jimmie Thank you so much for taking your time to inspect the home I was interested in purchasing. Spending time with me to go over everything during the walk through. I will be contacting for my next inspection.
- T.L., Longpoint IL, July 2016
Jimmie was supper knowledgeable on all sorts of technical sounding things and was very good at explaining what everything was and how it worked. It's also really nice that he circles or uses indicating marks in his report photos to show was is being referenced.
- J.H., Bloomington IL, June 2016
Excellent service. Punctual and thorough. Friendly and personable.
- J.B., Bloomington IL, May 2016
Very professional and detailed
- C.J., Anchor IL, May 2016
jimmy did an outstanding job. I would highly recommend him he brought things to my attention that need to be taken care before and after the purchase.
- N.R., Normal IL, May 2016
Very thorough house inspection and report. Thanks again! Highly recommended.
- S.S., Bloomington IL, May 2016
Thank you Jimmie, for a thorough and detailed inspection. Your service has been invaluable to us.
- E.N., Fairbury IL, April 2016
Very knowledgeable and thorough, the seller said he wished he would have used Jimmie for his new home inspection. I would recommend Evans Home Inspection in a second!
- D.L., Towanda IL, April 2016
Thank you for the time and effort you put into our home inspection. You were very professional and knowledgeable. The information you provided us with will go along way to improve out home. Thank you!
- D.C., Bloomington IL, March 2016
He was there to do the inspection and I received the report promptly. I do highly recommend Jimmie.
- K.B., February 2016
Very thorough. Let's you know exactly what is up to code and what needs to be repaired or should be replaced. Thank you Jimmie.
- J.D., Dwight IL, February 2016
Jimmie was timely and thorough and provided a very useful report. Jimmie was very helpful during our walkthrough of the home after his inspection.
- K.H., Bloomington IL, November 2015
Jimmie did an extremely thorough inspection and provided a detailed report that will be very useful. I would use his services again and would highly recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection.
- A.G., Bellflower IL, November 2015
Jimmy was very thorough and did an excellent job and took pictures of everything that needed to be repaired . The best part was the report when he explained absolutely everything that he had pictures of . So i would highly recommend Jimmy to anybody because he was very easy to work with and answered any question I had before and after the inspection. Thanks again.
- D.G., Sheridan IL, November 2015
Jimmie was friendly, responsive, and professional - before, during, and after the inspection. And the inspection report is the most thorough and comprehensive I've ever seen!
- P.K., Elpaso IL, August 2015
If you're looking for the best comprehensive and accurate home inspection don't hesitate to call Mr. Jimmy. What the world of real estate needs is his kind of honesty. You will know every little thing about the biggest investment of your life using him. He is reasonably priced and will take the time to help you understand everything. If you are a buyer, you need this man. TY, Jimmie for making me feel comfortable about this major decision.
- K.L., August 2015
If you're looking for the best comprehensive and accurate home inspection don't hesitate to call Mr. Jimmy. What the world of real estate needs is his kind of honesty. You will know every little thing about the biggest investment of your life using him. He is reasonably priced and will take the time to help you understand everything. If you are a buyer, you need this man. TY, Jimmie for making me feel comfortable about this major decision.
- K.L., August 2015
We would highly recommend Jimmie. His is very professional, courteous, and does a very detailed job with your home inspection. The seller even commented to us how they "wish they would have contacted him!" Would we recommend Jimmie - YES without hesitation!
- J.E., Congerville IL, July 2015