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Chris Matthews


  • I am one of the few local home inspectors licensed and qualified to provide both home and wood destroying insect reports, benefiting you by saving time and money.
  • I personally take ample time needed to inspect each home meticulously. I get satisfaction in honestly disclosing to you what concerns there are with the home and finding hazards that may cause injury. I encourage you to join me on the inspection and I welcome questions along the way. I am also available anytime by phone or email for any additional consultation you may need.
  • I provide detailed but easily read computer generated home inspection reports. Color digital photos are included as a picture is worth a thousand words. All reports are delivered by email within 24 hours of the completed home inspection. At your request, a printed copy of the report can also be provided.


MEMBER: International Association of Certified Home Inspectors NC Home inspector #2987 NC Termite Inspector 1495 PW


I personally take ample time needed to inspect each home meticulously. I get satisfaction in honestly disclosing to you what concerns there are with the home and finding hazards that may cause injury.


Very detailed and thorough inspection. I actually learned a few things I was not aware of for future inspections. Hope to work with you and your son again.
- T.W., Winterville NC, July 2019
The inspection was very detailed and he even offered suggestions. He was also available when I had questions. I will definitely be using him again.
- R.G., July 2019
Thank you for the hard work you do. Always a pleasure.
- J.G., July 2019
Thorough and excellent service provided by Chris Matthews!
- B.C., Morehead City NC, July 2019
Waylann was professional and knowledgeable, answering all our questions and providing a thorough report! He also talked very complementary about the company and its owners. Well done!
- V.F., July 2019
His team was thorough & professional, yet his prices are competitive without jeopardizing quality. I will recommend this company to anyone ever seeking the services they offer!
- B.Q., Morehead City NC, July 2019
Chris was on time, well prepaired and very professional. Condition report was email less than 1 day later. The 'request list' feature that accompanies the report is a great feature. Both my realtor and myself found it to be most useful.
- M.G., Boynton Beach FL, July 2019
I appreciate your thorough inspection. Will definitely use you again.
- J.G., July 2019
Great service and attention to detail. Very knowledgeable.
- T.S., La Grange NC, July 2019
Chris was thorough and clearly communicated with us throughout the inspection process. The inspection report was completed quickly and accurately.
- R.S., New Bern NC, June 2019
Great informative inspection. I would definitely use Chris in the future.
- J.S., High Point NC, June 2019
Thank you for the thorough, detailed and quick report. Very much appreciated.
- B.H., June 2019
So thorough! Attention to detail & willingness to crawl in small, filthy spaces was a plus. Exceptional customer service. Highly recommended.
- A.B., June 2019
Chris was very easy to work with and answered our questions fully. He gave us good suggestions for follow-up on issues and was very professional. We would be happy to work with him again.
- J.M., June 2019
Chris was extremely polite and professional throughout my interaction with him. He arrived on time and the entire process took much less time than I would have thought.
- R.W., Winterville NC, June 2019
Extremely thorough and professional. Takes time to explain findings with pictures. Very knowledgeable
- M.C., Winterville NC, June 2019
Thanks to you and Waylon for such top-notch thorough inspections, done so quickly, and for the solid recommendations to help me to make sure my purchase of an older home (1993) is a good experience and the repairs will make the home safe and sturdy.
- S.S., New Bern NC, June 2019
Waylon Griffin was an excellent and thorough home inspector. He was polite, professional and patient. Would recommend him for any home inspection. Thank you.
- J.R., Dillsburg PA, June 2019
Chris Matthews performed a thorough and extensive inspection of the home property. His investigation revealed important structural issues and assessments that positively affected our decision to move forward with the property. He provided a consise and knowledgeable report. I would highly insist with Chris Matthews expertise in all future investigation inspections!
- J.P., June 2019
Chris is so pleasant and professional to work with. We have worked with other inspectors over the years and he is by far the most thorough. He explained each finding in easy to understand detail and would highly recommend him to anyone for their home inspection.
- K.D., June 2019
I didn?t personally interact with Mr. Matthews, however there was no evidence to give me reason not to recommend him to someone for an inspection.
- J.W., New Bern NC, June 2019
Chris did an outstanding job. Now, I can make an informed decision on this home purchase. Thank you Chris!
- M.B., June 2019
Chris was very thorough in his inspection and in writing his report. He was also very quick to respond to questions and made the process hassle free
- M.R., June 2019
Great job and extremely professional.
- M.K., May 2019
Hello Mr. Matthews, Hopefully, your family and you are doing well this morning. Please be advised, I would highly recommend you to a family member or a friend if they are in the process of buying a home. During the home inspection, your son and you exhibited a courteous, pleasant, and professional demeanor. Also, your son and you were very helpful. Again, thank you very kindly for your patience. Have a wonderful week-end! >>>(~Beverly Ann Wynn~)-(May 23, 2019)-(9:06 a.m.)>>>
- B.W., May 2019
Chris was very thorough and professional in every way. I would recommend him with no reservations! Well done!
- V.F., May 2019
Great job! Very thorough and prompt with his report. Online features extremely helpful. Would recommend.
- K.S., New Bern NC, May 2019
We couldn't be happier with Chris and his team. Very professional and transparent, always explain to us each step of the home inspection. I will definitely recommend to my friends.
- E.V., New Bern NC, May 2019
Waylon - He was VERY knowledgeable and professional. Appreciate the timely report.
- L.E., MAYSVILLE NC, May 2019
A truly professional presentation/effort from top to bottom. Very thorough and detailed report. Excellent debrief following the inspection. Chris and his assistant have my highest praise for a job well done.
- T.C., May 2019
Detailed report and excellent photos showing areas of concern for repair.
- S.S., New Bern NC, May 2019
We were very impressed! Stuff we wouldn?t know about was brought to our attention. Very satisfied with the quality of the inspection! Highly recommend!
- S.H., Pink Hill NC, May 2019
I appreciate you inspecting every detail of the home and giving your advice on what you recommend. I like that pictures were included which helped a lot in deciding what to have sellers try to fix. I got the report back very fast and easy to access.
- K.D., May 2019
Very thorough, very professional. Chris reviewed his findings with us verbally and invited any questions, plus sent a detailed report with photos. We truly appreciated his professionalism and communication!
- J.C., May 2019
Thank you so much for your thorough inspection and being willing to talk to us on the phone after to go over it! So helpful and we felt like you did an excellent job! Thanks again!
- C.P., May 2019
Mr. Matthews came highly recommended and we are glad he inspected a property we are looking at. He did a thorough inspection of the property.
- T.B., kinston NC, May 2019
Chris Matthews was very thorough and personable. I enjoyed working with him and appreciated his close attention to detail. The inspection we had was to identify any issues we might have in our current home that would need to be addressed in the process of showing and selling our home. We look forward to working with him on the purchase of a new home.
- k.M., New Bern NC, May 2019
very detailed
- T.T., April 2019
Did an amazing job giving great pictures and details!
- B.G., April 2019
Waylon did a wonderful job in my opinion.
- L.C., April 2019
Chris was absolutely amazing, very through and detail-oriented in both his inspection and his reports. He made both my fiancé and myself feel very comfortable and was very professional. Will highly recommend Chris again to anyone I know who needs an home inspection and/or termite inspection before purchasing or selling their home as he was highly recommended to us. Best money I have ever spent because it has saved us thousands.
- V.N., April 2019
Very thorough and extremely polite
- K.H., April 2019
From what I can see in this home inspection report, Mr. Matthews is extremely thorough.
- R.R., April 2019
Waylon did our Home and Termite Inspection, he was professional and thorough. He found issues me and my wife did not see. Waylon was polite, taking time to answer our questions and explain his findings. We had our report fast, only few hours after the inspection was completed. We will definitely recommend you guys to our friends and family. Thank you, Charles Potter
- C.P., April 2019
Our future home was inspected by Waylon Giffin, and we are quite pleased with his work ethic, professionalism , and his thoroughness. Overall, we are quite satisfied with the way this company conducted its business.
- R.M., April 2019
Very thorough inspector who will explain things clearly and answer any questions you have about the home. Quick turnaround on the report and it is written in an easy to read format with a handy summary.
- M.B., New Bern NC, April 2019
Check all windows instead of a subset. Other than that, checked everything contracted and answered all questions patiently and clearly. This was the 2nd time I used this company, and I will definitely use them again should the need arise.
- J.H., BEAUFORT NC, April 2019
This was a great experience!. You explained everything and made me very comfortable with the entire experience! Thank you for the great job and your professionalism! If anyone asks me for a recommendation I will be happy to send them to you.
- L.H., April 2019
Chris was very thorough and polite. He asked us if we had any concerns or questions. I loved the way he included us in his work. Chris totally made us comfortable from the very start with that awesome smile.
- S.S., March 2019
This is the second time I have called on Chris to do the inspection on a house that we were planning to buy. Chris is very thorough and honestly reports all potential problems with the home. I will use Advanced every time I need an inspection and I will tell my friends to use them too. His prices are fair for the time, effort and experience Chris offers.
- C.L., March 2019
this is our 2nd inspection within 2 months and all was well reported and thorough! We're about to contact you for a third inspection (all different houses!) and wonder if we get a volume discount! Ha Ha!! thanks, Rod
- P.H., New Bern NC, March 2019
Waylon Griffin was very thorough with the inspection and answered any question I had in an informative and friendly manner.
- N.B., March 2019
Very professional. Made sure to look at everything and get more information on when things were last serviced to put our minds at ease.
- M.D., Ayden NC, March 2019
This is the third time Chris has inspected a home for us. His service is outstanding! He is extremely professional, knowledgeable, timely, and thorough. I completely trust him to provide an unbiased, honest assessment. He is also very willing to explain things and answer any questions. I give him my highest recommendation.
- T.P., March 2019
The inspection in Garner at 164 Kaspurr Drive was thorough and the report was delivered efficiently.
- A.S., March 2019
Hi Chris. Thanks for doing a thorough job inspecting my home even with not the best weather on the day you did it. I appreciate that even when I had questions and concerns you responded quickly to put my mind at ease. Appreciate this. Nancy
- N.B., Norfolk VA, March 2019
Hi Chris The young man that was there was a blessing. He did a great job. Very kind and friendly. Very professional. Thanks for ther job and the way you run your company. Larry Osborne. If I go thrigh with the purgest of the home. I would like to get you to do a treetment on the home
- L.O., RED SPRINGS NC, February 2019
Thank you Chris ... your professionalism, knowledge and patience goes above and beyond. Having never owned a home in the south, I walked away feeling much more comfortable with what I should expect in the future to keep my home properly maintained. Your detailed report will become my house's bible. Without a doubt, I would recommend Chris!!
- S.G., Grantsboro VT, February 2019
Chris, you were kind, polite, professional, and very thorough. We will absolutely recommend you to others! Thank you so much for a superb job.
- R.J., February 2019
Chris very helpful and thorough through the whole process. We greatly appreciated him taking the time at the end of the inspection to go over the main issues he found. He explained everything to us perfectly so we could understand what the issues were. If we have to do another inspection in the future we will definitely be contacting him again.
- O.P., February 2019
Very pleasant and efficient. I got a very thorough inspection report which was extremely helpful.
- F.E., February 2019
Wonderful & very thorough!
- P.T., February 2019
Due to your thorough report I declined to purchase the proposed property. Chris Matthews saved me from buying a money pit.
- M.M., February 2019
Chris was thorough in his inspection of the home I was purchasing. He was also easily available to answer any questions or concerns I had with the report. I highly recommend.
- D.D., Rock Island TN, February 2019
He was VERY knowledgeable and professional.
- J.F., February 2019
Waylon was amazingly thorough!! We couldn't be happier or imagine there was one millimeter he didn't cover!!!!
- E.K., February 2019
This is the second time we've asked Chris to inspect a property during our search for a new house. His thoroughness and attention to even small details have been invaluable in helping us make decisions about purchasing properties. We were able to ask for upfront repairs and save the report for future work to ensure we maintain a sound property.
- C.S., New Bern NC, February 2019
The inspector was very prompt and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend this company.
- R.B., January 2019
Chris has been a pleasure to deal with. He is extremely thorough and he took the time to explain the report to me in detail. Two thumbs up!
- D.M., January 2019
The professionalism I experienced while walking through with you was nothing short of exemplary. Your knowledge of the profession and information you shared will be remembered for future endeavors, I would highly recommend and use for the next home inspection.
- M.Q., January 2019
The professionalism I experienced while walking through with you was nothing short of exemplary. Your knowledge of the profession and information you shared will be remembered for future endeavors, I would highly recommend and use for the next home inspection.
- M.Q., January 2019
Chris was very thorough and did an excellent job going over the report. He was prompt and answered any questions I had.
- E.C., January 2019
Great company. Waylon is very professional and thorough. It's been a long time since I've worked with such a professional company. Thank you. Chris you have a very valuable employee in Waylon, he's terrific and represents your company well.
- V.W., January 2019
I worked with Waylon on this last inspection. He was very thorough, and explained everything in detail. I appreciate the prompt service. I look forward to working with you guys again soon.
- S.B., Havelock NC, January 2019
Waylon was super nice and helpful. This report should be helpful to us. Thanks for the prompt service.
- W.G., Kinston NC, January 2019
Great job by Waylon on our prospective house. He went through the inspection report with me thoroughly and took his time to explain each question that I had, and gave his opinion on what were the most important issues needing correction based on his experience. Would definitely recommend these guys to anyone.
- J.W., January 2019
Chris was very thorough, very easy to understand, and listened to my concerns. The report came quickly and was easy to review. I would highly recommend him for a home inspection.
- L.W., Greenville NC, January 2019
The home inspection was first rate! It revealed things we would not have thought to consider and also a number of concerns. It was a lengthy and thorough inspection that covered all aspects of the home interior and exterior and provided welcomed recommendations for repair or replacement actions. The report provided peace of mind to help us make our decision on the considered property. In our case we decided to not purchase the house, as we considered the necessary repairs to be too costly and time consuming. Thank you for your time and input!
- C.S., New Bern NC, January 2019
Chris was very professional and thorough in his inspection. He provided an easy to understand debrief of his findings at the conclusion of the inspection. Prices for the Termite and Home Inspections are very reasonable. I would definitely recommend his services.
- D.P., Havelock NC, January 2019
Very professional and nice guy
- C.H., Kinston NC, January 2019
Chris always greats with you a smile. He is extremely detailed in his inspections and knowledgable about all aspects of the home.
- L.M., New Bern NC, January 2019
Chris, Thank you for your honest and thorough inspection and report yesterday at the home we were planning on buying. We are declining to purchase because of all the things that were just not good as your inspection pointed out. You are very good at what you do and I so appreciate it. We will be using you in our future when we find another home we like. Billy Whitford with Whitford Insurance Agency in Vanceboro was so right when he said you guys were the best at inspections!! Billy is a great agent and always looks out for us too!! Take care and thanks again!!
- C.L., January 2019
Very knowledgeable carried himself well Explain what he was doing and why I thought he was very professional
- J.B., December 2018
Was very pleased with all that was covered in the inspection and the professionalism that was showed from the inspector.
- A.H., December 2018
Chris performed a thorough inspection and presenting a detailed report. After reviewing the report, took time to explain the implications of the findings as well as made suggestions as to how we could mitigate further damage. His assessment and explanations gave us more confidence in how we should proceed with the purchase of the house and what repairs were needed.
- A.D., December 2018
He was incredibly thorough which makes us confident in the type of home we're buying or knowing what we need to have fixed. He was very quick to schedule the inspection and had the report the same day he did the inspection which was impressive.
- B.P., Richmond VA, December 2018
Thank you for your services, Waylon was very professional and answered any questions we had.
- B.O., Kinsron NC, November 2018
Mr. Waylon was very professional!!! He made sure that if there were any questions or concerns, he answered them! He took his time to complete the inspection! I would most definitely recommend your company and will be using your company for my re-inspection!!!!
- A.B., November 2018
I would definitely recommend Chris for a home inspection. He accommodated our time frame, was very knowledgeable, friendly, and answered all questions we had.
- M.B., new bern NC, November 2018
Chris did our inspection in a timely manner and was extremely detailed. And his prices were the lowest around. I would definitely recommend him!
- J.G., November 2018
Chis is very knowledgeable and did a very good job.
- D.T., November 2018
Thorough, patient, great with clients, and easy to work with.
- C.L., November 2018
Chris is detailed, thorough, prompt, and courteous. He also is knowledgeable!!! A++++!!!!
- s.m., Greenville NC, November 2018
Very patient and informative. His reports are very easy to read and understand.
- L.R., October 2018
This is the third time I have used Chris,he shows up on time and ready to work. Chris is very professional with an eye for what is wrong and not to N.C. code. Chris answered any and all questions as he did his inspection of everything from the roof to the foundation and everyplace in between taking pictures of any problem area he found . The inspection report was sent by the end of the day and it was easy to read and understand and included pictures which showed the problem areas.
- L.S., October 2018
I am very pleased ...This guy didn't miss anything i'd recommend you to all my friends.
- D.A., October 2018
Mr Chris was completely professional and answered any questions i had. Made my 1st time buying experience great
- J.S., Grantsboro NC, October 2018
Firstly, Chris' report was one of the most comprehensive and professional inspection reports I've ever had. He was thorough, clear, and the ease of responding to every item listed was so convenient. No had a few questions about the report, and Chris was thoughtful enough to call me during the weekend on his time off because he was going to be busy the next day. His responsiveness and professionalism exceeded my expectations. I will gladly hire him again. M his costs are extremely reasonable. I cannot say enough about his services and knowledge in this industry. So thankful for his input!
- M.S., October 2018
Firstly, Chris' report was one of the most comprehensive and professional inspection reports I've ever had. He was thorough, clear, and the ease of responding to every item listed was so convenient. No had a few questions about the report, and Chris was thoughtful enough to call me during the weekend on his time off because he was going to be busy the next day. His responsiveness and professionalism exceeded my expectations. I will gladly hire him again. M his costs are extremely reasonable. I cannot say enough about his services and knowledge in this industry. So thankful for his input!
- M.S., October 2018
Yet again I am very satisfied with the Home Inspection & WDIR performed by Mr. Matthews. I have used him to do home inspections for both work and personally and he is very professional and has a great website for accessing and viewing the reports. I highly recommend him for anybody home inspection needs
- T.T., New Bern NC, October 2018