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Jim Shutt

My name is Jim I am a 20 year Air Force veteran. I spent 10 years as an active duty Security Specialist and then transitioned over to the Air Force reserves as an Aeromedical Evacuation Medical Technician; flew large-scale life flight for 7 years and did physicals and immunizations for the last 3 years until retirement. During my active duty time, I met my wife and best friend and since then had 2 girls. I am a family man and love to help out others. I was active in my community as a volunteer leader for a local American Heritage Girl troop and loved to teach. I was a commodity purchasing buyer for 11 years, but the office lifestyle was not for me. I love RVing and being outdoors, geocaching and spending time with my family. But most of all I like to fix things.
I have been an avid RVer for the last 20 plus years and love outdoors and nature. I have owned quite a few Rv’s over the last 20 years and some were great and others have had their problems. In the beginning, I believed as many people have that all new RV's were perfect and had no problems and that all gently used RV's already had the problems fixed. I have come to find out that all RV's new and used have problems. Some problems are very clear and others are hidden awaiting to appear when your worst expect them. A minor roof leak doesn't have to become a waterfall in your new to you 5th wheel, or your floor falling through.
Let SA Mobile RV Repair fix your current RV, Travel trailer, Pop-up, 5th Wheel, Class A, B, or C and get you back on the road to fun and not frustrations. Minor repairs that are not taken care of can become major ones down the road. Every RV from pop up to Class A can use a tune-up annually. From checking and cleaning your water heater to checking roof sealant for cracking and leaks. Remember this is not just a house but a house on wheels. And every time we take it on the road it experiences the equivalent of an earthquake and during an earthquake, things will shift, loosen, and possibly break.
If you are shopping for a new to you RV don’t get stuck with a lemon or someone else's problem. Whether they are brand new or used and seasoned they have hidden problems. Let me help find those problems for you before you buy it. Let me give you the unbiased information on your next purchase. I want you to enjoy your RV experience whether it is just for the weekend getaway or for a lifetime of adventures as my family and I do.


Member NRVIA Retired Veteran USAF Rv repair technician Contractor for Rv Armor

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Our Comments: First, if possible, get your inspection prior to signing a contract. We purchased at an RV show and, frankly, we were not only newbies but newbie nerds. Our dealer gave us permission to have Jim present at the pick-up walk-through day. We are a little older and knew there was no way we would be able to check everything, especially the roof. This may sound over the top, but as far as I'm concerned, Jim possibly saved our lives! Not only, did he help us with a thorough inspection of our new RV. Jim found something very dangerous and life threatening. After our walk-through with the RV representative, we were told by the representative that everything was working fine. During Jim's inspection, he discovered the Carbon Monoxide/Propane Gas Alarm unit was NOT working at all. A new Carbon Monoxide/Propane Gas Alarm unit was installed while we were there thanks to Jim. Also, there were quite a few issues on the roof that we would not have seen. Those were also pointed out to the RV representative by Jim and repaired while we were there. Jim took his time and gave us quite a few pointers that day. He even checked to see if we arrived at the storage facility without incident. I think we have a new friend. The report included photographs of everything and information that we can refer to again and again. Jim Shutt, you are amazing. I would highly recommend you to anyone purchasing an RV, be it, new or used. There are just too many components for most people to have the expertise to check, but Jim, you do have all the knowledge and ability and worth every penny we paid. Thank you so much. Your new friends, Sandra and Stephen
- S.S., January 2019