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Mike & Angela Carter

Mike and Angela Carter have an RV State-of Mind.  Owning a RV resort and being full time RVers gives them first hand insight into the joys, complexities and issues that come along with owning an RV.  
  • They witness new owner’s frustrations with problems on their rigs that were never disclosed or were falsified by a seller.
  • They watch as seller’s struggle with selling their RVs because of issues they never knew existed or if they knew, had no idea who to contact to fix the problems.
  • There are RVers who own an RV but stay frustrated because they know nothing about their rig and they do not have the information they need to know how to get the most out of the RV lifestyle.
Whether you are a buyer, a seller or an owner who wants to know everything there is to know about your rig, an RV Inspection is an ABSOLUTE MUST !!!

The RV inspection gives you solid factual information.  “Information is Power”.
For the buyer:  The inspection report will inform you of every area of concern, any life safety issues, water intrusion or areas for potential water intrusion, tire and axle information, gas pressure/leakage issues, expiration/replacement dates and interior status.  This information will give you negotiating power to get a better price, which will more than pay for the cost of the inspection.
For the seller:  The inspection will inform you of any areas that need to be addressed prior to selling, any life safety issues and areas to address to increase the value of your rig.  It will also be an assurance to the potential buyers that all issues have been addressed by a qualified RV technician and get you maximum dollar for your RV.
For the owner:  The inspection will give you a back to front, top to bottom, inside out insight in to all the areas of your RV.  You will have every square inch of your RV inspected with a detailed report, complete with photos, serial/model numbers and expiration/replacement dates for all your devices.

Mike and Angela will spend 7-8 hours inspecting over 700 areas of the RV.  They will take 300-500 photos; 80-100 of which will make it into your detailed 75+ page report.  You will be aware of all areas that are performing their intended function, any areas to keep an eye on to make sure issues do no arise.  You will also be notified of any life safety issues, minor to major issues and any areas which under-perform.

Mike and Angela are committed to giving you all the information you need, to not only assure you that you truly know your RV, but the freedom to make RV ownership a pleasurable and lasting lifestyle choice.
They are honored to be your Professional RV Consultant and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Mike Carter - 423-802-1362
Angela Carter - 423-802-6858



NRVIA/NRVTA Certified Inspectors NRVIA/NRVTA Registered Technicians NRVTA GRADUATES RVTF 200, INSP 200, 201, 301


Owning a RV Resort and Full Time RVers gave way to becoming Professional RV Consultants. We now have the blessing of helping those wanting to enter the Lifestyle to find their RV; from conception, to inspection, to education, to freedom.

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