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John Wade

J.W. Inspection Services of MI has over 20 years combined experience and have inspected over 15,000 homes.  Our home inspectors have taken and passed the National Home Inspectors exam and are part of ASHI American Society of Home Inspectors and NACHI National Association of Certified Home Inspectors. We can also be found a          


JW Inspection Services of MI is certified thru ASHI and NACHI. We have 20 years of experience in home inspections.


They do a wonderful job---very patient!!
- D.A., May 2019
John was an absolute pleasure to work with. Very knowledgeable and thorough. I am at ease knowing my new home was so thoroughly inspected.
- T.O., September 2017
You guys were great. Professional and personable.
- R.C., March 2016
Extremely honest and professional. Answered a lot of questions and made the whole process easy to understand. Great job!
- J.B., March 2016
John is a great guy! We were very impressed with the process of the inspection. He helped us to understand the things he was identifying during the inspection. Highly recommend!
- D.T., February 2016
Such an amazing person. He is very professional and personable
- R.R., Kentwood MI, September 2015
John was very thorough. He made us feel comfortable as he went about the inspection. Thanks again John.
- D.M., July 2015
Very professional and easy to talk to. John is very good at what he does. Bobbie made setting everything up very easy. I would highly recommend John, Bobbie, and the entire JW Home Inspections team. A+. Jeremy & Heather Sliter
- J.S., July 2015
your evaluation of our new home was presented in a very professional and easily understood manner.
- P.G., Lowell MI, July 2015
He was very helpful and informative. He also answered all of my annoying questions. A very honest and open person.
- T.V., March 2015
Thanks John, as usual great job.
- G.Z., March 2015
Dear John: As usual you were great to work with. This is only the second time we hired you it is the third time we have seen your work. You made the inspection enjoyable. When I asked questions you were very diplomatic with your reply. I felt that you were looking out for me. We did not purchase the home you did so we will have you do the house we finally land on. Thanks again John. p.s. Did you get your safe opened? I think the amount of turns decreased as you go through the process. i.e. 3 turns, two turns and one turn. Let me know if you have questions. Your check is in the mail.
- D.M., October 2014
He did a great job. Very friendly and informative.I would highly recommend him.
- J.W., August 2014
so thankful that he was the one working with us. he goes the extra mile and is honest. what a pleasure to have worked with him
- B.N., July 2014
John was very thorough and answered all my questions. He is very knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable with the entire process.
- L.S., June 2014
Another fine job John. Appreciate your help........
- G.Z., May 2014
John has done inspections for my clients on my recommendation for many years. He is an expert in his field, is very honest and I feel he is the best. Joyce York GRI with Coldwell Banker Schmidt
- , May 2014
Keep doing what your doing. My client was very happy with your job. He also liked how you are a very understanding person, and took your time to explain to him in detail the things. Thanks
- V.H., Holland MI, December 2013
It would be nice if your inspectors had a logo on their vehicles so we know who is who.
- D.M., October 2013
Good people. Thorough job. Very helpful and informative
- P.B., September 2013
Thank you John for explaining everything and allowing me to tag along in the inspection process. You were very helpful and I would recommend you to anyone needing a home inspection. Thank you also for your speedy help in getting this done so we can move forward with the move :)
- B.B., August 2013
Thank you John for a quick efficent home inspection. The report is very efficent and easy to understand. Once again from both my husband and I thank you. Karen and Sy Mondal
- K.M., June 2013
Excellent work, fast, the latest in technology, and superb service. I strongly recommend John Wade and his team. Regards, Alvaro Perez ARPA Global Corp. Limited
- A.P., June 2013
I was very pleased with John and I appreciated the time he took to address all the questions I had. He was both thorough and professional and I would highly recommend him.
- G.S., May 2013
Thank you John, you are the best. Joyce York
- , May 2013
Thank you John.
- L.Y., May 2013
Very detailed, excellent to work with!
- A.T., May 2013
Awesome conversation about future development and how to resolve outstanding concerns.
- T.P., May 2013
Thank you for communicating thoroughly with all the members of our family during your inspection. You answered questions, gave details, provided the information for which we were thirsty. You helped calm our fears and made this part of our home purchase a positive experience.
- T.D., April 2013
Thanks John!
- J.B., April 2013
John was absolutely the most friendly, knowledgable person I've encountered in my journey to owning a home. I highly recommend him.
- M.M., March 2013
Extremely honest and professional in a line of work where details matter the most and Johns team defines details which are important to me as a home buyer.
- C.V., March 2013
I met with George today for an inspection and I can't be more pleased with his skills and customer service. He was very helpful and informed us of everything he was doing. He was a pleasure to work with. I will be sure to recommend JW Home Inspections to anyone who is in need. Thanks!
- D.T., March 2013
George inspected and he was great. I'm a first time home buyer and he explained what was involved in the home inspection. He was very knowledgable and gave great advice.
- C.D., October 2012
You're the best!! Thanks for walking up and down the hill in the poison ivy to get this done!
- C.B., September 2012
Excellent online reporting, thorough and easy to read. Kevin Fase Realtor Prudential Preferred
- B.S., July 2012
George was very friendly and positive during the inspection. I appreciated his advice and would definitely recommend him to friends who need a home inspection.
- T.F., June 2012
John Did an amazing job with the inpsection. He saved me from 30 years of payments on a house that wasnt worth the money. I will be sure to have John Wade inspecting all of my homes in the future. Thank you John!
- R.B., September 2011
Incredibly professional and efficient. John not only gave our home a thorough inspection, but took the time to offer intelligent suggestions on future maintenance, repair projects and general home upkeep, which was a plus for us first-time homebuyers. He spent several hours on the inspection, provided a great report (both hardcopy and digital) and overall gave us a very unbiased assessment of the quality of the home. Highly recommended.
- K.R., July 2011
Professional, thorough and a nice guy overall! He explained everything to us clearly which was highly appreciated.
- P.H., June 2011
John did a great job on the inspection. He pointed out every little detail and defect.
- D.S., June 2011
We were very pleased with John!! He set the appointment up very quickly and worked very diligently. John took the time to go over things with us as we were first time homeowners and very new to the whole process. We would definitely recommend John!!!
- M.B., April 2011
- J.D., April 2011
Mark and I are both very impressed with the thoroughness of the inspection and the clarity of the report. We also really appreciate the suggestions for cutting down on heating/energy costs. We would not hesitate to recommend J.W. Inspection Services to friends and relatives. Thank you very much.
- M.V., March 2011
I use John for inspections as often as I can. He is the only inspector that I personally recommend to others.
- K.A., Grand Rapids MI, March 2011
John was extremely thorough as well as polite and on time. Great experience for my first home inspection. Highly recommended.
- K.M., February 2011
Thanks're the best! I hope I find myself in a situation where I can recommend your company. You made us feel comfortable and at ease. Thanks again!! Cathy
- J.G., February 2011
Very prompt.
- J.H., December 2010
Thanks John! We appreciate the thorough and honest job. We are now feeling more confident than ever in moving forward with our home purchase!
- D.A., December 2010
Love the detail! Thanks much!
- L.W., December 2010
John was very attentive to details and took extra time to ensure he did not miss any issues. I would definitely recommend to friends.
- A.B., October 2010
Good work, friend! Appreciate your help. Brian & Lauri Dix
- B.B., October 2010
John is very thorough, prompt and does a wonderful job of home inspection. I would highly recommend him to others needing this service. John takes the time to educate my client's on not only the major items but the smaller items and the recommended maintenance or resolve.
- D.T., Grand Rapids MI, September 2010
John was extremely friendly, fast, knowledgable, and efficient! We will definately refer him to all of our friends and family! Thank you very much.
- J.M., August 2010
Thanks, John! Very helpful and thorough; we love the pictures and how you were willing to explain everything. Can't wait to move into our new home!
- J.M., August 2010
So glad John answered the phone when I called. I'm very satisfied with his inspection and presentation of results.
- S.M., May 2010
John Wade was professional and thorough. He was helpful with other suggestions in taking care of the house, too.
- D.L., May 2010
I am a first-time home buyer, so I was a little nervous about the inspection at first. But, John was professional and very friendly. He let me ask questions and told me everything I needed to know. Thanks, John!
- D.B., April 2010
John, thanks for taking the time to discuss and explain the issues that were found during the inspection. I am very comfortable with the results and with your reasonable fees.
- R.G., April 2010
Great job as usual. Thanks!!
- K.A., Grand Rapids MI, April 2010
John, Both my clients and myself appreciate your attention to detail and your professionalism with your home inspections. I look forward to working with you again in the near future. Thanks! Lisa Wenk Greenridge
- L.W., March 2010
Always prompt, pleasant, professional and extremely thorough. Offers a high quality product at a reasonable price.
- D.T., Grand Rapids MI, March 2010
John, Thank you for such a great job. You make the house buying experience stress free with such a thorough inspection. My wife and I felt so comfortable buying the house after your inspection. You are very professional, and a class act. Thank you again, Aaron & Shannon Kapala
- A.K., February 2010
Hi John: We really enjoyed this inspection.You did a very through job of pointing out areas that needed attention. You also were good at giving little gems of advice on the upkeep of an older home. We most certainly would recommend you to other home buyers. Ray and Marla VanBuskirk
- R.V., October 2009
Great job John, thanks for the quick turnaround and insights!
- J.K., September 2009
He did a great job of explaining everything to us, which was tough since we were pretty much clueless as first time home buyers. Great job!
- D.B., July 2009
Comprehensive, knowledgeable and Professional. A pleasure to work with.
- S.H., July 2009
Your great at your career. A very nice and respectful person. Thank you so much
- E.A., July 2009
Great job. very professional and would recommend him to all my friends.
- A.A., July 2009
Great job. very professional and would recommend him to all my friends.
- A.A., July 2009
Great job. very professional and would recommend him to all my friends.
- A.A., July 2009
Great job. very professional and would recommend him to all my friends.
- A.A., July 2009
Great job. very professional and would recommend him to all my friends.
- A.A., July 2009