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Robert Runchey

Are you buying or selling your home?

Before you make that big real estate transaction you should have a home inspection for peace of mind about your new joy.

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Wisconsin # 2015 - 106. NACHI, WAHI.


I have been involved in the building and inspection industry for over 25 years an enjoy working with new home buyers and seasoned investors alike. I keep up on current inspection events and strive to be the best in my field.


Fit our inspection in on very short notice. Extremely informative about what we need to do, can do, and should do.
- M.R., May 2019
Bob is very well informed on all aspects of inspection. His knowledge was very helpful.
- D.D., July 2018
Great job ! I feel more confident in our purchase.
- D.C., June 2015
Sorry I missed this previously...
- P.O., August 2014
Robert was fantastic. I was initially asked to provide information regarding specific concerns if I had any to ensure that they were looked followed up by a discussion. Robert was very thorough and told me everything that he was doing and what he was looking for. He took the time to show me exactly the areas of concern that he found and why he was concerned about them and how to remedy them. Robert explained everything in a very easy to understand manner and provided me with a wealth of knowledge about the home that I would not have had if he had not inspected the home as thoroughly as he had. I would recommend that anyone who really wants to know the ins and outs of their new home to use Robert as their inspector.
- J.L., March 2014
He was willing to work me into the schedule, so that made the whole thing look better. Also, he had great patience when I had questions, and couldn't get to the location in time to meet him due to the additional work that went onto my schedule. I can be a pain to work with, and he did it well. He was informative about the house without the hyperactive "everything's an emergency" mentality advisers can have when practicing C.Y.A..
- J.W., June 2013
I absolutely would recommend Robert. He was extremely thou and did a great job of explaining things to me. Thank you
- K.W., April 2013
Thank you for doing such a thorough inspection of the home we would like to purchase. You provided valuable information to us about the house and its maintenance. It was great working with you. Many thanks! Jennie and Dave Bell
- D.B., March 2012
I believe that Robert went above and beyond on this report. I am amazed on how thorogh he was. My realtor agreed and will be recomending him as well.
- A.K., August 2009