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Chris Matthews


  • I am one of the few local home inspectors licensed and qualified to provide both home and wood destroying insect reports, benefiting you by saving time and money.
  • I personally take ample time needed to inspect each home meticulously. I get satisfaction in honestly disclosing to you what concerns there are with the home and finding hazards that may cause injury. I encourage you to join me on the inspection and I welcome questions along the way. I am also available anytime by phone or email for any additional consultation you may need.
  • I provide detailed but easily read computer generated home inspection reports. Color digital photos are included as a picture is worth a thousand words. All reports are delivered by email within 24 hours of the completed home inspection. At your request, a printed copy of the report can also be provided.


NC Home inspector #2987 NC Termite Inspector 1495 PW


I personally take ample time needed to inspect each home meticulously. I get satisfaction in honestly disclosing to you what concerns there are with the home and finding hazards that may cause injury.


Chris did a fantastic job, and explained all issues to me . Very professional.
- M.F., September 2020
He did an awesome job. Was the best money spend
- T.M., September 2020
Good to deal with, very friendly. Knowledgeable & thurough.
- P.P., September 2020
Very thorough. Great for buyers.
- S.M., September 2020
We called Chris for the initial purchase 9 years ago and I didn't hesitate to call him for a refinance inspection. Very thorough and explained some issues we had in detail with possible solutions. Will call again and recommend to others.
- J.R., Vanceboro NC, September 2020
Very thorough. Loved inclusion of photos
- B.H., September 2020
I would absolutely Recommend Chris and his team to conduct Housing Inspection. He is very professional and provided an outstanding and thorough inspection to include pictures of the issues identified.
- M.P., September 2020
Very professional and personable. Top notch
- T.P., September 2020
Chris did an extremely thorough inspection on a home we are buying, we have never actually seen, and he made us comfortable moving forward with the purchase. Chris was also available to answer a call regarding a question we had about specific items in the house that needed attention.
- R.D., September 2020
Thank you so much for your services. Waylon did an outstanding job for us . Waylon was very professional and knowledgeable of his job. Honestly he saved us from purchasing the home. There is truth in the saying, “you can’t judge a book by its cover”. Please let Waylon know how we appreciate him. Chris, Waylon went Above and Beyond on Wednesday, August 26, 2020 for us. Hoping you have a good day. Thank you again, Chris Gieselman
- C.G., Kinston NC, August 2020
Chris did a thorough and insightful inspection, and I will use him in the future for sure!
- S.B., August 2020
Chris did an excellent job. Very thorough and professional. He took the time to explain everything to me. I would highly recommend him!
- K.B., August 2020
Very professional. Seemed quite knowledgeable in several areas throughout the inspection. Landon was more than happy to answer my questions and explain what he was looking for at each step. I highly recommend for any of your inspection needs
- R.H., August 2020
Wonderful to work with and very thorough!
- n.b., August 2020
Precise, on-time, thorough, professional, quick turnaround, excellent service. These are all words I would use to describe Chris Matthew's inspection service!
- B.E., August 2020
Chris provided a thorough review of the prospective home we are considering to purchase. I am a licensed structural engineer myself, with over 35 years of experience, and have personally built several homes myself. Chris' review included several items that I missed on my personal walk-thru. I am very satisfied with the comments and concerns he identified, and the recommendations he included in the report. His review was WELL worth more than the fees he charged to do this review. Absolutely recommend him for those considering or in need of a review.
- H.P., August 2020
Chris was very thorough in his investigation a very courteous and helpful on the phone. We were surprised at how Trump lie he was able to complete the investigation and get the results to us. I would definitely recommend him to others.
- E.P., August 2020
Would definitely recommend. Did an inspection and saved me from wasted money time and heartbreak. Also explained the most serious problems. What would need to be repaired before moving in. Requested Chris for a 2nd inspection but he was unavailable. He sent a highly recommended replacement Landon Matthews.
- L.B., WASHINGTON NC, August 2020
- N.T., July 2020
I am pleased on the through inspection that had taken place. This helped me by seeing a lot issues of concerns that need to be discussed with the buyer.. I was not aware of all the problems just by looking at the place.. The inspection write up describing the issues and pictures of concerns were very helpful. I am highly satisfied. Thanks again.
- S.M., July 2020
We were very pleased with the job Chris did!
- M.P., July 2020
Good company and very helpful. They did everything when and how they said they would. Landon Matthews was my inspector - Good Job!
- W.F., Minnesott Beach NC, July 2020
Waylon was very thorough and detailed oriented. He took my call to discuss the inspection during his lunch and was extremely accommodating. Since I am in Dallas, the inspection is critical to my final decision. The site was very helpful each step of the process. Thank you!
- R.B., The Colony TX, July 2020
Professional and pleasant. Easy to deal with. Paid attention to detail and explained everything. Highly recommend!
- G.M., July 2020
Chris was very nice and thorough he answered all our questions and also showed us some areas that he noticed needed attention. Very thorough and whenever I need another inspection I will definitely be contacting him!
- D.N., July 2020
This was the 5th such home inspection report that I have read through in the past 2years. That said, Chris did a great job on the evaluation and the report. He is very thorough in in each aspect of the evaluation. The report itself was a very easy read, better than other reports I have had that confuse the seller or buyer. Chris did a great job and I absolutely recommend him.
- E.J., July 2020
North Carolina is one of the states that do Not require homeowners to disclose any things that are wrong with the property they are selling = "Buyer Beware!". The only peace of mind that you can get, is by having inspections done by certified inspectors. My real estate agent recommended Chris to inspect the house I am considering purchasing and I am very glad she did. Chris did the general inspection and also a wood destroying insect (termites and other bad bugs) inspection. Chris was able to come out very quickly upon being notified by my agent, which was awesome = so quick. Chris did a very thorough inspection and he found: some electrical problems that are not up to building codes, as well as some water leaks, slow drains, most of the windows not being able to be opened, most of the baseboard heaters not working, water damage, a slightly sagging ceiling and other things that are of concern. Now I have a thorough and accurate report to give to my agent, who can then negotiate with the seller, so that I won't have to bear the cost of all of these problems. Chris inspected the house at noon and the results were completed and a link sent to me by email that same night, with easy instructions on how to access the inspection reports. I was able to log in to the website in seconds and view the results online and even able to download and save the inspection results in the PDF File format (which every computer is able to open). The format of the inspection results is very easy to read, well laid out and detailed descriptions are included (as well as some pictures even). I highly recommend Chris. He has replied to my emails very quickly and has answered all of my questions completely. Already told him that if for any reason this house purchase falls through, he will be inspecting the next house I win a bid on. Thanks again Chris for all your help!
- E.V., July 2020
Chris provided a very professional and thorough inspection. We appreciated his 'layman' descriptions to any defects we needed to be aware & how they may or may not cause problems going forward.
- H.F., TAYLORS SC, July 2020
I selected absolutely to recommend Mr. Matthews for his inspections. He was thorough and detailed. I am extremely satisfied with his knowledge and abilities.
- T.K., July 2020
Chris came in and did a thorough, detailed job inspecting the home. We are very happy with his work and the resulting report.
- D.I., July 2020
Thank you for the easy to read and detailed inspections!
- T.N., Greenville NC, July 2020
I would recommend Chris for an inspection as he done an awesome job given all the areas that he could review and inspect on this actual property. He treated the inspection as if it was a property that he was looking into purchasing. To be a first property that I have looked into. He has made it at ease to discuss and of course a learning factor of unknowns within properties.
- R.C., July 2020
Great Job. Done very timely. Report is full-featured and highly useful.
- M.L., Greenville NC, June 2020
Our report was through, detailed, and written in a easy to understand manner.
- V.C., Centereach NY, June 2020
Chris has created a seamless online model for connecting his clients with experienced, professional, and effective inspectors. Reports are in depth with easy access to online PDF's that include pictures and excellent descriptive details for buyers, sellers, and agents. I would highly recommend this company for any and all inspection needs. Great job!!
- J.A., June 2020
I give 5 stars for service, professionalism, communication, friendly. Overall great experience. Chris set me down & explained everything he was doing and everything he found in detail. I’m so pleased with his service I’m hiring him to do a follow up to make sure that everything that the seller agreed to fix is indeed fixed.
- N.H., NEW BERN NC, June 2020
I was very happy with Chris Mathews. He was accommodating of the quick turn around I needed for a home inspection. The report I received was very thorough and helpful in making the decision to move forward with a home purchase.
- S.H., Paducah KY, June 2020
Very thorough inspection and also convenient to have home inspection and termite inspection done together. I am very pleased and would highly recommend Mr. Matthews!
- B.P., June 2020
Your professionalism and thorough inspection is unmatched. The inspection of a 53 year old property was meticulously executed and a potentially disastrous investment had your work not exposed the damages and safety hazards. My family is truly grateful for your service and commitment to your customers and profession.
- A.C., DPO AE, May 2020
Very quick and the report was spot on. Got way more information than I was thinking I would. Thanks for doing a great job.
- G.B., Grifton NC, May 2020
Chris Matthews was an incredible inspector. He really took the time to check every last detail in my house inspection. His insights into local issues and tips was fantastic. Will advise anyone and everyone to give him a call.
- E.H., May 2020
Very thorough. And reasonably priced for our new home inspection!
- K.M., May 2020
Always prompt, thorough and his work has always helped in making my decisions about a property. It has also helped in my negotiations as a buyer.
- W.B., NEW BERN NC, May 2020
Excellent knowledgeable and all around superb experience. Very thorough at all points in their inspection and took time to explain every little piece at time of inspection without having to wait on the formal report. Highly recommended!
- D.B., May 2020
It was a big house with lots of special features and he didn't miss anything! Thank you.
- K.H., May 2020
Excellent inspection. Extremely thorough. Very courteous & helpful. Absolutely knowledgeable about what to look for. Amazingly prompt in issuing a lengthy, yet comprehensive report. Some confusion in names, which isn't really a problem. I've had a problem with others names on a first time basis all my life. Also, my name is most often confused in spelling & pronunciation.
- K.S., May 2020
Outstanding and thorough inspection. Highly recommend Mr. Matthews for your home inspection!
- T.R., New Bern NC, May 2020
Chris was very professional and courteous. He answered all the questions I asked in ways I could understand. I would highly recommend Chris !
- M.S., May 2020
Chris is very thorough, honest and professional. One of the best in his field. I strongly recommend his services.
- R.L., May 2020
Very friendly and we received a very thorough report!
- K.R., May 2020
Very timely, comprehensive, professional inspector. The report was very well done and easy to understand.
- J.D., New Bern NC, April 2020
Hello Chris! Just wanted to tell you now good of a job you really did. I will definitely be calling you for all of my home and pest inspection from this day forward. Thank you for being so thorough in your work. You really do a wonderful home inspection. Thanks again.
- M.T., April 2020
Hello Chris! Just wanted to tell you now good of a job you really did. I will definitely be calling you for all of my home and pest inspection from this day forward. Thank you for being so thorough in your work. You really do a wonderful home inspection. Thanks again.
- M.T., April 2020
One word that describes Chris and his team is "impeccable". From their honest communication, thorough performance, and professional appearance, I am so grateful, that they came highly recommended. When I received the report, is was so thorough and well organized, that I agree with others, that it will determine my decision on my purchase. My recommendation to all, before settling on a home, is to call Chris and his team as the first task on your list, not towards the end of the buying process. Bravo Advance Termite!!!! Kudos!!
- M.O., New Bern NC, April 2020
Very quick and efficient work! He explained everything to me in terms I would understand and sent the finalized report within minutes of finishing. Would absolutely recommend Chris to others!
- A.P., April 2020
Great detail. Didn't buy a house because of your inspection. A lot of hidden problems. Will definitely use again when me and the wife find another home we’re interested in.
- J.K., March 2020
- J.A., March 2020
Waylon was very thorough,prompt, and respectful.
- D.P., Wallace NC, March 2020
Very thorough inspection! Highly recommend.
- A.L., March 2020
I'm helping a very special client in an area I'm not very familiar with, so I looked to HomeGauge to find a local home inspector that also handled pest inspections. I'm so happy that I found Advanced Termite and Home Inspections! Chris answered all of my questions for my client, and his inspector Daniel was very thorough and knowledgable. If I ever have another client in this area again, I know who I'm recommending for the home inspection! Thanks guys :)
- T.M., March 2020
Chris was very thorough and knowledgable. My father-in-law is a retired county building and home inspector with extremely high standards for an inspection and he was also very impressed with the report. Chris took the time to answer all of my questions, explain his findings, and ask for and address my concerns. It was an overall fantastic experience and we will definitely use Chris again and recommend him to friends and family.
- R.G., Greenville NC, March 2020
Chris was professional in every way. He answered all of my questions and performed a complete and factual inspection. Thank you Chris.
- B.S., March 2020
A friend recommended Chris to me. I contacted him via email and he responded to my request within a half hour. He scheduled the pre-sale inspection at the same time to take place within a few days. That was amazing to me. He showed up as scheduled 5 minutes early. WOW. I am not used to businesses around here doing what they say they are going to do when they say they will do it. And his inspection was very thorough. I should have hired him before I purchased this house. He was courteous and professional. I like the web site he uses to. I cannot say enough good things about him. I will be happy to complete another survey should potential buyers get a survey to see how the reports match up.
- S.L., March 2020
Very thorough, professional, courteous and knowledgeable. Very good system of providing, accessing and responding to report.
- R.D., February 2020
Chris, I was very pleased with your timely arrival at the inspection site and the thoroughness of the report. I feel you did an excellent job and would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone in need of a home inspection.
- S.R., February 2020
Chris scheduled my inspection quickly. I received my report quickly and it was very thorough.
- S.B., Kinston NC, February 2020
He did an outstanding job. The level of detail was very suprising. His explanations along with pictures gave me a clear and precise description of the condition the home is currently in. I would definitely recommend him to anyone. Thanks for your assistance in a very stressful process.
- N.A., Yuma AZ, February 2020
Very knowledgeable and personable. Informative.
- S.R., Mt. Olive NC, February 2020
Waylon was on time, did a thorough job, answered my questions, and offered insightful information. I am very pleased with the level of professionalism and since I did not ultimately purchase this particular home, I will definitely hire the same group for the next candidate home.
- D.G., February 2020
Chris did a great job and was very easy to talk to. He carried himself in a very professional way and did a great job inspecting the house. I would definitely recommend to future home buyers
- T.K., February 2020
My experience was great. The inspector was already hard at work as arrived at the house. He was very professional and knowledgeable. He had no problem answering my questions, even if they didn't pertain to the home inspection in question. Once he was finished, he had my report prepared within minutes. I will absolutely recommend Chris to my friends and family in the future!
- C.R., Havelock NC, February 2020
Always a detailed inspection, and reports are sent out quickly. Will continue to use Chris.
- K.F., February 2020
Chris and his son did an amazing job and I will definitely recommend them to others.
- V.J., Greenville NC, February 2020
Chris Matthews is a great Termite and home inspector he answered all my questions and informed me about somethings I didn't know also! He's a inspector you can trust! He's very knowledgeable about the inside and outside of the house, I'd recommend him and use him again!
- B.V., January 2020
Very thorough. This is the second time we used Chris. Report was received fast and was well written. Will use again if the need arises.
- E.G., January 2020
Thorough inspections Honest No surprises Trust worthy Fast reports after inspection I have used Chris three times.
- K.K., New Bern NC, January 2020
Chris is 100% professional, very thorough and specific. Top notch service and skill, well worth the money. Price is kinda low compared to the amount of service he provides. I would absolutely recommend to anyone. Everything was clean and clear, no confusion or waiting. 5 stars all day.
- J.S., January 2020
Chris did a great job with the inspection and was very easy to talk to on the phone. Ruth Cummings
- R.C., January 2020
Chris was extremely thorough. My Realtor was able to create a list of requests for the sellers using the detailed pictures and comments that he provided. The portal he uses is very well put together and easy to navigate!
- M.B., December 2019
Very professional. Thorough inspection with well written report. Thank you Chris and Landon V.X. Baldwin
- V.B., New Bern NC, December 2019
Friendly, professional and efficient.
- A.O., December 2019
Absolutely the best. He is a well of knowledge and information and provides more than excellent service. I appreciate him as a home inspector and a person. His diligence in inspecting our new home provided a comfort knowing that a good person was doing the right thing for the right reasons, Thanks Chris
- C.E., December 2019
Chris and his son were very professional, courteous, and helpful in explaining any possible problems that could arise pertaining to the property. Jeff Eisemann
- J.E., Newport NC, November 2019
Appreciate everything you did. Thank you
- C.D., November 2019
Once again we were able to get the inspection of a potential purchase scheduled promptly. It was completed in a professional and competent way instilling us with the confidence to follow through on this purchase. Thank you for your attention to detail and your curteous demeanor.
- S.S., November 2019
Waylon was professional, extremely thorough and very open to my questions. I only wish he had been the one to do the inspection when I was BUYING this house!
- S.R., New Bern NC, November 2019
Chris was very professional and courteous. He was on time and got rite to work. His thoroughness was second to none. I will highly recommend Chris to anyone seeking a home or termite inspection!! Great job Chris!!
- W.W., Newport NC, November 2019
We were very impressed by Chris's overall knowledge of all the facets of how a home is put together. He answered all our questions in a way we could understand, and made several very helpful suggestions. Chris was extremely thorough in his inspection. We would not hesitate to recommend Chris to anyone.
- D.C., Stokes NC, November 2019
Chris arrived early. He was very considerate of us and answered all our questions. He took his time and was very thorough. We would definitely recommend him to anyone needing an inspection.
- S.M., November 2019
Chris was very nice. Arrived at house before scheduled time. Thorough with inspection. Very knowledgeable. Would def recommend!
- L.R., November 2019
Prompt, courteous, knowledgeable, thorough, professional, and reasonably priced. Highly recommend Chris Matthews to anyone that needs a home and/or termite inspection.
- C.E., New Bern NC, October 2019
Waylon is wonderful!! He definitely takes his time and is very thorough! Thank you again for a wonderful job!!
- A.S., October 2019
Chris is very professional and does a thorough inspection. He also encourages the homeowners to be involved during the inspection. I highly recommend Chris as a qualified and honest home inspector.
- R.G., October 2019
Professional, fast and extremely detailed report! Highly recommended Chris!
- M.C., October 2019
Mr. Matthews was very thorough with the inspection and provided the inspection results quickly. He communicated with clear instructions on viewing and paying for the inspections.
- D.C., October 2019
Chris was an absolute joy to work with. He showed up ahead if time and the took the time to talk to me to see if there were any questions I had about what he was about to do. While he was working he answered any questions that I had and he did an amazing and very through job of inspecting the house. The inspection worksheet that he sent to me was very easy to read and it was very detailed. I would definitely call him again and recommend him to friends and family. Thank you so much Chris!!!!
- T.C., October 2019
Very thorough and professional.
- B.W., October 2019
My family was so imoressed with the thoroughness and professionalism of our inspector that they sai I need to keep the contact information to use again which I have done. Thank you so much
- S.S., October 2019
Very polite extremely professional and I would highly recommend him does thoroughly job.
- A.W., October 2019
Thank you for your thorough evaluation of the home!
- M.W., October 2019