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Mauricio Pineda

Whether your buying, selling or want to find out about the general health of your property please contact Advanced Group Property inspections. We provide commercial and residential property inspection services throughout the state of California. Use our expertise to make better decisions with your investments.

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We're an LA based property inspection crew servicing all of Southern California. From residential to commercial, we do it all. Over 50,000 inspections conducted since 1994 with a near flawless track record. 

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About Mauricio Pineda
I started out as a technical cadd draftman for Architects and Engineers for about 10 years. The projects ranged from celebrity homes to high rise buildings. I went on to become a superintendent for luxury 600 unit condominium complexes for about 7 years. I also was a service technician for huge buildings projects. So, to make it simple, I have designed and drawn buildings, I have built these buildings from start to finish, I have serviced and maintained them and now I am using all of my past experience and knowledge to inspect properties.



Serving Southern California since 1994. Our motto: You can't inspect a house unless you've built one. Checkout Advanced Group Property Inspection to get the full story.


Thorough attention to detail, informative with questions and answers. Very professional. Highly recommend.
- E.B., July 2017
Have done so many inspections with this company and had always requested him overtime I need an inspector.
- J.G., April 2016
Friendly and thorough. Highly recommend!
- M.S., Los Angeles CA, April 2016
Very thorough job. Easy to talk to and very friendly. Explained the inspection findings so we could understand. Great overall experience. Would definitely hire him again - highly recommend!
- J.M., December 2014
Thanks so much Mauricio for your patience with the sellers, I really appreciate it! Great job dealing with the buyers and answering all their questions!
- M.P., November 2014
You Rock, thanks for getting the report back so fast!!!
- C.D., October 2014
- S.B., August 2014
Well done timely manner. Detailed report.
- J.S., March 2014
Michael, Thank you for all your patience explaining us every detail of the house. I was surprised how quickly your report was ready and how detailed is its. Thanks again.
- S.R., November 2013
Michael was tremendous. Honest, thorough, knowledgeable, trustworthy and gracious. I'd recommend his work to anyone looking for a home inspection.
- E.A., May 2013
Total professional and experienced. Been working with Michael for about 7 years.
- P.B., Hollywood CA, March 2013
He does a great job and he is always polite and professional!
- G.C., December 2012
Extremely thorough and very professional
- A.H., October 2012
- L.M., Calabasas CA, October 2012
very professional. Job well done. thank you.
- C.K., June 2012
A great inspector, was very patient and answered all of my questions. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.
- B.N., May 2012
Thank you for another thorough inspection. You really explain issues in a way that clients understand. I will always recommend you to clients and associates. See you again soon.
- T.G., February 2012
Thank you so much, Michael! You were a pleasure to work with. Your report was very thorough and understanding. We appreciate how you made sure we understood everything you pointed out and you were very personable. We will without a doubt recommend you in the future. -Nick & Bryce
- N.A., September 2011
Michael Parkes was very thorough. He had a very pleasent attitude and explained everything in a very easy to understand way.
- K.J., May 2011
Michael was very Details and thorough Throughout the whole process. Which made it easy for me to comprend. He left no details out. I would highly, highly recommend Michael to anyone. Thank you Michael! Nick
- K.P., April 2011
Michael is an amazing inspector. He takes his times and is very thorough. This is the second inspection he has done for me and I called and asked specifically for him. He really goes through these properties as if he is inspecting them for his own family. Michael is very clear and makes sure you understand exactly what he finds. I would not only recommend MIchael, but I would be happy to provide any testimonial necessary.
- R.M., April 2011
very impressed with the details of the report. Easy to read. Leaves no room for questioning in my opinion. Awesome job.
- M.M., April 2011
Michael was a pleasure to work with. He explained everything he found in a matter even I could understand. His final report was just as easy to understand and will undoubtedly make the my move in process easier.
- A.T., February 2011
He is a great guy.
- D.D., Woodland Hills CA, December 2010
I'm a first time home buyer and this is my first home inspection. I am very pleased with Mike, he thoroughly inspected the property and gave a detailed explanation of the condition of the house. Mike made sure that I understood what needed to be repaired and what should be monitored. I would highly recommend Mike to anybody who needs an inspection. I would definitely use Mike's services in the future.
- E.F., December 2010
Thank You Michael great job
- G.B., November 2010
Always arrives on time. Prompt, prepared, professional and thorough. Would recommend him again and again.
- P.M., Northridge CA, October 2010
He was great! Thank you! Call you on my next one! Maggie
- M.C., October 2010
Michael was great. Very informative and honest in his observations. I really apprecaited the time he took making sure everything was accounted for on my new home.
- S.S., May 2010
Michael does a great job-very thorough.
- J.S., Burbank CA, May 2010
Perfection at Best
- F.D., May 2010
Been using Mike for years and most by accident!! Great guy and now I call for him
- P.B., Hollywood CA, May 2010
Michael Thank you so much. You were punctual and professional. You were very informative and detailed with explaining and answering my client's questions. If given a choice, I will definitely request you for my next inspection. Thanks again for everything!
- D.M., May 2010
Thorough, friendly, and helpful!!!
- J.S., April 2010
I liked the way you went through the whole house with the buyer and explained your findings. Some inspectors are "light" on information, but you were very helpful. My first-time buyer really appreciated your thoroughness.
- J.W., April 2010
Michael was an absolute pleasure to work with... efficient, knowledgable, and thorough.
- S.S., March 2010
Very professional and thorough - Great job!
- J.B., March 2010
Michael was very helpful and very detailed in explaining to my client the different aspects of the home inspection process and answered to all of my clients questions regarding the property. I would utilize his services again and recommend him to any other Broker or Realtor for his services.
- A.G., Northridge CA, February 2010
thorough, friendly, and informative.
- D.C., November 2009
Excellent service! Will continue to request him on all my inspections
- A.L., October 2009
Excellent work. I have already recommended his name and the company name to my friend.
- C.T., October 2009
Michael Parkes was very detailed inspecting the property and he disclosed all the issues that needed to be addressed. He answered all of our questions and he was polite and professional.
- J.W., August 2009