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G. Tyrone Johnson

I am the hardest, and the smartest working man in property inspections. I've developed and use a tried and proven winning formula. It makes the total difference between me and the other guys. Here is my formula.

1.) Know what you're doing.

2.) Do it.

3.) Report it.

This is not an industry standard.

The industry standard is for inspectors to either sugar coat the report, in order to not upset the Realtors. Or charge a low price, for an even lower quality level of service. Or both. After all, you may never know the difference, until it's too late!

Now luckily every inspector is not that way. So if you want a good one, then you need to look no further. Here I am.

My pledge to you is to perform a meticulous, unbiased, independent inspection, and provide you with an easy to understand narrative style inspection report, which includes large edited color photos, video, and audio files for an unmatched presentation and understanding. The report is viewable in html, so that it can be seen on any web connected device, including your smart phone. The report will illustrate and answer these five basic questions.

1.) What are the problems?

2.) Will they threaten my family’s safety and health?

3.) Will they have a negative impact on my investment?

4.) Will they cost me substantially more than I anticipated or can afford?

5.) What should be done to correct it?

Providing the answers to those questions is a very laborious and time intensive task. Simply put, I just work harder, and of course smarter than the average inspector. The hard part is putting up the extra effort to check everything and writing it up in the report. The smart part is being straight up with you, by giving you the information you're seeking; and keeping up with the codes, product safety news, and training. But the biggest thing is just telling it like it is.

This can make a huge difference in the outcome of your transaction. I usually find more issues, report more issues, which allows you to be more knowledgeable and intelligent about what you should do before you close. And If desired, my report will provide you with a very power tool for renegotiating your contract, to get all of the financial consideration you deserve, for the cost of repairs needed. Or, if you are accepting the property as is, and have already struck a great deal, then at least you'll know exactly what you're getting.


Knowledge is power. Allow me to empower you. This is critical information you need before you close. The fee is reasonable. The service is incomparable. And my integrity is unbreakable.

Please check us out online. We show Who we are, what we are, where we we are, and what we do. Our prices and a sample report is always available for your review. This is what you should use to compare us to the other guy. Please click on the link below to see all of that And thank you for choosing Johnson Realty Inspection Company.

G. Tyrone Johnson, Realtor

Professional Inspector, Lic. #8494

Johnson Realty & Inspection Company




Texas Professional Inspector Lic.#8494,TEXAS Realtor, Member-Itnl Code Council,NCCER+ Pipe Fitter, Plant Technician


I perform a meticulous, unbiased, independent inspection and produced in a narrative style comprehensive electronic report written in html that includes edited large color photos. Every home is inspected to the highest quality.


Thanks for your expertise!
- M.D., September 2018
Purchasing a home in Texas, while still living in California has been one of the most stressful processes I have encountered to date. In the short notice that I had to schedule an inspection, I reached out to Tyrone to complete this task. Within 24 hours of my call to him, we had my inspection scheduled. From beginning to end, Tyrone has been very professional, courteous and respectful. After completing my inspection, he provided me will a very detailed report (multiple pictures, detailed documentation and even recommendations) and contacted me to review it via phone. His rates are very competitive and do not reflect the level of service that I received. I definitely recommend him as an inspector.
- , April 2017
I am grateful for your thorough inspection on a potential property. It uncovered a safety issue as well as a foundation problem that I did not notice and would be costly to correct. Thank you for a job well done!! Sharon Thompson
- s.t., Houston TX, March 2017
I will definitely recommend you. Awesome report and very easy to read. Thanks for all the details in your report you took the time and its greatly appreciated. Wow! Even the pictures are amazing covering all details of the house. Praises!!!
- S.G., July 2014
Thank you so much!!
- E.C., June 2014
Tyrone was extremely polite and professional. He allowed me to reschedule the inspection with no hassle, and was able to do the inspection promptly so we could get the report back within our inspection period. The house was in good condition, but he was able to find a leak that the owner was not even aware of. We were able to have the seller fix this problem (with their $$$) before it turned into something major for us. That paid for the inspection and then some in of itself. Thanks Tyrone!
- T.N., Houston TX, December 2011
I liked his straight foward attitude being that this is my first home purchase I believe he was very informative and helpful. Thank you
- C.R., July 2011
I love Tyrone. He's the best inspector.
- S.M., Houston TX, June 2009