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Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call Marion Hodges Home Inspection Services. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Mobile Phone: 7705722808

About Marion Hodges Home Inspection Services

We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

We are located in Atlanta and serve all surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you!


ASHI, ICC, NACHI, and AARST Certified General Liability & E&O Insurance 20 yrs home building exp. Licensed


Marion Hodges is an ASHI CERTIFIED home inspector and AARST certified for radon testing, Inspections in all metro counties. 30 yrs experience in residential inspections & construction as a general contractor.

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Marion is great! His inspection of our first house was very detailed and allowed us to make the right decision for our offer adjustment. Very down to earth and personable. Love the use of the drone for a comprehensive 360 inspection of the house
- D.G., August 2021
Marion is very thorough and detailed. He takes the time to make sure the home is worth your time and wont cost you when you first move in.
- R.V., May 2021
Absolutely one of the BEST!
- R.G., September 2020
Marion is thorough, takes time to explain his findings, and welcomes opportunities to educate. Money and time well spent for his expertise and professionalism. -- KBW
- K.W., October 2019
Marion was incredibly thorough and professional. He spent a great deal of time in my (potential) new home, and I couldn't be happier with his service. He took time to explain every bit of his findings in a way that I could easily understand and use make informed decisions.
- E.K., June 2019
100% would recommend. Friendly, Professional and an expert in their work!
- K.D., June 2019
He was so nice, very friendly and explained everything. We used him on two inspections????????????????
- R.H., May 2019
I'm very happy with the home inspection that was performed by Mr. Hodges. He is knowledgeable took the time to explain the inspection process and things to look out for as a home buyer. Mr. Hodges is someone that I will definitely recommend to friends and family.
- C.F., May 2018
Mr. Hodges is very personable -- didn't mind me tagging along and asking questions. His answers were clear. He did a very thorough job with the inspection and the report was issued the same day! We have no problem recommending Mr. Hodges to anyone needing a home inspection.
- P.A., December 2017
Very thorough and professional. Excellent service and I would recommend his service.
- B.R., June 2017
Marion is very prompt for his inspections as well as very thorough. He's knowledgeable while patient, taking the time out to answer questions. I highly recommend him to do your inspections.
- P.H., May 2017
i think he went above and beyond and gave a very professional report in a timely basis.
- A.K., February 2016
Marion is the BEST!!!!
- C.L., December 2015
He is very experienced and knowledgably inspector. I am very pleased with his services.
- A.M., August 2015
Great job Marion, your knowledge was very useful in allowing me to understand some of the local code information. v/r Jerry
- J.R., January 2015
Thanks Marion Great job and we enjoyed spending time with you. The report is very thorough and done very well. Ken, Nancy & Alison
- K.L., November 2014
Thanks for a very good inspection and for the follow-up,
- T.K., November 2014
Mr. Hodges is very thorough and we highly recommend him! The report was very easy to read. Thanks!
- B.S., August 2014
He is the best and reliable inspector that I have been working with.
- F.K., Marietta GA, July 2014
Marion is very professional and does a very thorough inspection. Myself and my husband would definitely use him again, as well as, refer him to family and friends. Thanks always for a job well done! The Myles Family
- J.M., June 2014
We were very pleased with Mr Hodges' performance. He was very thotough in his inspection. We would certainly recommend to anyone who is buying a home. Keep up the good work Mr Hodges!
- K.S., May 2014
Marion, thanks again for a very thorough inspection.
- K.L., April 2014
very helpful and amazingly knowledgeable
- L.F., February 2014
Marion Hodges is a very good inspector. When I couldn't make it the day we planned, I taught he will not do his job. I was surprised that when I saw the was perfect. With all the details with pictures. Easy to read and understand. You don't have to be an ingenious to know and understand everything in your house. It was amazing. Thank you Marion Hodges! Keep it high,please! Thx for the great job Ide.
- I.M., January 2014
I really appreciate the time and details he provided during the inspection. No question went unanswered. Also please with the quick turn-around on providing written report with full details and pictures. Most comprehensive inspection I've ever had!
- M.M., January 2014
You were so though and I appreciate it. Glad Keith suggested you especially with me living in Maryland. Now I know what I have to do with house and that makes me feel good. Thanks Beth
- B.B., January 2014
Marion was extremely professional and knowledgeable about the entire process of the inspection. He made the clients feel very comfortable with all information obtained throughout the report. Marion was able to explain all the findings from the inspection in order to help the Buyers make sound decisions and the best way to move go forward.
- L.S., October 2013
Thanks for doing the inspection. You are great.
- K.T., October 2013
As always, Marion did a superb job. The clients felt very confident of his professional opinion.
- M.Z., August 2013
Marion and Will were fantastic. Will recommend them for all jobs that I come across.
- A.C., April 2013
Mr. Hodges was very thorough and pleasant as he walked me through the inspection report. He took the time to answer all my questions and also physically walked with me inside and outside the home to show me various items detailed in the report. A home inspection can be little overwhelming but Mr. Hodges put me at ease. Purchasing a home is a major investment and its important to feel confident that the individual inspecting your potential home is knowledgeable and competent. An overall very positive experience-I will utilize him again. Rhandi Carter
- R.C., February 2013
Your advise will help me in knowing what to get done in time and whether the house really was kept up before our purchase. Thank you
- S.H., July 2012
Mr. Hodges was very good to explain issues in layman's terms, took time going through each part of the inspection report with me, and accomodated each of my requests. I am confident he gave the home a thorough inspection and appreciated his professionalism very much.
- J.M., May 2012
Excellent Job!!
- L.B., May 2012
Thank you for being so thorough!!!!! We really enjoyed the break down of everything.Will definitely be recommending you to everyone I know.
- C.S., April 2012
Thank you for your thoroughness and all the wonderful suggestions and instructions. I appreciate everything you did to prepare me for moving in and living in the house!
- R.C., December 2011
Great Job. Very professional.
- U.R., May 2011
Thanks for making it out so soon and getting the report to me same day. I appreciate it.
- D.H., May 2011
Marion - Thank you for your thorough, professional services!
- M.S., May 2011
Marion is very thorough, very detail oriented, as well as fexible. This the second time we used Marion and will use for any future inspections.
- L.Q., May 2011
Great! Thanks Marion
- K.N., April 2011
Marion is very thorough. I highly recommend him.
- R.C., April 2011
Very thorough and professional - thanks.
- J.B., March 2011
Just a fantastic experience. Marion is very good, experienced, calm with buyers, easy going, funny, organized, a really great personality that makes the buyer feel at ease and confident. He is not out to prove how "great" he is by making small things feel huge. He is there to inspect, inform and educate the buyer about the home, how to care for it, and how to fix everyday things. I have found MY go to guy for all things home. Now I understand why HGTV uses him for their inspections in ATL.
- S.P., February 2011
Thank you so much Mr. Hodges for your excellent service.
- G.D., February 2011
Thank you so much for the inspection. It helped us a great deal. Thanks again Vickie
- V.S., February 2011
Timely and Detailed. My clients love him.
- A.M., December 2010
Marion was very thorough, reasonably priced, quick to respond, and gave me a very detailed electronic write up of his inspection (it was over 40 pages) with pictures.
- B.C., November 2010
Marion is definitely an expert inspector who knows and understands the building codes, has the right tools to do the job and is dedicated to doing the best job possible for the client--a true professional.
- M.D., October 2010
Extremely thorough and professional. Far exceeded my expectations.
- D.R., October 2010
Marion, Thank-you for another great inspection! I know my clients will always get a very honest, professional & thorough inspector when they use you! Thanks again! Linda Venuti
- L.V., October 2010
Your inspection was very thorough and patiently done, and I appreciated your patience with all my questions.
- P.S., September 2010
Thank you Marion for a very thorough, professional and friendly job. It was a pleasure spending a few hours with you Friday morning. I appreciate your level of expertise and years of experience. Todd Brechbill
- T.B., September 2010
A great inspector...takes great pride in his work and doesn't miss a thing! Extremely professional and knowledgeable and able to explain issues to buyers and agents.
- P.M., September 2010
I got to learn about my home in a very complete way because of the way Mr Hodges explain everything he inspected.
- Y.M., July 2010
Thanks again for your expertise Mr. Hodges. We are fairly new to the homebuying process and you made this portion of it stress free. I like that you explained what was going on in simple terms making it easy for us to follow and understand. I would definitely recommend Mr. Hodges to others in need of a complete, professional home inspection.
- S.R., June 2010
Thanks again for your expertise Mr. Hodges. We are fairly new to the homebuying process and you made this portion of it stress free. I like that you explained what was going on in simple terms making it easy for us to follow and understand. I would definitely recommend Mr. Hodges to others in need of a complete, professional home inspection.
- S.R., June 2010
Thank You so much for your time and help in inspecting my home. I will be sure to recommend your services to others.
- K.Y., April 2010
Thanks! Great job, friendly, and explained things well.
- K.F., April 2010
Marion does a comprehensive inspection second to none. I have used him before and will use him in the future.
- D.V., April 2010
Dear Marion, Thank you so much for your attention to detail and for inspecting my home on such a short notice. It has been a pleasure working with you. I will definitely refer you to others who may need your services. Thank you, Joann Golden
- J.G., February 2010
Thanks for all the time you spent with us. I really appreciate it. Lucia
- A.H., November 2009
Mr. Hodges was very professional and through. He was very willing to spend the time to show us items that we should be aware of as new home buysers - i.e. things to watch out for, maintain, etc. The service was excellent and the turn around time was great!
- J.N., November 2009
Thanks so much for helping my 1st time homebuyer. She said she really learned a lot.
- S.H., Stockbridge GA, November 2009
Wonderful, professional and knowledgeable.
- D.K., October 2009
Thanks. I will get back to you.
- A.M., September 2009
Excellent service. Prompt and courteous. I would highly recommend them.
- E.S., August 2009
Thanks, Marion, for explaining everything as you went through the house. You helped me to actually relax about the purchase.
- A.E., July 2009