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Larry Tyler

Western Infrared goes beyond the requirements for a home inspection. Besides the “Oregon Standards of Practice” that is required for home inspections in Oregon, our services include an infrared camera inspection of the house. This includes using the infrared camera to look for moisture intrusions inside walls, ceilings and in the attic. We qualify the moisture findings with a non-invasive moisture meter. We also look for heat or cooling losses through windows, doors, ceilings and walls. We will use the infrared camera to look for overheated wiring at outlets, switches and the electrical panel. We look for leaks in the air ducting and the heating and cooling units. Infrared camera inspections can also spot nests from animals, bees and other pests hiding in the walls. The infrared camera can locate missing or compromised insulation in the walls and ceilings. Our infrared camera takes two photos of the anomaly at the same time. One is the infrared thermograph photo and the other is a digital photo of the same area. Looking at both of these photos side by side it is much easier to locate the problem areas.

Although not required our certified home inspector, Larry Tyler, will walk the roof to inspect the roofing, flashing, gutters and the chimney(s), if it is deemed safe to do so.

We have offices in Milwaukie and Depoe Bay, Oregon.

Home inspections, Radon & Infrared Services
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Larry Tyler  541-351-8855
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Oregon Certified Home Inspector OCHI #1841 Oregon Construction Contractors Board CCB #80316


Long time contractor at the Oregon Coast. Larry understands the problems that rain, wind and salt can cause. Extensive use of digital and infrared cameras to document problem areas. Easily generate list of repairs. Radon testing.


I have worked around a number on inspectors in housing in my former jobs. Larry actually inspects everything he can get to with out cutting walls open or the roof off. Easy to understand him, answered every question and very patient. Does not over charge. Written report with pictures and equipment used,excellent. Would hire again in a nano second.
- P.T., December 2019
Your very through inspection is very much appreciated. Thank you for your quick response.
- B.M., April 2019
From a Realtor point of view Larry is thorough and has the latest tools to communicate clearly in his reports the condition of the home with an infrared camera, radon testing equipment, video & photos. He limits his inspections per day which translates into giving the client & broker excellent customer service with a report emailed the same day. His reports are easy to read and manipulate into a repair addendum saving me valuable time. His knowledge of the local area from many years of living & working in the construction industry here in my opinion, gives him an edge over other inspectors. His interaction with clients leaves them knowledgable of the solutions without using fear which ultimately holds transactions together. I am happy to have him on my list of reliable coastal home inspectors. Anita Quilici Real Estate Broker Licensed in the State of Oregon.
- A.Q., Depoe Bay OR, August 2018
Love how thorough his reports are and how quickly he turns them around.
- K.A., Lincoln City OR, August 2018
I shopped around before selecting Larry and I am thrilled I chose him. If you're shopping around, just stop here and hire Larry. He is is probably the most thorough and detailed person I've ever met. I have been impressed with his knowledge, service and continued availability when I've reached out to him way after the inspection. He is also kind, respectful and just a neat guy to have conversation with.
- L.P., March 2018
Larry, Thanks for your efficient inspections, prompt delivery of reports and easy to use program for identifying areas of concern. My many Buyers over time have thanked me for the referral to you and your services. We all appreciate your work! Thanks, Linda
- L.W., March 2018