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Ken Heller

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Thank you for trusting The Real Estate Inspection Company with your inspection. My goal was to meet or exceed your expectations for a home inspection. Your inspection report is full of information about your house in addition to any defects I found.

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When you get to the report be sure to review the whole thing - not just the summary. There may be many recommendations for maintenance which don't really qualify as repairs, but may be important to you.


Feel free to send me an email or call me with any questions you have about the inspection. My contact info is listed below.


Ken Heller
The Real Estate Inspection Co


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Stop by our website at and see what we do. I am part of an exceptional team of home inspectors in the San Diego area. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. You will love our interactive report!

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Ken did a very thorough job, spending a good amount of time after the inspection to make sure that I understood all aspects of the inspection. I would highly recccommend Ken, because if he can do such a good job on a house as unique as this one, there is nothing he wouldn?t be able to handle!
- M.B., La Crescenta CA, November 2017
Ken is AMAZING! He is an extremely professional, intelligent, informative and personable (see hilarious) person. We couldn't be happier. He was very thorough, answered all of our questions, explained the summary of his inspection in a way that we could easily understand, walked the entire property with us and showed us exactly what ought be addressed. We didn't feel rushed or underserved. Give that man a raise! Thanks, Ken and The Real Estate Inspection Company. It's no wonder you have as many wonderful reviews as you all do. If you're reading this, HIRE THEM...yesterday!! - A.O.Reed
- A.R., October 2017
Ken was absolutely amazing and thorough. He was extremely knowledgeable and personable and I look forward to working with him again in the future!
- B.S., September 2017
Extremely knowledgeable, and great communicator to break it down in simple terms to both the Realtor and Buyer!!!
- J.L., Encinitas CA, August 2017
I liked Ken efficiency and proficiency. He is highly knowledgeable in his profession. He covered almost everything in detail, the area we even didn't think about ourselves. Provided detailed report of all what is working and what is not working and what requires Repairs or Replacement with picture pointing to the fault. Overall, I highly recommend him for your home inspection. Also, I definitely will ask Ken service for all my future home inspections. Thanks Ken for detail report, much appreciate it.
- N.P., March 2017
Ken was Great and very clear on all items of the home and answer all of our questions. Rick & Tara Brown
- R.B., March 2017
Very complete inspection and he took time to explain his findings and answer all questions.
- I.T., February 2017
Ken was very professional and friendly! He explained everything to me and answered all questions that I had. He was thorough and provided a lot of detail. I would highly recommend him and the company for home inspections, the process was so easy!
- T.L., November 2016
Ken is a very personable fellow. He was thorough in his work and very helpful in his explanation of inspection findings. His jokes aren't the greatest (okay- they were really from Amazon's Alexa) but his stories are good! We would highly recommend Ken to anyone wanting a professional inspection on their home.
- C.W., San Diego CA, October 2016
A pleasure meeting you and observing your work and report. Will use you again if real estate opportunity presents itself again. Thanks
- P.S., September 2016
Thanks so much for your thoroughness and professionalism!
- K.O., La Jolla CA, August 2016
Ken did an amazing job and as very thorough. He took the time to walk us through each part of the inspection and described in detail each incident.
- S.F., August 2016
Ken did a great job. He was very thorough and explained things in easy to understand language. He has a positive demeanor and was professional throughout. It is always good to work with a fellow service member!
- D.E., July 2016
You are a very thorough guy, you explained and showed me what was being done. And my dog Pinkie likes you too.
- R.S., Ramona CA, June 2016
Ken is the consummate professional. Always patient and quick to put clients at ease. He is extremely efficient and a joy to work with.
- S.W., Ramona CA, June 2016
Ken gave a great and thorough inspection. The report itself was very detailed and we learned a lot of information about a home that we greatly value. The home care videos are a wonderful touch in the report and the supporting images are great! We loved that Ken used recent technology for the thermal imagery. We enjoyed his detailed findings and friendliness which made us comfortable being there at the inspection with him. He was more than punctual at our meeting since he was already getting started before we got there (And we were 5 minutes early to boot!). Thank you for your knowledge, detail, humor, and time efficiency!
- C.V., April 2016
Thank you once again, Ken, for your thorough and professional inspection services.
- C.W., April 2016
knowledgeable and easy to talk to Inspector,
- J.C., April 2016
Very knowledgeable and thorough. Thanks, Ken.
- D.H., March 2016
Very personable, prompt, thorough and competent.
- L.A., March 2016
Ken was fantastic! He's knowledgeable and friendly! He walked us through the entire inspection and answered all of our questions!
- J.T., March 2016
Ken was extremely thorough and helpful pointing out issues to be aware of and bringing light to potential problems down the road. Ken's information and inspection report will be a major factor in deciding a means to proceed during my contingency period.
- B.M., San Diego CA, February 2016
Very thorough inspection and good explanation of findings.
- T.H., February 2016
Ken you are awesome! Thank you so much for always being professional!
- D.S., Ramona CA, January 2016
If there was a rating higher than 10, we'd give it to Ken Heller. He was a pleasure to work with, and did an examplary job inspecting our prospective home. He is thorough, educated, and highly informed in the home inspection business. We feel highly confident in the inspection and report done by Ken. Should we, or anyone else we know, need a home inspection, Ken will be the first person we recommend. He made us feel comfortable asking questions, and eased some of the stresses that surround the home buying process. Thank you Ken Heller!
- R.A., January 2016
This was the most thorough inspection I have seen. Thanks , Ken Mary scully
- M.S., November 2015
Ken was thorough and patient. He answered our many questions during the inspection and walked us through each section of the report when he was done. His findings were invaluable to us and I would not hesitate to recommend him and The Real Estate Inspection Co.
- L.M., November 2015
If I were a Realtor, Ken Heller would be my "go-to" guy for sure!!! Ken has completed 3 home inspections for properties I intended to buy (this third one is, hopefully, a charm). So, I feel like I've gotten to know Ken a bit. Love his friendly style and professionalism. I totally trust the information supplied in the "sit down" review and his reports, and will use all of the information as a basis for tackling "fix it" tasks. I miss Pipsqueek.
- L.E., Ramona CA, November 2015
Ken is always professional and thorough in his inspections. Very personable and takes time to explain if the client should have any questions.
- D.S., Ramona CA, November 2015
Ken was great. He explained what we wanted to know about and didn't explain the parts we didn't want to go through that day. He was fun and professional. When we called him a few days later to follow up on a question, he recognized us and gave a thoughtful, thorough answer.
- D.C., November 2015
Great service and professionalism!
- H.B., October 2015
Wonderful service, very professional, explained things clearly, and took the time to answer all of my questions. Highly satisfied and would definitely recommend!
- K.D., October 2015
Great job. Very thorough and informative.
- D.Z., October 2015
Ken was great! Very thorough and detailed. Also very helpful with my clients, answering any questions they had, and explaining things in a way that was easy to understand. He also made himself available for questions after the inspection, which helped my clients greatly with their request for repairs. Thanks Ken!
- C.P., October 2015
Ken is very professional and did a fantastic inspection of the home.
- K.N., October 2015
Ken, One of the most informative inspections I've worked with. Thank you for doing such a thorough job and documentation. Will always recommend you guys.
- D.P., October 2015
Very professional and thorough. I enjoyed watching Ken inspect the home and learned a lot things about the house and now feel more comfortable moving in. The list of recommendations is great and gives me some things to improve upon once i move in. Thanks Ken.
- S.K., October 2015
Ken is very personable and engaging individual; he was diligent and very professional in conducting his inspection, and would occassionally explain what he was searching for or point out key observations that he felt needed to be emphasized. He was very good at explaining his findings while running through his final report and even provided details when requested. Overall, I was extremely pleased with the inspection and Ken and would highly recommend him to others. In addition, he had a very good professional relationship with my RE agent, which made me even more comfortable.
- G.F., September 2015
Thank you Ken. I was extremely impressed with the professional and thorough inspection you performed on my house purchase. In reviewing the report with my friends, they were also impressed, especially with the photos and explanations. Here is why: 1. The systematic and complete process you follow to investigate the house - I feel confident if it could be found you found it! 2. The pictures and explanations to show what is booth good and bad. It is strange that most people spend more time looking at and checking out their new car than their new home. So the inclusion of various appliances, plumbing, etc. was a really useful part of the report. 3. Ken is a great guy, easy to talk to and explains both what he is doing and why he is doing it during the inspection. That was both educational and re-assuring. 4. The items highlighted with problems also included recommendations for correction, including simple D.I.Y. options for items not requiring professional services. 5. The price was reasonable. If you are going to buy something that takes 30yrs to pay off, why would you go cheap on the inspection that may save you years of financial and emotional heartache. Overall I am delighted with Ken's work and the HomeGauge report. Highly recommended and I would definitely use their services again.
- C.R., September 2015
ken did a great job. the report is in details and concise. Thanks!
- b.y., September 2015
It was really great having you inspect what I hope is our future home. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to my concerns and to let me tag along throughout the entire inspection. I feel like I learned a lot about the home, and I learned a lot about what things I should keep an eye on in the future. Regards, Melody
- M.B., September 2015
Ken. Excellent work. Very thorough inspection. You have a keen and experienced eye. Thank you for investing the time to share the nuances of the property with us.
- J.C., September 2015
My clients rave about him
- M.H., September 2015
Ken was great! I particularly appreciated the time he took to explain what he was doing and even how some of his equipment worked. Very interesting! He was on time, professional, friendly and approachable, and that goes a long way with me.
- P.S., August 2015
Ken you are amazing! I love how detailed and informative my inspection report is. All of the pictures and videos made it so easy to understand for me. Thank you so much for all your help and assistance and going above and beyond for me. I recommend you to everyone. Thanks again! Teofila
- T.P., August 2015
Very thorough and timely! Professional and articulate. Thank you!
- C.B., July 2015
Ken was very thorough in his inspection and went over the report piece by piece and showed me in detail where I had questions.He is very affable and would highly recommend him to future home inspections.
- G.P., July 2015
Pleasure meeting you, and loved how in depth you had gotten, as well as advice. Thank you Ken. Salute.
- N.D., July 2015
The inspection was very comprehensive. I appreciate the electrical portion, specifically, because I wouldn't know what to look for electrically. I wish you guys had a boroscope to do an internal plumbing inspection as well. (Maybe something to look into for the future?) The only thing I didn't see written up was the second water heater under the spiral staircase.
- D.F., July 2015
We really appreciated your friendly demeanor and informative, thorough inspection! We would not hesitate to recommend you to friends and family, or to request you if we ever need inspection services again. Thank you!
- P.O., July 2015
Thank you for your honesty, suggestions and warm personality. It was a pleasure having you viewing our new home and supplying us with honest feedback. ps. My wife loved the "stash".
- D.S., July 2015
Ken was very helpful in every aspect of the home inspection
- b.h., san diego CA, June 2015
Ken was very thorough and examined all aspects of the house. His report was very professional and organized into each functional chracteristic of the house (e.g. appliances, plumbing, electrical). He went through the report with us section by section and explained his findings and recommendations as well as any other information he had collected during the inspection. Ken also walked us through the house to show certain observations he'd made and to further explain some of his findings. Overall, the inspection was well worth it and Ken did an excellent job. I would highly recommend Ken to anyone who may need a property inspection. Well done.
- K.E., June 2015
Ken did a very good job.
- M.M., June 2015
Thank Ken!
- B.D., June 2015
Ken was absolutely wonderful! He was very thorough even down to the smallest detail. There were photos, infrared thermal checks, and even videos! He didn't miss a spot! His report was detailed and I loved the suggestions and recommended do it yourself fixes. I will definitely recommend Ken's services ten fold. After the inspection he went through every item point by point. He was professional, astute, and a pleasure to work with. Thank you Ken! Your knowledge, professionalism, and skill set was impressive. I will be sure to recommend Ken to anyone that needs a home inspection. Even my realtor- who himself is very thorough, commented that he was one of the best inspectors he had has seen and that is saying a lot!
- R.H., June 2015
Thanks Ken for being so thorough! I will definitely recommend you to friends and family and hold onto your card for future endeavors. Thanks again!
- K.K., June 2015
Ken -- Not only are you obviously a quality inspector, but I was immediately taken with your warmth and friendliness. What an enjoyable couple of hours I experienced with you and Pipsqueek!! Thank you so much for everything.
- L.E., Ramona CA, May 2015
Friendly and thorough. Job well done.
- M.K., May 2015
I really like the personal touch and made me feel comfortable with the inspection. He knew what he was doing and through with the inspection.
- S.W., May 2015
As a contractor with over 50 years of experience here in San Diego, I was very impressed with Ken and his knowledge of our business. His report was 60 pages long and contained everything I needed to know in order to make my decision on whether or not to purchase this house. Thanks again for this service, worth every penny!!
- C.S., May 2015
Very thorough and knowledgeable inspector. I would recommend Ken Heller to friends and family!
- G.R., May 2015
Very helpful and informative.
- B.G., San Diego CA, April 2015
It was a pleasure to meet you. The report was beyond anything I was expecting. You have some great tools in your tool bag to help you with your work.
- A.F., March 2015
Absolutely fantastic in all aspects of the inspection. Answered all questions and definitely knew his trade. Would recommend him by name with no hesitation. Thanks Ken!!!
- R.K., March 2015
Easy to understand and work with, would recommend to friends and family. Thanks!
- R.S., Temecula CA, February 2015
Ken was great! Very thorough, open and friendly. Highly recommended.
- M.S., December 2014
Ken did a great job. He was on time, courteous, and took time to explain his process and reasoning behind everything in the house. I will definitely use his service in the future.
- M.P., December 2014
Very thorough job. Couldn't ask for more.
- D.L., December 2014
Ken has been so knowledgeable and helpful. I would certainly recommend Ken to other people. The service was just unbelievably good.
- P.W., November 2014
Ken was very prompt and timely in his inspection which was much appreciated. We especially apprecitaed his insight on some of the findings and is ability to stay neutral to both the buyer and seller. Great Job!
- J.B., November 2014
Very happy with Ken's inspection. Very thorough and helpful throughout the whole process. Will recommend Ken and Real estate Inspection Company.
- T.C., November 2014
I am pleased to report that Ken was a 10. He is very knowledgeable as well as personable. Great to have choices within your company for inspectors.
- C.H., November 2014
Thanks, Ken, for doing such a great job for me. You are very thorough while being fun and personable. You spent time explaining things until you were sure that I understood. Great job. Ginny R. 10/31/2014
- V.R., November 2014
Ken, You were a pleasure to do business with. You performed the inspection with the utmost respect to the tenant without forfeiting the integrity of any part the inspection. You answered all of my questions with clear understandable responses. You took the time to go over all the details of the report with me so I was perfectly clear about its contents. Most of all you were personable, friendly and you rescued an 11 yr old dog with one tooth. You are a great Inspector and a good man. I would 100% refer your services.
- S.D., November 2014
Ken was wonderful! He was very thorough with his inspection and his report. He was also very funny and enjoyable to be around for the several hours the inspection took! I will recommend him to anyone I hear of needing a home inspection. Thanks Ken!
- M.B., October 2014
Very thorough and professional. I would recommend Ken to anyone, and I will use him again for any inspection needs. Thank him for us!
- J.K., October 2014
Great job Ken. We really appreciate your service and have already recommended you to a friend .
- P.B., October 2014
Our experience with Ken and his team was excellent. VERY thorough inspection that painted a very clear picture of what we needed to address. We even had comments from additional contractors and realtors about how good the report was - including my father, a retired engineer who can be very picky! We got lucky with scheduling due to a last minute cancellation; Ken was punctual, friendly, helpful and answered every single question we had. Highly recommend to anyone seeking a thorough home inspection and will definitely use again in the future. Thank you!!
- E.T., October 2014
Ken was very professional and meticulous with his inspection. Would recommend him to others who need inspections.
- G.B., October 2014
Hello Ken, I was extremely pleased with your service. You where very thorough in your inspection, and answered all of the questions I had regarding repairs or damages to my condo. Thank you again, Jeff
- J.F., September 2014
Ken, Thank you for your very honest work and detailed repot. Effat
- E.M., March 2014
Ken did a very thorough job we appreciate the follow-up and recommendations to research areas of concern beyond the scope of the initial inspection.
- J.R., Rancho Cordova CA, March 2014
I am so grateful that a friend recommended Ken. He was fantastic. I have purchased condos before, but never a house. So, I wanted to make sure the inspection was very thorough. He was on time and inspected everything. He was friendly and took some time to explain things to me. I hope I have the opportunity to recommend him to others.
- L.A., March 2014
Great report, very pleased with inspection. Would recommend to others!
- J.T., March 2014
Ken was extremely personable and was very thorough in his inspection. Afterwards, he took the time to go through the entire report and answer all of my questions. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
- J.M., March 2014
Ken was extremely personable and was very thorough in his inspection. Afterwards, he took the time to go through the entire report and answer all of my questions. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
- J.M., March 2014
I was highly satisfied with Ken's inspection. From my viewpoint, it was very thorough. Ken was very responsive in answering questions during the inspection process.
- B.S., March 2014
This is my second inspection with Ken, and if I ever have to do it again he will be the person I will get. His professionalism and technical exertise are untouchable!!!!!!!! Thank you So Much Ken !!
- N.A., March 2014
Very detailed and great reccommendationd. Excellent pictures, items needed improvement or repairs are easy to identify.
- N.M., February 2014
Great inspector. Extremely thorough and courteous. I couldn't be more satisfied.
- R.P., February 2014
Ken is pleasant to work with, shares information well, informs you of how things work and keeps a new home buyer very comfortable with the process.
- T.T., Carlsbad CA, February 2014
My clients have chosen SDREinspections prior to putting them on my recommended list. Ken Heller has been knowledgeable, timely, detailed and easy to work with. I will continue to keep on my preferred list.
- M.A., February 2014
Ken is not only a consumate professional, he is also incredibly knowledgeable in all aspects of a home and the structural components that make up a home. I will reccommend him and this company to anyone who needs an inspector. The office staff was also efficient with emails, appointment reminders and friendly.
- M.K., January 2014
Very thorough inspection and pleasant. Ken was great. Very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. He explained everything he was doing and I learned a lot about the house from him. Thanks Ken!
- C.C., December 2013
Very thorough and knowledgeable. Thanks!
- D.B., San Marcos CA, December 2013
When we move in, we will know everything exactly how good they are. Anyway, l like Ken, nice guy. Mrs.Tsai
- M.T., November 2013
Took the time to explain every detail in the report, making sure there were no surprises. Made great care to find every fault within the house, to make sure that that there will be no future problems
- J.C., November 2013
Top Notch! Ken was very thorough and helpful during the entire inspection. 3rd time using The San Diego Real Estate Inspection Co. and highly recommend them!
- P.S., Carlsbad CA, November 2013
Punctual and polite. Very approachable about concerns.
- M.R., November 2013