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Please check out our website Lupkes for more information about our business.  We have our sample report there and we try hard to get the report to your very quickly.  It is an online report that it sent only to you.  You can send it to your agent if you so desire, but we feel very strongly that this is your information, so we only distribute it to you, unless you intruct us to do differently.  Please feel free to give us a call with any questions.  Thanks so much for visiting Jayne and Myron Lupkes


InterNachi member; Certified home Inspector, inspecting homes since 2006


Myron and Jayne are husband and wife and both are home inspectors. We are both licensed electricians and have their own contracting business. They have been remodeling homes for over twenty years.


Thanks, Myron for the detailed inspection report you sent us. Since we are purchasing the property "long distance", we really depended on you to be our "eyes". We truly appreciate that you were able to get our inspection done within 72 hours of speaking with us. We were thrilled at all the photos and level of detail you provided.
- K.P., November 2009