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Reis Pearson

Your home is one of the largest investments you will make in your lifetime. Whether buying, selling, or maintaining, protect the value of your investment with a thorough, detail-oriented home inspection. Call now to set up your home inspection with an WA DOL Licensed Home Inspector, WSDA Licensed Structural Pest Inspector, and ASHI Certified Inspector, 206.431.5807 (o) or 206.909.6385 (c). Or email us at You can also visit our website, to schedule online or learn more about what services we offer. One stop, we do it all... Home inspection, Sewer inspection, Pest inspection!


WA DOL #359, WSDA SPI #71788, ASHI #246548, Level I Thermographer, VP ASHIWW


We take pride in giving our clients an impartial evaluation of the property. We identify current problems and upcoming repairs, so you have thorough knowledge of your investment. Our inspectors have over 15yrs of home inspection experience.


Reis goes above and beyond and truly loves his job! He is always my first choice Inspector and all of my clients appreciate his honesty and professionalism.
- C.E., September 2020
Awesome personality and great information. Thank you!!!
- W.C., Spanaway WA, September 2020
Awesome personality and great information. Thank you!!!
- W.C., Spanaway WA, September 2020
My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our interaction with Reis! He was personable and a pleasure to work with. He provided great information to consider as we work to move forward with our purchase and gave great explanations for each area we discussed. We would highly recommend him for anyone needing an inspection! Thanks!
- W.I., Des Moines WA, August 2020
Reis was extremely personable, knowledgeable, and patient while inspecting our new home. Especially given that this is our first home purchase he made the entire experience seamless and a joy to attend.
- A.F., July 2020
Reis was incredible!
- L.F., June 2020
Friendly....explains things first time homebuyer terms...thank you
- S.J., March 2020
Another outstanding inspection, thank you Reis!
- C.P., Seattle WA, November 2019
I've been in the real estate business for 15 years and this was by far the best, most thorough, most explanatory inspection I've ever attended. Reis sets the bar at an all-time high. He'll be my first call from now on.
- M.L., October 2019
Extremly knowledgable but not an alarmist. Tells you what is working, what is not and helps you to understand maintenance issues down the road.
- N.G., Redmond WA, July 2019
Reis is committed to continual learning! This is a huge, huge sign to me as to the work/integrity of a person. Reis is definitely all about getting every detail accurate and helping to inform customers.
- H.S., Bellevue WA, March 2019
Reis was extremely professional, helpful and personable. I appreciated Reis' attention to detail, willingness to explain each facet of the inspection in layman's terms and quick response to enable a fast offer date. Thank you, Reis!!
- J.B., April 2018
Thank you very much for the thorough inspection and the great crash course in home maintenance!
- P.d., February 2018
What a professional. Great experience and i learned so much. Thanks, Reis!
- M.C., January 2018
Thanks, Reis! You are a wealth of knowledge/information. Do you have an hourly rate for consultation services and advice about repairs and upgrades? List of referral contacts for electrical and other professional work? Enjoyed the time together. Mark Conrad
- M.C., January 2018
Reis is extremely thorough and makes time to carefully explain findings to the potential homeowner.
- R.B., January 2016
Thank you so much for all your help. You have a vast amount of technical expertise and explained everything very well. Thanks again!
- S.M., Renton WA, October 2015
Reis was great and explained everything as we walked around the house and went into a lot of detail whenever we came across something and answered every question that I had!
- B.C., Seattle WA, February 2014
Thank you not only for the super quick and efficient service but for the education and tips. You're extremely good at your job. Thanks for sharing your expertise. Best regards, Sonia Binek
- S.B., Seattle WA, February 2014
Reis Rocks.
- C.C., Burien WA, October 2013
Best in the Business. Thorough and Accurate inspection services and reports
- D.K., September 2013
Reis's very detailed and thorough approach was only surpassed by the patience used in explaining the important aspects of my house to me. Thanks so much
- R.M., Renton WA, June 2013
Very thorough report.
- R.G., Port Townsend WA, May 2013
Extremely thorough and relaxed. Great job summarizing findings clearly and recommendations for correction. Efficient and finished on-time.
- K.I., Seattle WA, April 2013
Reis! You were very good. I'll reccommend you. Got an enote from Jackie Pierce today. I mentioned we did an inspection. She of course had very good things to say about you. dave
- D.S., Seattle WA, March 2013
You rock Reis, keep up the great work
- D.M., Seattle WA, February 2013
I am always pleased with the great work you do, Reis. Your attention to detail is key and never lacking. I appreciate your extensive knowledge of houses and the way they work. Your ability to explain your findings and set appropriate expectations in potential buyers is priceless.
- D.W., Bellevue WA, September 2012
I was very impressed with the quality of the inspection you and Ryan provided, and the inspection reports are excellent and highly detailed. Thank you!
- K.M., Auburn WA, August 2012
You were awesome as usual!
- D.M., Seattle WA, June 2012
A very profession and informative inpsection couldn't have asked for more!
- M.G., Bellevue WA, April 2012
efficient, competent and personable
- M.R., Renton WA, March 2012
Inside-out is an exceptionally professional organization.
- J.H., January 2012
You are thorough and readily available by phone or email. Thank you so much for your service!
- T.A., November 2011
Thank you again for all of your help and excellent service you and Eleanor provided I am going to recommend you to all of my co-workers who are currently house shopping.
- M.P., Milton WA, May 2011
Photographs yet! This is beautiful! I've not seen such a useful inspection report before and I've seen a couple. Thank you for your enthusiasm, expertise and efficiency. You inspire trust. Keep up the good work, Reis! Thanks again. Diane Hartzell
- D.H., Lake Forest Park WA, April 2011
Hi Reis & Rosalyn, I appreciate your courtesy and professionalism with my inspection this morning. I will absolutely be recommending Inside Out to my colleagues and friends! Thanks, Rob
- R.E., Seattle WA, April 2011
Reis and Eleanor-- We were very impressed with the inspection and report. We will definitely recommend you to others. Thanks! John
- J.F., Seattle WA, April 2011
Thanks again! You two are great!
- K.C., Seattle WA, March 2011
Reis and Eleanor were very thorough, and patient in explaining areas of concern with the house. Their communication style was friendly and pleasant. They were on time and delivered a detailed written report.
- D.A., Seattle WA, January 2011
Fantastic job!
- K.F., Seattle WA, October 2010
I am really appreciated for your coming yesterday afternoon. I will certainly recommend you to anyone I know. You will be the only one I will call when purchase my next house. Thank you for superb inspection and great report, itâ??s very helpful. Thank you!!!
- A.K., August 2010
Thank you so much for taking time to explain the inspection process and your findings. I feel better equipped to take on home ownership, and I will be referring you to everyone that I know. I also think that you have one of the most interesting jobs! Thanks again, andy
- A.K., July 2010
Thank you Reis for doing an informative and thorough inspection. I'd wish you luck but you wouldn't need it, your professionalism and quality will without a doubt carry your business to great success. I am looking forward to working with you again.
- D.C., June 2010
Reis Pearson has done another thorough, excellent inspection... -lr
- L.R., May 2010
I really appreicate Reis's attention to detail and for taking the time to thoroughly explain different important parts with the electrical box, water heater, washer/dryer, etc. To a first time home buyer like myself, I couldn't have asked for a better inspector!
- J.K., May 2010
Reis Pearson is knowledgeable, thorough and personable.
- J.D., Seattle WA, April 2010
Thank you for the thorough and excellent work!
- C.P., March 2010
It was a pleasure to work with you, Reise. It gave me a lot more confidence in this purchase knowing that you weren't able to find a ton of things wrong with it. Thank you for your knowledge and for my new found piece of mind. April
- A.L., March 2010