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Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call On The Level, Professional Home Inspections. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Work Phone: 304-876-2006 Mobile Phone: 304-582-5471 Fax Number: 304-876-2006

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We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

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Scott was great to work with through the inspection. I asked many questions and he took the time to answer each one, plus walk around the home and show me details above and beyond what you'd normally see in a report. I've worked with him on two historical homes with lots of details unique to older homes and both reports were thorough and balanced. I'd definitely recommend him!
- A.H., January 2019
Scott is precise, detailed and thorough with his inspections. He takes extra effort and goes beyond requirements by periodic visitations over and above normal checkups.
- J.L., Shepherdstown WV, January 2019
Thanks, Scott, for the inspection you did for us! You did a wonderful detailed job, even with pictures that we can refer back to! You were very professional which was great! Thanks again, Karl and Becky Carpenter
- K.C., October 2018
He was informative and took the time to look at everything and when the extra step and explained various things to us. Being 1st time buyers we are unaware of different things to look for or problems. Thank you for your time and professionalism.
- C.H., July 2018
Mr. Devers - On behalf of VADV, we would like to thank you for inspecting our organizations home. Your inspection has provided the information that we needed to determine how to proceed going forward. It was a pleasure to meet you. Greatly appreciate your professionalism, insight, and honest assessment. Should we require future inspections, we will definitely contact you. Sincerely, Pat Greenley VADV Executive Director
- V., May 2018
Great job, and very professional. Easy to work with.
- J.S., April 2018
Thank you for explaining the entire inspection as we walked through. This was very helpful and will help me decide how to proceed.
- A.P., April 2018
Always a pleasure no matter the news!
- J.M., March 2018
Extremely knowledgeable and great to work with! Scott takes all the time needed to ensure every inch of the property is covered. He also explains everything to you in detail both while accomplishing the inspection, and in the written report. I would definitely use him again and have already recommended him to several friends and family members.
- T.R., January 2018
Very knowledgeable home inspector and equally important, an excellent communicator. I learn so much from his inspections have led me to confident/competent decisions. Always there, even long after a purchase.
- F.T., August 2017
Scott did a very through job. He is personable and does a great job of explaining, teaching and showing his findings to the customer. He cares about his customers and the job he performs for them. He is the best I've ever seen of the 4 inspectors I have ever used.
- T.C., Waynesboro PA, June 2017
Scott was very thorough and extremely knowledgeable. He was also quite kind and helpful in offering recommendations for resolving issues that were found during the inspection.
- T.W., May 2017
Scott Devers is the best home inspector you an find in VA and WV. For years I have recommended him to my clients with wonderful results.
- T.D., null nul, March 2017
Incredibly thurough and he did a great jib of explaining everything he found.
- S.D., February 2017
Scott is very knowledgeable and thorough. He takes pride in explaining all issues supported with many images. The report is exemplary.
- S.V., November 2016
Very thorough. Thank you, Scott
- H.B., November 2016
Scott was very detailed and explained things clearly. Scott was excellent! I am glad my agent referred me to Scott for the inspection.
- P.M., August 2016
Scott's professionalism, attention to detail, and overall attitude made the home inspection process a great experience for this first-time homebuyer. Could not imagine using anyone else for my inspection needs.
- J.F., June 2016
Thanks for taking your time and educating me as I tagged along. I learned more in three hours with you than I could of picked up in months of working on this house without any guidance. You have helped prioritize what I need to do.
- S.D., June 2016
Scott great job as always.
- V.L., June 2016
Scott, Thank you so very much for your professional and thorough work on our house. I truly appreciate your knowledge and taking the time to explain things to me. It was a pleasure meeting you and working with you.
- R.S., May 2016
Fantastic inspector. Very personable and friendly. Provided outstanding information. A lot better then what I had expected in regards to a home inspection. 10/10 would inspect again.
- J.P., April 2016
Thank you for being so complete and and sharing your expertise with us. We appreciate your honesty and instruction for the biggest purchase of our lives! We will recommend you to everyone we know.
- T.I., April 2016
Scott again does an excellent detailed inspection. I appreciate his professionalism.
- C.P., Martinsburg WV, March 2016
We had the pleasure of having Scott Devers perform a home inspection on a home we had just contracted. Not only is Scott very friendly and approachable; it is abundantly clear that he has the experience and knowledge base necessary to conduct a detailed home inspection. At the conclusion of the home inspection we felt we were very informed about the general condition of the home as well as mechanical and structural issues that were discovered. Without reservation we would recommend Scott Devers to anyone needing a home inspection. Scott is top notch!
- B.M., March 2016
Amazing attention to detail, Scott. Thank you for your professionalism and for taking the time to share your findings with us as we watched you. It helps us understand our new home and where we need to pay attention. Thank you!
- K.P., January 2016
Scott I am getting some repairs done to the roof and chimney you suggested. How much would you charge for inspecting the repairs. Excellent job Patrick
- P.P., August 2015
Scott did an excellent job in the inspection, very well done.
- D.D., June 2015
He was very thorough and knowledgeable. He explained all problems in detail and showed all pictures. He was courteous and friendly. Also did a great job.
- N.W., February 2015
Scott is the best! I'm glad I chose On The Level to do the home inspection.
- X.D., February 2015
I appreciated the efficient, but friendly service. The needed repairs/upgrades were thoroughly explained to me in terms I could readily understand. Having a digital copy of the report available online for both myself and my real estate agent was helpful. Thanks for making the report available for up to two years. I just downloaded and saved the PDF version.
- C.S., January 2015
I am so glad I had this inspection done. Being an 'average joe', I did not suspect anywhere near as much as Scott pointed out to me and detailed in his report. I honestly cannot thank him enough.
- M.M., January 2015
Made everything easy to understand.
- M.D., November 2014
great to work with and knows his stuff
- T.S., October 2014
Scott is a true professional and really knows his business! He is very pleasant to work with, is thorough and covered every detail! THANKS and Well Done!
- T.S., September 2014
Very good and complete professional job.
- R.S., July 2014
Scott was THE best and most thorough inspector I have had in the past 3 homes we have purchased. I trust the thoroughness and years of experience he has. Great job Scott!
- N.P., July 2014
Thanks so much for a job well done!
- T.T., May 2014
Thank you very much for your insight and knowledge during our recent inspection. You advised us on the most important fixes necessary to upgrade our new home and informed us of the most critical items that require immediate attention.
- D.C., May 2014
Thank you for your expertise. Everything was very well done and you were very informative and thorough with the inspection. I would most certainly use your services again and recommend to others.
- T.D., April 2014
Scott is a consummate professional. He is very detail oriented and answered every question in a clear concise. Iit was a pleasure doing business with him.
- F.K., April 2014
Scott provided, hands down, the most thorough and knowledgeable home inspection I have ever had on a perspective property. He leaves no stone unturned and explains his findings in great detail. I have already recommended his services to several friends and associates. KB
- K.B., April 2014
Thanks very much Scott. Your thorough inspection allowed me to have the seller subtract $8000 from the selling price.
- D.B., April 2014
Scott did a very through and detailed inspection. He was very patient to explain everything to me, and consistently asked if I had any questions. He allowed me to follow him around and showed me things as he saw them. Scott is an excellent home inspector and a very nice guy. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a home inspection. Thank you
- H.M., December 2013
Thank you again for doing a very thorough job. You are very personable and it shows that you love your profession. Thanks.
- D.V., August 2013
Great job, very through!
- D.D., August 2013
Great Job.
- J.L., July 2013
Scott did an excellent job and produced a complete report very quickly. He identified quite a few items that needed repair or replacement and I'm thankful we were able to avoid unexpected expenses.
- B.B., July 2013
Great job as usual. Thanks
- R.R., May 2013
Great job Scott!!! I now have a very long list of weekend projects.
- W.U., March 2013
Scott is amazing in his systematic approach which leaves no stone unturned in evaluating property condition and needed remediations. He is the Best!
- E.F., February 2013
Thank you for your professionalism, my wife and I are thankful that we chose you and on the level.
- M.R., December 2012
Dude is the best!
- r.d., October 2012
Scott is very thorough and knowledgeable. He is patient with all clients. And, he is the most truthful home inspector I know.
- M.M., Charles Town WV, October 2012
Scott was extremely professional and knowledgeable during our home inspection. He is detail-oriented which is a must have when choosing a home inspector. I would recommend Scott to anyone! -Orion Rustin
- J.P., July 2012
Scott has an amazing eye and couldn't be more thorough in his home inspections, both in conducting them, and in his final reports. His explanations are clear and concise and very objective. His attention to detail in the small issues that could amount to larger issues in the future, are just as fundamental as the huge glaring issues that need immediate attention. His expertise in historic buildings is incredible and I couldn't be more pleased with this professional, patient expert inspector!!!!!!
- D.H., Shepherdstown WV, May 2012
Scott was very professional, very knowledgeable, and very personable. Scott asked us to accompany him during the inspection, took the time to explain all deficiencies (minor to critical) and to discuss corrective actions. Very satisfied with this inspection; would recommend Scott to others.
- M.G., April 2012
I have never met a more thorough inspector. He explained the issues in great detail making it easier for a potential home buyer to feel more comfortable and educated. I highly recommend Scott.
- P.H., March 2012
Professional, polite and very informative. A pleasure to deal with.
- E.M., July 2011
Thank you for the thorough inspection and explaining everything to me. I just wanted to let you know the final report was wonderful. The pictures were a great help to keep fresh exactly what and where the problem areas were.
- J.J., July 2011
Scott is always professional and thorough. He always keeps the client and agent informed and takes time to explain maintenance and repairs. I've enjoyed working with Scott for past few years and continue to learn from him with every inspection.
- J.S., Charles Town WV, July 2011
Thank you for inspecting our soon-to-be home. We appreciate you being available on such short notice and conducting the inspection in a very professional and friendly manner. With the information you provided, we feel confident with our purchase.
- H.C., May 2011
Scott sorry we didn't comment on your report earlier but we just wanted to let you know that we thought you did an excellent inspection job we would absolutely recommend you and would use you again if we need to. Thank You Harry Lynn & Joyce Hiles
- H.H., April 2011
Scott was professional kind educational able to answer all questions and concerns. Would reommend this company with no problem at all!
- D.J., April 2011
Scott is professional, thorough, very technically savvy and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.
- K.S., April 2011
Very professional and thorough throughout the entire process. I felt like Scott really had my best interest the entire inspection.
- K.S., April 2011
You do a great job. Wish more people were as thorough as you are. Thanks for the tour.
- L.M., March 2011
Very thorough and professional. I like the fact that you don't provide recommendations for specific contractors for repairs but did give good suggestions on the approach that would need to be taken.
- D.M., February 2011
Thank you, Scott, for your attention to detail and your diligence.
- M.J., February 2011
We were super pleased with your work - you are obviously a perfectionist and it shows in your work. Your bottom to top inspection of our future home was excellent and worth every penny! We now have a nice to-do list to keep up busy for awhile :-)
- S.B., February 2011
We enjoyed working with Scott. He's a very honest and friendly person. This is our second time working with him in less than a year. We recommend that anyone who wants details and honesty, Scott is the person.
- C.D., November 2010
Mr. Devers is a true professional in his preparation and knowledge. His methodical approach allows for a thorough and concise report of actual conditions that exist with the property. He explains deficient aspects as he encounters them and cites industry standards and or building codes as they may be applicable. Mr. Devers recommendations are valuable in the evaluation process. His reports are exemplary in content and format. I would recommend his service without hesitation.
- E.R., November 2010
Thank you so much Scott. Your easy going manner and proffessionalism was very reassuring during a streesful time; so much so that I didn't feel the need to follow you around asking questions and basically pestering you. Thanks again for making this part of the home buying process so easy and enjoyable. James Gilfillan
- J.G., November 2010
Great job! Took his time checked everything, expalined as he went and showed us what he found.
- J.S., November 2010
Thank you for helping relieve my concerns about the house. It was really nice to see Scott at work. He truly did a professional job. Thank You. Jim FItzgibbon
- J.F., October 2010
Andy did a great job. Am very pleased. He was very thorough.
- R.G., October 2010
highly recommend scott devers to do inspection, he is very accurate and looks at everything in detail.
- C.C., September 2010
He did a great job and I would definitely recommend him to any of my friends or family! He did a great job explaining all the items that were faulty in my new home and the report he wrote up is spectacular. With the addition of the photos into the report I can easily show the builders what they need to fix. Thanks so much Scott! Andrea H.
- A.H., August 2010
Our inspector was very thorough and answered all of our questions. If we need a home inspection again in the future, we will definetly use On the Level!
- C.T., August 2010
Mr. Devers was extremely professional and left no stone unturned. He was very helpful and informative and answered all my questions. He gave me the piece of mind that I needed to continue with my home loan. Thanks so much.
- D.T., August 2010
I always get great compliments from my clients about how thorough, professional and knowledgable Scott is. His level of professionalism reflects greatly on me in my clients eyes since I am the one giving my clients his name.
- M.C., Ashburn VA, June 2010
On my short list.Easy to work with. Good with the buyers and the sellers. Outstanding job. Fair and complete.
- K.K., Shepherdstown WV, June 2010
We really appreciated the way you conducted the inspection. It was great to work with someone who is knowledgeable and enthused about old/historic homes.
- A.G., May 2010
Very impressed with the way you handled the inspection. Very professional but yet very friendly. Have a Realtor friend who is interested in finding a good inspector to work with so I have given her your name and number. Also have another client who is a friend of Matt's and needs an inspection done. Asked him this past Friday to give Matt a call to get your name and number.
- V.S., Martinsburg WV, April 2010
Scott, Thanks. Nice report. Very helpful. Don & Patty
- D.B., April 2010
Scott was great to work with. Not only did he conduct a thorough inspection, but he did a fanstastic job of explaining to us how to maintain our new home. We're not DYI people and really appreciated that Scott was able to discuss things in laymen's terms. Both the sellers' realtor and our realtor were impressed with Scott as well - and I'm sure they both deal with a lot of inspectors in the course of their day. We would not hesitate to recommend Scott to anyone.
- L.G., March 2010
very through, inside and out, friendly
- J.R., February 2010
Always a pleasure working with you.
- R.S., Leesburg VA, January 2010
Thanks for helping me out on short notice and giving me a quick overall view of the structural soundness of the building
- N.K., January 2010
Scott is great. He was on time, very professional, explained everything he was going to be doing, he took his time, great attitute, and very pleasant to work with. I would highly recommend him.
- H.P., January 2010
Scott done an outstanding job he was very impressive, He check areas that I would have never though that an inspector would of checked. F. Gary Collis
- B.A., Martinsburg WV, January 2010
Each and every one of my clients have been very satisfied!
- L.D., Berkeley Springs WV, November 2009
Scott was very thorough with his work, he displayed professionalism as well as enthusiasm I enjoyed working with and would recommend him. C. Daniels...Silver Spring, MD
- C.D., November 2009
Mr. Devers was very thorough and informative while conducting my home inspection. He was extremely helpful, polite, and full of knowledge. He answered any questions I had and gave me numerous suggestions to improve my house. Mr. Devers is above all a true professional and a great home inspector. I highly suggest Mr. Devers and his company for your home inspection needs.
- M.L., November 2009
Great Job, very interesting and informed person to talk to. Great personality.
- E.J., October 2009
Thanks again for a very professional job! John
- J.S., October 2009
Scott comes highly reccommended and I can see why. He was very through, took his time and explained his findings. The pictures and descriptions in the final inspection are most helpful when developing an action plan of which items need to be fixed.
- L.B., August 2009
My husband and I are so pleased with Scott Devers and On The Level Home Inspections. We will definately use them in the future as well as recommend to others. Thank you so much for an amazing job!
- P.S., July 2009
Scott, Thanks for a very educational and valuable experience during the inspection. You were extremely knowledgeable, polite, and professional...I'll definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a well qualified home inspector! -Jimmy Pezzone
- J.P., July 2009
The way you conducted your inspection shows how Professional you are. I got right every recommandation you did and undestood all details. Thank you so much Mr. Scott. Marcelline and I wanted to thank you one more time for your patient and the time you took to get everything o.k.
- M.E., July 2009