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Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call Peace of Mind Home Inspections. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Mobile Phone: 402-750-6611

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We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

We are located in Norfolk and serve all surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you!


Very detailed and did a great job talking with us about the home. Shared a lot of information on the house with us.
- C.W., May 2021
We would highly recommend Adam for an inspection. He does a good job and he gave us a very detailed report.
- S.S., February 2021
Adam did amazing at our home inspection. The report was super detailed which is what we wanted. He explained everything as much as he could during our walk through with him. He was very through and looked at everything with the exception of a lot of snow on the ground. His communication level before the appointment was great. He definitely gave us a peace of mind home inspection! Thank you for all the hard work and making it through the cold!!
- C.B., February 2021
Adam was very detail orientated and helped point out items that we may have missed. He explained things in a simple manner in which we could understand, if we had questions he made sure we knew what it meant. When we had questions about how to change items, Adam gave us tips and helped us come up with a starting point for planning a project. Adam's inspection made us aware of things that we need to keep an eye on with first home ownership, as well as very thorough in his report. We are very thankful to have that to reference when we are able to do improvement's.
- N.L., February 2021
Adam is very thorough and detail oriented. He includes all major and minor defects. That way you are aware of what home you are buying and can make educated decisions. I would recommend him to do your home inspection!
- R.W., December 2020
Adam did an awesome job on this inspection. He report was extremely detailed with any and all issues. I am happier knowing that I have a piece of mind buying this home after he did the inspection.
- T.C., November 2020
Adam, conducted an extremely thorough and professional inspection on our property. I would not purchase a property without contacting Adam first to conduct a complete inspection. Thanks again and great work. Tate Schipporeit
- T.S., September 2020
Absolutely amazing!! Felt like he was inspecting as if it were for his family. I couldn’t have asked for more. Very polite and thorough.
- B.G., June 2020
Adam did a very thorough inspection on our future home. He found some electrical safety issues that previous inspectors and homeowners were not even aware of. We were very impressed with his affordable prices and timely responses. Will definitely use again in the future.
- H.A., May 2020
I found your report quite thorough. I was glad you found the release valve problem with the water heater. That was a potentially dangerous situation.
- A.L., August 2019
Adam seemed very knowledgeable on most everything we discussed. More importantly where it was not his particular expertise, he owned up to it and stated that if it was a concern to us that he would suggest seeking information from an expert in that field. He review his report as he took time out of his walk through to help me with some of my questions. He not only stated what concerns he had, but gave some options or advise on how to fix or how to approach different scenarios. I would highly recommend him and most likely use his service if needed again. Thanks for all your help Adam, Casey and Andy Hurner
- A.H., March 2019
His home inspection report was very thorough and caught a lot more items than I was expecting. The report convinced me to back away from a possible money pit.
- S.K., October 2018
Recieved a very detailed report, with pictures. If there are problem areas, he will explain/make suggestions. Is promt in returning calls/text messages.
- R.H., Wayne NE, May 2018
Adam did an excellent job. His thoroughness is unparalleled and saved us much heartache and lost money. Due to Adam's attention to detail we knew the house was not for us!
- J.B., April 2018
I appreciate your time and information you have shared with me. .... any extra tips , suggestions , opinions are very much appreciated : )
- M.B., January 2018
Adam was very thorough. The online portal he uses to access your information is really nice. He had detailed descriptions, with pictures and it was nice having those extra set of eyes and the knowledge to be able to know if your home purchase is a good one. He was extremely prompt, even in the bad weather we were having, he scaled a snowy roof! Would highly recommend him and this business.
- K.H., December 2017
Adam did a very detailed inspection and found a number of items I missed when I looked at the house. The pictures are very helpful so I know exactly what Adam was talking about. He is very practical on pointing out what needs to be addressed right away and items to get a second opinion on. I would highly recommend Adam as a home inspector.
- R.S., December 2017
Adam was friendly, and professional. The inspection was thorough, and gave my wife and I much more information than we previously had on this house. Many of the issues found were things I never would have known to look for, and as a result I was much more confident when I was renegotiating the price of the home.
- J.H., November 2017
Very professional, thorough, and knowledgeable! We were grateful he could drive over 140 mi to complete our inspection and complete his report so quickly!
- R.F., November 2017
Adam's report saved me from buying a money pit house!! Thank you so much!
- B.T., October 2017
Very Professional and thorough.
- K.M., September 2017
Adam, You were very thorough and we were very pleased.
- M.S., July 2017
Very thorough report, and great communication! Found even the smallest issues, with detailed descriptions, locations, and photos. The tools that come with it are great; the ability to make a list is an added bonus. Would definilty recommend Adam to anyone needed a home inspection.
- R.P., July 2017
Buyer was well satisfied with the inspection report and the information provided. The report was very helpful in preparing the repair addendum.
- L.W., July 2017
Adam showed a great deal of knowledge and experience of inspecting homes. He explained his findings and recommended potential solutions and/or problems that might arise with the issues. The interests of Adam is clearly with the buyer. With being a first time home buyer, Adam explained what could happened 5, 10, or 20 years down the road if left unfixed. I would highly recommend Adam for any home inspection.
- S.P., July 2017
First off thank you for getting us into your schedule so quickly. You report is very detailed and organized. Very easy to process. The time you took to go over things and explain them is much appreciated. Again, thank you we will highly recommend you.
- R.B., May 2017
Adam was very thorough in his report. He has also been available to talk to post inspection. As a first time home buyer this whole process has been very nerve racking, but my inspection has helped ease my mind.
- D.B., January 2017
Adam was very thorough during his inspection and has been following p with me post inspection!
- D.B., January 2017
Report was very thorough, and listed out all potential hazards, items to be corrected etc.
- A.E., October 2016
Adam was very thorough with the home inspection and gave so many details and pictures to describe anything he found in the home. I would recommend him to anyone I know.
- T.B., June 2016
Adam did a great job with the inspection. He personally called and discussed the major issues on the report immediately after the inspection was complete. I really liked how the report was organized and also was a big fan of using the report electronically to make a list of the needed repairs to send to the seller. Overall a great experience.
- J.W., May 2016