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Greg Mahler

At Mahler Inspections, we provide thorough, unbiased property inspections across northeastern Minnesota and surrounding areas. We are prompt, professional and courteous. Your inspection is completely timely, with adherence to the strict guidelines of ASHI. For our current prices, please call or visit us online at!


Greg was thorough and instilled great confidence in us. He answered all questions and provided excellent feedback, giving us insight into the home and its hidden workings.
- R.F., May 2023
Extremely thorough and with great photos as documentation. Very helpful!
- J.B., September 2022
Greg is exceptionally thorough, professional, and very easy to communicate with. He made time to go over the inspection report with me and was helpful.
- L.T., August 2022
Friendly, thorough, and efficient. Will use again when needed.
- G.N., August 2022
Great job by Greg He was able to accommodate our schedule and gave us good suggestions on what needs to be done with the property
- T.P., August 2022
Greg was awesome. He referenced old inspections on both of the houses that he inspected for us. That gave us a better insight to the type of homeowner we were thinking about buying from. I should his report to the head of Habit for Humanity and Brainerd and the thoroughness of Greg's report really impressed him! Greg eve went so far as to give my car a jump when it wouldn't start at the inspection. I would wholeheartedly recommend Greg.
- D.P., May 2022
Very thorough!
- R.H., May 2022
Very thorough!
- R.H., May 2022
Outstanding attention to detail. 5 star all the way.
- M.M., May 2022
Very thorough inspection with a detailed and timely report!
- J.M., May 2022
Greg Mahler does excellent inspections!! Very prompt on doing the inspection and had the results of the inspection the same day. Highly recommend Greg. This was the second inspection I?ve had him do in the past 2 years. On 2 different homes. Greg does a thorough inspection and explains things in detail.
- R.S., Virginia MN, May 2022
Greg Mahler does excellent inspections!! Very prompt on doing the inspection and had the results of the inspection the same day. Highly recommend Greg. This was the second inspection I?ve had him do in the past 2 years. On 2 different homes. Greg does a thorough inspection and explains things in detail.
- R.S., Virginia MN, May 2022
Greg was very thorough throughout the inspection and from what i know he didnt look over anything!
- T.S., March 2022
Greg was on time and very thorough and friendly--would definitely recommend him to our family and friends. Thank you.
- J.D., February 2022
Mahler Inspections provided me a very in-depth and thorough report. Included many photos and descriptions. I was reading the report the same day the inspection was done ! Very professional ! This was money well spent. I would recommend Mahler Inspections. to anyone looking to purchase a home.
- B.H., November 2021
I would definitely recomment Mahler Inspections as part of your home buying process. This is also a great service for sellers prior to listing.
- T.F., October 2021
Greg did a very thorough job on the inspection.
- J.N., June 2021
I was very pleased with the inspection. I was even more pleased with how fast I got the report back! Thank you!
- J.N., May 2021
Very thorough work and quick service and report. All was top notch. Thanks
- T.H., April 2021
The owner Greg recently did an inspection for us on an existing home that we're purchasing. The scheduling extremely easy online, response & confirmation of the requested appointment was very prompt so we could plan accordingly, and communication was great throughout the process. On inspection day he confirmed what the report would include and had it prepared the same day! He also took time to physically walk me through the house and explain the good stuff, a few questions we may want to pursue, and a few general highlights of the home that we hadn't seen before. Absolutely top notch!
- M.M., February 2021
It was very easy to set up an appointment request online, and Greg's response was very quick, even on a Sunday. His price was reasonable. His inspection was thorough and I had the report the same day! Will definitely use Mahler Inspections again as I continue my home search!
- S.H., January 2021
The work by Mahler Inspections was very thorough, timely and professional. The inspection outcome was communicated in writing and verbally in a very understandable and helpful manner. Buying a home is a big deal and it is really helpful to have this kind of third-party analysis in making confident decisions.
- M.H., September 2020
Greg performed a very thorough inspection. Easy to understand and friendly.
- J.N., September 2020
Great company to work with. Very professional and thorough
- J.P., Kremmling CO, September 2020
I had a great experience with Mahler inspection's! I think he did a Great Job! and would recommend this service.
- G.O., August 2020
Our Experience was prompt and we felt very comfortable having the Inspector Greg (who was very knowledgable ) do our Inspection.We live 1400 miles away so it became a Trust Issue for him to do the Job.It became more Issues on the Repairs then we wanted to get involved with, but he send the List to our Realtor to convey with Seller all that needs to be done.Very pleased with his Inspection.We would contact him again for our next Property...Thank you again for your help.
- R.C., August 2020
Greg of Mahler's Inspections inspected a home I bought in 2018. He was patient and thorough in his review. Answered my questions and took time to explain a system I wasn't familiar with (fuel oil). So when looking for an inspection company for a lake place, I was happy to request their services. While mindful of time constraints to get a water sample to the lab, again he was thorough and helpful in his review. Shared both positives and concerns. They did a radon test for one place and water quality test in the other. Looking for integrity? You'll find it here.
- R.M., August 2020
Quickly response, professional service and would recommend service for any home inspection on the range
- P.W., June 2020
Had a fantastic and efficient experience. Highly recommended, nothing was missed, nothing was to small to notice or note, timely and again so efficient
- M.C., June 2020
Greg was awesome from start to finish! Timely and responsive communication, professional and very thorough inspection, onsite payment options including credit card via Square. Highly recommend Mahler Inspections!
- A.L., June 2020
Very thorough inspection done and Greg took the time to explain things in detail that needed work! He was very knowledgeable and trustworthy!
- C.C., June 2020
We are not in state currently and had a great interaction with Greg over the phone as we set up the inspection. Report was sent promptly, was clear and was easy to access electronically. This company comes very highly recommended and I can see why. I am adding my recommendation to everyone else's!!
- K.B., June 2020
Greg did a great job and seemed quite thorough. He was also patient and good-natured. I did not know about the inspection until that morning due to not getting the message from the realtor, but Greg allowed me to set the home as desired for the photos which was appreciated. He also potentially saved me from hitting an outside electrical wire with a metal cutting tool so extra thanks for that! Not sure if he looked at the septic, but perhaps that is not part of the inspection. Thanks so much for your kindness and good work! Patty Reed
- P.R., June 2020
Easy to talk to, answered all my questions. Greg was very professional! We had a great experience.
- A.L., June 2020
Very thorough and friendly.
- S.H., June 2020
I got referred to these guys through my home buyers class and realtor. Very nice, fast and professional. Will use them again in the future if needed and will recommend to my family or friends.
- E.S., May 2020
Mahler Inspections was wonderful to work with for the inspection of our new home. They were thorough, fast, and efficient. We highly recommend them.
- K.A., May 2020
Greg is completely honest, pin pointed every issue and thorough with his inspection reports! Highly recommend him!!
- A.K., May 2020
Very personable and informative. Greg was great with letting us hang out for the inspection and very detailed when explaining what he was looking at. Very thorough and did not hesitate to answer any of our questions. We are confident with the results and very pleased that we selected Mahler Inspections to look at our home.
- J.R., May 2020
This is twice you have inspected property I?m purchasing and you do an exceptional job. Thanks so much. Ernestine
- E.A., Butler MO, May 2020
Greg was very thorough and offered us a lot of helpful guidance! Very quick to respond and did a wonderful job with our inspection. Would 100% recommend.
- A.G., May 2020
Thanks Greg! Customers are ecstatic and thought everything went great.
- D.A., May 2020
Greg was very thorough during the inspection, he explained potential updates and concerns in detail and made fair recommendations. Pricing was reasonable and service was prompt, the inspection report was submitted within 5 hours of the inspection. Would definitely recommend Mahler Inspections to anybody needing an inspection completed!
- K.V., April 2020
I highly recommend Greg, he is great to work with and the report he provides is excellent. A lot of well taken photos and clear, easy to understand descriptions of problems.
- M.K., April 2020
Very thorough inspection! Went floor to floor with is and showed us everything.
- K.H., April 2020
Very thorough inspection! Went floor to floor with is and showed us everything.
- K.H., April 2020
Greg was very thorough, and paid attention to details. The same-day report with pictures was organized, detailed, and easy to read. He clearly identified what he could and could not inspect, and the information was objective.
- G.D., April 2020
Awesome job and very friendly
- P.F., March 2020
Very thorough and knowledgeable! Definitely would recommend Greg
- D.C., March 2020
Fast, professional and friendly service. Website is set up nicely. Good price for inspection quality. Highly recommended. I was very happy with a job well done.
- J.M., Ely MN, February 2020
Greg was very friendly & easy to work with. He answered all my questions that I had. Will definitely recommend this company to everyone I know.
- M.T., February 2020
Greg walked us through everything he noticed and answered any questions we had! He was very easy to talk to as well!
- B.N., February 2020
Greg was very thorough with his inspection. . He took the time. To explain his concerns with me. I would definitely recommend him to anybody looking for a home inspection.
- B.B., Hibbing MN, February 2020
It was very easy to schedule the inspection, the report was very easy to read, and the request form was very easy to fill out! Greg was ready to help with questions throughout the whole process.
- N.R., January 2020
They did a great job! A detailed, comprehensive, and very consumer-friendly inspection report. 100% recommend this inspector.
- R.E., January 2020
They were very responsive on fairly short notice, respectful of the property and thorough. Highly recommend!
- C.C., December 2019
Very knowledgeable and personable was a pleasure.
- S.H., November 2019
My inspection was scheduled very quickly and I got the results just as fast. Very professional. Would recommended to anyone needing a home inspection and would use you again if I ever needed to.
- K.Z., November 2019
Great working with you. Thank you for your efforts and suggestions.
- T.K., November 2019
Working with Greg and Harley was not only informative but enjoyable. They are both nice guys who did a wonderful job inspecting our property. They were thorough and had a very professionally complete report back to us the same day. Both my wife and I really appreciated that they took the time to show us at the cabin the areas of concern and what corrective action they would recommend.
- M.M., October 2019
Greg was thorough and direct and explained problems so we could understand. Was polite and a positive person,thanks again Greg.
- A.S., October 2019
Thanks, Greg! I appreciate your timeliness and thoroughness.
- J.S., October 2019
Greg was able to get my inspection completed very fast and was very accommodating. Very detailed and thorough report was received the same day the inspection was completed.
- S.H., September 2019
Thank you for going above and beyond what was expected! You were incredibly helpful to us. We appreciate your service, and the photo supported report that can turn into a work list. We realized that house was more than we could manage, and we'll request your service if we find another and need an inspection. I wish that you will have all of the business and success that you deserve!
- P.D., September 2019
Greg's incredible phydical condition allowed him to access an attic entry above a steep stairway into the basement. There were situations up there requiring attention. His thoroughness allowed us to realize many things we would never have seen and saved us from expensive, time consuming repairs. He was prompt, courteous and knowledgeable. His willingness to offer the same explanation twice made me even more appreciative of his patience and professionalism. The heating system was like a foreign language to me. He explained that twice, and also kindly explained the concept of winterizing twice. He did not shorten either one the second time, and to me, that made me happy to take the time to tell others how exceptional he is at what he does. He explains his observatios at the end of his evaluation. If that's not enough, he emails a detailed report with pictures and an option to address each one with repair or replace and a comment section. You can customize your negotion material. Can you tell I highly recommend him? You won't be disappointed, and he could save you from making a mistake.????
- P.D., September 2019
Greg was a pleasure to work with and took the time to answer all of our questions.
- B.D., September 2019
Greg was very friendly and professional. He took the time to explain and to clarify any questions we had. His inspection report was clear and very detailed. Greg was efficient from beginning to end.
- C.N., September 2019
Greg did an amazing inspection on the house and he replied back to my request after normal work hours to get me slotted in for the inspection because he knew his upcoming schedule was extremely packed. CUSTOMER SERVICE ALL THE WAY! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND MAHLER?S!
- D.N., August 2019
The inspection was clearly done, and done well! The prices are fair since reasonable. Id recommend to anyone!
- C.R., August 2019
Professional, courteous experts from the first contact to the last. The inspection report is thorough, well organized and easy to read and comprehend with hi res pictures showing every detail. Meets or exceeds industry standards in every category. I highly recommend their services.
- C.B., August 2019
Thank You for making the inspection process so easy. The report and pictures were very helpful and allowed us to move forward to buying our home.
- M.E., August 2019
Greg was very thorough with his inspection. He answered any questions we had related to the inspection. We would not hesitate to have him inspect for us again and will recommend him in the future.
- M.F., August 2019
I contacted Mahler Inspections via e-mail to schedule a home and water well inspection. Greg promptly scheduled an appointment with the listing agent of the property. The inspection was thorough and the report was comprehensive and easy to read and understand. Greg kept me informed and got back to me quickly with answers to any questions I had.
- M.E., August 2019
Greg and Harley were terrific! They spent two hours doing the inspection, and then another two hours walking us through everything. They were professional, patient, and shared great insight. We had our report same day too. A really top notch outfit. Thanks. Chris
- C.R., August 2019
They were very through and friendly. We were able to be present for the inspection and ask questions. It was a helpful resource in making our home buying decision.
- A.T., July 2019
Excellent service , very impressive accuracy and will to work with people in all situations!! Very greatful for the excellent service !! Thank you
- C.B., June 2019
Seemed very thorough, friendly and knowledgeable.
- L.F., June 2019
My inspector was very thorough and precise with not only his pictures but his written report as well. Although we through our walk through of the property had discovered some of the same items there were quite a few discoveries we were not aware of. I would use this service if needed again.
- G.S., June 2019
The Mahler's did an excellent job and took the time to explain exactly what they were doing as well as answered all of my questions. In addition to the inspection, they also pointed out where we needed to take action on some maintenance issues.
- J.C., June 2019
the most thorough, quick, efficient inspection I have had on any house. thanks and I will be calling again, hopefully for a house that I will purchase. thanks much
- T.R., June 2019
I was extremely happy with the way this company did our inspection , there were things we would of never found out. And we would use these company to inspect again very good job can?t say enough but thank you
- J.A., June 2019
Greg and Harley are very professional, thorough, and quick. Their report is detailed and clear. I would recommend them for any home inspection!
- S.J., May 2019
We are first time home buyers and Greg at Mahler Inspections was thorough and took the time to go through the house with us, discuss various things and graciously answered ALL of our questions. Thank you much! Jill & Scott
- J.S., May 2019
I was very happy with how thorough the inspection was, and the amount of time you spent with me to review what you had found. It was very helpful!
- K.L., April 2019
Five star service! Thank you so much for taking the time to show me around my future new home and go over all the little details and answer my questions! You made the buying process much less stressful. Thank you so much for your friendly and professional service.
- T.S., April 2019
We thank you, you did a great job and thanks for helping us get it done so fast
- M.P., March 2019
Did a thorough and easy to understand report. Excellent
- M.V., March 2019
Greg and his dad were great. I contracted them on a Thursday and the inspection happened on Monday, super fast reply. Very thorough and knowledgeable, friendly and personalable. I would recommend them in a second.
- M.J., January 2019
Greg was thorough and quick. He was immediate to respond to our questions and had great communication regarding our scheduling, report, and specific needs for the inspection.
- E.K., January 2019
Greg is always very professional and thorough. He gets back to you right away, and is quick to schedule the inspections in a timely manner.
- J.B., January 2019
The inspection was done professionally with pictures and recommendations. The inspection report was very useful.
- G.V., December 2018
Friendly fast service. Very thorough inspection. Explanations worded nicely and easily understood. Fees are affordable and won't break the bank! Thank you for all your help😀
- K.E., December 2018
Greg was thorough and precise with the inspection. He explained what he was doing and why. He was open to questions and provided concise answers. A pleasure to work with.
- J.S., December 2018
Greg was very pleasant & through in his inspection. He answered my questions and checked everything from top to bottom that was visible & accessible. His report was helpful and gave comments for things that need attention. I would use him again if I need another inspection done.
- S.C., December 2018
Excellent customer care/service! Very thorough inspection report along with very detailed pictures.
- J.H., December 2018
Greg and Harley were excellent to work with. They were extremely thorough and gave detailed explanations for anything I didn?t know. I would highly recommend hiring Mahler Inspections!
- K.A., November 2018
The home I'm considering uses fuel oil, but I've used wood and off-peak electric for 30 years. Greg took time to show me details about the furnace and fuel tank. I asked a lot of other questions and he was patient and forthcoming. His inspection was thorough. He checked insulation, appliances, electrical systems. He noticed things from small details like a missing cover on a window crank to larger details like evidence of a vapor barrier in the basement. He was respectful and explained things clearly. I will gladly recommend Mahler Inspections for home inspections.
- R.M., October 2018
Mahler inspections LLC is amazing. They were quick to schedule and very very thorough. These guys are not only experienced professionals but they also put in the time to explained everything and answer all questions. And all for a very reasonable price. I couldn't be happier with Mahler inspections. Two thumbs up-five stars!
- M.C., September 2018
The inspectors were great -thorough, knowledgeable and helpful. They have awesome customer service and were great to work with!!
- O.T., September 2018
Communication was timely and thorough. The whole process has been easy and professionally done.
- K.C., September 2018