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Kent Nicholson

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NC Home Inspection Lic #3202 NC General Contractor #32779


Kent Nicholson has over 25 years in residential and commercial building and property inspection. National Property Inspections is a national franchise company with over 25 years in the property inspection industry.


Very informative! Would definitely recommend to others buying homes
- M.B., April 2017
We have used your service a few times now and you are very thorough & professional. We appreciate someone who takes such special care of their customers!
- S.B., March 2017
Very professional and thorough
- J.S., Troutman NC, March 2017
I thought he was very knowledgeable and thorough. Also did a good job of explaining what exactly he was checking.
- E.W., March 2017
It was so nice to meet Kent! I had asked if he could stay and wait for my husband to get to the house after leaving work so that he could go over his findings with him, and even though he had completed the inspection, he stayed at the house talking to me while we waited! He was very thorough and knowledgable and we were comfortable relying on his report. I will definitely recommend to anyone looking for a home inspector! Thank you again!
- A.P., February 2017
Hello Kent, I was very pleased with both your inspection and your explanations to me outlining the issues and "non issues". It will give me a very good starting point on things that need to be addressed immediately versus those that can wait/cosmetic. I thank you for your time taken to help us through this process and being prompt, friendly and your willingness to ensure we had a great understanding of your findings. You are awesome and I'd recommend you anytime! Jill
- C.B., January 2017
Kent, Thanks so much for doing our home inspection! You were very thorough inspecting the house and did an excellent job of explaining what you found. I will happily recommend you to friends and family. Thanks! Ryan
- R.S., January 2017
I was happy with the work Kent completed. Was very knowledgeable and willing to share when asked about various topics. Report was complete and available the same day of the inspection. Everything was handled very professionally.
- J.E., January 2017
Awesome Awesome Awesome!!!!!
- S.W., January 2017
Kent was awesome through the whole process (so was Sherry). Kent provided timely responses to all requests (phone, e-mail). He arrived onsite ahead of schedule and his inspection was very thorough (never appeared rushed. Always very methodical). Kent was available and willing to answer any questions before/during/after the inspection and provided a detailed professional report within hours of completing the inspection. Highly recommended.
- R.E., December 2016
Kent is very thorough and does a very good job of "finding" everything that needs attention when doing an inspection. He is also friendly and patient, taking his time to go over his report with the buyer. I would highly recommend him for an inspection! =)
- M.W., November 2016
Fast, detailed and makes me feel much better with my home purchase! Great service !! Highly recommend !
- D.C., November 2016
Fast and accurate. Made us feel much better about purchasing our home.
- N.J., November 2016
Awesome Job! Very Thorough and Professional! Keep Up The Great Work! -David Greenway
- D.G., October 2016
I picked Kent randomly from a list I was given. The list contained highly recommended inspectors, and I simply chose one. With my little experience in looking for homes, Kent did such an amazing job of finding issues I know that I would have never noticed until I moved in or maybe even later down the road. Detailed explanations and the concern for safety and prevention of damage was exceptional and well thought through. I would gladly recommend this guy to any new or experienced home owner in the future.
- D.S., September 2016
Would recommend Kent to anyone who wanted a job well done!
- , September 2016
Pleasure meeting you. You were very good at explaining the inspection and making sure I understood what you were explaining! Thank you!
- K.A., August 2016
I was familiar with Kent's work from previous projects so there was no question that I wanted to use him for my home inspections. I've used him for 2 home inspections and he is outstanding. He is very detailed in his inspections and is clear about what he finds and what the remedies are. I trust his knowledge and expertise completely. He doesn't miss anything!
- S.S., August 2016
Kent was very knowledgeable and friendly. He was thorough in explaining things and did an excellent job writing the report and taking clear pictures of things that needed fixed. The company was very fast in getting him to come out to the house and the inspection was reasonably priced. Kent did a fantastic job and we highly recommend him to inspect your house.
- K.L., July 2016
Thanks Kent for your time, and expert information. Thank you for taking the time to answer all my questions. Jarrod
- J.B., June 2016
Kent was thorough in his inspection and willing/able to answer all of my questions. His background as a builder equips him with an unusually deep knowledge base, so I felt like I received above and beyond what others in the field might offer.
- M.S., June 2016
VERY thorough. Great, detailed report received the same day the inspection was done. I'm very impressed with his work. Thank you very much, Mr. Nicholson.
- J.M., April 2016
Kent, you're the best! We've had home inspections before, but none as thorough as Yours.
- S.B., April 2016
Thank you for being so thorough, professional and personable.
- J.H., April 2016
Im100% recommend him to inspect your home :)
- J.R., March 2016
I was pleased with the inspection. I felt you were thorough but fair. I appreciated your taking the time to answer my questions. I was extremely happy with the promptness with which you posted the report. Your website is easy to access and understand. Thank you for your assistance in making this process go so smoothly.
- K.H., March 2016
I was very pleased with the inspection. Working in construction I was surprised at the through all inspection performed, after hearing that most inspectors just do a hit an miss. Very friendly and willing to discuss any concerns I had and showing myself any concerns he may have. Thanks for the inspection and same day report.
- G.J., February 2016
Fantastic all around. We were very happy with Kent's service and would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a home inspection.
- J.T., Mooresville NJ, February 2016
Thanks so much for always being prompt and professional. You are a pleasure to work with!
- K.K., February 2016
Great job. Very nice to work with and very quick response!
- T.B., February 2016
Ken was very pleasant and helpful. Took the time to explain things to us. Would definitely use again and recommend him to anyone having an inspection done.
- M.B., January 2016
very thorough inspection, I feel completely comfortable with his suggestions and that the house will be great once we move in due to his efforts. thank you for a wonderful and timely job and turnaround, great job!
- R.H., January 2016
Kent was very thorough with our home inspection; he found multiple things about the house that we would of otherwise not known about. Even though because of the report we decided against purchasing the property we will be using him again in the future for another home inspection. We thank you very much!
- R.B., January 2016
Kent was very thorough and friendly! He took the time to explain any questions I had. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection!
- H.B., January 2016
I was very happy with the results of your inspection. It was very detailed and described the items needing attention very well. Even though we were not able to inspect the chimney from the top down, everything else was documented very well with a description as well as the photos. Thank you again for a very detailed inspection, being on time and very fast with the final report.
- A.U., December 2015
Kent made this experience very clear and easy to understand for a first time home-buyer. I greatly appreciated the time he took to explain the issues he found and recommendations he made. Thank you for your time.
- V.G., November 2015
Was recommended by everyone and I see why, very professional. Report was very detailed and easy to understand. I will recommend to anyone in the future for sure.
- S.B., November 2015
Kent was very personable, knowledgeable, and patient with all of my questions. I would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone. Kent can offer a unique perspective due to all of his experience as an inspector and as a builder.
- D.K., November 2015
Once again you did a very thorough inspection Kent. Thank you for all of your help.
- J.B., October 2015
Very polite and efficient. He also took time to explain issues to me in terms I could understand. He even took the time to show me the problems in the house.
- M.P., October 2015
Kent was on top of his game. Great work and easy to work with! Thanks
- T.C., September 2015
It was nice meeting you Kent and we enjoyed working with you on our house inspection. Thank you so much for doing such a thorough job and explaining the functions of the items we asked about. We would definitely recommend you to anyone needing an inspection.
- J.B., September 2015
courteous, knowledgeable and thorough. Answered our questions.
- S.M., September 2015
We had Kent evaluate a spec home from a builder new to the Charlotte area. He was thorough and professional. He was able to use his own builder experience in evaluating our new home. His comments & suggestions were well received by this new builder. We were pleased with the confidence it gave us in this home. Thanks.
- D.S., Statesville28677 NC, September 2015
Thank you for being such a thorough professional.
- T.L., August 2015
Very thorough and helpful. Answered random questions we had without delay. Highly recommended for tedious inspections! Thanks!
- E.G., Statesville NC, August 2015
Very thorough and easy to work with.
- H.T., August 2015
Thankyou Mr.Nicholson, for your very thorough, and detailed inspection! As first time buyers we understand how very important these home inspections are to ensure our enjoyment, comfort, and safety of our new home! My husband and I agree that you did an excellent job! Thanks again! Sincerely, Melissa A. Millspaugh
- S.M., July 2015
Kent was very through and detailed. He answered all of my inspection questions and was very helpful.
- L.C., July 2015
Kent is extremely thorough, professional and easy to work with! I highly recommend him.
- C.W., July 2015
Very professional job. Extremely thurough and made our decision easy. Thanks very much for your expertise.
- B.H., July 2015
thanks Kent for inspecting the house it was done perfectly detailed with pictures and arrows i give you a 10
- I.F., July 2015
Very thorough and informative. Kent and Sherry were delightful to work with and very responsive. I will gladly recommend them to anyone needing a home inspection.
- R.T., June 2015
Very friendly and helpful! Thanks for all your help!
- H.C., June 2015
This was our second time using Mr. Nicholson and we were still very pleased with his service. He is punctual, courteous, and provides a detailed report complete with pictures from the inspection. We will continue to highly recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection in our area.
- A.A., June 2015
Excellent and prompt and thorough - I would definitely use him again
- J.C., June 2015
No suggestions. You were on time, professional, thorough, and honest. I appreciated the fact you didn't over dramatize some of the issues. I would highly recommend you again.
- E.S., June 2015
Very thorough! We are first time home buyers, so we were alittle oblivious to steps in the home buying process. We felt very comfortable after receiving the report and felt like he did a wonderful job. Definitely would recommended.
- D.S., May 2015
Very helpful and knowledgeable person. I felt very comfortable with his experience and assessment. I highly recommend him for both commercial, which is what I used him for, or residential.
- M.V., Shelby NC, May 2015
Very thorough and easy to understand. Thank you for your help!
- E.D., May 2015
You are a PRO. I appreciate the diligence, and attention to detail, down to the points of interest, and safety items. Also you pointed out, easy maintenance for the future. Definitely a thorough and professional job. Thanks very much
- D.M., May 2015
You are a PRO
- D.M., May 2015
Kent, Thank you for the very proffessional inspection of the home at 325 Walton Drive. The inspection was very detailed, with a prompt delivery of the results with very detailed information. Thank you very much, Carol C.
- C.C., May 2015
Kent, Thank you for a realistic and valuable inspection that gave us accurate information regarding the home we are purchasing. We appreciated the timely communications and the customer service both you and your staff gave us. We will absolutely recommed you!
- P.M., May 2015
We appreciate the thorough report, and thank you for getting it done so quickly!
- J.H., April 2015
Awesome job. Very thorough and responsive.
- D.A., April 2015
looked over things very well and fill no major problems. Thanks Dan
- D.C., April 2015
Kent explained the process and what he looked for during the inspection. He was courteous and professional.
- F.E., April 2015
Kent did a very thorough job, and answered questions over the phone. I am very confident that I know all issues of the home I am buying. He is an asset to your company.
- K.P., March 2015
Thank you for the thorough inspection and for explaining to me in detail all of the concerns about the house.
- M.H., March 2015
Thank you for doing such a thorough inspection. Me and my wife really appreciate you pointing out a few things we did not see. Only thing i seen you had missed was the rear gutter on the backside of the house.It had come loose from the house. I had seen it already. But as we know everything in a home can't be seen. Thanks again, Mr & Mrs Christopher Pierce
- C.P., March 2015
Very conscientious and professional. Feedback was immediate with lots of important information.
- D.R., March 2015
Thank you so much for taking the time to inspect our home. You found things that I would have never looked at! Knowing this it made me feel safe, secure, and confident in purchasing our new home..
- A.R., January 2015
Kent is fantastic, extremely knowledgable and professional yet he explains everything in way that you can understand. Highly recommend!!!
- H.T., December 2014
Kent was great, very knowledgable, thorough and prompt.
- S.R., Huntersville NC, November 2014
He is quietly thorough and professional in his approach to the inspection as well as conveying the information in verbal and written form. He was not condescending to me as a female and took as much time as I needed to answer my questions as well as point out information he felt I ought to know and understand.
- P.D., October 2014
we appreciate your thoroughness in the inspection of the house we are buying.we thank you very much and it was nice meeting you. Jim and Pat Searls
- P.S., October 2014
Mr. Nicholson performed a very thorough inspection, and his report was clear and easy to understand. The inspection was done right after requested, and the results were provided very quickly. Mr. Nicholson was knowledgeable, friendly, and easy to work with, and we would definitely recommend him to someone seeking an inspection. Thank you!
- J.S., September 2014
Very thorough inspection!! The report was sent on the same day! Thank you so much!
- V.S., September 2014
Kent, Thank you very much for your thorough inspection and specially for the time you took to answer our questions and explain some of the issues. Your help has been key to help us move forward with the purchase of the house. Best regard, Belén
- B.P., September 2014
Kent was very detailed in his inspections more than other inspectors I have encounter. Kent seems to be very knowledgeable when it comes to codes, procedures and other home policies. I really find Kent pleasant to work with and would recommend him highly.
- S.D., September 2014
Kent was very thorough in the inspection process and the write-up/summary was extremely helpful. We used the summary to ask if any of the suggestions would be voluntarily done and this worked in our case.
- D.H., September 2014
You did a better job than I even hoped for!! Thanks
- M.E., Troutman NC, August 2014
Kent was very detailed. I would highly recommend him.
- S.J., August 2014
very good and complete inspection.
- K.E., July 2014
You did a very thorough job inspecting our home. You explained any potential problem points that were discovered. We feel much more confident in moving forward with the purchase now. Thanks for jumping in at such short notice!
- E.F., July 2014
Kent was very professional and also very informative of all the findings he found on the house we are considering purchasing. It's because of what he found, will help us make the right decisions in regards to this house. I recommend him to anyone that is about to purchase a new home.
- C.D., July 2014
Kent was very professional and helpful. He answered questions that we had. The report was very through.
- S.R., June 2014
Kent is a pro.
- S.W., June 2014
Thanks so much for checking back on things as we requested. I guess bad experiences cause people to be "picky".
- N.H., May 2014
Kent Nicholson is always at the job site ahead of schedule. His work is performed with the utmost care and he is very detailed in his reports. I would highly recommend him to any of my colleagues and future clients.
- K.P., Statesville NC, May 2014
Always a pleasure to work with Sherry & Kent. Professional and thorough. Also, they are always pleasant & friendly!
- J.J., May 2014
Received my inspection report in a timely manner, it was easy to read and understand
- S.A., May 2014
Kent did a great job and with exceptional detail.
- J.O., May 2014
Provide the pre-inspection agreement more than 12 hours before the inspection. 48 hours would be more appropriate I think.
- R.S., April 2014
Thanks for working in the rain and sleet.
- C.J., March 2014
Thank you for inspecting in the ice today.
- C.J., March 2014
Thank you for such a in depth report. I am Joey's mother and I will read your report and discuss with Joey. I am not happy with what I have seen so far. Thank you for checking it out so well and getting this report to us so fast.
- J.F., January 2014
Kent did an awesome job for my buyers. They were pleased with the inspection report and will use him again.
- F.B., January 2014
Kent is thorough and knowledgeable, he takes the time to explain what he is doing, and his reports are neat and comprehensive. Excellent work.
- S.W., November 2013