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Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call Hilsher Group LLC. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Work Phone: 2817827451

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We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

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He did an awesome job and was very polite. Definitely would recommend this company and this inspector.
- J.J., December 2018
Coleman was very professional and thorough. I liked that he took the time to explain things to me when I didnt understand them.
- C.W., December 2018
Mr. Schultz was very through on his inspection of our home and actually came out twice, because the owner forgot to turn the water on for the inspection. He was kind enough to return that day and do a tremendous job of identifying trouble spots with the home.
- C.N., New Waverly TX, December 2018
Thank you Coleman for not only doing a great job on the inspection of this property but, also being available by phone for my client to speak with on a few occasions as questions arose. It was much appreciated! I will recommend you and your company to future clients. Thank you again! Suzanne Mason
- S.M., December 2018
Very knowledgeable about the whole process. He went over the complete inspection report and explained everything in detail. This was my very first inspection and he made us feel very comfortable.
- J.V., December 2018
A comprehensive, diligent and concise report had been compiled by Coleman. Thank you.
- J.G., November 2018
As the agent I was so impressed when Coleman said he used a drone to inspect the roof! He also had a tool to detect water leaks. I know these tools cost money but that does add value to the inspector to be able to say the roof is in "good" shape and know what he is talking about or to tell my buyer that no water leakage was detected, especially up in the attic! I like this team of inspectors and will continue to recommend them to my buyers and sellers for pre-inspections so there are no surprises.
- L.D., November 2018
Coleman was a very helpful and diligent inspector. Very respectful and accommodation. The only suggestion I could make was relating to an electrical system in one area of the home. It was noted that bulbs might need replacing, but I fear that the chance of all bulbs only in one area of the home burned out is a slim chance. It would have been good to further verify if there is really an electrical problem or not. I felt a bit opened ended by just suggesting to try changing all the bulbs first. If this would not work, it could be a large unresolved issue that I still have. Best Regards, Matt
- M.D., November 2018
Coleman was very polite. He was patient in explaining and answering all questions thoroughly.
- C.N., October 2018
Coleman was grace under fire, when the alarm system went off and we did not have the correct code for about half an hour. He did what he could while waiting for an update, and was completely professional and patient for the length of the inspection. He answered my questions, volunteered information, and also invited me to accompany him where I had expressed interest (water pressure, sprinkler system). It was an education day, and a longer one due to the delay, but again, you would not know it by Coleman's positive and professional attitude. Thanks, Coleman! It could have been a much longer feeling day, but thanks to your demeanor, it went fast!
- T.F., October 2018
Coleman was very thorough in his inspection. He took the time to go over his findings so we understood everything. I would recommend him/the company.
- A.B., October 2018
He did a great job inspecting my home! Very helpful since it is a new house.
- B.J., Tomball TX, October 2018
He did a great job explaining the report to me so that I understood everything. Would definitely recommend him and HG Home Inspection to anyone.
- B.F., September 2018
Great inspector answered all our questions throughout the process and added his input and suggestions. Thank you sir.
- R.G., September 2018
Great job!!! He explained everything and was very professional.
- J.G., August 2018
Very polite and professional. Appreciated all that he did.
- T.W., August 2018
Coleman did a great job looking over the house and walking me through all of the results.
- T.H., July 2018
Coleman was very thorough and detailed. He took the time to explain things, and simplified things so that I could understand them. He also took the time to answer any questions I had. He would stop what he was doing and address whatever I asked about, or he would take time to go look at whatever I was pointing out and explain whether or not it should be something to worry about. I appreciated this because he was never condescending. In short, I?d recommend Coleman to any new home buyer.
- J.A., Spring TX, July 2018
Was thorough in his inspection summary review with buyer which made buyer comfortable with known faults of the property.
- O.H., Houston TX, July 2018
Coleman did a great job. He listened to what I needed and took the time to go over a few issues. His report was very thorough and the price was great. Thanks!
- H.H., July 2018
Great job. Very thorough.
- D.O., Willis TX, July 2018
Great Job!!!
- K.G., Richmond TX, July 2018
very detailed report! Great and thanks
- F.G., July 2018
Coleman was very explanatory and prompt. Thank you Coleman.
- C.G., July 2018
He was fast and efficient! Explained everything and answered all of my questions! Would use him again and recommend him to friends!
- A.M., June 2018
prompt, polite and did a wonderful job
- K.A., June 2018
The report was prompt detailed and professionally done
- A.Z., June 2018
He is very much accurate in his work and does not miss anything during his inspection
- M.A., seabrook TX, May 2018
Very thorough, very personable, took the time to go through the report with me prior to sending.
- L.B., May 2018
Coleman was extremely thorough in his report, noting many things that I would not have thought of. Also he was very clear & made everything understandable by answering any questions that came to mind. Would definitely ask for him if the need should ever arise!
- J.L., Houston TX, May 2018
Great Job. Thanks for the informative support. Keep up the great work.
- M.C., May 2018
Very Thorough and GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! It allows us to request some items be repaired prior to closing-Hilsher Group and Mr. Schultz has helped to make this process go as smoothly as it could. Many thanks!!!
- R.D., Houston TX, April 2018
Very thorough and explained the report in great detail. I appreciate the time taken to walk through the report to address all concerns and findings.
- A.C., April 2018
Top notch. Very professional and courteous!
- S.W., April 2018
Extremely professional and did an extensively detailed investigation within an efficient time frame. He did a great job of answering our questions as well!!
- M.A., April 2018
Coleman was outstanding. Answered all of my questions. Very cordial, professional, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Homegauge.
- J.G., March 2018
Great attention to details. Good eye Tuck!! :-)
- , March 2018
Thanks Again Coleman!
- M.A., February 2018
Coleman was professional and did a very thorough job.
- B.D., Tiki Island TX, February 2018
Great attention to details. Good eye Tuck!! :-)
- A.C., Magnolia TX, February 2018
We were very pleased with his punctuality and how thoroughly he inspected our soon to be home.
- C.C., February 2018
Very good job! as always. I will recommend Coleman Schultz and your company to my next client.
- C.F., January 2018
He was extremely polite. He explained the report and show me exactly where he was talking about. He also gave his suggestion if what he considered need to be fix immediately; and if something I can do myself or hire a professional.
- E.N., January 2018
Awesome job! Very detail oriented and answered all my questions.
- J.T., January 2018
Mr. Schultz was the inspector for my first time home buyer. He was very friendly and thorough in his explanation of the report which my buyer and I greatly appreciated. This was my first time working with him, but I highly recommend him and will be requesting him in the future.
- D.M., Pearland TX, January 2018
Coleman did an excellent job! He explained everything that he looked at the told me what the next steps would be. I would definitely recommend him for an inspection.
- A.E., January 2018
Coleman was very knowledgeable and thorough with the inspection of our new home. I would definitely recommend him for another inspection.
- T.S., December 2017
I appreciate the personalized service and professionalism. Thanks for explaining the details of the inspection and going through the inspection report item by item after the inspection was finished.
- D.S., December 2017
Coleman did an amazing job! He was very thorough and took the time to explain each item to my client in detail. I will absolutely use HG Home Inspection and Coleman again in the future.
- J.E., December 2017
Very thorough inspection. Was very pleased at the fine details given. Coleman knew what he was talking about and was very patient with a crying toddler in the background.
- J.C., October 2017
Coleman did a great job. Very thorough and if there was something we had a question about, he was quick to explain the process.
- J.H., October 2017
Very thorough and helpful when discussing the inspection with us. Very nice guy to boot!
- L.K., Houston TX, October 2017
I am fortunate to have found the best home inspector. I have purchased and sold a number of homes and Coleman was by far the best I have ever worked with. I chose Coleman because of an inspection report I had seen from another house I was attempting to purchase. He is so thorough and detailed. He has an incredible ability to spot every single item within a home that is defective or needs attention. Coleman truly does his job as if the home was to be his own. He spent an incredible amount of time after the inspection to carefully explain each item in detail and ensure I understood the ramifications and possible remedies. He gave my wife and I peace and confidence in the home we are purchasing. I will only hire Coleman for any future needs and I will make sure to refer him to every person I hear of buying a home. Thanks Coleman, Doug I
- D.I., September 2017
All though inspections can be scary for the buyer when everything under the sun needs a repair, the pictures and inspectors explanation is super helpful. I have liked all of the inspectors that have been on my transactions. I will always use Hilshire for my buyers. The reports are very Realtor friendly and the method of building of the repair list is top notch! Hilshire makes my job work smarter !
- D.K., September 2017
Very nice guy and did an excellent, thorough inspection of the house. I was very satisfied with the inspection.
- D.L., September 2017
Very polite and informative. It was raining very hard outside and he walked me out to my car with his umbrella.
- W.S., September 2017
Very kind and detail oriented. Made sure to call me AND my client post inspection. Thanks Coleman!
- K.G., September 2017
Thank you so much! Very informative report.
- E.G., Houston TX, September 2017
Great job, very thorough. My buyer was satisfied, even the Seller was impressed. I like how he takes the time to inspect the roof by walking it and covers all areas of the home. He takes his job seriously and provides excellent customer service. I highly recommend Coleman and would use again.
- M.A., September 2017
Thank you for your patience, understanding, and professionalism!
- M.A., September 2017
Very thorough
- B.K., September 2017
- B.L., September 2017
Coleman did a great job. I would recommend you to anyone looking for an inspection.
- A.D., August 2017
You did a great job. I appreciate you showing me the items in question.. and taking your time to explain things. Thank you
- S.Y., August 2017
Nice inspection with understandable interpretation of what was found.
- A.O., July 2017
They were very thorough in the inspection of our new home! Thank you!
- O.E., Katy TX, July 2017
Very impressed with the timing of the report upon completion of inspection.
- A.H., July 2017
Thank you so much for taking the time to inspect our future home properly. I really appreciate you taking out of your busy schedule to do this for us. You did an awesome job.
- C.F., July 2017
Super friendly and willing to answer any question I had!
- S.C., July 2017
Thank you for all your help. Have a great day.
- J.G., July 2017
I was very pleased with Coleman Schultz service. He was very professional, and took his time in explaining everything to us.
- E.B., Houston TX, July 2017
Coleman did a great job as always. I will recommend Coleman and your company to my futures clients.
- C.F., July 2017
He was courteous and took the time to explain each section of the inspection report.
- K.S., July 2017
Coleman was Awesome! I for sure will use your company again and Coleman for inspections!
- K.H., July 2017
I was really impressed that Coleman was so thorough. He found every little thing that was wrong. My only regret is that I didn't get to meet him
- D.B., July 2017
Coleman was exceptional! He was so professional, good humored, and patiently answered all of our questions.
- K.L., July 2017
He did a great job. I will recommend Coleman to my future clients.
- C.F., June 2017
Coleman was the best inspector I've seen in nearly 15 years of home ownership. He had great attention to detail, and explained everything he was doing during the inspection. His attitude and manner were extremely professional. I've already given his business card to my brother who is looking to buy a new home this summer as well.
- C.M., League City TX, June 2017
Very thorough, extremely nice! Explained everything in a way that the average person can understand. Would definitely ask for him again in the future! Maureen Colvard
- M.C., June 2017
Coleman came out on Saturday and did an excellent inspection and report then spent as much time I needed explaining every aspect. He stayed extra so we could make some measurements of carpet. He offered to answer any questions I might have in the future. Very friendly and personable. Felt very comfortable with him. Definitley use again and recommend to others.
- K.P., Pearland TX, June 2017
Our Realtor recommended your company since we were new to the area. The inspector did a very professional inspection. We would highly recommend this inspector and your company to anyone looking for an inspection company. Thanks
- J.H., June 2017
Coleman went above and beyond in thoroughly inspecting our new home. He was very friendly and knowledgeable and went through every facet of my report and why or why not some "issues" were important. As a realtor I work with many home inspectors and Coleman is one of the best I've dealt with.
- S.L., June 2017
We were referred to you by our Realtor, Billy Link, and he recommended Coleman Schultz specifically. My experience with your company, as a whole, shows top notch customer service. I called over the holiday weekend expecting to leave a message, and by my surprise, Marilyn answered the call. She was very friendly and worked to set our appointment up quickly. Coleman was extremely thorough and the report was very easy to read with lots of details and pictures to back up the information. He went through the report with me quickly pointing out a few items that needed a little more explaining than others. All in all, I would definitely recommend Hilshire Group LLC.
- E.P., June 2017
He was professional, clear explaining details, he took time to explain and clarify. We felt he was knowledgeable and concerned that client understood the report. Good listening skills. Excellent.
- S.M., June 2017
I was totally amazed at the professional manner at which the inspection of said property was conducted. The resulting report is also impeccable in content and fully understandable. i have several friends that will also be moving to this area due to company requests and I'm going to recommend you for inspections. Thanks Again
- D.M., Fayetteville TN, May 2017
Coleman made sure to explain each item in detail, giving examples and reasons behind his explanations. He was both very friendly and professional.
- S.J., May 2017
I was not able to attend the Inspections and my clients said that he was amazing!! So professional and took the time to explain to them what he was seeing.
- J.E., May 2017
Awesome guy!!!
- J.B., Cleveland TX, May 2017
Great inspector very well organized and will check everything everywhere recommend!!
- H.G., May 2017
Very thorough, professional thank you
- B.L., May 2017
Coleman is the best! This is our second time using this company and have had a great experience each time. Coleman is very knowledgeable and thorough in his inspections. He explained every detail and made sure we understood any issues that were found on the report. I appreciate his professionalism and we will definitely be using him again. I have a few people in my family buying homes right now and I've recommended everyone in his direction. Great job!
- S.G., May 2017
Great knowledgeable, hardworking person/inspector..!!
- K.P., May 2017
Inspector was very knowledgeable knew what he was doing and answered all questions we had for him verry respectfully man recommend Colman Scultz to anyone for home inspection
- E.C., April 2017
Coleman did a great job, really took his time to provide a thorough, detailed, and accurate report. HG Home Inspections promptly scheduled an appointment, arrived on time, and completed the job to help make our new home purchase a confident, enjoyable process.
- R.K., Magnolia TX, April 2017
Best inspector!!!! Very helpful definitely while be using Coleman again
- C.R., April 2017
Coleman did a great job and explained everthing perfectly.
- B.B., April 2017
Very patient with my first time home buyer. Walked us thru everything so it was very easy to fill out my amendment on repair requests. I will ask for Coleman next time!!
- L.D., April 2017
Coleman definitely did a great job. Absolutely recommend him
- D.A., April 2017
Coleman has been my inspector a few times - including as an apprentice when he was new. He is friendly, courteous, knowledgeable and above all - he does not take an adversarial or doom & gloom attitude when inspecting. While I realize an inspector's job is to find as much wrong as possible; as a realtor, it is appreciated that the inspector not scare the client (and I have had that happen before). So thank you Coleman - you are my go to guy! Deneka Scott, Walzel Properties
- D.S., April 2017
Keep up the good work!
- O.A., April 2017