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Justin Terminella

My name is Justin, I'm an engineer by education and work full time for one of the top engineering and construction companies in the country, local to Kansas City.  For over 15 years, building and problem solving have been my passion.  Most of my career I've worked on mega projects managing many aspects of engineering and construction.  I love what I do and I'm proud to be a construction professional.  Now, I've taken my passion to a new level.  Let my passion and experience help you in evaluating your potential home and I'll give you the confidence you need in making important decisions on one of your largest investments.

I have a wonderful family including my wife Jessica & two boys Ethan and Luca and a third baby boy on the way, whom I work hard to support.  Home consulting is my hobby and an investment for my family and our childrens' education. 

I offer full service home inspections and handyman services.  I'm a certified professional inspector through the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.  In addition, I'm certified through the State of Kansas as a Wood Destroying Organism Commercial Applicator offering termite inspections and a Radon Measurement Technician offering radon measurement services.  One inspection and I'll cover it all, giving you the piece of mind you deserve.

My wife and I recently went through the process of building a new home with a local contractor.  The experience overall was good but it opened my eyes on the need to help others through the process.  With the current demand on new housing in Southern Johnson County and surrounding KC metro, there's a lot being built very quickly.  With projections showing the demand increasing, the quality of our homes will naturally decline (a google search on the pitfalls of new construction will provide you with great information).  In construction, mistakes happen and can often be overlooked even with the greatest of builders.  Did you know, the majority of general contractors subcontract all the work for a new home?  There is nothing wrong with this, but it does complicate accountability and contractual language specifically when it comes to "warranty" (a google search on new home warrant will provide you with some real life insights).  I've been involved with billion dollar projects, hiring the finest craftsman from around the country and mistakes are still very common and expected.  I've seen the greatest of all contracts agreed to and there are always disputes when it comes to warranty.  The best way to prevent warranty disputes or worrying whether or not something will be covered under a "warranty" is to ensure the work is being completed correctly, as it's being built (or before subs/contractors are paid).  Don't let preventable and common mistakes cost you thousands in a couple years along with all the stress and worry.  Hire me today to do inspections throughout the building process.  I'll represent you to your advantage as well as work closely with your contractor to make all parties succeed in the future (during and beyond the warranty period). 

I'm here to help and have fun along the way.  My help doesn't stop after the inspection.  I'm committed to help you through your journey on buying or improving your home.  My consulting services are free, when you hire me for the inspection. I look forward to working with you on your new home!

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Certified, Licensed & Insured Professional Home Inspector, Termite Inspection & Radon Measurement


Engineer by education with 15 years of professional construction experience building mega projects. Problem solving, quality assurance and inspection are my specialty.

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