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Lanny Freng

Big purchase... Big decision. Who is going to be your home inspector. I am an"A+" rated member of the Better Business Bureau. I belong to A.S.H.I. (American Society of Home Inspectors). A great home inspector will take the time to answer all of your questions and will also give you advice on the upkeep of the home. I always point out deferred maintanence and include it in the report. It makes a great checklist of items that need attention after you move in.

A lot of information will be given to you at the site inspection. An inspector that takes time when they reconcile the report is of utmost importance. The report will be your main tool in negotiating and remembering what was told to you at the inspection. My reports have color photographs with detailed descriptions next to the issues noted. Some people ask why you put detailed descriptions in. Not only does it help you it helps me. Phone calls dont need to be made back and forth trying to figure out what the inspector means regarding items in the report. This allows me more time doing what I do best... inspecting houses.

Communication is another key asset a home inspector needs. If they can't talk to you about the home in a way that you understand it they aren't helping you. Some people have a good understanding of homes, others know very little. It is the home inspectors job to establish what level of knowledge you are at and be able to communicate to you in terms you understand. I have heard many customers who chose me on their second inspection instead of using the inspector that did their previous inspection, often times they didn't like the personality of their previous home inspector. With me you are going to get a down to earth family guy who is easy to get along with and is a professional.

I hope I can help you out with your home inspection needs. If you have any questions feel free to give me a call.



"A+" rated member of the BBB. ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors. NRPP Certified.


Are you looking for more than just an inspector that will run through the home and give you a check list of issues? I take time to answer all your ?'s and offer a very detailed report with color photos of shortcomings and upkeep items.


Lanny always does an excellent job with our clients - he is very thorough and explains items that have been found during inspection - whether you are a first time home buyer or this is your last home that you'll buy, Lanny will do an awesome job for you!
- B.S., Lakeville MN, April 2020
Lanny checked every last detail!!!!
- L.H., Le Center MN, May 2018
Lanny did an outstanding job! Left buyer with great info on how to maintain and keep home in great working order.
- S.R., Faribault MN, May 2018
Thanks for doing an unbelievably thorough inspection for us ! We appreciate your professionalism and attention to detail!
- S.W., January 2018
Great guy. Explained everything well. Appreciate his time and thoroughness.
- A.K., Cottage Grove MN, September 2017
Loved having you as my inspector! You helped me feel confident about my new home and how I can fix it and keep it up! THANK YOU!
- J.J., September 2017
I was very pleased with how thorough the inspection was! Thank you so much for a great job!
- A.P., June 2017
Fantastic Home Inspector who is extremely knowledgeable in the home industry trade. Highly recommended not only for the industry expertise, but also the courteous professionalism.
- C.L., May 2017
Lanny was extremely thorough and was very informative! I would recommend him to anyone looking to buy a home.
- E.P., March 2017
Very thorough and explained everything in simplicity!
- J.P., March 2017
Lanny was very thorough and helped us to make the most informed decisions regarding the house we were considering purchasing. I would highly recommend him to everyone!
- B.M., February 2017
Lanny was very thorough and helped us to make the most informed decisions regarding the house we were considering purchasing. I would highly recommend him to everyone!
- B.M., February 2017
Great inspection, professional, and knowledgeable. We would definitely recommend him to family and friends.
- A.E., February 2017
Lanny did an amazing job of providing insight into the building we had inspected. In many ways "reassured" our thoughts and also had the knowledge to share options that were better than we had thought!! I enjoyed Lanny's approach and attitude. I'll use Lanny again...when the time comes.
- T.S., July 2016
Lanny went above and beyond our expectations! He was very professional and informative when we did our walk through in person after his inspection. The detailed report he sent after the inspection covers everything we needed and has photos which come in handy. We would recommend and definitely use Lanny again in the future! 5/5 Stars!
- D.G., July 2016
Great price and came out to inspect the house quickly. Would definitely recommend!
- J.K., June 2016
Thanks Lanny for all your help!
- B.B., May 2016
I am please with the report
- S.K., April 2016
Lanny was very thorough and knowledgeable about all areas of the home. THANKS!
- N.S., March 2016
Lanny does great work and is very thorough
- B.E., March 2016
Lanny does great work and is very thorough
- B.E., March 2016
Lanny: It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday. You took your job seriously. A thorough inspection was done prior to our arrival, as is evidenced by the report you prepared. We were both very impressed. Our questions and concerns were addressed and recommendations were made. Your polite, patient attitude was greatly appreciated. Your advice as to what to address in the house for the future were well thought out and will be kept for future attention. Jerome and I are unfamiliar with the construction of homes. When we are greeted by someone who does know, and he then takes the time to check out our new home, it gives us peace of mind in going forward with the purchase. Thank you very much. Carol & Jerome McWaters
- J.M., February 2016
Lanny was very easy to talk to! Made the process informative and comfortable. His report was simple to read and detailed. Would use his services again in the future, and recommend him to others!
- M.M., January 2016
Excellent communication, scheduling, price and follow through. Would recommend wholeheartedly.
- S.D., December 2015
We really appreciate the level of detail of the inspection and the insights and recommendations that Lanny shared in regards to the inspection findings and future home maintenance.
- D.P., October 2015
Thank you for your very thorough inspection! We feel very informed and able to move forward with confidence. Will gladly recommend you to friends!
- M.S., September 2015
Lanny, you were very detailed and explained things in a way that was easy to understand. You were on time, which I appreciated given I had to meet you during my lunch hour. Your report was easy to understand and provided to me the same day. I will definitely recommend you to others!
- S.B., June 2015
Thanks again lanny, your truly credit to your profession.
- M.B., June 2015
Very thorough and professional. The report was detailed and explained well. We will certainly recommend Lanny to others in need of an inspection.
- K.C., May 2015
I really appreciated the supplementary material. It helped me to understand the purpose and limitations of an inspection.
- S.L., April 2015
I was very pleased with the professionalism and service provided by Lanny. The inspection was very thorough and covered all the aspects of the home. The report was detailed with pictures and text to support his findings. I appreciated the time he took to walk around the house and explain to me the findings and answered any questions I had. Being able to access the inspection report on line is very nice.
- J.W., March 2015
Lanny did a great job walking me through each of his findings and his recommendations. I will recommend Lanny for future referrals.
- E.S., March 2015
we really appreciated how thorough Mr Freng was in our home spection.we thought we had everything taken care of and I had asked him to point out anything and everything it would need any improvement at all even if we decided not to do it. He even sent us a detailed email with pictures and the remedies to fix each problem. All I had to do was email his inspection to my contractor and set up a date for him to fix the areas that needed attention.thank you very much inspection works I would highly recommend him to anyone who requires his service and to those who think they don't.
- E.E., February 2015
Lanny was phenomenal, we wouldn't hesitate to recommend him or use him again! He was extremely thorough, and very professional. We had our report back within 12 hours, and it was extremely well done.
- B.S., December 2014
Lanny met us with very short notice on a Friday evening and was very friendly and knowledgeable. He took the time to explain the inspected items/concerns to us and answered our questions with patience. We would recommend Lanny and Inspection WerX to our family and friends.
- B.K., November 2014
Lanny was very thorough and made sure to inspect every inch of our new home. He made sure to look into the most minute details that may have been lost without his trained eye. We would gladly refer his services to anyone in need.
- J.P., September 2014
Lanny was very professional and explained everything to us in detail. I was very happy with his inspection he didn't leave any stone unturned. Thank you for your professionalism and expertise!! Erik and Becky
- E.R., August 2014
Thanks Lanny. We appreciate all the great advice and the thorough inspection.
- D.S., August 2014
You are the best! You always do an amazing job! Thank you!
- S.M., July 2014
Lanny was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was very professional, thorough, and patient. As a first time home buyer, he helped us walk through the process smoothly and with ease.
- A.L., July 2014
Lanny did a great job and was very thorough going through the entire home with me and describing his findings. He gave great recommendations on what I should or could do to make the home more energy efficient and was I felt very comfortable with his assessment and that there were no major issues. He was also very straightforward and honest about what I might expect, i.e., the furnace is a bit old. I would highly recommend his services.
- J.S., June 2014
Lanny, Thank you again for performing such a thorough and comprehensive inspection. We appreciate you coming on such short notice and for taking the time to show us the minor repairs we need to make. Outstanding service with a great inspection report! Jon & Sara Cleveland
- J.C., June 2014
Great job! Thorough and the immediate, timely report was fantastic!
- D.N., June 2014
Lanny, Thank you for making my very first home inspection both painless and informative. Being new to the whole homeowner game, I appreciated how clearly you explained everything. I will definitely send anyone who needs an inspection your way.
- E.S., June 2014
Lanny was very professional and seemed very thorough. He answered my questions courteously and was very helpful in suggesting corrections to keep the home functioning properly. I appreciated his manner and felt I could trust his assessments. Lanny is friendly and conscientious. It would highly recommend his services. Thank you, Lanny.
- P.C., April 2014
Lanny you are real easy to communicate with, you explained everything so well. There is so many things to think about when your having the place inspected. You made the whole process more enjoyable and less stressful, Thank You!
- D.R., April 2014
Thanks Lanny! It is nice to have someone we can trust do our inspection! Appreciate it!
- J.R., April 2014
Lanny was great to work with! He was on-time, professional, very knowledgeable and easy to work with.
- K.G., March 2014
He was very through and took time to explain issues and also recommended solutions to fix the problems. Would high recommend his services.
- M.H., March 2014
We have used Lenny's services on two separate purchases and have found him to be very professional, thorough and easy to work with. We will definitely use his services again.
- T.S., February 2014
Excellent service on short notice. Very thorough with all explanations. I would definitely recommend Lanny to anyone looking to have an inspection done.
- C.A., January 2014
Lanny, thank you for performing our recent home inspection in Lakeville. We greatly appreciate your attention to detail and ability to schedule our inspection so quickly. We are happy to recommend Inspection WerX to our friends and family.
- M.S., December 2013
I was very happy with the details provided in the inspection report as well as the pictures documenting the exact area(s) of concern.
- K.M., December 2013
I was very happy with the details provided in the inspection report and the pictures documenting exactly the area(s) of concern.
- , December 2013
Lanny did a thorough job inspecting my property. He did a good job explaining the issues to me in terms I understood and his report was very clear. I would highly recommend Lanny to anyone in need of this type of service!!!
- S.K., Farmington MN, November 2013
We had a great experience with Lanny on a currently unliveable foreclosed home. He was thorough, explaining areas of concern and repair, and also pointing out areas where we should consult an expert (i.e. electrician, structural engineer, etc.). I was pleasantly surprised that his highly detailed inspection report was delivered to me via email within 5 hours of leaving the property, complete with color photos and arrows pointing to concerns. I would definitely recommend him for your home inspection.
- J.P., October 2013
You kept within the time frame you requested by starting on time & finishing very close to on time. It appears that you are very thorough in your inspection and your report is very easy to read & understand. I have already recommended you to our realtor & will continue to do so as we come across anyone looking for an inspection. Thank you, Lanny. Don & Pam Forciea
- P.F., October 2013
You have a forever long customer here, I will certainly recommend you to others. You are very detailed and went above and beyond in your inspection. I appreciate it! Thanks!
- C.D., September 2013
This was the third house inspection I have had and by far the best! Lanny uses technology to deliver a complete professional report. He has great personality with tremendous knowledge of what is needed to maintain and improve a home. He's a live encyclopedia of tips and ideas for both what's wrong and right. I was connected to Lanny from a friend andd will not hesitate to recommend him to my friends. It was a real pleasure to meet and work with Lanny! Thank you, Lanny!
- D.L., August 2013
Excellent job!!! We were very happy with the results of the inspection performed by Lanny. He did a very thorough job and provided great detail. He pointed out some key items for us to pay attention to as well as things to be aware of in the long run. The pricing is very fair and well worth it for the results received. Great job!!!!
- J.F., July 2013
Lanny, You did a wonderful job inspecting our new home. My husband and I would like to thank you for your thorough job and detailed report you did. Our agent even commented on how nice of a job you did. We would recommend you to all our family and friends buying a home. Thanks!
- A.B., June 2013
Excellent job. We are first time home buyers and I would recommend Lanny to everyone based on our experience.
- C.M., June 2013
Lanny was great throughout the entire inspection process. As a first time homebuyer, I was extremely nervous about the inspection and didn't know what to expect. Lanny was patient and thorough in explaining every matter that we came across. His pictures were great, and getting the report within hours of the inspection was fantastic. Very professional, and affordable. I would recommend Lanny to friends and family!
- E.G., May 2013
Lanny was very helpful and provided us with great information. We would gladly refer him to anyone purchasing a home.
- E.B., May 2013
Keep up the good work.
- W.N., May 2013
We were pleased with Lanny' professional manner and thoroughness doing the inspection. It was a pleasure to work with him! He was highly recommended.
- H.P., April 2013
Lanny did a great job. He was very thorough and carefully explained everything he observed. He answered all of our questions and made sure we understood the report and its contents. I strongly recommend him!
- A.M., April 2013
Thanks Lanny. Your inspection was nicely done and I now know exactly what things I need to do for our new home once we move in.
- D.B., April 2013
Lanny did a great job inspecting the home that I am hoping to own. He was very thorough about the problems needing attention and took his time explaining them. The photos and descriptions in the report have also been very helpful. I'd highly recommend Lanny.
- T.J., April 2013
Very informational along the way of inspection... Willing to answer questions... Respectful of the homeowners house... Did a very thorough inspection on the house... He pointed out the fixes that needed to be done... The report we received in the email was great. Thank you, Kevin
- K.F., February 2013
I recommend Lanny Freng to anyone needing an inspection. He thorough, curtious, and professional.
- A.V., June 2012
Lanny was great! Nice guy..very professional..was great at communicating what he was looking at and reporting.
- M.M., March 2012