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Rod Dube

Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call Parkland Home Inspections Ltd.. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Work Phone: 780 996-0114 Mobile Phone: 780 996-0114

About Parkland Home Inspections Ltd.

We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

We are located in Spruce Grove and serve all surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you!


Great inspection, thank you for showing me everything I needed to know and suggesting how I might deal with any problems that could arise in the home.
- R.S., Burnaby AB, August 2017
Rod , really appreciate your attention to detail. Having me there was really important. I gave your name and card to Linda Battke a mortgage broker from Lacombe to refer others to you.
- I.F., Lacombe AB, July 2017
Hello Rod Thank you for doing the inspection. You were very through and answered all my questions some I'm sure you didn't have to but did anyway.
- M.D., Fort McMurray AB, July 2017
Thanks for the timely and excellent inspection report Rod.
- D.D., Parkland County AB, July 2017
provided a very professional service was on time , very knowledgeable, pointed out the defects and solutions and supplied service at competitive rate. I would highly recommend Rod for home inspection Rick
- R.L., Seba Beach AB, July 2017
I found Rod to be friendly, thorough, knowledgeable and professional while performing our home inspection. I would recommend using Parkland Home Inspections to other people that are thinking about purchasing a home.
- K.S., Spruce Grove AB, July 2017
Rod was great! Super thorough with lots of advice. Would definitely recommend to anyone.
- S.P., May 2017
Wow!!! Rod went beyond our expectations in providing a very comprehensive report and answered all our questions. He is very knowledgeable and professional. If you need an inspection he's your guy! Heather and Mike Evasiuk
- M.E., May 2017
Thank you for the excellent home inspection and report! Your thoroughness and expertise are greatly appreciated!
- D.R., Slave Lake AB, May 2017
Unbelievably knowledgeable and easy to relate to. Rod performed the inspection meticulously and his attention to detail was noted in the extremely thorough report received. We feel that having this inspection done will certainly save us undue costs and stress in the future as we can have the builder repair, replace or in some cases, finish the work needed. Thanks so much.
- L.A., Fort Saskatchewan AB, May 2017
Really enjoyed meeting you Rod! Inspection was very thorough and you were very helpful. Will definitely refer any of our friends or family to you if they are in need of an inspector.
- R.A., Sherwood Park AB, April 2017
Very well done Rod, I appreciate your efforts to accommodate my inspection request. You were referred to us by John Dobrich, and you lived up to the expectations and beyond. I will have no hesitation with recommending your work to others. A pleasure doing business with you. Bert & Michele Delisle
- B.D., Calgary AB, April 2017
Great meeting with you Rod. Very thorough report. Thanks for giving us peace of mind. Norm and Janet Leeks
- N.L., Fallis AB, April 2017
We are very pleased with your inspection and how thorough you are. We appreciate your "no guff" approach and you tell it like it is. Thank you
- G.P., Stony Plain AB, March 2017
I found Rod to be a very thorough and knowledgeable home inspector. He took the time to bring items of concern to our attention. He not only was able to identify deficiencies, he was able to provide solutions for addressing the deficiencies. Rod was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend him to anyone. Russ Fuhrer
- R.F., Foothills AB, March 2017
I found Rod to be a very thorough and knowledgeable home inspector. He took the time to bring items of concern to our attention. He not only was able to identify deficiencies, he was able to provide solutions for addressing the deficiencies. Rod was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend him to anyone. Russ Fuhrer
- R.F., Foothills AB, March 2017
It was a pleasure to have you inspect possibly my new home. Thank you very much.
- A.H., Edmonton AB, March 2017
Very thorough inspection, walked me through any problem areas and addressed all questions and concerns I had.
- B.P., Edmonton AB, March 2017
Rod did an amazing job giving us a very detailed inspection report and took the time to explain everything he found in great deal after we concluded business. Will absolutely use again in future inspections and will suggest to all to use him.
- D.K., Edmonton AB, March 2017
We were very happy with Rod's inspection and suggestions for improvements. He was very professional and answered all our questions. We will definitely recommend him to family and friends!!
- M.K., Stony Plain AB, March 2017
Rod was very professional, friendly and through. Well going through the inspection together his keen eye and knowledge came to bare. I would highly recommend Rod and his company, as I was totally satisfied with the report and the timely manner in its completion. Thanks Rod
- K.B., Edmonton AB, March 2017
Very thorough inspection carried out in a professional manner, resulting in a very comprehensive report. Thanks Rod, KG, Sherwood Park.
- K.G., Sherwood Park AB, February 2017
Rod was very professional and thorough. We purchased an older home but felt confident in dealing with Rod it was in good shape.
- D.M., St. Albert AB, February 2017
Excellent, professional service and a pleasant personality. Helpful, informative and thorough.
- J.B., Spruce Grove AB, February 2017
Excellent, professional service and pleasant personality!!
- J.B., Spruce Grove AB, February 2017
Thanks, Rod. I was very pleased with your service and openness in explaining your findings and concerns. As a first time buyer, I didn't know what to expect, so really appreciated your patience in filling me in with extra details.
- B.S., Edmonton AB, February 2017
Thank you so much for the excellent home inspection! We really appreciate the time you took to verbally explain the concerns you had and that you made sure we understood everything you were saying! Also love the first time home buyer discount, super thoughtful :)
- J.H., Sherwood Park AB, January 2017
Thanks Rod we are pleased with your service and found you very professional and informative
- K.M., Westlock AB, December 2016
Thank you for the great service. Very through and prompt.
- K.M., Westlock AB, December 2016
The info received during the inspection was greatly appreciated Knowing "wishlist" vs expectations was good and will probably help me choose upgrades once we move
- R.H., Spruce Grove AB, December 2016
He took the time to check everything with great detail and was very Knowledgeable.
- M., Edmonton AB, November 2016
Rod is very detail-orientated. I am really impressed by the fabulous work he has done.
- C.Y., Edmonton AB, November 2016
Parkland Home Inspections did a review of the property we were considering to purchase and we were so glad to see the level of investigation that was done to ensure that we know as much about the property as possible to make an informed decision. Rod was prompt, professional and the report we received was a great review of the good, the bad and the must fix features of the property. Thank you Rod for the quick response in such short notice and you made the decision to purchase the property easier after knowing more about what we are getting into. I would certainly recommend Parkland Home Inspections for our next property and look forward to doing business again.
- C.S., Edmonton AB, November 2016
This is the second time we have used Rod and both times did an exceptional job and walked away knowing exactly what we bought and any issues with the properties. we recommend Rod highly and wouldn't hesitate to use Parkland Home Inspections again. Thanks Rod
- J.C., Edmonton AB, November 2016
We had Rod inspect a home and decided to not proceed with the purchase after the inspection. Rod, then rescheduled us on short notice to inspect an additional home for us. Rod is thorough, a great communicator and takes the time to explain the process and things you need to do to keep a home in top shape. Thanks for your help Rod! Jeff & Monica
- J.A., Spruce Grove AB, November 2016
We loved Rod as an inspector, he was very professional, thorough, and knowledgeable. He had an answer and recommendation for every question and concern we had. We feel extremely prepared now moving into the house he inspected.
- N.D., Edmonton, October 2016
Rod was Very friendly and didn't complicate any explanations. Made me feel comfortable with it being my first home inspection. Sense of humour which is always a good trait, and of coarse knows his job well.
- L.W., Spruce Grove AB, October 2016
I was apprehensive to the quality of work the inspector was going to do, but Rod went above and beyond the requirements outlined in the inspectors guide. He answered all my questions, provided me great advice, was very polite, and personable. I would recommend Rod to anyone.
- S.T., Edmonton AB, October 2016
Rod did a great job. I asked him lots of questions, and he was able to respond to them professionally. Nice work. Chris
- C.P., Spruce Grove AB, October 2016
Thanks for your great work, Rod, and also your kindness and flexibility!
- C.G., Stony Plain AB, October 2016
Thanks for being so accommodating and doing our inspection right away. We really appreciated the time you took to explain everything to my husband Rob during the inspection. The report was very detailed with pictures, and we received it quickly after the inspection (which was awesome as we were waiting on the inspection to waive conditions). We will definitely ask the condo association to consider fixing some of the exterior issues you noticed. We would definitely recommend you Rod!!! Thanks again Jen & Rob Morris
- R.M., Spruce Grove AB, October 2016
Very friendly, honest and knowledgeable! He guided us through the inspection and gave us sound advice. This guy knows what he is doing! I would recommend Rod to anyone who needs to get a home inspection done!
- T.L., Edmonton AB, October 2016
Rod was very thorough, very prompt in his response, and his report was very clear.
- J.B., Edmonton, September 2016
I appreciate the small tips and trick he gave us as first time home buyers. Came on very short notice. Definitely went out of his way.
- M.L., Edmonton AB, September 2016
Rod did a excellent job was very happy, will definitely call him again if I need a house inspected.
- I.K., Campbell River AB, September 2016
Great job!
- N.M., Edmonton AB, September 2016
Thank you for a very thorough report!
- M.D., Fisherville AB, September 2016
Rod was friendly and took the time to show me what he was doing, as well as the tools he was using. As this was my first home inspection, I was more than a little apprehensive about calling one. He crushed any doubt I had about home inspectors with his professional and friendly demeanor. This was my first home inspection, and I would not hesitate to call Rod again in the future.
- B.D., Spruce Grove AB, August 2016
Rod was very pleasant to deal with. He was very thorough and professional, answering questions and providing good advice. His reports are excellent and very detailed.
- D.G., Sherwood Park AB, August 2016
Very professional and courteous. Also does a thorough job. Would definitely recommend to anyone else.
- R.M., Spruce Grove AB, August 2016
It was a pleasure to met you and that you for all your advice, I have started making plans for repairs. Thanks again.
- D.S., August 2016
I followed him everywhere and he explained everything very well.
- M.D., Spruce Grove AB, August 2016
You made the process fun with all your quirky jokes! I felt respected as a person and very well informed during the inspection. The report was detailed and easy to follow. Thanks!
- M.B., Spruce Grove AB, August 2016
Did a great job and was very informative. Thank you
- H.W., July 2016
Thorough and very informative. wonderful experience all around
- M.M., Spruce Grove, July 2016
Thorough and straightforward a fantastic experience all around.
- , July 2016
It was our pleasure to meet you and your assistant, Rod! You were thorough in inspection and informative, suggesting further procedure and ready with answers to questions. We are now much better assured about our purchase - thank you!
- J.S., Stony Plain AB, July 2016
Rod did a great job inspecting our first condo, he was very professional and easy to work with. I would definitely recommend Rod to all my friends. Thanks Rod!!!
- C.B., Edmonton AB, July 2016
Personable, knowledgeable, and a complete and thorough inspection!
- A.R., Stony Plain AB, July 2016
Much appreciated for being so attentive to detail and providing such a great service
- P.C., Edmonton AB, July 2016
Rod was very professional and very thorough. He knew what he was doing and even did our inspection on a stat holiday. 2 thumbs up
- S.B., July 2016
Very caring and approachable, very thorough and great at explaining any deficiencies! Would definitely recommend!
- G.L., St. Paul AB, July 2016
Did a great job would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to get an inspection done . Thanks Rod
- B.S., Onoway AB, June 2016
We think you were very thorough with the inspection of our property. Thank you
- T.F., Spruce Grove AB, June 2016
Very thorough inspection, i would highly recommend him to all friends and family looking to buy a house
- M.K., Carvel AB, June 2016
Rod was a great professional and friendly inspector. I was a first time home buyer and he explained to me about how every machines function and what it requires and on what timely manner. I would recommend him to any home buyers.
- J.T., Edmonton AB, June 2016
Thanks for being thorough and willing to explain things to me in a helpful and understandable manner.
- J.d., Edmonton AB, June 2016
Very thorough......Awesome job!!
- P.H., June 2016
Rod was very thorough and super accomodating. I appreciate his willingness to be honest about everything he found.
- A.L., Stony Plain AB, May 2016
Great job. Very thorough and professional.
- K.T., Edmonton AB, May 2016
If you want a thorough, fair and prompt assessment of the state of the home you plan to buy this is the man who will do all that. Happy that I found him.
- A.H., Spruce Grove AB, May 2016
Rod is a very detailed, conscientious and professional home inspector. He explained all deficiencies clearly while providing solutions and advice to the problem areas. Thanks Rod!
- R.R., Ottawa AB, May 2016
Very happy with Rod and the thorough inspection we received. Easy to get ahold of, great at answering any questions or concerns. Overall great experience. Would recommend to everyone.
- K.C., Edmonton AB, May 2016
Ron Dube did an excellent inspection, we were more than satisfied with his work, and he helped us by explaining how things worked in the house ...which really helped, also very thorough with the inspection which we liked.
- R.G., Drayton Valley AB, April 2016
I appreciate how detailed your inspection is, Rod. I especially like that I can go back and look up the report a year later to confirm that items have been rectified or remember what should be repaired!
- G.G., April 2016
Rod Dube did an excellent job on his inspection of the house, and we learned a lot that we didn't know about the different features of the house we didn't know before, we were very impressed with the inspection. Roger and Margaret geertsen!!!!!!!
- R.G., Drayton Valley AB, April 2016
Rod was very friendly, knowledgeable and took the time to explain things to us. We are very pleased with Rod's work and would definitely recommend him to others.
- K.P., Spruce Grove AB, April 2016
Great service e and knowledge thank you.
- J.P., Edmonton AB, April 2016
Rod is friendly, professional and very accomadating. He took his time, was thorough and answered all questions and concerns readily. Would definitely recommend Rod and Parkland Home Inspections.
- L.W., Stony Plain AB, March 2016
Rod went to extra effort to identify a CO reading in the garage, which turned out to be not related to the heater in the garage.
- G.R., Seba Beach AB, March 2016
This is the second time we have worked with Rod to purchase a house. The first time was close to five years ago and when we made the decision to buy another house we immediately thought of Parkland Home Inspections. Not only is Rod professional, he is personable and really takes the time to get you involved in the inspection. Even before receiving the full report we had a good understanding of the condition of the home. Thank you Rod for all of your hard work and making this process so much easier!
- K.R., Spruce Grove AB, March 2016
Thanks Rod! You were extremely thorough and we are very grateful for your honesty. It was a pleasure to deal with him. H,G,Edmonton AB ,March 2016
- H.G., March 2016
Rod was very thorough and took the time to answer any of my questions. Would definitely recommend him.
- P.B., Edmonton AB, March 2016
We appreciated Rod's thoroughness. He was a pleasure to deal with.
- J.K., Sherwood Park AB, February 2016
Rod Dube is a tremendous inspector, with a MASTERS behind him, I hold him in the highest regards of integrity and professionalism. I would and will refer him again. Jennifer Davis Remax Excellence
- J.D., February 2016
Very professional. Communicates problems and good things clearly. Would recommend to anyone!
- C.M., Spruce Grove AB, February 2016
Rods Inspections was worth every penny! He was thorough, polite, and very informative. as he walked through, Rod would explain what it is her is inspecting, why, and what he is looking for. and with some very cool techie gadgets, we never felt like we might be missing a could be disaster! Buying a first home is very stressful and a huge investment. having a competent and caring inspector like Rod greatly eased our minds, and helped turn a stressful event into a pleasant one. Thank you Rod for taking the time and having the patience to answer our questions and involve us in the inspection of our new home, we will for sure be refereeing and returning customers!
- A.I., Stony Plain AB, January 2016
Thanks for being so personable, honest and hard working! Great service and it was nice to see someone take pride in their business as you do! Thanks again!
- L.K., Carvel AB, December 2015
Mr. Dubé performed an excellent job with my requested house inspection. He followed a very methodical list to ensure everything is covered and was able to detect deficiencies that I have never thought of. He answered all my questions and gave many suggestions on how to upgrade or improve items that are passable to code, but could be better. The detailed report with full color pictures was completed in the same day. The report is easy to understand and provides a succinct list for a seller to address or for a buyer to consider before purchasing. Mr. Dubé is very friendly and approachable. He is very careful in not making a mess during the inspection, and in areas where it inadvertently happened (ie attic access) he cleaned up afterwards. I would use again for future inspections.
- J.M., Edmonton AB, November 2015
Rod was great! He provided clear insight on any issue and I would highly recommend him to anyone!
- K.F., Edmonton AB, November 2015
Very professional and pleasant to deal with. Highly recommended !!!
- C.Z., November 2015
Very thorough and informative. Thank you for providing such a complete assesment. Vanessa
- V.S., Stony Plain AB, October 2015
Thank you so much for all your advice. It was great meeting you and look forward to doing business in the future.
- S.I., Spruce Grove AB, October 2015
Thank you Rod for the excellent job on the home inspection! I appreciate having the report back the same day, being able to access it online, and how clear and easy to follow it was. I based my requests to the seller directly on your report and attached screen shots of your comments and pictures - and they addressed everything you pointed out, to my satisfaction. Thank you too for taking my questions to follow up!
- C.C., October 2015
We have used Rod several times and he has always been extremely professional and hard-working! He covers absolutely everything and is extremely knowledgeable. We are greatly appreciative! :) Warren and Jess Sanregret
- J.S., Edmonton AB, September 2015
Rod did a very thorough job and alerted us to potential concerns. He took the time to explain items in a clear way, which was very appreciated. Thanks Rod!
- J.L., Sherwood Park AB, September 2015
Thanks so much for the excellent thorough service and timely response to any questions we had. We truly appreciated your business. This is our second time having Rod inspect a property for us. :)
- M.B., Grenfell SK, September 2015
A pleasure to work with, friendly, knowledgeable, and a wealth of information. Would not hesitate to use him again. Thanks Rob!!
- K.F., Rural Parkland County AB, September 2015
Rod was very friendly, knowledgeable and approachable during the inspection. His inspection was thorough and he took his time to ensure he provided an accurate assessment of the property.
- C.B., Edson AB, September 2015
Honesty and a very detailed inspection along with any recalls that have come up on the appliances, etc. A learning experience for me, thank you. Very good job.
- T.D., Spruce Grove AB, August 2015