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Mike Willett

Whether you're buying or selling a home, having a professional home inspection from a leading home inspection company will give you peace of mind and assist you in a fair and smooth transaction.

A Quality Home Inspection, LLC is the premier home inspection company in your area. We have been trusted by home buyers to help them make informed buying decisions for over 7 years. Our home inspections typically range from 3 - 4 hours long depending on the size of the house and you are invited to follow along with your inspector as they perform their inspection.

We take great pride in every inspection we perform. When the inspection is over, I will prepare a detailed inspection report regarding the property.


OCHI #2291, CCB #228042, AHIT Certified/Training


I treat every home I inspect as through it's my home I am buying for my family. The information I find/provide on the home is information I would want to know and share with you!


Mike did a great job inspecting my house. His report was comprehensive and through. I like the simple layout of his report, it was easy to read and understand.
- M.A., October 2021
Mike is very personable, thorough, and detailed with his inspections! I really appreciate how fast he was able to get us on the schedule and complete his report. I highly recommend him and will be referring him to my clients and others inquiring about an inspector.
- E.S., October 2021
Mike was very thorough and I feel like he didn't rush through anything and took care to be deliberate in his inspection. He took time to go through each item with me after the inspection was complete and explain any items of note and what that meant. His report was easy to navigate and appreciate how easy it was to sort through. I would recommend Mike to anyone looking for a home inspector, he knows what he's talking about and a lot of knowledge!
- A.P., Eugene OR, March 2021
Mike was wonderful! He was very thorough and timely. He never rushed us during the walk through. He gave us his full attention and walked us through even the most minor of home repairs. He had photos of everything and I'm sure if I called him he'd be happy to explain any part of his report. As a soon to be real estate agent I will be recommending him to my clients.
- K.V., Eugene OR, December 2020
Mike is extremely thorough. Not alarmist, but very clear on what needs to be addressed. He doesn’t short cut the time he needs to do the job right! His knowledge base makes him the right inspector for both city and country properties.
- K.G., October 2020
Mike did an excellent job with my home inspection. Very pleased.
- J.W., August 2020
Mike was thorough, friendly, and professional in his inspection and review post inspection. We were impressed with his overall knowledge and the level of detail for all areas of the home. His highly detailed full report with pictures and inspection rating guide was extremely helpful in helping us present our requests to the seller. We highly recommend Mike and his business without hesitation to anyone looking for excellent home inspection service at a very reasonable price! Thank you, Mike!
- E.S., June 2020
Simply put, Mike is the best! As a real estate broker, I am looking for my clients to have a thorough inspection and know what issues are in the home they are buying. Mike inspects from top to bottom and a lot of things other inspectors have missed in the past. He's the ONLY inspector I trust for my clients and look forward to many many more deals with him.
- F.M., June 2020
Mike was great. Fast and thorough. He spent probably around an hour at the home with us after he finished going over the inspection and answering questions. He also has the full report sent to us within 4 hours.
- S.T., February 2020
I appreciate Mike scheduling on short notice. He did a very complete job and was flexable with meeting with me to get it all said and done. Report was sent out right away and the format was great. Thank you
- B.P., June 2019
Awesome job! Very clear and to the point.
- B.R., May 2019
You did a great job, and were very thorough. Took time to explain the inspection. Thank you!
- G.E., May 2019
Mike was very thorough and professional. It seemed to me that he thought to inspect every nook of the house inside and out. He gave me great advice for future care of the house and many things to watch for. Mike is a real Pro!
- B.M., May 2019
I really appreciate the time you took to explain all that you were seeing so that I could make the decisions I needed to get to. Thank you for the details in your report so that I can go through and do the repairs that need to be done to make this house our home. Thank you Larry Bassett
- L.B., May 2019
My wife and I are very pleased with Mike's work. He was prompt, polite and professional. We would certainly recommend him to others and expect to use his services again in the future. Good job Mike!
- B.S., April 2019
Nice to work with. did a Great Job with the inspection.
- M.W., April 2019
Outstanding - A+
- R.K., April 2019
Mike was friendly and personable, explained things clearly, and took clear pictures to document areas of concern. I enjoyed working with him.
- M.H., April 2019
Mike did a great job on our home inspection. I consider myself fairly knowledgeable in construction, plumbing, wiring, etc. and he pointed out several things that I didn't recognize and explained his rationale with each item. He provided us with a great product and spent more time than any other inspector that I've worked with in the past. Great working with you Mike; we'll certainly be calling you in the future for our next home purchase.
- M.T., April 2019
Very nice and professional. Had a deadline and he squeezed me in so I could meet it. Thank you Mike
- L.B., April 2019
I appreciate your thorough inspection, the pictures were great to have as well
- J.R., April 2019
Mike was very thorough with the inspection and the report was high quality!
- J.D., March 2019
Mike was very thorough with his inspection and took the time to discuss/explain the findings with me. I also appreciated his professionalism.
- R.W., March 2019
Mike did a great job. He paid close attention to detail and talked us through the inspection summary so that we would understand everything. I would defiantly recommend him!
- Z.H., February 2019
Mike was very through in the inspection of a duplex we are interested in buying. His use of pictures in his report makes it so easy to understand. Thanks Mike See you on the next property.
- D.S., January 2019
Mike was very professional, honest and upfront. His knowledge is second to none and i will definitely be recommending him to future home buyers.
- T.R., December 2018
Thank Mike. I will recommend you always. You are professional, prompt, detailed and courteous always.
- A.H., Pullman WA, October 2018
I would rate my experience with Mike Willett as five out of five stars!!!This was my first time having a home inspection and I thought he was professional and easy to communicate with. I appreciate that he was precise, upfront, and very educated about the entire process. I would highly recommend him to other people needing a home inspection. Thank you Mike!
- L.L., October 2018
Mike was highly professional as well as thorough. He inspected a 108 year old home for us and gave us wonderful advice. He looked for things that we hadn't thought of. I would definitely recommend him for any inspection!
- L.D., September 2018
I found Mr. Willet to be very personable, knowledgable and very organized. I knew very little about this 100 yr old building he was inspecting. He unlocked secrets Of wiring, insulation, plumbing, heating and the buildings foundation. Taking the inspection tour after he finished was like a history lesson. He took pride in what he was Doing and treated my property like it was his. His respect and professionalism was gratefully appreciated. Thank you Mike.
- L.R., August 2018