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Mark Wasie

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“Choosing the right home inspector can be difficult. Unlike most professionals, you probably will not get to meet me in person until after you hire me as your home inspector. Furthermore, different home inspectors have varying qualifications, equipment, experience, reporting methods, and yes, different pricing. One thing that is certain is that a home inspection requires work, a lot of work. Ultimately a thorough home inspection depends heavily on the individual inspector’s own effort. If you honor Brick By Brick Home Inspections by permitting us to inspect your new home, I guarantee that I will give you my very best effort. This I promise you.”

Mark A. Wasie

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Mark was very professional timely and efficient in inspecting my new home. The report he prepared was very thorough and detailed. The summary was excellent in identifying the issues set out in the full report. I was able to use the information in the report in my final walk through and have the seller fix the items noted in his report. Thank you for your great work!
- T.W., August 2019
Mark did a great job on the inspection. Timely. Great price. and great quality... The software that he used is awesome and makes it very simple to review the inspection and communicate with everyone involved in the transaction. Will absolutely recommend.
- k.W., August 2019
Mark showed up on time and was very professional! He did a thorough job and we highly recommend him.
- R.H., August 2019
Mark is knowledgeable and very thorough, I was happy that he would gladly talk through what he was seeing and gave recommendations all the while. I would highly recommend him.
- M.V., August 2019
Mark did a very thorough job inspecting our new home. He took his time explaining a few small issues he found while we were at the house, and took hundreds of pictures for the inspection report. I would highly recommend him!
- S.D., August 2019
Mark was awesome, he let me follow him around looking over his shoulder at everything. He answered all my questions and never made me feel like I was getting in his way while he was doing his job. Great job Mark, THANKS!!
- E.D., August 2019
Mark was personable and very detailed on his inspection. His report was easy to read.
- G.V., June 2019
Mark: You did a great job and I would give you a rate 9-10. However, when inspecting HVAC, you simply backed off due to the blockage to the access rather than actively seek to resolve the access problem with the agent. HVAC was the major inspection item and I would not be happy without it. Thankfully the agent heard our conversation and intervened without being asked. Thanks.
- J.P., June 2019
Mark was a pleasure to work with. He was able to schedule the inspection according to our needs. He communicated with our agent and was on the job promptly. Mark examined every area of our home-to-be inside and out with thoroughness and care, and took scores of photos to document his findings. His report was equally thorough and very clear. We are extremely happy that we chose Mark to do the home inspection and can recommend him without reservation.
- J.B., May 2019
Mark did a great job!
- A.N., April 2019
Mark, Thank you for the time and effort that was taken during our home inspection.Without a doubt you take pride in your profession.Choosing you was a wise decision on our part and I was completely satisfied with your service. Thanks again, EricAwwiller
- E.A., April 2019
Mark I enjoy working with you.Your inspections are very thorough and you explain everything without scaring clients. Thanks again for a great job John Korfhage Stouffer Realty
- J.K., April 2019
Very through in our inspection, took his time to make sure to check all areas of the home. Report was presented in a very timely manner, detailed and showed lots of photos and videos. We were very pleased.
- K.H., March 2019
Yes I would definitely recommend Mark, He is very friendly and approachable on any questions you have. I feel he is very knowledgeable and was able to answer my questions with great details. I felt he was very thorough with inspecting my potential home.
- N.L., March 2019
Mark was a true gem during the inspection. He's be very thorough, reasonably priced, and took the time to answer any and all questions we had. Being first time Home buyers we couldn't have asked for anything better!
- S.M., March 2019
Great job! Spent probably 3-4 hours inspecting the home, was happy to answer questions, and even stayed up late to get our report to us in the same day. The report was hand typed and included lots of pictures and details.
- J.G., February 2019
Mark was great. He did a thorough inspection and provided insights on possible issues. He arrived on time and took his time, no rush job.
- A.L., February 2019
Mark's work is impeccable! I love that he details the issues and shows the buyer what level of importance any issues are. My favorite section of the report is the Summary Page... what a great help in defining the report!
- G.G., December 2018
Very good inspection overall. All questions answered, thorough report.
- D.Z., December 2018
Mark is very precise, thorough and knowledgeable. I can tell that he loves what he does and it shows in his work and attention to detail. Definitely would recommend him to anyone.
- S.J., December 2018
Mark is very precise, thorough and knowledgeable. I can tell that he loves what he does and it shows in his work and attention to detail. Definitely would recommend him to anyone.
- S.J., December 2018
Very complete report, with plenty of pictures, which is very helpful. I would like to see page numbers on the report. When I am writing up a request for the seller to make certain repairs, I'd like to be able to refer to the page numbers involved.
- J.F., November 2018
Mark was able to fit me in quickly and was very prompt to show up when he said he would. Very thorough with his inspection an gave lots of great suggestions how to not only fix the few issues we had but pointed out some of the things that would increase the value of the home. You can tell he takes what he does very serious and I would highly recommend him to anyone that wanted to have a home inspection and I will use him again if needed. He's also very personable and very easy to talk to.
- D.N., November 2018
Thank you very much for taking care of the inspection quickly and professionally.
- R.U., November 2018
Excellent service done and very timely. The report helped negotiate a good deal on the property. Thank you
- R.H., November 2018
Mark-Thank you for inspecting this house. If we still do buy it, it wont be for the price they are asking. Knowing the fireplace is essentially inoperable without risking death of my family due to fumes, and that the electrical really needs a total re-do, as well as the reasons for the basement and foundation cracking, have caused us to re-think if we even have the money to put into this. You have been in-valuable! Thank you!
- M.B., November 2018
Mark was amazingly precise. His report was a detailed manual of our new house. He showed up early and was thorough. We had to be flexible on our time, and he remained extremely patient. Amazing report! Amazing pictures!
- B.S., Willoughby OH, October 2018
Thank you, Mark! Very thorough and easy to work with. The report was very detailed, and the pictures were fantastic.
- J.C., October 2018
Mark was so pleasant and easy to work with. Very thorough, easy to schedule, and reasonably priced. Thank you, Mark!
- J.C., October 2018
Mark, This is my second inspection with you and the buyers both raved about how thorough the report was and with pictures highlighting what you saw and noted. I think you do a very good job. My only concern is that the reports are very long and when I deal with other realtors who don't know how to access the report I have to print it out, scan it in and then email it to them. Maybe I missed the part where I can contact you and you can send the entire report to someone else if necessary? That would cut down on the printing out and scanning issue. Thanks for all your hard work, it is so appreciated.
- D.B., September 2018
I found Mark to be very thorough and very professional in the delivery of his services.
- R.M., Mayfield Hts OH, September 2018
Great job very though. I appreciated the detail in which Mark did the inspection. He took the time to answer all our questions, both mine and my realtors.
- B.M., September 2018
Mark is the best home inspector you ever find. He goes beyond usual inspecting the house. If you hire him you will know every details of the property inside and out. He tell you in details how is the condition of the house and how you can repair it. He even tell you about a burned out light bulb that could have some problems. I highly recommend him.
- M.H., September 2018
Mark was thorough and willing to answer any questions while preforming the inspection, as well as Courteous and Professional. Thank You Mark
- K.B., August 2018
Mark did a great job! He explains every detail and did a thorough job.
- S.R., August 2018
Mark Wasie wasn't just prompt. He was early. The exterior inspection was already complete upon my arrival. Mark is extremely knowledgeable and thorough. He is the best and affordable. I would highly recommend him in a heartbeat. Hire him. You'll be glad you did. CiCi Cummings-
- C.C., August 2018
Amazing inspection, very helpful, extremely detailed and knowledgeable.
- J.B., July 2018
Mark was marvelous. He was very thorough in his inspection, answered questions along the way, and provided the most comprehensive report we have ever seen. I would recommend Mark with every assurance that he will provide another home buyer with the same service he provided us.
- D.G., July 2018
We appreciate very much the service you provided today. You have made a number of recommendations that we take very seriously and will give attention to them as we move forward with purchase of the home.
- D.G., July 2018
Thank you Mark for coming out to inspect my new home!! I appreciate how you took your time with every room in the house. I feel that you didn't rush through and checked everything thoroughly. You came on time and went right to work! If your looking for some one to inspect your home I would highly recommend Mark!!
- J.B., July 2018
Mark was incredibly thorough and complete in his inspection. He made it very easy to understand what needed to be done on any and all corrections
- Z.M., cleveland OH, June 2018
Great job at even finding the smallest details that needed attention and repairs!
- D.H., June 2018
Mark was very thorough and personable. I was satisfied with his service and will recommend him to others!
- K.F., June 2018
Mark is awesome. He is very thorough, takes pictures of everything and explains in great detail. I've had Mark perform two inspections for me and both times he found issues I would not have caught. Thank you Mark.
- J.S., Maple Hts OH, June 2018
Wonderful inspection! I was very pleased with his thoroughness and he caught many small details that I believe other inspectors may have missed. The report was created in less than 12 hours from the time of inspection and was very clear to read. It also included a nice summary of all the issues, which was easy to present to both the sellers and contractors for the work. Overall, I would highly recommend Mark to anybody looking to buy a new house.
- M.L., June 2018
Very thorough, knowledgeable, and on time!
- V.P., June 2018
Mark was extremely thorough, I didn't even have to be there. I would absolutely use him again and would feel more than comfortable recommending him to others.
- J.B., May 2018
By far the best home inspector. Covered more than I can imagine. Would highly recommend for future use.
- W.D., May 2018
Mark has done 2-3 inspections for me and my buyers. The reports are easy to read, thorough and complete. Creating a repair list for the ROC is a breeze with the report. Highly recommend.
- C.F., May 2018
Very strongly recommend. Very professional and great quality report. Lots of photos!
- J.D., May 2018
Mark Wasie provided the most thorough inspection report that I've ever seen! I was unable to attend the inspection myself, but there was so much detail in the report that I was able to get a perfect understanding of exactly how everything went. Thanks Mark!
- G.I., May 2018
Mark was absolutely fabulous! I was looking for an affordable and thorough home inspector to look at my new home. Since I?m in the process of buying a home, looking for the right inspector became a little overwhelming. He reassured me that he would answer any questions or concerns that I had and include a detailed report including videos of the different things he was checking out in the home. Friendly, affortable and detailed! Can?t get much better than that! Thanks Mark!
- M.K., May 2018
thanks for the most thorough inspection...and of course the peace of mind! Phil Misch
- P.M., May 2018
Mark you were very thorough and professional thank you.
- C.C., May 2018
Mark was very personable and thorough! I recommend him highly to any buyer or seller that may need an inspection!
- A.J., April 2018
Mark is fantastic and this is the third time he's done a project for me. Very responsive, works fast and follows up on everything. I will be using him even more in the future!
- J.T., April 2018
Mark was prompt, courteous and professional. He did the job with great knowledge and a big smile on his face. He truly did a brick by brick inspection. His report was detailed and comprehensive. Dont look further, Hire immediately, you will not regret!!! Thank you Mark for being a part of our families dream of owning a home.
- W.S., April 2018
Mark was very thorough and explained his findings in a way that I could understand. He was flexible in his scheduling and was available even after the inspection to further explain or discuss findings in the home. I feel 100% confident living in my new home knowing the time and attention Mark spent inspecting it. I would highly recommend him to anyone in the area!
- J.L., March 2018
We definitely appreciate how prompt, thorough, and detailed Mark was. He was already on the property and hard at work inspecting the exterior of the house and the detached garage as we were pulling up. Without his thorough and detailed analysis of the property there were so many issues that we may have never noticed! Mark caught numerous issues with electrical, heating, and plenty of other major/minor issues. We definitely recommend Mark to anyone thinking of buying property. As he puts it best himself, if there's anything wrong with the house, he'll find it!
- J.G., March 2018
Mark was very professional and thorough. It was much appreciated that he took the time answer questions and offered helpful advice. I would strongly recommend Mark for inspecting any home you're interested in buying. He was very knowledgeable on the ins and outs of the entire home.
- D.C., Maple Heights OH, March 2018
Thorough and knowledgeable. No stone left unturned. Mark was extremely careful to check everything and was very clear in the explanations of his findings, verbally while onsite, during the inspection. Then, when we received his report, we saw how much he actually did...most of which we didn’t realize at the time. Pictures are worth a thousand words, and the report speaks volumes towards his attention to detail, and the clarity of his recommendations. From top to bottom, inside to out, Mark covered it all. More than happy with his work and highly recommended to anyone looking for a home inspection. Thanks again, Mark!
- J.S., March 2018
Mark provided a complete and comprehensive home inspection report. He provided photos and videos of every detail of our new home. He is very knowledgeable and provided answers to all of our questions. We highly recommend Mark to perform your home inspection.
- L.C., Painesville OH, March 2018
Mark is fantastic. Very responsive to texts/calls/etc. and gets the job done quickly and accurately, along with excellent follow-up. I've used him twice and will continue to do so in the future.
- J.T., March 2018
Mark was a great guy to work with for our inspection. He was able to answer questions and inquiries that came about. I am glad that we chose Brick By Brick and Mark!
- D.D., March 2018
Very thorough and professional...and affordable! I will recommend again.
- C.J., March 2018
Mark is a consummate professional. He was very clear and concise in what to expect from his service. I appreciated his expertise as well as his patience as it took a few days to get the appointment made. The final inspection report was better than anything I could have expected. If I find any more properties in the Cleveland area I will be sure to give Mark a call.
- C.D., February 2018
Thanks Mark for being Pleasant, detailed, and knowledgeable!!!!!!
- C.M., Shaker Hts OH, February 2018
The report was detailed and timely, I received it back the same day as the inspection! I felt Mark was honest in his assessment and made great recommendations as well.
- A.F., February 2018
Great work! Extremely thorough.
- T.H., January 2018
Mark made every minute of our 3-hour inspection count. He even showed up early to start the inspection on the outside of the house. He was willing to answer any questions we had along the way, and even encouraged it, providing practical and knowledgeable answers and advice. The final report was outstanding, included so many helpful photos, and even videos to reference. This report will be valuable to us as home owners for years to come. We were extremely impressed with Mark and would recommend him to anyone. He is a hard-worker who truly cares about the safety of his customers.
- E.T., January 2018
Great work Mark and thanks for your flexibility with the re-scheduling. I look forward to working with you again soon.
- J.T., January 2018
Thank you Mark, I cannot find the word to describe your professional work and honesty in home inspection :) I recommend you for every one and I m gonna contact you again to correct the minor problems in apartment.
- Z.A., January 2018
We really appreciated your thorough and professional inspection and will definitely recommend you to anyone we know who needs a home inspection. You were very pleasant and truthful about everything.
- A.K., Willoughby OH, December 2017
Thank you Mark for the awesome detailed report. The report was thorough and clear. Very much appreciated. Happy holidays to you and your family!
- K.L., December 2017
i will recommend Mark and Brick by Brick to future clients. I am very happy with the level of professionalism and and how quickly the reports were sent and lots of detail. It is nice to see there are still people who care about customer service and quality!! JK Stouffer Realty
- J.K., December 2017
Mark was excellent!! Very knowledgeable and detailed. He took his time to explain things thoroughly and he was very kind!
- L.T., Cleveland OH, November 2017
very good inspection! Mark took time to explain everything to my buyer and me . Told us the reason(s) he was doing what he was doing and what he was looking for and why. I learned something new yesterday by attending the home inspection. feel very comfortable that my buyer received a quality home inspection and will refer Mark in the future to my clients and other agents
- J.K., November 2017
Very thorough and easy to work with! He's informative and kind. I look forward to working with him again in the future.
- E.P., November 2017
Mark Wasie is very thorough and provided me with multiple pictures and videos of the home. I was out of the country doing a purchase and Mark's inspection saved me from making a very costly purchase. Using Mark as a home inspector was well worth the money.
- J.H., November 2017
Mark was very thorough with his inspection and was very professional. Would definitely recommend.
- C.M., Mentor OH, October 2017
Mark did a great job inspecting our newly purchased home. He was very thorough, each area of the property inside and out was covered in great detail. Mark provided clear explanations of all inspected areas as well as recommendations for resolution of any problems. Many photos were included, as well as some short videos. I would highly recommend Mark and 'Brick by Brick Home Inspection' to anyone looking for a truly qualified, professional, and courteous home inspection company.
- B.M., October 2017
Mark was a great inspector. He thoroughly checked everything in the home. He did not rush just to get the job done. Mark was also willing to take the time and explain everything that was not exactly right. The report he sent me was detailed and even if someone was not at the inspection personally he conveyed all the information perfectly. I feel more confident in the purchase of our first home after we had Mark go through it with us! Thanks Mark and hope to see you around.
- J.B., October 2017
Mark did a very thorough job, calling me in to explain along the way. I feel confident that he identified potential problems I would not have noticed on my own.
- J.I., October 2017
Mark did a very fine job of documenting a great variety of issues on a ver large inspection project. I have already found myself referring back to his report for verification of many details. I would be happy to use Mark again.
- D.C., October 2017
Mark was so thorough looking at things in the house that I would have never even thought to check. He was also very patient and kind explaining everything to me as we moved through the inspection of the home I am purchasing. The report showed many pictures of anything and everything in the home that I may want to look back on at a later date and also included detailed explanations of possible problem areas. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mark to anyone looking for a home inspection.
- A.G., September 2017
Mark was very thorough. He took his time and went through the house with a fine tooth comb. His report was the best I've seen yet, had both pictures and explanations. Then, after hours of inspection, he took time to answer questions we had pertaining to his inspection. I highly recommend Mark and am referring him to all my family, friends, co-workers, etc.... Thanks Again Mark
- S.T., September 2017
- S.B., August 2017
Did an excellent inspection and produced a very good report in short order that helped other inspections and contractors to make estimates. He did this despite time constraints put on by the seller which prevented further inquiry to possible deficiencies. Would recommend highly for a general home inspction
- A.F., Cleveland OH, August 2017
Great job on the inspection.
- S.B., August 2017
Easy to work with and provided detailed work and pictures.
- P.M., August 2017
Mark was very efficient and thorough. Was on time! Explained all he found and was looking for during inspection. Highly recommend!!!!
- K.S., August 2017
All communications were very responsive from start to finish. He arrived early and was very pleasant. Price was reasonable.
- G.D., August 2017
Mark was awesome, very helpful. Although I was not able to attend the inspection he was very easy to talk to on the phone and his report was very helpful.
- A.Z., July 2017
Mark was great to deal with. He is responsive and did his work timely at a fair price. The 175-page report was VERY thorough. I would recommend Mark to anyone looking for a home inspector.
- P.B., July 2017
Mark was great! He was courteous, professional and very thorough. While he was doing his inspection, I walked along and watched as he took notes, snapped pictures, and took measurements. I am not too mechanically inclined. I was surprised that he pointed out items to me that not only may need to be addressed but even items that he felt were installed or updated very well. That made me feel confident in him and my potential new home. Thanks again Mark. Colleen
- C.D., July 2017
Mark did a thorough and comprehensive inspection. This was a far better, detailed inspection than a previous inspection we had on another property we were interested in purchasing. I would certainly recommend Mark to any prospective buyer. Dan Koch
- C.K., Willowick OH, May 2017
Mark was great! I would definitely recommend
- R.L., May 2017
The attention to detail Mark put into our inspection made me feel his care for his trade. He genuinely wants you to get the best results and is willing to go over everything with you. I would happily recommend Mark to anyone in search of a home inspector.
- K.L., May 2017
I chose to have my home inspected before actually putting it on the market to get a jump on any issues that would be found. Mark showed up on time-on a Sunday mind you! He was here every bit of 4 hours and was extremely thorough. He answered all of my questions. I would certainly recommend Mark for anyone buying or selling a home! Thank You Mark!
- R.L., May 2017
We have been in the process of buying a home in OH for about 5 months. Had an inspection previously done that was not good at all. We felt it was a waste of money and good thing we terminated the contract. My sister work with Mark amd highly recommended him. As soon as we found another home we wanted, we contacted Mark. He was extremely thorough. His report was extensive and very easy to understand. He definitely gave us peace of mind to buy this home. More members of my family will be using him and I would highly recommend him to all my friends. Excellent job!
- C.J., May 2017