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Michael Moran

Banister to Beam Inc, has been providing Home Inspection services in the Greensboro, High Point Winston Salem area for over 20 years.  We take pride in providing you with the most comprehensive inspection possible.  Our customers consistently give us the highest of ratings.  Our pricing is extremely competitive starting at just $375.  We also offer radon sampling, mold sampling, water sample collection, water penetration analysis, and problem resolution consulting.  We not only partner with you during the home buying process but we make ourselves available to you long after the transaction is complete.  Feel free to send me an email with your questions at


NC Licensed Home Inspector, License #972,Radon Certified, NC General Contractor, Member of NCLHIA, Member Inter-NACHI


Mike has been a general contractor for more than 25 years and has actively been involved in the building business. Mike has been a licensed Home Inspector for over 20 years. His customers rate him a 9.9 on a 10 point scale. Give him a call!


Mike was fantastic! He was very thorough with his work and explained everything to me afterwards. He got the inspection done within a day of calling and the details written up same day. Thanks for making this process so smooth!
- S.K., June 2022
Mr. Morgan was efficient and thorough. He took the time to explain things that popped out at him at the end of the inspection. All around nice and friendly. Would 100% recommend!
- K.G., April 2022
Extremely thorough and detailed
- R.B., March 2022
Impeccable ! Very thorough and professional !
- J.V., January 2022
Mike was great! Very professional, and great with entertaining children while doing the job. He actually allowed my 6 year old son to “assist” him and it allowed my son to learn about a new career possibility! I would high recommend Mike to anyone.
- C.E., November 2021
Wonderful work and report. Very insightful on topics of home ownership and maintenance! Highly recommended!
- D.Z., October 2021
Mike has done 2 home inspections for me, one in Jamestown and one in Stokesdale. On both occasions I was impressed with Mike's knowledge and professionalism. He is always quick to respond and happy to answer any questions I had. I hopefully won't be moving again for a long time but if I do, I'll definitely be asking Mike to do my inspection!
- M.M., September 2021
I would highly recommend Mike to anyone needing a home inspection! He is very knowledgeable and thorough and explains his findings in a manner most anyone can understand.
- J.B., September 2021
Very thorough! Pleased with our experience and would definitely recommend!
- J.W., June 2021
Michael Moran was very thorough when he conducted the home inspection for us. Not only did he do a fantastic inspection, but he also answered our questions and made the purchase of our new house less nerve-wracking. He is very personable too. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.
- K.O., May 2021
Great thorough job Mike & very informatine. 100% recommended to all
- R.B., October 2020
- D.B., October 2020
Buying a house is a longterm financial commitment that should not be taken lightly. Therefore, you need experienced and friendly professionals to complete your home inspection. Michael Moran was just that. He was not only friendly and welcoming but thorough and knowledgeable of the inspection process as he left no stones unturned. After my inspection report, I felt well informed about the property that I am considering investing in. I would recommend anyone to contact Michael Moran at Banister to Beam before purchasing their next home.
- L.N., September 2020
Mr. Milk Moran was excellent. He was very detailed from the roof to foundation of the house. Every Conner he Found in details. He make the buyer feel very comfortable before buying make sure everything on point. He was very fast and excellent service. I bought a house one before but the inspector I got didn’t do half of job. I found a lots more thing to be fixed after bought the house. Mr. Moran was the best inspector in the triad. Thank you very much for the best service.
- S.M., August 2020
Michael took the time to explain his findings on site after his inspection. He even walked me through some dos and don'ts for future projects I had in mind for the house. I would absolutely recommend him.
- A.C., July 2020
Mike was extremely helpful to us - very personable, thorough and with great attention to detail. Addressed every concern I had - couldn't have asked or expected any more!!
- C.R., June 2020
Mike's thorough approach was greatly appreciated. His written report was meticulous and he was willing to be available later for any questions. The information he provided allowed me to make a better offer, and ultimately a decision that saved me thousands of dollars. He's reasonable, prompt and friendly. What more could you want in an inspector? I recommend him highly and without reservation.
- S.S., June 2020
Thank You !
- H.M., June 2020
He was very thorough and communicated his findings clearly.
- N.G., June 2020
Mike did a great job and was very thorough. He is a seasoned pro and the inspection report was simple to navigate and easy to understand.
- E.M., June 2020
Mike has always been a pleasure to work with and his expertise has helped us to make more educated decisions when it comes to repairs and structural concerns. He provides in depth explanations and recommendations that allow us to determine how sound of an investment we are making. I highly recommend Mike to anyone looking to purchase a home and we will continue to use him for future purchases as well. Thanks Mike for you diligence and genuine concern and detail you put into your work.
- C.B., May 2020
Mike did a great job. He was thorough, but not nit picky; just what we hoped for. We would ask him to inspect our next home.
- H.C., May 2020
Michael was so easy to get in touch with and so thorough with the inspection! The report was detailed and professional. I would absolutely recommend Michael for home inspections.
- C.B., May 2020
Mike was so thorough and professional. My mind was certainly set at ease after the inspection, all the questions were answered and any concerns uncovered. I would highly recommend Mike when purchasing or selling a house, he leaves no stone unturned.
- T.W., April 2020
Thank you for making this process easy.
- A.W., March 2020
Excellent job. Timely, knowledgeable, and very thorough. Found items on his inspection that I would've never thought to look for.
- T.S., February 2020
Sorry to take so long in responding. We are very grateful for your attention to detail and thorough examination/inspection of our prospective home on Beville Forest Dr. The documentation accompanied by pictures and recommendations for repairs/replacement, helped us tremendously in making an educated decision about the purchase of the home. You will definitely be on our radar in the future quest for a home. Thank you so much for your approach-ability, diligence and expertise - was a pleasure.
- L.B., January 2020
Mike was very thorough and found things wrong that we didn't notice. We appreciate the time and effort he put into inspecting our home and will use him again when the time comes.
- J.Y., December 2019
Good job
- K.N., November 2019
Good job
- K.N., November 2019
Very thorough work, Thanks MIchael!
- J.C., August 2019
Mr. Moran was extremely thorough and walked me through all of the aspects of the home inspection process. While he explained that the actual report would be in greater detail, which it was, he took the time to actually show me the major and minor issues with the property. He didn't push any other businesses or companies that would repair or fix things - his purpose was to make sure I was informed and educated on all matters. I really appreciated that considering many of these factors play into the health and safety of myself and my family. Considering this is the first time I have done this process, he made certain that any questions I had were addressed and, at times, broke things down into layman terms so that I could understand the full circumstances of the situation. Lastly, I had questions arise after we had parted ways a few days later, and Michael was very swift in getting me the answers I needed, alongside explaining what qualities I should consider in other contractors, agents, etc. I would and will recommend him to others who are in need of a home inspection.
- J.S., August 2019
You were very personable and thorough. We appreciated your insight and candor. I will reach out to you in the near future to get further recommendations.
- S.R., August 2019
Michael is very knowledgeable, thorough, timely, personable and takes the time to explain his findings to my clients. The software he uses to send the reports make it very easy to create a repair list that can easily be saved as a pdf or emailed directly from his website to contractors in order to get estimates.
- L.P., July 2019
Mike was very thorough in his inspection of our property. We are happy that Mike was recommended to us. He took time to explain in detail his findings, and answered our questions. We highly recommend Mike to anyone needing an inspector. Thanks Mike.
- K.B., July 2019
Michael was professional, thorough, and direct. He had a good conversation with us to explain what was in the report before he left. Would recommend to anyone.
- R.P., July 2019
Thank you for the thorough job you did. I will be calling you when I choose another home
- E.H., July 2019
Thank you for being so thorough while inspecting our new home! We both appreciate it so much!
- M.W., June 2019
Mike did an awesome job! His level of knowledge and professionalism is outstanding.
- D.D., April 2019
It was obvious that Mike was experienced and very thorough. He was personable and willing to offer detailed explanations pertaining to items listed in the report. I will absolutely recommend his services to others as he was trustworthy, knowledgeable, and fair.
- G.W., March 2019

Easy to work with and thorough.

- T.D., March 2019
Very knowledgeable Pleasant Thorough
- R.G., March 2019
Mike was extremely thorough, which is what you want in a home inspection. His report was even more thorough, and presented in a way that was easy to identify issues and relay them to be fixed. We'll definitely be using Mike Moran for all future home inspections!
- N.D., February 2019
Exceptionally thorough
- J.M., December 2018
Mike did a great job. Was very thorough and accommodated bad weather to make two trips out to the house. Gave good insight into what should be considered and what issues were minor vs. what was worth pushing back on.
- T.A., December 2018
Very professional and knowledgeable. We were extremely confident in our inspector and his report that he walked us through. He told us everything we needed to know and included things during the inspection that would help us when we move in. Very personable, would definitely recommend!!
- S.B., December 2018
Having seen an earlier inspection report on another house prior to using him, I had great confidence in Michael. He did not disappoint. The key words: his knowledge and thoroughness. If the opportunity presents itself, I will use him again without hesitation. --joel
- J.M., December 2018
Very thorough. Great attention to detail. Great job explaining items needing attention.
- S.K., November 2018
Talk about a thorough inspection! He may not be the cheapest but you'll leave understanding more about the potential property than you ever wanted to know. I found him very helpful and he did a great job explaining it in a language I could understand.
- K.M., September 2018
It was a pleasure to work with Mr. Moran. He readily shared his knowledge and explained the causes and solutions for any issues found during the inspection. His report was thorough and included well-conceived photos to support the conclusions. I am confident that I will encounter no surprises after purchasing this home.
- T.C., July 2018
Having used Mike for 2 different homes, I would highly recommend him. He leaves no stone unturned. Because of his honesty and thoroughness, he saved us from buying a money pit.
- A.T., July 2018
Mike did a great job in inspecting the house. This is my 2nd house that he has inspected. He does a great job in explaining things and pointing out key items. Thanks again.
- C.S., July 2018
Michael was thorough and very professional during the inspection. I won't hesitate to recommend him in the future. Thanks
- M.S., June 2018
Very thorough inspection and recommendations.
- D.G., June 2018
I was very pleased with Mike's inspection as I prepare to sell the property. He was professional and knowledgable. Mike educated me to some points of inspection I was not aware of and I appreciated that. Mike is a friendly guy I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a detailed inspection worth the money.
- M.N., May 2018
I'm pleased with the quality of the inspection and resulting report. I appreciate Mr. Moran's professional and courteous manner. He seemed very knowledgeable and experienced and was attentive to my concerns and questions, often providing important information that I wasn’t aware to ask about in the first place. It was a pleasure to shadow Mr. Moran during the inspection.
- J.U., April 2018
Extremely thorough, professional and available to discuss concerns and answer questions.
- I.S., April 2018
Mike did a great job during my home inspection! He checked every nook and cranny.
- T.N., April 2018
Mike was very thorough and approachable. He took the time to answer questions, concerns and offer explanations.
- C.B., Greensboro NC, March 2018
Performed the inspection promptly and thoroughly and returned the report immediately.
- C.H., March 2018
Incredibly thorough. Provided helpful information. Very responsive and easily accessible.
- M.D., March 2018
saved me the cost of inspection, many times over by very simple suggestions. I would have spend time and money doing things that were not necessary.
- j.R., greensboro NC, March 2018
Very thorough and professional. His attention to detail is second to none. We would recommend him without reservation!
- B.D., March 2018
Michael provided a very detailed report and communicated extremely well. Very happy with his service.
- N.H., February 2018
Very thorough with pictures and comments!
- S.H., February 2018
We've used Mike for the past 4 or 5 home inspections and he is wonderful to work with. Knows the home inspection business inside and out, and is very knowledgeable in everything you need from with the home inspection. I would use Mike over and over again, and wouldn't hesitate to refer him to anyone that needs to get a home inspected.
- K.P., January 2018
Mike is very thorough in his inspection. He is also very willing to inform the client of what really needs to be repaired vs. what should be repaired vs. what is just an FYI. He explains what he is inspecting. Mike keeps the inspection process pressure free. The client can always ask a question or follow him around to see what he is inspecting.
- J.W., December 2017
This being my first experience with a home inspection, I didn't really know what to expect. I am delighted with Mike's thoroughness and professional knowledge. He took the time to explain any concerns, then elaborated in the complete written report. We would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection.
- J.B., October 2017
Mike is a well informed and trained professional giving the client the facts they need to know about the home. His dialogue is down to earth, easy to understand and alleviates the fear factor that many home inspectors escalate. Great job Mike, thank you!
- J.P., October 2017
Mike was outstanding!!! So easy to work with and extremely helpful with the process! He definitely is responsive and on top of every detail! Thank you so much Mike!
- M.T., August 2017
Mr. Moran was extremely professional and provided very in-depth information about the condition of the home we are purchasing. We are currently out of state and being able to rely totally on his observations was extremely important to us.
- N.G., June 2017
He was professional, prompt, thorough, and knowledgeable of his duties. I would recommend his services.
- J.S., June 2017
Michael is very very thorough. He always return my calls as needed or answered the phone. Additionally, he let me send a check to avoid a $20 fee from the credit card company ..thanks
- G.M., June 2017
Mike, I appreciate your knowledge and expertise and the practical manner in which you explain issues to those of us who are not so informed. This is my 3rd experience with you and on all counts, I have been impressed and pleased with your work. Thanks for another great experience and education on building.
- A.S., May 2017
Mr. Moran was very professional and thorough in his inspection. He answered questions we had during the process and was very knowledgeable. We would definitely recommend him to other home buyers.
- P.O., May 2017
Mike was great to work with and a true professional. He was very detailed and has a very good eye for details and is up to date on pertinent electrical, plumbing and general building code needed to properly assess a property. Would highly recommend Mike for home inspection.
- K.D., May 2017
The report I received was complete and the photos attached allowed me to see/understand the concerns addressed. Without this excellent report, I would have made a very costly mistake. Thank you so much!!
- P.F., Greensboro N C, May 2017
It was so nice to meet you! You were so thorough and you explained your findings to me in a way I could understand!
- N.S., May 2017
Mike, thanks so much for fitting me into your schedule. We have complete faith and confidence in you and your inspection. We appreciate your attention to detail and prompt responses. We will be certain to recommend you to anyone we know who's purchasing a new home! Thanks again Mike! We are so grateful!
- L.F., April 2017
Mr. Moran is a true professional. Very thorough, informative, and helpful. I would recommend him to anyone needing his service.
- J.B., Greensboro NC, April 2017
Mike is what I like in a Home inspector, thorough, tells it like it is, good suggestions and makes you realize that what he finds good or bad is to protect you going forward, not to scare you or convince you one way or the other. He also has built homes and knows construction as well as electrical and pluming which is a plus as some inspectors have never really been involved in day to day building issues and how to remedy. He was great.
- J.W., March 2017
I have purchased multiple homes in Greensboro and have used Mike each time. He's the consummate professional and I can't imagine using anyone else for this job.
- D.H., March 2017
Extremely thorough and very informative. Very knowledgeable and takes time to explain all aspects.
- V.G., March 2017
Thanks for all of your help and comments.
- P.R., February 2017
Mike did a great job! He was extremely thorough, and got us our report faster than we expected. He has made himself available for follow up questions. I have already recommended him to friends.
- A.K., February 2017
Great guy...takes time to explain in detail his findings and report
- R.W., Kernersville NC, February 2017
Mike was so helpful. He provided clear guidance and advice on what I needed to consider as a first time home buyer. I trust him implicitly.
- S.A., The Villages FL, February 2017
Great job; very thorough. Good communication with clients.
- J.G., January 2017
Mike did a fantastic job inspecting my townhome. His inspection report was very thorough and the pictures were quite helpful. I would highly recommend Mike and his company. SL
- S.L., January 2017
Mike is very thorough. We appreciate the detailed comments on the report summary and recommendations. Thank you for the great service!
- P.W., January 2017
Mike is so thorough and knowledgeable. He makes himself very available after the inspection for any questions.
- L.U., January 2017
Thanks for going over everything with us in a way that allowed us to understand it! Also, very prompt delivery of inspection report online!
- K.D., January 2017
Thank you Michael for a very thorough inspection, and explaining the issues found. We appreciate your hard work and professionalism. Would we recommend you..............Absolutely!!
- R.L., Greensboro NC, November 2016
Very thorough inspection. Mike answered all my questions and showed me exactly what he was talking about. Would definitely recommend!
- S.M., November 2016
The home inspection report was well laid out, detailed and thorough. It was easily accessible and the photos were helpful. Mike was friendly and professional.
- R.K., August 2016
Michael Moran was highly recommended to me.....during the home inspection experience and after the detailed follow up report with him, I would do the same without a doubt! I don't think you could find a more thorough and knowledgeable inspector. He is very passionate about what he does and it reflects in every aspect of his business. His reports are easy to read and extremely informative. We have already booked another inspection with him this week for a potential purchase. ~ C Perkins
- C.P., August 2016
Very knowledgeable, thorough and professional. Wonderful experience.
- G.T., August 2016
Thank you. We appreciate your hard work and professionalism. We would recommend your services to our friends and/or family. Mr. Moran did a great job.
- C.S., July 2016
I really enjoyed meeting & tagging along with you during the inspection. You did a great job showing & explaining all the findings. Buying a home, especially an older one, can be a stressful process. But you made that process easier. After the inspection I feel I have all the information I need about the property. You were great to work with & have my recommendation for anyone who is need of a home inspection! W. DeBrew
- , July 2016
Michael was very helpful. Although many of the faults were obvious, he was able to point out things that we had overlooked. His knowledge of the local codes and building requirements was especially helpful since we are from another state and were unfamiliar with NC codes. The inspection report was delivered very promptly and Michael's pictures and commentary will serve as a lasting reminder of where we started on what will be a long process to bring this property back to an inhabitable living space.
- J.W., July 2016