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Chris Matthews


  • I am one of the few local home inspectors licensed and qualified to provide both home and wood destroying insect reports, benefiting you by saving time and money.
  • I personally take ample time needed to inspect each home meticulously. I get satisfaction in honestly disclosing to you what concerns there are with the home and finding hazards that may cause injury. I encourage you to join me on the inspection and I welcome questions along the way. I am also available anytime by phone or email for any additional consultation you may need.
  • I provide detailed but easily read computer generated home inspection reports. Color digital photos are included as a picture is worth a thousand words. All reports are delivered by email within 24 hours of the completed home inspection. At your request, a printed copy of the report can also be provided.


MEMBER: International Association of Certified Home Inspectors NC Home inspector #2987 NC Termite Inspector 1495 PW


I personally take ample time needed to inspect each home meticulously. I get satisfaction in honestly disclosing to you what concerns there are with the home and finding hazards that may cause injury.


he knows his job and does it very well. He is friendly and informative about his report even before it is emailed to you and others you want the report sent to. I would recommend him and his company as Top Notch Professionals :) Wayne S. LaGant
- W.L., March 2017
Many thanks to Waylon for the professional and detailed inspection!! I couldn't be more pleased... Highly recommend this Company!!!
- D.C., March 2017
Chris was great to work with, we where able to book him one day with an inspection the very next.
- T.P., New Bern NC, March 2017
Thoroughly satisfied, Thank you!
- G.B., March 2017
Very thorough and quick to send the inspection and termite report.
- J.R., March 2017
Waylon was early to the inspection, which was wonderful! Before beginning the inspection, he explained to me how it would work. I was very appreciative of the detailed report he sent after the inspection was complete. It was very easy to follow and explained in great detail everything he found during the inspection.
- C.W., March 2017
This inspection service by Chris was outstanding. He found issues with the home that I had overlooked on my previous two walkthroughs of the property, despite my years of engineering and construction experience. And that's before he got down into the crawl space! From minor, to major, he did a comprehensive report (that I received on the same day), and proves to be one of the best values for my money ever. Thank you Chris.
- D.B., February 2017
Chris did an excellent job on our home inspection. He was very thorough and took the time after completing the inspection to discuss items he discovered that need to be addressed. He was prompt about providing us with the completed inspection report and was incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. Overall a wonderful experience!
- C.B., February 2017
Thank you so much. Great job very informative!
- D.B., February 2017
The Inspection report was very thorough. The color photographs gives the visual you need which leaves no room for debate. Thank you for helping me make a good decision on the biggest purchase of my life!
- M.W., February 2017
Always a pleasure to work with you. You are timely, professional, informative, and honest. It is all appreciated when dealing with any vendor but especially when considering a purchase of the magnitude of a home. Thank you.
- E.A., New Bern NC, February 2017
On time, prompt response to request for inspection, thorough AND quick, report was ready as promised.
- B.C., February 2017
Thank you again for discussing your inspection report regarding the addition with my Buyers.
- P.J., New Bern NC, February 2017
It has been very nice meeting you and I wanted to thank you for being available to perform the Home Inspection and Termite Inspection for my buyer and provide us with the reports within 24 hours. You did a great job! I will definitely call you again and recommend you to other agents.
- P.S., New Bern NC, February 2017
Chris has done 2 inspections for us, and we would not trust anyone else. Not only is his work product and knowledge excellent, he is very professional and responsive. We highly recommend Chris for all home and termite inspection needs.
- A.T., January 2017
Thanks Chris, I feel you did a very thorough job and alerted us to many things we had not noticed.
- M.E., Bogota NJ, January 2017
Very thorough, thank you!
- H.K., January 2017
Chris was able to get our inspections completed and delivered to us within a few days of our request. His report findings (including photos) were specific and understandable which helped us in our decision-making. He promptly returns phone calls and emails which is greatly appreciated. We would highly recommend Chris to anyone and everyone! Thanks again, Chris. Robert and Ann Wilson
- R.W., January 2017
Was very pleased with the way you checked out the property. The report was easy to understand and that made making decisions on what we wanted further study and repair on. If I ever need another inspector you will be the one I will contact. Very pleased, Grant Wright
- G.W., Greenville NC, January 2017
Home inspections are always potentially emotional and stressful to both either a buyer and or seller... having a professional like Mr Matthews can limit those efffect ... I truly appreciate the communication during and after the inspection, explaining the specific details of his report on our home...
- P.B., January 2017
Chris is fantastic very detailed and walks you through the entire report in great detail. I would recommend Chris for your home inspection and complete piece of mind.
- W.S., January 2017
Very thorough and professional Detailed answers to my questions
- M.L., January 2017
Very thorough report! Pictures were very helpful! Very detailed!
- S.A., January 2017
Thanks Chris for your work! You were on time, cordial and from what I saw while you did your work, very thorough! I would highly recommend Chris to anyone as a Home Inspector!
- C.P., December 2016
Chris was very thorough with his inspection. He took the time to explain everything he was doing, and made sure we understood his findings. He had some good tips for maintenance as well.
- S.V., New Bern NC, December 2016
Chris is exceptionally through and very professional. He takes time to answer any questions and discuss any concerns. We highly recommend Chris.
- R.M., December 2016
Thank you for letting me tag along and for sharing items as you found them
- A.M., December 2016
Mr. Matthews did a very thorough, professional job in a timely manner. He was a pleasure to work with and I otherwise highly recommend his services.
- D.K., December 2016
Very professional service, on time, friendly.
- J.L., December 2016
Very thorough inspection, the comments suggesting who to contact for assistance is very helpful. Thanks for the thorough inspection, pictures, and advice.
- C.M., December 2016
Chris was here in a timely manner and extremely(!) thorough. Thank you for your service.
- K.P., November 2016
Very professional and thorough. I Would recommend Chris to anyone who needs a home/termite inspection.
- W.W., November 2016
Chris was very easy to work with, was there early and very professional. He encouraged questions and took time to explain procedures. We would very highly recommend him.
- R.M., November 2016
We loved the guy who did our home inspection. He had no issues with my husband following him around and asking him questions. He was very sourceful and we felt completely confident in his capabilities. We will highly recommend the company due to their awesome staff, quick turn around time with reports, and flexibility in their schedule. Thanks again!
- C.M., November 2016
Thank you for getting the report to us so quickly. We appreciate your service!
- D.B., November 2016
Very thorough, informative and patient with the client. Highly recommended.
- C.T., November 2016
Chris did a fabulous thorough job, so much so, that may order future inspection to assist I am not overlooking maintenance issues that I did not recognize. Many thanks.
- V.K., Atlantic Beach NC, November 2016
I have worked in both residential and commercial construction in the past and I was overly impressed with the knowledge Chris conveyed. He was not only knowledgeable and friendly he was also very meticulous leaving no area or component unchecked. The final report was detailed and easy to read accompanied with pictures. I don't normally recommend anyone after only one encounter but i will certainly recommend Chris and Advanced Home Inspections to anyone.
- J.G., November 2016
Chris did an excellent job with the inspection. During the inspection he answered questions and was very helpful in explaining items. He clearly address the item, explaining if it was an issue or not, proving sound reasons for either. The report was complete, easy to understand and very helpful in identify issues that should be addressed by the owner and items that would just need watching for the new owner. I highly recommend Chris.
- M.S., November 2016
We have used Chris Matthews twice for home inspections. Both times he was very thorough and provided details which enabled us to address immediate concerns and plan for future maintenance. This was a great help to us as we lived several hours away from the homes being inspected. We definitely recommend Chris to anyone looking for a true professional inspection.
- M.F., November 2016
Chris, Thank you for all your hard work.
- C.B., November 2016
Very thorough, prompt, and professional. I have used them before and would recommend them to anyone!
- S.R., October 2016
Wife and I enjoyed working with Chris. He was courteous and professional from start to finish. Very knowledgeable and provided information that helped me understand the scope of his inspection. Given the chance I would recommend him to anyone.
- L.M., October 2016
Chris was very easy to contact and flexible with his availability. The inspection he completed was very comprehensive and included photographs. It was a real pleasure to work with Chris.
- A.B., October 2016
Thank you for your assistance.
- J.S., October 2016
Friendly, knowledgeable, honest, and thorough - what more could you ask for in a home inspector? I have used Chris Matthews for my last 2 home purchases and have not yet been dissatisfied. If you don't want to know all the facts - don't hire him; but large or small - he will tell you like he sees it and be honest about his level of concern. Thank you!
- K.J., October 2016
Chris, thank you for the detailed inspection and fast turn around on the report. This was the first time we needed a home inspection and it went smooth from start to finish. Thank you!
- S.H., October 2016
Thanks Chris. I really like quick turnaround and your thorough Inspection. I am also impressed with great communication and your ability to simply explain some complex technical aspects of your findings.
- I.P., October 2016
You were very professional and fair with your inspection.I gave your name to everyone involve in this transaction. It has been a pleasure to work with you on this inspection.
- H.V., October 2016
Thanks again for a very thorough inspection.
- M.R., September 2016
Very thorough, attentive and responsive to my questions and needs. Would definitely recommend your inspection service!
- M.W., September 2016
I am so glad I purchased a home inspection for this property. Chris uncovered a very critical and concerning issue with the house that we had not anticipated.
- R.H., September 2016
Chris, thank you for working us into your schedule. It was a pleasure meeting you and your report was very thorough! I am discussing it with the buyers and will get back to you if we have any questions. Best, Sandy
- S.P., September 2016
Did a great job! Was very thorough and explained everything he was doin/looking for!
- D.M., September 2016
Thanks for the friendly, efficient job. We enjoyed the process. You made the inspection easy to unerstand. We would recommend you and your company without reservation.
- B.M., September 2016
Services provided were great. My inspector Waylon did a great job and was very thorough. He was willing to answer any questions I had and was honest with me about legitimate concerns that needed to be addressed in my future home. I would absolutely recommend the services of Chris Matthews home inspection as I believe the services they provide are a true value for the peace mind found in not having to worry about the quality of the home I'm buying.
- D.F., September 2016
I feel that the inspection was done thoroughly. A little closer look at a few of the areas (i.e. electric water heater) would have helped in knowing more knowledge of the water heating unit.
- M.L., September 2016
Very thorough. Great customer service.
- D.F., September 2016
Nice guy. Very honest!
- , September 2016
Nice guy. Very honest!
- P.C., September 2016
Chris I worked in home improvements for 20 yrs.I think you did a great job. you where very thorough .
- K.T., August 2016
Everything from scheduling to the inspection was smooth and stressless! Plus it was 2 inspections done with a discount to the buyers. Can't beat that! You will definitely be my go to guy for my real estate clients!
- T.J., August 2016
Waylon did our inspection. He was extremely thorough and took plenty of time to look at everything. We appreciated the seriousness with which he approached our inspection, and we feel confident that it is unlikely anything was missed. He was also a very nice young man, and welcome in our home anytime. Our negotiations continue with the sellers, and if we have to move on to another property choice, we will call you again for another inspection. Thanks !
- R.L., August 2016
Waylon did our home inspection and he did a great job!!! He was very thorough and we were very appreciative of his findings. If we ever need a home inspection we will call and request his services and we will be recommending him to our family and friends.
- D.D., August 2016
Chris does a thorough inspection and gets the report out in an extremely quick time frame. I recommend all my clients use Chris's services.
- L.H., August 2016
Chris does a great, through inspection. I have used him twice.
- C.S., August 2016
Chris was extremely professional and thorough. He took the time to explain everything he was doing and why, which allowed me to follow right along with him. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone that needs a home inspection.
- J.E., August 2016
Thank you for a clear and concise inspection and report.
- S.G., July 2016
Yes i would recommend. Nice thorough report. Thank you??
- J.T., July 2016
The inspection was done quickly and professionally. The report was clear with recommendations. Great job!!
- H.H., July 2016
Thank you for doing such a thorough inspection.
- C.N., July 2016
Thank you for fast and thorough service!
- D.J., July 2016
Chris did a very thorough job, and we really appreciated his attention to detail, including giving us information and photos as to what he saw.
- D.S., July 2016
Chris did a great job inspecting our potential home. He was very informative throughout the inspection and told me of ways to improve the efficiency of the home. I will recommend Advanced Termite and Home Inspections to anyone who is seeking a home inspection. Thanks Chris!
- J.D., June 2016
Chris did a great job explaining what he found. He worked around my schedule so I could be there. He looked at things I would not have thought of looking at.
- D.O., June 2016
Chris did a great job! He was very professional and thorough in his inspection. He provided us with everything we need to take the next steps as we get closer to closing on our new house. I would recommend him to anyone that can appreciate this level of attention and detail. My wife and I really appreciate it. Thank you!
- D.L., June 2016
Hi Chris if you could get the permission of the client at time of inspection to allow their agent to view the documents immediately I would appreciate it. Thank you. Also please send the invoice for the pest inspection so I can deliver to the listing agent and attorney. Thank you.
- B.G., Greenville NC, June 2016
Chris was recommended by our real estate agent since he is known to be particularly thorough. He performed our home & termite inspections and had the report professionally submitted with photos within 30 minutes of the appointment. I couldn't have asked for a better inspector.
- J.R., June 2016
He was timely, efficient, courteous & thorough. Very easy to work with.
- C.T., June 2016
Thank you very much for the detailed home inspection. The pictures were a great help in understanding your findings. We appreciate the amount of work you put into this report. We would definitely recommend you to anyone in the future. Larry and Linda Teter
- L.T., June 2016
Chris was punctual, explanatory, and thorough. Not being from the area he made sure I understood any issue and what was required to address it. I would highly recommend him for anyone needing a home inspection.
- T.B., June 2016
Chris was timely, professional and very thorough. He got me a very detailed report the same day he completed the task. I highly recommend Chris. Jim Barrett
- J.B., June 2016
The home inspection was very thorough and honest. Honesty is the reason I would recommend Chris's company to others.
- D.M., June 2016
Waylon did a great job! He took the time to check every single detail, also he's inspection help us to realize the big safety issue inside crawl space (rotten wood, moisture problem, damage on foundation, etc)
- , June 2016
Chris did anot excellent job. He was quick and informative.
- G.C., June 2016
Chris is thorough, professional, easy to work with, and an excellent communicator. Would not hesitate to use his services again and again.
- R.P., June 2016
Many thanks for the comprehensive and detailed descriptions and suggestions for areas that need attention, and for including a summary. The report is very well organized and descriptive. I greatly appreciate the timely inspection and prompt reporting!
- C.S., June 2016
Excellent. Far above the normal. Really knows what he is doing.
- R.H., June 2016
Mr. Chris is very knowledgable in what he does and is very thorough in checking every detail of your home. Thanks for the fine job Mr. Chris.
- R.B., June 2016
Thank you so much for taking the time to answer all of our questions and to follow up with a phone call to make sure we understood your report. The report was very detailed and professional. You were very pleasant to deal with and put us at ease. I would recommend you to anyone!
- M.W., June 2016
Chris was very through and efficient. We would certainly use him again if we need another inspection.
- R.S., May 2016
Mr. Matthews was very thorough and very considerate of any questions we had. He explained everything in detail, made several recommendations to keep the house in its best condition and also promptly returned to both of us a copy of the report.
- D.P., May 2016
Chris was very professional and helpful. He answered all our questions the best he could. Great Customer Services!
- R.T., Greenville NC, May 2016
Chris quickly scheduled our inspection, performed it in timely manner, and soon provided us with a thorough, detailed report. We highly recommend him and would use him again should the need arise.
- T.M., May 2016
Chris, you made the inspection process very smooth. Your willingness to explain what you were looking for and suggestions for correcting problems was reassuring. Thanks
- R.W., May 2016
I thought that the inspection was very through
- T.S., May 2016
Very good job thank you
- R.A., May 2016
Found inspection well rounded and complete. Discrepancies well noted, discussed and recommendations suggested with openness. Extremely professional in work ethics and put forth great confidence in his ability to provide a quality inspection. Highly recommend Chris for services. Thank you!
- B.L., May 2016
Great Report, punctual, and professional.
- T.B., Greenville NC, May 2016
This is our first time buying a home and Chris Matthews came to us as a recommendation from our realtor Jammie Tengen. I could not have asked for anyone better. Chris is very professional and has a great personality. I would recommend him again in a heart beat and I am truely impressed with him and the quality of work that he does. Thank you again Chris :-)
- S.O., May 2016